Undertale - So Sorry - Addendum

Okay, this has been a long time coming. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of threading comments on twitter so mostly I’m just grabbing what I wrote there and stuffing it in a text post to get it in one place.

Okay, hoo, here goes. So, seven months since Undertale. As Toby predicted, I was found in under a week - then found out shortly after. Now people say shitty things to me and about me legit all the time. It stings but, y'know, water off a duck’s back. I’m autistic, I’m fat, I’m poly, I might be NB, I have anxiety disorder, I’m on medication. I’m used to getting things slung my way. And I knew that once the connection was made to me in Undertale, it’d be same old story. We both knew how it would go. Toby warned me, expressed his concerns and asked me if I wanted to back down. I said “its worth it to be part of something I love so much”.

The problem is, some stuff had happened preceding that and surrounding that that kind of hurt.

Firstly, he was cool with me, loved my character, said nice things about me, agreed to a unique room, an encounter, a battle and NPC. Then someone said “hey, Sam’s a freak by the way”. I never was told who, only that someone brought it up to him. Ever after, its been pain. Now, unique area, npc, boss fight, encounter - all that stuff went to another backer, who I’ve since been told is his friend?

I didn’t hear much for two years. I waited patiently, hopeful the bad stuff was over, super excited for Undertale. Then one day he messages me near the end of development and asks if he can just shitcan the whole thing, refund the money. All the fun ideas we talked about got scrapped. I stood up enough to say “no, thats real unfair” and that was about it. In the end, we didn’t even get to see the lovely sprite Tuyo did for So Sorry’s front - we only get the back in the game. I think its probably okay for me to share this now - if she says otherwise, I can take it down, of course.

I love the fight, I love the game, but its all tangled up in so much stress at this point. I don’t feel like a “cool secret” as I was told about. I feel like a skeleton buried under the floorboards of a closet. People keep comparing me to Muffet and its not hard to see why. She’s really cool, I love her design and the battle is amazing. But she’s also an external creation and you HAVE to fight her before you are even ABLE to trigger the So Sorry secret for some reason. That and not even getting my name in the credits with the other monster designers it feels like yeah, he didn’t want anything to do with me.

And I’m done, I’m done feeling hurt about it. I’m done with the naysayers being enabled nothin being countered. I’m done doubting myself for ever wanting to be out in the open. I’m a real person. My life has meaning no matter what.

And it would have been fine if Toby had actually ever directly addressed any of it. Instead, it was “don’t harass my backers, no good will come of it” and “all monsters are good”. No good came of it - for me, at least. It wasn’t all your backers being harassed and they weren’t being harassed for being your backers. It was one developmentally challenged guy who wound up with a weird job on the internet. I’ve tried talking to Toby about it, as has Khato, as have a couple of friends we talked to about it. Toby doesn’t want to make a scene. He’s worried about the backlash I think? But he has nothing to lose and I had everything to lose by being so involved. And I’m tired of losing. I’m tired of being indefensible for existing. I already got hit by the backlash. I’m just tired.

Also Toby isn’t bad, I just think how he’s dealt with me has been kind of, uh, a little dehumanizing. Just all this stuff is really contrary to the meaning and moral of his game since I guess I’m the wrong kind of monster. And I’ve spent seven months dealing with the stress. Its affected my health and my work both and there’s no end to it. It feels good to finally get all that off my chest. Its been a long time in coming but its been killing me, very slowly.

tldr: toby was more invested in me being a secret than me being a cool secret and not standing up for me made me feel isolated and hurt

I appreciate all the well wishing by the way. Its been exhausting and the support means a lot to me (by the time of posting it to tumblr, there’s been an outpouring of it on twitter and oh my god I was not ready for that).

I hope one day people like me and my audience get to just be ourselves in our own little corners of the world without being denied happiness.

I don’t think I’m a great person or anything. I try to avoid hurting people. Some times I do. I know I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. But I’d like to think I’m generally an okay person and I just want to be treated with the same amount of respect as all living things

going forward, I don’t know what to do now. I don’t think I can talk to Toby about it anymore than I already have. It hurts too much. I didn’t want a refund, I just wanted to be involved in something that made me feel powerful emotions and give what I could back.

when the game was being kickstarted, I fell in love with it instantly. I spread the word to every person I knew. I explicitly asked if he’d want to do the fantroll thing and he said sure. When it came out, I spread the game to everyone I knew, everyone I cared about and a bunch of people I look up to and respect because the game means so much to me as it is and I wanted to share that good with everyone who might want it. I worked and saved up as hard as I could to be involved - as best as a low rent commission artist CAN do - and I did it again when the game came out and I saw people itching to play it. It means a lot to me - I have a lot of stuff going on in my life but it made me feel like maybe things would be okay.

but the longer I go on dealing with the stress, the less I’m sure things will be.

some people have asked about what the original plan called for. I don’t have it to hand but it involved him stumbling around his art studio, trying to draw a butterfly that wouldn’t keep still. silly and toothless stuff, but thats all the plan was for. Just something light and fluffy. I commissioned some art from Tuyoki of it at the time since she was open and seemed to want to work with me. We didn’t have a whole lot of interaction, but she never did anything that made me feel intensely alienated or anything. Thats the piece at the top of the post - again if she isn’t cool with me sharing the work, I can take it down from the post.

Finally, someone’s told me it may be even more complex and possibly worse than I was aware of. I won’t say anything specifically until I can find out. I don’t know what the case is and I don’t want to say anything based on supposition, only what I’ve experienced or understand. I guess I’ll make an addendum to the addendum if I find out more.

Thanks for listening, folks, and thank you for the kind words on twitter.

23/04/2016 Edit:

Toby and me have talked about everything and you can find our responses to things here:

Thank you, everyone, for all the support. Please, be sure to show Toby support too - he is a good dog.


For about 10 years now, I feel like it’s just been a nice, steady progression into more and more interesting parts and larger bits of screen time, and the truth is, there hasn’t been a ton of calculation. I’ve just been doing the best thing that has come my way. It isn’t until lately where I’m having to say, ‘Okay, this is good, but this is good too, and which one should I do?’

It occurred to me today that since a lot of the morale boosts on Chorus revolve around stories about the reds and the blues, then it stands to reason that one would develop and revolve around Wash and Tucker.

After all, there are soldiers who were there when Tucker screamed Wash’s name and refused to leave. There’s that medic who was there to hear Tucker’s voice falter on Wash’s name when he asked where the others were. And then there’s all those rumors about how driven Tucker is and how he’d do anything to get Wash back.

And not just that, either, because these soldiers have been raised on a steady diet of heroic stories about the BGC and Project Freelancer. They have the stuff they knew before they met them and all the stuff they learned after they showed up. They have Grif’s stories. They have Caboose’s stories.They’ve undoubtedly heard about how the blues took in the bitter and broken soldier with the tragic past and taught him how to trust again.

