HELLO I’m opening up four or five slots to see how I fare! 

I accept payments through paypal.

My paypal email is

  Here’s a guide to paying with paypal! 

  • All payments must be made up front! 
  • Unless otherwise specified, I’ll be drawing commissions in this sort of style . You may request that I do them differently if you can show me something I’ve drawn before with the style that you want, and I can get back to you if it’s doable or not!
  • I draw most things at printing resolution, so pretty high res!
  • I may raise the price for super complex designs! 
  • I’m not in the habit of sending or even making preliminary sketches, so please specify if you’d like me to do it for you! 
  • You may be as detailed or as sparse with the reference material as you like, but please tell me if there are any specific things that you want me to do! 
  • I may refuse commissions I feel uncomfortable doing. 
  • And, as always, I’m willing to be flexible! So just message me with any questions and inquiries to either my email ( ) or my askbox!  (email is probably easier haha)

Thanks for reading and thanks for your time!!! You’re all excellent!!!! 

Hello Everyone!

Back again and ready to party B)

Some things I’ve been working on:

  • ShadowBun is done except for the ears.  Did some experimenting with Model Magic for the texture and it looks pretty sweet, but I might try a few more things before I pick one for the final mask (recommendations welcome!)
  • SprignTarp (prototype #2) is fully modeled with a new (hopefully easier to use) hinge mechanism–I still have to test it IRL but the model, at least, works great…
  • Foxy hasn’t changed but I don’t believe I’ve shared the “sound system” setup yet, so that’ll be around soon.  I’m also working on a nice colorful block diagram for my portfolio so I’ll share that here too.
  • Speaking of portfolios: job search shenanigans are ongoing. Which is why:
  • I’m going to be switching to queue-based updates: one content-type post  (WIPs, info, videos, detailed replies, etc) every other day at say…noon?  I’ve got a bit of a buffer built up with these various projects so I estimate I have at least a couple weeks before I’d need to start working on masks again, and hopefully I’ll be able to get a little more done in that time. And the schedule might change depending on how much or how little content I can generate.  It’s all new to me so I’ll have to wait and see if it actually works out.

Thanks for reading and thanks for sticking around, everyone!


So hey I guess it’s my run to do this? So here i go you guys here’s something! God so we’ve only been friends for a little over 10 months? now but I can’t even believe that. Like I don’t recall much of the times where I did not spend time with Weronika. EVEN IF its stupid skype calls, or chit chat, or god us reciting horrible music or when we did those silly gif role plays on tumblr? I feel like ive been doing all this for years with them.. Sometimes other friends of mine and I talk of stuf and I realize that THAT was late last year and during then Weronika and I were not friends and god that’s almost impossible?? For me to ever see?? As real?? It’s laughable how stunning of an impact, how large of a marking that this person right here has put on me & my life. 

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After 10 years since I last competed the pokedex, when there were only 151 pokemon…. I can’t believei t. 719 pokemon Q_Q 

I’d like to express my sincerest thanks to the following that made this all possible. The nicest people who take their time to bring joy to other people, without asking for anything in return. You guys are awesome and bring smiles to thousands of pokemon loving people across the world. It was worth it getting up 5am or 8am in the morning to participate in your giveaways. Even if I got just one pokemon from you, it still means a lot. I even made friends with some of you which is pretty much the best thing. 

tcgiveaways,(TC,Duck,J and Flarepix Q_Q) thehashslingingslasher mudkipgiveaways onequalityduck flarepix (because dexhelper was such a huge help), pokedeer (The nicest deer you will ever know and love), friendless-safari, superdupermegagiveaways, stellar-pkmn, golden-azumarill, 1millionpokemon, xd001s-giveaways gaymer-maid, profsycamore shinyphiones, madds-pokes poke-giveaways firetypetiny savvysylveon fancy-a-ghoul wafflestheasianyenbear txpokes bulbizarrely flamingponyta pokemutts spookycrobat gods-accomplice-meleoron kingvoltorb gaypokecenter mewtsuu shinywhimsicottgiveaways saffron-city-tea calethepokemontrainer maxiesnerdglasses travelersunite arcanineswag shiny-pokemon-giveaways luxraygiveaway shinygifts howaremew shinycheckinder and finally my friend who I kept trading with in desperation paintedreamer 

Thanks so much everyone! This would not have been possible without all of you :D 

I tried my best to tag everyone D: but if not, still thank you to everyone