Fashion Police congratulating BTS on their win

I’m fucking livid. How dare some of you evil freaks care more about ARIANA GRANDE’S welfare than that of CHILDREN. I won’t keep her in my thoughts, i’ll keep the family members who were torn apart in my thoughts. I don’t want to see any fucking uwuuwuwuu remember to keep ariana in your thoughts in the midst of all of this!!! On my dash. FUCK OFF.

sha_la_la_la: When Alex Turner is literally a few feet in front of you watching a Morrissey/Smiths tribute band on Morrissey’s birthday and he gets there early and stays for the whole show. 🙌🏽❤️#respect #sweetandtenderhooligans #helookedgoodonthedancefloorbtw 😏
(El Rey Theatre LA, May 22, 2017)