But what if they’ve heard the other stuff too? What if they heard Simmons talk about the way Wash put a gun to Carolina’s head when she threatened Tucker? What if they’ve heard Caboose talk about how they were always hanging out with each other? What if they heard Grif flippantly mention their really awkward couple’s arguments?

They might just get the wrong idea.

And why not? Let’s face it: it has all the makings of an epic love story: two lovers torn apart by war, frantically searching for a way to find their way back to each other. It’s bullshit, of course, but it gives the soldiers something to root for, so they build it up into something amazing. They build it up until it’s the love story of the ages. They build it up until it becomes this whole big thing, and when they rescue Wash and get to safety, everyone holds their breath for the big reunion…

And nothing happens. Not a thing. Tucker is relieved and ecstatic and so fucking happy, but he’s not throwing his arms around Wash, and Wash isn’t kissing him desperately, and everyone there feels absolutely CHEATED.

It’s all the rage of anyone who have read every book in a series or have seen every episode of a show and felt completely letdown by a stupid-ass ending that made no sense. It’s bullshit, and they’re not going to stand for it.

Thus starts the greatest matchmaking scheme anyone has ever seen.

makeup brush recs under $20🍾

hi everyone, hope you’re all having a nice winter. i’ve been wanting to do a little brush masterpost for such a long time bc i feel like that can be an overlooked area of makeup especially when it comes to affordable tools. please keep in mind that just bc i put a brush under a certain category doesn’t mean it has to be solely used for that product don’t b afraid to experiment with your brushes!

credit: amyjasminekathleenstephandreakatiejaclynsophiacheryl


real techniques sculpting brush - $10 (i got on this brush after seeing leyla rose use it to apply her foundation and it’s been my favorite application method since! i have very dry skin and this is the softest most smooth application i can get with a brush. it’s extremely dense so it’s perfect for thick foundation formulas)

real techniques expert face brush - $9

real techniques buffing brush *sold in core collection set - $18

elf ultimate blending brush - $6

morphe m439 deluxe buffer - $14 (dense blending brush, good bc it doesn’t suck up product!)

wet’n’wild foundation brush - $2 (applying foundation all over b4 blending)

etude house secret 121 - $17 (artis dupe. very multi-functional)

morphe g6 flat buffer - $14

coastal scents classic buffer - $15

coastal scents bionic flat top buffer - $7


elf flawless concealer brush - $3 (great multipurpose brush! blending, setting, precise contours, ect.)

elf small stipple brush - $3 (highlighting, cream formulas)

binmer powder/blusher/foundation - $4 (artis dupe)

pro oval brush - $5 (artis dupe)


elf small tapered brush - $3 (setting undereyes; highlighting cheekbones)

elf mineral powder brush - $3

real techniques powder brush - $10

ecotools powder brush - $10 (also good for bronzing)

elf powder brush - $4

morphe e3 precision pointed powder - $14

morphe m459 1 1/4″ flat contour - $12 (use to carve out contours when baking)

morphe m438 pointed contour - $10 (setting undereyes, dusting away baking)


real techniques blush brush - $9 (blush, highlighter, powder)

elf complexion brush - $4

elf blending brush - $6

morphe m527 deluxe pointed powder - $16

ecotools domed bronzer - $10


ecotools tapered blush brush - $7

bhcosmetics small angled blush brush - $5

sonia kashuk small powder/blusher brush - $9

morphe m523 tapered powder brush - $15

morphe e20 oval detail buffer - $12 (precise contour or undereye concealer)


elf stipple brush - $4

sonia kashuk large angled contour brush - $10

morphe e4 angled contour - $14

elf angled blush brush - $4 (i like this for blending my blush and highlighter)


elf blush brush - $3

real techniques setting brush - $8

morphe m501 pro pointed blending - $8 (precision highlighting)

morphe m310 large soft fan - $5

wet’n’wild blush brush - $3 (all over highlight, blending blush+ contour+highlight)


elf small angled brush - $3 (stiff, good for creams/gels, strong brows)

morphe e11 angled brow - $5 (dipbrows, smoking out winged liner, carving out brows)

real techniques brow set - $20

elf brow duo - $3


real techniques retractable lip brush - $6

pixi lip brush - $10

eyes - blending:

morphe mb23 round blender - $5 (crease buffer)

morphe mb13 deluxe blending fluff - $5 (outer v/define crease)

elf crease brush - $3

coastal scents pro blending fluff - $5

coastal scents classic blender natural - $3

morphe m441 pro firm blending crease - $6 (transition shade blender)

morphe mb25 deluxe round blender - $5 (all over color, blending out harsh edges)

wet’n’wild crease brush - $1 (blending out harsh lines)

morphe g14 oval shadow - $7 (blending out cream shadows/bases)

eyes - pencil/pointed/liner:

coastal scents classic blender pointed - $3

morphe e18 round crease - $6 (blending out lower lashline)

morphe e36 detail crease - $ (highlighting tear duct and inner corner)

coastal scents classic bent liner - $2

eyes - flat/angled:

elf c shadow brush - $3 (very dense and stiff, good for packing on lid color)

ecotools flat eyeliner brush - $5 (lower lashline color application)

morphe m432 flat liner definer - $4 (lower lash line color application)

wet’n’wild smokey liner - $1 (smoking out lower lashline)


bhcosmetics face essential 5 pc kit - $12

bhcosmetics eye essential 7pc kit - $10 (bh have other inexpensive kits too, i love mine they’re amazing quality!)

ecotools essential eye set - $8 (great for beginners)

bhcosmetics 10pc pop art set - $16

ecotools eye enhancing duo set - $6

real techniques core collection - $18

real techniques starter set - $18 (i love this so much. the two fluffier brushes are great for blending out harsh lines, the real little flat brush is amazing for carving out brows, and the angled brush is also rly cool for cleaning up ur brows)

real techniques travel essentials - $18


real techniques miracle complexion sponge - $7

bhcosmetics studio pro beauty sponge - $5.50

studio 35 beauty ultra wedges - $3 (these are my favorite cosmetic wedges bc they’re not as porous as a lot of other packs i’ve tried so they don’t leave a “honeycomb” finish)

ulta beauty wedges - $2

brush care:

•dish soap or baby shampoo are probably some of the cheapest cleansers out there. I know some ppl also like to mix in a little olive oil to condition!

bhcosmetics pro studio brush cleaner - $10

ulta pro brush & sponge cleaner - $10

coastal scents brush shampoo - $5

mineral fusion brush cleaner - $10

ecotools brush shampoo - $8

sephora collection color switch quick cleaner - $18

japonesque 4.25 brush cleaner - $14

silicone makeup brush cleaning egg - $3

real techniques brush cleansing palette - $15




Lately, tendinitis has ground drawing to a halt, so I want to post some things I’ve been sitting on for a long time. Once I heal up a bit, JNK will come off it’s 2+ year hiatus! It’ll just be a side project from my originals, but I’m really looking forward to it because it’s always been such a fun thing to work on!

