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For the writing prompt thing could you do #2 with bokuaka as the pairing? Make it as fluffy as possible pls thank

i sure can, dear anon! idk if this was fluffy but here ya go!!

bokuaka; #2 - How late is late?

Akaashi’s just walking up to the agreed meeting spot when his phone rings. He swipes the green talk button, pausing just the smallest bit to smile at the profile picture Bokuto set for himself: a picture of a ruffled owl he took last time they went to the zoo.

“Yes, Bokuto-san?”

“Akaashi! Good morning! You look amazing as always!”

“… We’re on the phone, Bokuto-san. You can’t see me.”

“Right,” Bokuto laughs, and Akaashi frowns at the slight nervous tone in the familiar sound. “Well, you see, the thing is—-” There’s a bit of static and some loud noises, muffling Bokuto’s words.

“What did you say?”

Bokuto huffs into the phone. “I’m sorry, Akaashi! But I’m going to be late!”

Akaashi holds in a sigh, even as he pinches the bridge of his nose. “How late is late, Bokuto-san?”



“… Maybe… thirty minutes… times four?”

Akaashi lifts the phone away from his ear to stare at it. He puts it back, his voice incredulous, “What do you mean?”

“Well, I was really, really excited about today, right? Because it’s a very special day and we’ve been planning this for a while, or I have, because it took me some time to work up the courage to actually ask you out, and anyway you said yes so I’m really, really happy so I woke up extra early! But then I might have…” Bokuto’s voice trails off into a mumble again. “… I might have accidentally… fallen asleep on the train… and missed the stop…”

Akaashi’s speechless for a moment. He watches the people pass by his spot in front of the amusement park, from families to school kids to groups of friends to couples. Just as Bokuto’s voice started to come back asking if he’s still there, Akaashi bursts into laughter. He laughs and laughs, bending over and crouching down to keep himself from falling over. 

“Akaashi?” Bokuto sounds alarmed. “Are you okay? I’m really, really sorry! I messed up! This date is going so horribly wrong!”

Wiping the tears from his face, Akaashi stands back up slowly. He turns around, heading back to the station. “Bokuto-san. It’s okay. Take your time getting back, okay? Don’t get lost.”

“I won’t, Akaashi!”

“I’ll be here waiting. And also, you owe me five croquettes.”

Bokuto’s booming laughter fills the line. “I’ll buy you all the croquettes in the world!”

“I don’t think your wallet can handle that, Bokuto-san.”

“Akaaaaashiiiii! Let me sound like a cool boyfriend!!”

send me a pairing + prompt and i’ll write a lil something!!



omfg MM was ogling the damn DL and I’m just “DiE. DiE. DI E. D I E M ML O OK DI  E IS W ALKIN G B Y” and we followed this poor DiE cosplayer bc picplsIamgomencries BUT WE??? NO T I CED THE SI GN ON HIS BAC K LIKE?? WHAT DOES THAT SAY IT FUCKING SAYS “EVE SENPAI NOTICE ME PLZ” I was so done LOLL

WE TRIED TO GET THE RAVEN THAT WAS THERE BUT HE WAS LEAVING and didnt wanna be that person omfg he literally just disappeared too like how did he leave so fast Raven senpai pls notice us LOL BUT OMG THEY?? WERE SO G O OD SC REA M S THE P OS ES AND EV ER Y THING YE LLS SC REAMS

also MM aggro’d the people PvPing and I’m just. You know that’s not Void servers right. and he’s just. but PvP. like the SC RU B HE IS.

unpopular opinion but I honestly hope Yvonne sticks around. As much as I hate new characters, I took a liking towards Liam, Jordan and Yvonne because they’re not directly related to the plot they’re just there and it’s refreshing to take a break from the drama? Like it shows that the characters still have lives outside A, you know? Now that Jordan is gone and Liam almost out of the picture (idk is they broke up lol) I hope Yvonne stays.

And Elliot, he was just amazing man, Huw did an extraordinary job.


🕰🌟🕰Aroha Selfie Day Time🕰🌟🕰

Okay so here’s a few with some uh….commentary because I don’t know how to shut my mouth:

1) Why can’t my hair look like that all the time, it started looking like that for a week but then went back to its normal mess….

