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sooo im like new to uniq, and I just got into them and I was wondering if you could like introduce me to them? ( btw thanks for using the url i recommended you, i feel so special xD )

Ahaha np. 


UNIQ is a Korean/Chinese boy band under Yuehua Entertainment that debuted on October 20, 2014, although they trained under YG Entertainment for many years. This group consists of three Chinese members (Wenhan, Yixuan, and Yibo) and two Korean memebers (Sungjoo and Seungyoun). Their fan name is Unicorns. 

Let’s start with the members


  • Zhou Yixuan
  • ‘90 liner (he’s the oldest memeber)
  • Mom of the group
  • He’s the Chinese leader of the group (There are two leaders a Korean leader and a Chinese leader and he’s the Chinese one)
  • Really caring towards his members
  • Also really smart 
  • and ideal
  • Deals with UNIQ’s antics
  • Really lame
  • Please love Yixuan with your heart


  • Kim Sungjoo
  • ‘94 liner
  • Main Vocal
  • Korean leader
  • Dad of the group
  • He’s reeeeeaaaallllly lame
  • bumps into doors
  • dances in his own seat
  • makes lame jokes
  • caring towards members
  • He’s also really hot
  • and cute
  • Love and protect this boy with your soul


  • Li Wenhan
  • 94′ liner
  • Chinese member
  • Vocal
  • Looks so good you’ll cry
  • self confidence level: 100 
  • he’s a sweetie
  • lame like all of UNIQ 
  • charisma like no other
  • also has a really nice body 
  • Please love Wenhan


  • Cho Seungyoun
  • 96′ liner
  • Korean member
  • Rapper/Vocal
  • A fan favorite (including mine)
  • like everybody is Seungyoun biased
  • even if you don’t stan Seungyoun, you stan Seungyoun
  • He’s really hyper
  • Funny
  • Loud 
  • He knows like 5 billion langueges (while I’m here only knowing two)
  • Charming
  • knows he’s cute
  • Evil
  • But not really he’s sweet
  • and gross
  • Please love Seungyoun


  • Wong Yibo
  • ‘97 liner
  • Chinese member
  • rapper/maknae/main dancer
  • he’s actually really quiet
  • he’s probably done with all of UNIQ
  • but don’t think just because he’s quiet he’s cold, please don’t he’s a sweetie and deserves love 
  • when he decides to pipe up he’s pretty funny 
  • he’s lame but not as lame as the rest of UNIQ
  • Yixuan’s precious child 
  • Used to be blond but looks amazing with his dark hair 
  • Please love Yibo with your soul

Okay now their MVs, 

Their debut song Falling in Love is actually in three versions: Korean, Mandarin, and English  (my heart melts listening to all of these versions)

Then we’ve got Born to Fight and Celebrate (both are actually for kid movies which is so funny to me because their newest comeback…not for kids)

Then their newest MV EOEO which is in Korean and Chinese

Also their first mini album EOEO

They’re also really good dancers

like just watch all of these 

(x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x)


Also I guess you should also watch The Best Debut (here’s the first episode)

That’s all I have for you. Please love UNIQ and do not sleep on these five wonderful boys!

regarding the release of lane boy

it’s okay to:

  • like the song
  • dislike the song because it’s not your style
  • dislike the song because you think it’s problematic
  • point out why you think it’s problematic
  • point out why you think it’s not problematic
  • have a mature discussion about it

it’s not okay to:

  • send death threats to people who disagree with you
  • tell people tyler and josh would be happy if they killed themselves

please remember that tyler and josh:

  • love and respect all their fans
  • can handle constructive criticism
  • would never want to hurt anyone
  • would never be intentionally racist
  • are not perfect people
  • want the clique to be a safe and positive environment

i’ve never appreciated anything more than this

Third person gender-neutral pronouns

Alright, I’m coming to you, tumblr, in the hopes that some of you have more reliable tagging systems than I. I’m looking for any posts - rejoinders, anecdotes, especially scholarly works - discussing the validity of ‘they/them’ pronouns in academic use.

The short version is that my English professor docked points from my essay for using 'they/them’ as a gender neutral pronoun, and when I tried to discuss it with him, he claimed it wasn’t grammatically correct, it sounded ridiculous, and that while some style guides might allow it, it wasn’t proper for a scholarly essay. (Apparently if I tried to write my thesis at USC and used they/them, it would be handed back covered in red pen for corrections???).

Needless to say, I’m more than a little torqued and came away shaking with fury. It nauseates me that any of my trans or nonbinary friends might’ve run into people like this, and I may not be good at confrontation but I can’t just take this one lying down. Seriously, any resources y'all have got about the use of they/them would be appreciated (send anything for the other gender neutral pronouns too if you’ve got 'em. I’ll be using one of those for my next essay (because the only thing that sounds fucking ridiculous is 'he or she’) and I have a feeling he’s gonna be throwing another hissy fit over the use of xie/xir or whichever I end up using). Much appreciated!