So, this episode broke me.

But I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.  Solidarity for everyone still crying and/or staring at their computer in shocked disbelief over this episode ohHHH MY GOD.

Anyway, it sounds like the fandom’s imploding and I have a LOT of thoughts about what just happened, so HERE WE GO

To summarise beforehand: why I think Haru’s breakdown has been a long time coming, why I think Rin was right to go after him, why I think this scene BREAKS MY HEART.  This is NOT a post babying Haru for what he did NOR is it a post demonizing Rin for his reactions.

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Dear Internet: We have a confession to make.

The person reblogging this post has been taking part in an elaborate prank. We’ve kept it going for a long time now, but April Fools’ Day just seems like the right time to come clean.

There is no Sherlock fandom.

That’s right. For the past five years, the thing that you thought was a fandom was actually a carefully-coordinated parody of a fandom.

I know, I know—as soon as you hear the truth, it’s OBVIOUS, right? I mean, who in their right minds would wait this long or care this much about a TV series that doesn’t even have ten episodes? Nobody!

Thanks so much to the thousands of volunteers who helped pull this off, and those of you who kept the secret this whole time. Now that the final stats are in, I can reveal you even spelled “Cumberbatch” correctly 81% of the time, which is 46% higher than the global average! Way to commit to the part!

And of course I should give a special shout-out to some of the teams who really went the extra mile: everyone on the ship war squad, Morgan and the rest of the crew who programmed and maintained the fic-generating bot, the subliminal-messaging geniuses behind “Believe in Sherlock,” and those of you who came to the flash mobs during filming and managed to convince the mainstream media this was all real. You guys were the heart and soul of this completely artificial construct, and I hope to pretend to care about something with you again in the future.

In related news, we’ll be having a gently-used scarves sale next week. Hope you like blue ones!


Page 1-5 / Chapter 1 / next

figured i’d just upload the chapters in parts since it has been like, what, 3 weeks? and it still wasn’t done yet

im a slow drawer ok or that could just be my excuse for being lazy

this is my first time doing a comic so bring on the criticism ill be glad to hear it

FiNaGLC belongs to @unrestedjade


[FANCAFE] 150925 N - “Lying in bed after a long time….^^”

My Starlights whom I miss~~~~~~!!
I don’t know when the last time I posted was!
Everyone is doing well right??

I wanted to post everyday, but it’s always so late by the time I’m done working…
If I post too late, I know too well that Starlights would be more worried than glad to see me, so I just pushed it off for a day or two.. Summer has come and gone and somehow Fall is right in front of our noses! (And also our Kong-ie’s birthday!ㅋㅋ)

It’s been so long since I came back to the dorm before midnight, lying at home like this, so should I talk about me today?

Recently LR has been taking over for N KPop, and I’ve been busy as MC VIXX N and actor Cha Hakyeon.

I think that working in a new environment, working with new people, starting on new projects is quite a thankful and exciting thing.
Actually something really good happened today, and if something good happens the first person I want to tell are my Starlights on my side!!

I received a compliment for the first time at the drama set…ㅋ
It’s embarrassing that it’s the first time, but should I say it’s the like taking the first step now..
I’m gaining confidence little by little, excited for tomorrow as well, and promise to prepare even harder.

Oh yeah! I cut my fringe a little..ㅋㅋ
It was a bit awkward at first but I’m getting used to this image~!!
I don’t know what kind of image will shine on TV, but I’ll work hard to not be embarrassed!
You must be curious what kind of acting actor Cha Hakyeon will show, but you can wait a little longer right?

The weather is crisp so be careful of catching a cold!
Don’t worry about me too much!
Don’t get sick until we meet again!
Must must promise!! Got it?

I’ll come to play again! I’m going to sleep early today~^^ N night!

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

an idea

Before I say anything, I just want to say this is me spewing something that came into my mind yesterday and I am in no way married to it. And if you feel like adding onto this saying something like “lmao what a reach” here is a hot tip: Don’t. Because I’ll either block you or provide you with a nice tutorial on how to make your own posts.

So anyway…(it’s long)

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Written On 22nd April, The Night Before Publication Day!

Currently I am sat on my train home from a double show day at Les Miserables, sucking nervously on a cinnamon Jolly rancher, my tummy doing sickly somersaults and my phone buzzing agitatedly in my pocket. In short: All I Know Now is released tomorrow and I’m terrified. Brilliantly so, of course. I mean, it’s a long awaited dream come true to see a book I’ve written on the shelves of Waterstones but…ever since I started working on turning this very blog into a book, I stopped posting on the blog so everything in the book has been a secret between myself and the team at Little, Brown for so long that I feel almost reluctant to let it loose into the world. Much like a mother not wanting their child to go on their first day of school. 

“Maybe they can just start next year!” 

I fear if anyone tells me, for the first time that my book helped them, even if only in a minuscule way, I may break down in front of them. I’ve always said that if my book helps even 1 person feel better about themselves or if it gets them through a tough situation, just ONE person, then everything I set out be achieve with All I Know Now, is done.

Writing All I Know Now was like writing my diary. I tell stories no one else really knows and I poured out my inner most thoughts that I never felt were necessary to share in casual conversation for fear of getting too deep or over sharing! So, I think that’s why I feel so “fragile” tonight. It’s the thought of potentially hundreds of people picking up my book-my honest, personal, secret book- tomorrow and delving into it’s pages. My book feels very personal and close to my heart and while tomorrow is a dream come true, I reckon I’ll be shaking like a leaf as people start reading my stories. 

                                                        *     *     *

I hope those who have bought it and have started reading enjoy it and I hope those speedy readers who have already finished it have found it helpful!

And thank you. For all your continued love and support. I can’t thank you enough but I hope the book is a start!


Spirit Companionship FAQ Part 1

So this has been a long time coming. Questions are really in no particular order, but are common questions I get about spirit companionship! I will probably be referring back to this post a lot! Just as a heads up, when I say spirit in this post it is referring to both spirits and entities. I am also splitting this up into two sections because of length.

Please see more of your questions answered on Spirit Companionship FAQ Part 2.

What is spirit companionship?

Spirit companionship, or spirit keeping as it is also known as, is the practice of having spirits around as friends, companions, life partners, guides, teachers, students or whatever reason the spirit has decided to become a companion. But whatever the case is, the spirit has decided to become a companion, willingly. But for us, the humans, it is a way of life, as often these spirits are part of our family forever and require our time and commitment just as any other friend or family member does. You build relationships with them, go through ups and downs, and experience life together. Its a huge commitment. But worth it, as long as you have the time to dedicate to the spirits.