2) I took this to show my friends my crazy sleepy bun hair and idk I just kinda like the picture

3) I really freaking love this pic which is amazing cause 95% of the time I **DO NOT** like my smile so yAS SMILE FTW

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Hey Frank, does people's fanarts about you, asks and things like that help you about your depression? Btw I've got to say most of them look amazing c:

I think they’re all really cool and I love getting drawings because so many people have so many different images of me and no two are alike. It also inspires me to be just like the person in those pictures too… IDK how to say this, but sometimes I’m like… “FUCK U FRANK UR FUCKING DUMB AND UGLY” then I see a picture or art or even song and I’m like, “THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!” I’m happy really talented people can resonate with my art.

Anonymous said: your ezio looks more like ezio than revelations-ezio looked like ezio. Idk what they did to make him look so unlike his other two in game renditions, but you fixed it and he is perfect in your style :)

Aww ^^ thank you so much and I’m so happy you like how I picture Revelations Ezio (: For me they made his eyes too bright.

Anonymous said: I’ve been following you for so long and I’ve literally seen your posts go from amazing sketches to absolutely breathtaking pieces of art (though your sketches are SOOOO GOOD) I just love you and your work and I hope you go far in life! Great job!

(⊙ヮ⊙) omg you can’t be serious! This is too much! Thank you so much you amazing person!

Anonymous said: ahhh i dont want to be annoying i just want to say that i love ur art and ur style is incredible!!!

Such messages can’t be annoying, dear! Thank you so much for letting me know you like my art, this means so much and makes me keep moving!

Anonymous said: Heja. Wanted to ask, do you have deviantArt or is it not yer thang? (also, I thought I was the only person whose fav ac game was Revelations. Thank u for existing !! :o

No, I don’t have. Had once but I deleted it, because I stopped publish art there long ago. To be honest every game from Ezio trilogy has its own things and I love all of them the same.

Anonymous said: congrats luv, really happy for you!!

Thank you!

Anonymous said: Wow well done!!! I hope you’re going to absolutely love graphic design!

Thanks! ♥

Anonymous said: I am so happy that you passed your exams! Keep making art! you already draw as a professional artist, your art is f***ing awesome! Good luck to your studies and send greetings to the Turkish muffin over there!

Oh you xD Art is what I would like to do, so I hope I’ll find something for myself there.

Anonymous said: Just curious: Why did you delete a lot of your old Hobbit art? I was sad to find it gone. :(

So sorry dear! I just deleted pictures I didn’t like. This blog was needing some cleaning.

Anonymous said: Oh my goodness your Yusufs are so beautiful, the darling Turkish muffin needs to be alive and well, the poor dear.

ಥ⌣ಥ oh yes, he deserves it! All of it what you said. Thanks!

Anonymous said: man now with your art everytime i watch the road to eldorado i can’t help but imagine yusuf and ezio good job XD (also great art)

Huehue xD that was the plan, now live with it xD and thanks!

Anonymous said: Szczerze mówiąc, każda kobieta, którą widziałem na twoich rysunkach była dobrze narysowana

Aww, dziękuję bardzo! Miło jest usłyszeć, że pomimo iż tobie nie podobają się twoje własne rzeczy, ktoś może uważać inaczej.

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The connection btwn the dceu movies is so amazing bc it continues the development of the characters. Not to start anything but thats where the m*cu needs work. The only thing connecting each movie are small cameos and they lose character development

IDK I just always expected franchises to be like this and honestly the SH genre is the best place to tell individual stories that lead up to the big picture and really delve into and flesh out these characters. Like what Zack and Chris did to Bruce and Clark and also Diana, even if in a smaller scale, like that was such a great thing to see. That character development that made me even further realize and recognize that these heroes are like actual people, And from what I’m hearing on SS, David just takes the character development and connectivity even further.

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Hey Em' where you at? Could i get some Joonie looooooovvveeee (dimples love?) I just read about that whole "misogyn lyrics" thing and it makes me sad because its really just nitpicking and hating for hating and it seems like Namjoon gets a lot'of hate and i just wanna #hugnamjoon because he just so amazing and talented and smart and people just want to tear him down and it makes me sad (Or sana? Or kat? Idk just some Rapmon appreciation post pretty pretty please 😇😁)

emily’s at work. yeah we talked about that today, poor guy cant catch a break. but you know what they say, you havent really made it unless youve got some haters. (I have pictures to a namjoon appreciation but I can’t find a way to make the pictures remain HD on tumblr. :o i will find a way.)

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Make the comments.

Ooh you’re an enabler, aren’t ya?

I just think she is being so extra. Like, yeah, you can be worried. Bring a can of bug spray, though US soccer/US Olympic Committee seems to be packing it for the team But posting pictures like that? That is making a mockery and being insensitive and just being so… much. You don’t see other athletes who are ALREADY THERE being so extra about it.