Do all spirits want to be spirit companions?

No. In fact, most spirits want nothing to do with humans, and even if they do want to work with us, its often not on a companionship level.

Is spirit companionship like having a spirit guide?

Being a spirit companion is different than having a spirit guide, but a spirit companion or entity can act as a guide. Sometimes our spirit guides turn into companions, but I have found they tend to stick in the background a little more.

Who can be a spirit companion

Anyone, really. Anyone can be a spirit companion, no matter your race, what religion you identify with, what sex you identify yourself with, or what part of the world you live in. It is not a closed practice.

How do I get a spirit companion?

The easiest, and often safest way to obtain a spirit companion is through a reputable conjurer. They will be able to connect you with a spirit that is an energy match to yourself, as well as one that wants to work with you as well, sharing common interests with you. You can check out my list of conjurer’s here as well as my list of my personally recommended conjurers.

Why do I need to use a conjurer? Why cant I just summon spirits myself?

Unless you have experience working with spirits, I would strongly advise against it. Think of conjurers as a safety net. By the time the spirit arrives to you, they have already gained the trust of the conjurer, and potentially others -depending on who you go through. They have also agreed to a contract in the binding where they agree to certain things (for example to not hurt the companion) with the conjurer, before that conjurer will bind their energy to the object. If you are attempting to do this yourself, you don’t have that, and could potentially summon up something quite dangerous without knowing. If you aren’t familiar with working with spirits, it can be even worse, because you have no way to judge their character and/or what type of spirit they are, and this could lead to you being taken advantage of. Until you have a few years of experience under your belt, I advise against trying to conjure yourself. Even then, keep in mind conjuring is a HUGE responsibility, and can be potentially dangerous.

How do I know its a calling?

Everyone feelings callings differently, but its basically a pull to work with a spirit, and the spirit with you. The important thing to distinguish here is that it is actually a calling. If you cant get that spirit off your mind, or you keep going back to the stop to make sure the spirit is “ok” or still there, or that spirit is waiting for you in the shop, then it is probably a calling. Thats just a few examples. With most conjurers, you can often contact them and have them ask the spirit as well too, to confirm the calling.

What is bonding? Why is it important, and how do I bond with my spirit(s)?

I am actually going to refer to another post on this question because it explains it much better then I can in this short FAQ! Click Here.

How do I greet a companion? Do I need to do a big ritual?

No! Some conjurers will provide a short incantation or way to welcome the spirit into your home, and if the conjurer provides this then you should do it. But if they don’t, you don’t need to do anything crazy except introduce yourself and welcome them into your home and life. Probably show them what they can and cant use, what areas of the house they are welcome in, read them house rules if you have them, and go from there! Do what feels right.

Please see more of your questions answered on Spirit Companionship FAQ Part 2.

Thats it for now! This might be updated with new questions later! And by no means is this the be-all end-all of spirit companionship FAQs. A lot of this is based off my experiences and opinions, as well as other spirit companions and friends. So do your own research, and come to your own conclusions.

More useful posts: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

GET THE LOOK: Mary Kate Olsen at the 2011 MET Gala Guest Post for Powder Doom by Coco Mary Kate Olsen’s makeup at the 2011 MET Gala has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I decided to recreate it and share with you a few tips for wearing red eyeshadow. I know it’s a color that intimidates many makeup wearers.

I love everything about her look. There’s a “rule” about not matching your eyeshadow to your dress but I think it just works when it comes to red. Mary Kate and I obviously have extremely different complexions and features, but the essence that I really wanted to capture was the glowing appearance of her skin.

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After a long time some posting just to tell you guys I’m still alive *cries*

My schedule has been quite busy this semester, that I spend most of my time catching up to watching anime and playing app games with the freetime I have orz

I wanted to do more characters but I had Kagami since september and well…you can see I didn’t come very far. Decided to quickly add Kise my other fav at least, so it doesn’t feel too empty *cries*

The bidders are seduced by a sexy MC who decides to take charge! ~ KBTBB Request

So I received a request from a lovely anon where the bidders are seduced by a really sexy MC who has decided to take charge!

Sexy time with the bidders ahead!

Also~ as a quick note, I’m really sorry that it’s taken so long for me to post a new head-canon. Things have just been incredibly busy and then this week I’ve had a trapped nerve between my shoulder blades that has lasted me a few days and a bad panic attack on top of that last night, which ruined my plans of finishing this last night. It’s also left me feeling pretty drained today… But regardless, I’m here now and will be aiming to post more frequently!  

Definitely NSFW!  

Baba - With another IVC coming up, Baba’s busiest time was always well before the weekend itself.
He had been working so hard lately…you wanted to do something to show him how much you appreciated him.
After some deliberation, you decided to take the initiative in a way that you had never managed before.
Going to a lingerie store that you had used before, you looked around in the hopes of finding something special. While you weren’t entirely confident in looking around these places, something soon caught your eye.
Thinking of how happy it would make Baba if you surprised him, you finally let go of your inhibitions and bought the lingerie set.
Knowing that Baba wouldn’t be home for a few hours, you knew you had plenty of time to plan your surprise.
When Baba walked into the suite later that evening; he was greeted by a sensual piece of music playing throughout the living room, with candles lighting the way for him as he removed his fedora.
‘Where is my pretty lady?’ he called out, heading for the bedroom, only to find you leaning up against the door frame, reaching out for his tie as you gave him a seductive smile.
‘Welcome home…’ you breathed, your voice sending shivers down his spine as you pulled him into the bedroom, turning away so that he could watch you in the black lingerie you had bought just for him.
Biting your lip as you fought the blush that threatened to touch your cheeks, you pushed Baba down onto the bed, straddling him and feeling the notable bulge in his pants.
As his hands trailed over your curves, worshipping your beautiful body before him, you leaned down, feeling his hands grip at your hips tightly as you pressed a light kiss to his lips.
Moving down, you slowly unbuttoned his shirt, trailing kisses along his bare skin as you exposed his fine chest.
Glancing up to him as you reached his belt, you could see the way Baba’s breathing had become laboured as you reached to free his hardened member.
Allowing it to pass between the valley of your breasts, a small groan escaped Baba’s lips.
Taking the head of his member in your mouth, you gently sucked, the tip of your tongue caressing his shaft as his hips bucked slightly, pushing him deeper into your mouth.
Moaning aloud, you could feel his hands in your hair, tugging lightly, encouraging you…telling you how good it felt.
Feeling more confident, your lips parted, lifting your head up as you moved back up his body, your hand still stroking his shaft as Baba captured your lips passionately.
As he quickly threw his shirt and jacket off the bed, you felt his hands caress your back as they moved down and cupped your shapely ass.
Standing back, you freed your breasts, Baba’s longing expression spurring you on as the rest of your lingerie went with it, baring everything to your boyfriend.
‘Beautiful…’ he murmured, his voice heavy with lust as you climbed on top of him, feeling his warm breath against your nipples as his hands quickly discovered just how wet you were for him.
Taking his length in fully, you never broke eye contact with Baba, enjoying his moans as his hands pulled you down. While you started by rolling your hips, teasing him mercilessly, Baba began his own ministrations, stroking your slit with one hand while his mouth sucked and nipped lightly around your breasts, making them sensitive to his touch as you moaned aloud.
Capturing your lips, your hands were in Baba’s hair as his found their way back to your waist. In control of the pace, Baba struck deep and hard.
‘Let me hear you beautiful lady,’ he whispered, his voice lustful as you surrendered to his pleasure.
As you moved against him, your tongues entwined as you drove him to his edge. Feeling his hands tighten on you, your name spilled from his mouth repeatedly as he pulled you into ecstasy with him.
‘Baba…’ you uttered breathlessly, leaning your head against his shoulder as he caressed you and kissed you tenderly.
‘I love you…’
‘You stole the words from me, beautiful lady…I love you more…’ he muttered, capturing your lips once more.

Soryu - It was safe to say that Soryu was always incredibly respectful of you. Especially after the circumstances in which you had met.
But when things were increasingly busy as they had been lately, you couldn’t help but want to do something for your boyfriend.
Deciding to surprise him, you got out a set of lingerie that you had been putting off wearing since you bought it. You worried it would be too risqué or that you couldn’t pull it off…but after deciding to bite the bullet, you found the confidence to dress yourself up and head out to the ice dragons office.
With Soryu’s right hand men both out, you knew this was the perfect opportunity.
Knocking on the office door, you heard a stern voice beckon you in, though as expected, as Soryu’s eyes fell on his guest, his expression immediately softened.
‘I wasn’t expecting you…’
‘I know…’ you purred, your voice low and sensual as you easily clicked the lock behind you and strode forward.
Shrugging out of your coat to reveal a low cut black dress that fitted to your form perfectly, you wore the diamond earrings that Soryu had bought you and walked around his desk.
Pushing his chair back to that you could straddle him easily, your hands found their way into your mobster boyfriend’s hair as you kissed him deeply.
Slipping your tongue inside his mouth as he gasped softly, you could feel his hands grip onto the fabric of your dress.
Smiling into the kiss, you found yourself growing more confident in your actions as you began to work at his tie, pulling it from his neck as you parted his shirt and exposed his bare chest to you.
Looking up to him through long lashes, you could see the lustful look in his eyes as you suddenly ducked down and began to trail kisses along his skin.
Feeling his hands suddenly lift you up, you felt the friction of his apparent erection as his hand moved your hair aside and gave you a love bite on your neck.
Letting out a moan that coursed through Soryu’s body, you stood up to allow your dress to fall from your slender form as Soryu looked over you with a hungry gaze.
‘I wanted to surprise you…’ you muttered, suddenly feeling a little shy when Soryu took your wrists in his hands and pulled you back astride him.
‘You succeeded,’ he growled in your ear, feeling your hands trailing over his member as you freed it with ease.
Biting your lip as you began to stroke his firm member, Soryu’s head leaned back as he moaned aloud at your naughty ministrations.
When had you become so alluring?
Looking up to you and admiring your slightly parted lips, the touch of redness that was on your features, it drove him wild with desire.
You weren’t hiding yourself away from him. It was a rare display of confidence that only served to turn him on more.
Putting his free hand around the back of your neck, Soryu pulled you down to meet his lips in a heated kiss.
As your tongues interlocked, what was left of your clothes were practically ripped from your body as you suddenly became very away of the tip of Soryu’s firm erection at your entrance.
In a final show of dominance, you pushed yourself down onto his hardened manhood, taking him in completely and eliciting a growl of approval from your mobster boyfriend.
As your name fell from his lips in a husky tone, you cried out in pleasure as Soryu thrust upwards, his hips gyrating in rhythm with yours as you leant back, with Soryu’s arms on your hips from support as you pushed harder, deeper.
Gasping as Soryu suddenly angled his hips and drove himself deep inside of you, you could feel the intensity of his gaze on you, the moans he drew from you only encouraging him further as he teased your breasts, leaving love bites where only he could enjoy them.
As you moved up and down his cock at a torturously slow pace, allowing your body to practically glide along his, you could feel his lips ghosting over your skin, his breath causing your nerves to go haywire.
Feeling his hands grip your hips, you finally gave in to his desires, picking up your pace and feeling the way that Soryu angled his hips ever so slightly, knowing exactly when he had hit your sweet spot.
As you threw your head back in ecstasy, you called out Soryu’s name, gripping him tightly as your lips found his.
‘Sor…’ you gasped out breathlessly.
You knew he was close to his end, as were you.
‘Soryu…let go…’
You were his undoing.
Feeling Soryu pull your hips firmly, he drove his member hard and fast into you, the tightening of your walls around his pulsing cock pushing him over the edge as you both came together.
Soon the only sound in the room was your mingled breaths as Soryu pulled up his jacket from the floor and draped it over your shoulders.
Looking down at Soryu’s bare chest as you fought the blush that was now creeping up onto your cheeks, Soryu gently tilted your chin to make you look at him as he gave you a soft kiss.
‘That was…’
‘I wanted to show you how much I love you…’ you began, looking a little sheepish when Soryu captured your lips with his in a tender kiss.
‘I love you too,’ he whispered.

Ota - It had been three days since Ota had started cooping himself up in his studio for several hours of the day.
Inspiration had been scarce for the artist and you knew just how much it was stressing him out.
Thanks to the late nights he was working; you had hardly gotten the chance to spend any time with your boyfriend, other than when you woke up in his arms.
After another two days that were much of the same; you decided to take matters into your own hands.
Following work, you had gone straight to the penthouse suite that you shared and changed into a striking red dress. The halter-style, coupled with the long pendant that Ota had made for you, allowed it to sit just above the valley of your breasts. With a fitted bodice and lightly flowing skirt; you paired it with a pair of strapped red heels that emphasised your long, shapely legs.
Heading to Ota’s studio, feeling both apprehensive and excited to see him, you were quickly buzzed in when Ota realised it was you. You were the one person that he would never deny entry to his studio.
After all…you were his muse and, though he would not admit it so easily, his everything.
Walking into the room, you immediately felt a sense of contentment. Finding your artistic boyfriend sitting in his usual workspace with an array of failed artworks littered around, you walked up to Ota before he could turn around and placed your arms around him from behind.
‘Mm…Hi…’ you murmured, feeling the way he relaxed slightly in your arms, though he couldn’t miss the tone of your voice. Low and sensual…
Gripping his paintbrush unintentionally at the unexpected contact, Ota tried to face you when he found himself stunned into silence by your appearance, though you gave him a perfect smile.
‘Has my muse come to model for me?’ he breathed, his voice warm at your close proximity.
‘Nope…’ you responded, shaking your head as you slowly sat in his lap.
‘I’m here to inspire you…in the way only I can…’ you whispered, ghosting your lips over his before capturing them with your own.
Slipping your tongue into Ota’s mouth, it was hard for him to suppress a moan as his hands wound their way around your waist.
Pulling him up by the lapels of his jacket, you bit your lip, driving Ota wild with your seduction as you continued to kiss him passionately, not parting your lips for even a second as you led him to the bed.
Pushing him down, you released your hair, letting it fall over your shoulders as you stepped out of your heels. All the while Ota watched you intently, his hands travelling down the curves of your body.
Straddling his lap, your lips found his again, leaning the artist back as he whispered such sensual words in your ear.
All trace of his usual teasing smirk was gone as you caressed the bulge in his pant.
Trailing your lips down his neck, you suddenly reached for the hem of his shirt and pulled it off in one fluid motion.
With the offending garment gone, you were free to kiss, nip and suck down Ota’s toned body, eliciting a moan from his lips as his hands wound into your hair and his back arched slightly.
He never thought you would ever display such confidence, let alone find himself being so turned on by it.
‘I wouldn’t be much of a muse if I didn’t inspire you in different ways…if I didn’t show you how much I love you…’ you remarked, your voice breathy and seductive as you addressed his silent thoughts.
‘It’s working…but I think I’ll need even more of my beautiful girls attention…’
Happy to oblige, you cast him a radiant smile that even he believed he could never match as you unbuckled his pants and freed his throbbing member.
As you gently trailed your fingertips over the heated flesh of his shaft, Ota gasped lightly as your lips parted over the head of his prominent erection.
Sucking lightly as you slowly took in his full length, your hand lightly cupped his balls, the symphony of moans from your boyfriend telling you everything you needed to hear.
Prolonging the teasing until Ota was almost at his end, you gave him a taste of his own medicine as you suddenly released him, kissing your way back up his body when his hands seized the hem of your dress.
Stripping you of it easily, Ota attached his lips to your breast, his hands seeking to savour and tease every part of your body.
His hands worked like magic, treating you like the masterpiece he knew you to be.
Bringing his lips to yours, Ota felt the way that you traced your wet folds along his member. He didn’t even need to touch you to know how ready you were for him.
Trailing your lips along his perfect jawline you braced one hand on his shoulder as you took in his length completely.
‘Ah…Ota…’ you gasped, your face giving away everything you were feeling as Ota’s hands found their way to your hips.
Helping you to find your rhythm, knowing that you never took the lead like this, Ota could hardly believe it when you began riding him with fervour, driving him to his end almost instantly.
Pulling you close as you both leaned back onto the bed, you ended up on your side, your hips still wrapped around his legs as you adjusted to this highly intimate position. Kissing passionately, one of Ota’s hands was against your cheek, keeping your face close to his as his amber eyes locked with yours while the other caressed your thigh, holding it above his hip as he thrust into you.
Rocking together like that, it felt as though there was nothing in the world other than the two of you, lost completely in one another’s embrace.
Moaning out your name, Ota’s lips found yours, his moans coursing through your body as your legs tightened around his waist, pulling him deeper, harder.
Calling our your name; you ground your hips against his, meeting his thrusts as you sought to bring him to the peak of his pleasure.
As you cried out his name, that was all Ota needed to hear as your walls tightened around his manhood, Ota’s hips flexed instinctively as you heard your name repeated over and over again.
Feeling his lips gently brush over your cheeks, eyelids, forehead and finally, your lips, Ota whispered his love for you as he enveloped you in the warmth of his embrace.
Long after you had fallen asleep, Ota watched over you affectionately, stroking your hair and wondering what he had done to have someone as incredible as you for his girlfriend…he really would never let you go.

Mamoru - It was tiresome always being referred to as a “kid”, when Mamoru was around.
While you knew he loved you and he did occasionally give you a more loving endearment, the teasing you got from him and the other bidders was starting to bother you.
Deciding to prove to him that you weren’t just a “kid”, you enlisted Chisato and Sakiko’s help in going shopping for something that Mamoru wouldn’t expect.
After getting ready that evening; you had lit several candles around the apartment, giving it a soft glow as you tried to keep reassuring yourself that this was a good idea.
You’d never worn anything so revealing in your life, especially not with the intention of putting yourself on display like this. But as the memories of Mamoru’s and the others teasing came back to you, you felt a renewed sense of determination.
As you tightened the sash on your robe a little, you were just thinking that Mamoru would be home soon when you heard the click of the lock.
‘Hey kid, I’m home.’
Rolling your eyes at the offending term being used once again; you let out a sigh before calling back your usual response.
‘Welcome home!’
‘Huh? Where are ya? and what’s with all the candles? Don’t tell me I’m forgettin’ somethin’…’
Hearing Mamoru’s confused voice floating through the apartment, you took a deep breath before stepping out into the living room and leaning against the frame of the door.
‘I’ve been waiting for you…’ you murmured, your voice lustful as Mamoru turned to see you wearing a translucent, black kimono style dressing gown. You could almost feel the way his eyes travelled over your body. Your bare legs, the hint of lace that he could see through the fabric of your dressing gown.
‘Damn, sweetheart…’
Stopping him in his tracks as you walked forwards, you lightly placed your finger on his lips as you looked up at him through your long eyelashes.
As your hands trailed down his tie, you tugged on it, pulling his lips to yours as your hands worked their way into his hair.
‘I’ll prove to you I’m not a kid…’ you murmured in his ear, your voice low and self-assured as you pushed his jacket from his shoulders.
Taking the length of it tie in your hands, you pulled him towards the bedroom, enjoying the expression that touched his features as he reached out for you.
Making him sit on the bed; Mamoru’s hands quickly tugged at the sash around your waist.
Allowing it to fall to the floor, you didn’t give Mamoru a chance to make his advances as you captured his face in your hands and kissed him deeply.
Moving slowly onto the bed, you straddled him, taking advantage of his surprise to slip your tongue into his waiting mouth.
As he moaned at your bold behaviour, you could feel his hands gripping the fabric of your gown as his erection rubbed painfully against his pants.
Feeling it brush up against your thigh; you slowly rolled your hips over it, swallowing Mamoru’s reaction as he cupped your ass and groped it, pulling your hips down once again.
‘Turned on so easily, huh? I thought I wasn’t woman enough to get that kind of a reaction,’ you purred in his ear, nibbling at his ear lobe as he let out a small gasp.
You really had called him out on his teasing this time. You had no idea just how effective your actions were.
Breaking open his shirt and baring his chest, you easily removed it before stepping back and slipping out of the gown you wore.
As the fabric pooled at your feet, you stepped out of it easily, watching Mamoru gaze at you hungrily, wearing the black lace lingerie set you had bought especially for him.
‘C’mere sweetheart…’ he breathed huskily, pulling you to the edge of the bed and between his thighs as his lips kissed your naval and travelled there way up to your bra.
Pulling the clasp free at the front, Mamoru easily discarded it aside as he replaced the fabric with the moist warmth of his tongue.
Letting out a moan yourself as he worshipped your breasts with his mouth, his hands were slipping your panties down your legs, baring you completely to him as he discovered just how ready you were for him.
Though before he could take all control, you quickly dropped to your knees, unbuckling his pants and taking the head of his member into your mouth before he could fully comprehend what you were doing.
Throwing his head back as you took in his length and slowly eased your mouth over his erection; the way you moved back and forth was really trying his ability to restrain himself.
As his hands gently stroked your hair, resisting the urge to encourage that you go faster, you moaned softly, the vibrations causing him to shudder at the pleasurable sensation.
While he often teased you; Mamoru had always found you incredibly attractive. But right now? You had exceeded all expectations.
As you ran your tongue along the length of his shaft, you continued to tease his member with your hands and mouth, until you had him completely at your mercy.
Getting up and straddling him, you hardly gave Mamoru a chance to recover from your naughty ministrations as you pushed yourself onto his rock-hard erection.
Wrapping your slender legs around his waist, you began bouncing on his cock, taking in his full length over and over again.
‘Fuck…Sweetheart…’ he moaned, his voice deep as he breathed in the sweet scent of your perfume, mixed in with your natural scent as he put one hand on your hip and the other in your hair.
As your lips met his in an intense kiss, you matched Mamoru perfectly in rhythm, feeling the way that he drove his cock deep inside you.
As you moaned his name, you could feel yourself getting close to the edge.
‘Sweetheart…don’t stop baby girl…’
Taking in all of his length with one final thrust as you rocked your hips, moaning his name repeatedly, Mamoru gripped your hips tightly, bringing you both over the edge as your hips rocked weakly, riding out the last of your orgasm as you slumped against Mamoru’s chest.
Wrapping his arms around you, Mamoru gently eased you both further up the bed so that you could lay together more comfortably.
‘Damn…that was…’
Smiling weakly, you looked up into your boyfriends eyes as he placed a soft kiss on your forehead.
‘You can’t go round actin’ that sexy all the time though…I’d never get anythin’ done,’ he smirked, making you giggle.
‘I thought I was too much of a kid to be sexy…’ you responded, a wry smile playing on your lips when Mamoru suddenly captured them in a passionate kiss.
‘Believe me, sweetheart…no woman in this world is sexier than you…I love you sweetheart…’
‘I love you too,’ you smiled, giving in to the warmth of his kisses.
Neither of you made it to work the next day…

Eisuke - It was an inevitability that Eisuke would often be busy with work. After all, running a successful hotel chain was no easy task. But he always handled it with the utmost composure and used every resource at his disposal.
However; with the latest IVC coming up, you felt as though Eisuke hadn’t been paying you much attention. While you understood and accepted that it was always a busy time of the year, you still couldn’t help but feel somewhat deflated when you began to think over how little you seemed to be alone with him recently.
Deciding to talk to Sakiko and Chisato about it; they seemed to think that you had no reason to worry.
‘You should see the way he looks at you! He’s completely smitten!’
‘I don’t think I’d ever describe Eisuke as smitten…’ you responded doubtfully.
‘You really are oblivious,’ Sakiko chuckled. ‘Though I’m sure you’re just as reserved about things when you’re actually with Mr. Ichinomiya.’
‘That’s true, perhaps you should try being a little bolder, to get his attention,’ Chisato suggested with a smile.  
‘Sure…guys like it when women take charge every now and again. Plus I’m sure Mr. Ichinomiya wouldn’t expect it.’
But would he like it? Eisuke prided himself on being in control of pretty much all things…would he really appreciate you taking the lead?
‘If nothing else; the man you love is bound to be happy that you are showing some confidence in yourself,’ Chisato encouraged.
It was true that Eisuke was often trying to get you to wear outfits that were more revealing and bold than you would normally opt for. But he never took his eyes off you…
Biting your lip as you mused over their words, you had finally decided to take their advice as you took a look at the time.
Knowing you could make it to the boutique in time, you thanked your friends before leaving the hotel in something of a hurry.
It took a while to decide what you wanted, but the staff were very kind towards you, making you feel at ease as they offered you their advice.
After finally settling on your choices, you had them wrapped and headed back to Tres Spades.
You knew that Eisuke had a few more meetings to take care of and would likely finish late, so you had plenty of time to get things ready.
After stopping off at the staff accommodation to pick up a few additional things that you wanted, you headed up to the penthouse level of Tres Spades.
Feeling grateful that none of the bidders were around; you had gone straight to Eisuke’s suite and shut the door behind you.
Taking a deep breath, you realised just how fast your heart was beating as you calmed yourself.
You were going to do this. You were going to show Eisuke just how much you loved him. That you could display confidence as his woman. Yes. You were his woman. But he was also your man.
It was time to show him.
When Eisuke returned to the suite after his last meeting, he opened the doors to discover the room was dimly lit with candlelight.
Loosening his tie as he breathed in a sweet aroma, Eisuke headed through his suit, noting your handbag on the table as he called out to you.
Noticing a fresh trail of rose petals, Eisuke went towards the bedroom, opening the door to find you awaiting him on the bed.
Wearing a dark blue lace and silk lingerie set, your hair was drawn up high, exposing your slender neck and bare shoulders to him.
With a little extra make-up, your lips looked full and inviting as you stood up to greet him.
‘Welcome home…’
As his eyes travelled down your body, admiring your choices in attire, your hands soon found their way onto the lapels of his jacket.
‘You’ve kept me waiting…I should punish you for that,’ you murmured, borrowing his usual choice of words as you pulled lightly at his tie and kissed him.
His arousal was instantaneous.
You had never acted so boldly before.
‘Letting you wait was a mistake indeed. You should have paged me,’ he teased, though you didn’t allow him to get the better of you as you kissed him deeply.
Taking advantage of your element of surprise, you easily slipped your tongue into his hot mouth, feeling his hands on you as he pulled you flush to him.
Fighting for dominance, you were determined to not give up so easily as you wound your hands into his hair and tugged lightly, eliciting a slight moan from your boyfriend as you smiled into the kiss.
As he picked you up in his arms easily, you wrapped your legs around his waist as he went and sat on the edge of the bed.
How perfect…
As you pulled his tie from his neck, your hands soon made quick work of his buttons while you continued to passionately kiss him.
Though once his chest was bared to you, your lips left his and began to suck lightly on his neck, moving their way down his collarbone and then to his chest as you heard his deep, uneven breathing.
Grinding your body against his, you could feel his erection against your thigh as you smiled up at him.
Freeing his member, you took it in your hands and began working your way up and down, slowly, teasing as your lips brushed against the his.
Looking into his eyes from this position, feeling his hands travelling over your body as a moan left his perfect lips, you couldn’t help but find his reactions to you erotic.
As your hands pumped his shaft, Eisuke traced kisses along the swell of your breasts, his moans reverberating against your skin.
Leaning your head back as you allowed him better access to your neck, Eisuke’s name fell from your lips. How he wanted to take you there and then.
As his hands easily freed the clasp on your bra and discarded it to the side, you lifted yourself up, allowing him to lower your lingerie as he placed a kiss on your stomach.
Though as you lowered yourself down once more, you took Eisuke by surprise as you nibbled his earlobe.
‘I hope you’re ready for your punishment,’ you muttered, suddenly lowering yourself onto his member as you elicited a sigh of pleasure from your boyfriend.
Rolling your hips, you were determined to make this sensual as you maintained eye contact, with a light dusting of red touching your cheeks.
Kissing you deeply, Eisuke’s hands were on your waist, trailing his fingertips along your smooth skin.
Feeling his hips flex upwards, you began to move a little faster, though you were determined to pleasure your man as you moaned into his ear.
As he breathed your name, you could hear in his voice that he was coming undone at your seduction as he pushed deeper into you.
‘You are so beautiful…’
‘I love you,’ you breathed, feeling his arms tighten around you as he pulled you close to his chest.
‘I love you more…’
Pressing his lips against yours, you could tell that Eisuke was close to his end.
‘Eisuke…come for me…’ you gasped, throwing your head back as you took in his full length, hard and deep, bringing you to a shuddering climax as you rode out your orgasm.
Breathing heavily as your forehead came to rest against Eisuke’s, he looked into your eyes with such warmth.
Lifting you up slightly so that he could move, Eisuke lay you on the bed, right by his side.
As his hand gently trailed down the side of your face, Eisuke placed a light kiss on your lips as he combed a hand through your hair.
‘So…you were punishing me, hm?’ he asked finally with a wry smile.
‘No…’ you admitted, looking into his eyes, though your expression was somewhat embarrassed.
‘I was just missing you and…I didn’t know how to tell you…I know you always say I should be more confident…I guess I just thought maybe I should show you how I felt…’
Though as Eisuke tilted your chin up slowly and brought his lips to yours in the most gentle of kisses, you were even more surprised by the sweet smile on his lips as you parted.
‘Then…allow me to show you the depth of my feelings…’ he whispered, bringing his lips to yours once more.  

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For those of you new to this blog, Last year I made a post exposing Lime crime for their lies. They had petrolatum in their velvetines, when it was brought to light that this ingredient was not vegan, they just changed it, after assuring all their customers that it was sourced from a vegan source. Here is that post 

Now after it has come to light again, that Lime crime are using ingredients in their velvetines that are NOT LIP SAFE, and they even say this on their own blog (which has been deleted, i linked to it in this ask about it for those long time followers who remember, this post was still up on the 9th of February)

So they knew these ingredients were NOT lip safe, They said it themselves on their own blog!
This was their ingredients list for their Velvetines on the 9th feb 2015:

And now their ingredients list for the velvetines two weeks later? 

Magically disappeared from the ingredients lists, just like last time with the petrolatum.
I know the velvetines are beautiful, but please do not support this lying brand.
Here is a post I made of vegan velvetines dupes
. I will be updating it regularly. 


Happy birthday, Lee Hongbin! Oh my goodness how have I already been with you for a full year? That may not seem long but so much has happened and changed in just 365 days. At the same time it doesn’t even feel like a year. It feels like just yesterday I started loving you. I still have so many more years to go and I can’t wait! I’ve come to love you in the shortest amount of time I’ve ever biased anyone. I love you so much you even kicked my then ultimate bias off first place into second place! How could you Lee Hongbin!! Jk I love you, my sweetest baby. I hope you get to celebrate with your family and friends and eat lots and get lots of rest. You deserve only the best and nothing less!

You make me proud everyday because you’re you. You make me proud because you work so hard to achieve your dreams. I believe in you and I know you’re gonna achieve it! You’re perfect the way you are already and it’s always a good thing to wanna better yourself but please don’t put yourself down. It saddens me to see your self esteem so low when you make me so happy. I wish I could take it all away and make you see how special you really are. You’re so talented. You have a ridiculously beautiful voice that doesn’t get the spotlight enough. You are an amazing singer, dancer, actor, friend, grandson, brother, and bias. I will always be here to root for you and cheer for you. 

You were there for me when I had no one. You were there for me when I thought I was gonna drown in my own thoughts and feelings. You were there for me when my then ult bias was kicked out of her own group. You were there for me when I had to sit long nights at the hospital. You were always there for me and you will never know but that’s ok because you exist and that’s enough. Whenever I feel down one look at you and I feel like it’s all gonna be ok. You make me smile like no one else ever has. You make me happy like no one else ever has. You make me love like no one else I ever loved. You are my ray of sunshine on the darkest of days. I love you so much it is completely ridiculous how much I love you. Here’s to more years to come!

This has been a long time coming… I finally made a Youtube channel! (I’ve only been wanting to properly do this since 2008 or smth but alRIGHT)

I’ll be posting random vlogs, thoughts about gender and sexuality, covers of songs .. Pretty much just everything that seems fun to do :)

Anyway, please go subscribe and eagerly await my first video (which I’ll try to upload this week) @

Thanks to everyone who’s been kicking my butt to get this started, I owe you all big time and love you!

Squirrel Squatter Evicted

by Scott Friedstein, FluffPo Correspondent

According to sources, notorious squatter Lenny the squirrel has finally been shown the door. His latest victim tells The Fluffington Post that the eviction was a long time coming.

“He showed up one day looking for a place to stay,” says Phil Suarez. “I couldn’t really say no. He was cute and his tail was really fluffy. The $900 a month rent seemed agreeable to him.”

Unfortunately for Suarez, Lenny would soon prove to be one of the worst roommates ever.

“He basically just sat on the couch and ate nuts all day,” says the longtime Astoria, Queens resident. “Oh yeah, and he didn’t pay rent. That was kind of the kicker. I decided to do some digging, and apparently he’d been doing this for years. I had to tell him we were through.”

Lenny was reportedly cooperative, albeit irritated. 

“I guess he didn’t like me interrupting his ‘Dr. Who’ marathon,” says Suarez. “But he knew what was coming. He packed his tiny suitcase and was out the door without without much fanfare. I just hope the next guy has better foresight.”

Via Furburg1.

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