Idk if I worded this all right. But if she needs THAT much protection it is amazing that every single person in Brazil doesn’t have Zika yet.

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Andy needs to take some tips from Jake and ditch Ju like he did Ella and find someone amazing that actually makes him genuinely smile like he's the happiest man in the world. I mean just compare the pictures and things he said when he was with Ella vs. now when he's with Inna. I mean he just looks so complete idk it's adorable and Andy needs that, kinda like how he was with Scout.

Yeah, Andy always looked so happy with Scout but with Juliet it honestly (to me) just looks so forced. He acts out whenever she’s at shows and just seems unhappy. 

One of many of the amazing references by croxovergoddess. Slightly based off of edorazzi’s Felix, who I have been meaning to write a fic about for a  v e r y  long time now… will do eventually. 

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Hello :D. Is this real? Are you following me? I'm gonna cry 😭😭😭😭😭 like is the best thing in my life 😭😭😭😭😭😭. You're amazing I love your blog 😭😭😭😭😻😻😻.

Whoops I followed you by accident! Thanks for letting me know.

Just kidding I saw your blog name and then your profile picture and you are a game of thrones fan just like me and idk I thought it was a pretty cool name so I followed you back :D


ohmygosh, let me just say that i don’t have enough pics of you HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE WE NEED MORE PICTURES TOGETHER (you do live across the freaking country tho so lmao i guess that makes sense:)

today, July 11, is @softtboy‘s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! (*≧∇≦)ノ<※*・:*:`♪:*:。*・☆* I HOPE ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE :)

you are one of the realest, funniest, kind hearted, interesting, friendly AND BEAUTIFUL person i know, no joke. It’s so easy to talk to you and when we do it’s the honestly the best time. We just have a lot in common and i couldn’t have asked for better friend <3

and also you are so so talented wow i can’t even compare ( you’re an artist and uh hello and actor, congrats for getting that lead role!!)

i hope that one day we’ll get to meet and bake stuff and you can do my makeup and we can talk and cry about all the things we love

I really do hope today is as great as you are. You deserve the world and happiness. May it be filled with great food, presents, good friends and family, cats, and glitter(^O^)爻(◕▿◕✿) I love you to the moon and back <3

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I’m at the airport waiting to board my flight and everything is great and also terrible I have so many mixed feelings I just wanna cry for a few days. Fuckin aaaaaaaaaaaaa this past month has been so amazing and I don’t want it to end I’ve cried on and off for like 3 days now if anyone asked me how I was doing I was like 😢 and Italian bf (no longer just boi btw for a while idk what I last posted) gets jealous very easily as in the ways that a stereotypical jealous girlfriend would be. As in my liking people’s pictures on Facebook bothers him :( it’s hard but like last night he was asking me about this guy who’s a friend of a friend that I’ve met once that I barely know and is also gay and I was like “I don’t know what else I can say to you to tell you that me liking things on social media is literally just that and has no meaning” so that will be tough but we are doing long distance and the next time we MIGHT see each other would be if he’s able to afford coming to visit me in the states in December/January even for a week but still that’s another 5 months at least and idk it’s gonna be hard for both of us I think.

Also with all the confusing feelings I had before the month that I lived with him I didn’t know what would happen at the end but (I think it was kinda this point) we were watching a movie and there were two couches in the house we were staying in and he had moved to the other one cause he was sweating (it’s hot af here in the summer and we were in southern Italy) and he fell asleep like he always does if he watches a movie at night and I kept staring at him sleeping tho I felt creepy but I was like “???????” My chest gets tight when I think about having to leave him and I think at that point I started to realize that maybe I love him?? Which is scary and awesome but like wtf even is love idk what that is it’s just a word what???? But I think he’s kinda been there for a while and it felt weird feeling like I liked him in a less intense way but towards the end of this time living together I hit that point and last night between me crying and him making me laugh I told him I loved him though I said I think cause idk what love is and it’s more complicated than that etc but it’s crazy cause I’ve known him for more than 5 months now we’ve essentially been dating since Valentines Day which means we’ve been dating for 5 months which is literally insane????? I have had a boyfriend (somewhat unofficially and in a confusing way) for that long and managed to not fuck it up???

Idk everything is crazy but what’s important is that I keep it together because crying won’t help and I’m gonna see my sister and my mom and my friends and my cats!!! And also I’m going to NYC to see Hamilton which will be LIT as hell even without Lin and Leslie playin Hamilton and Burr (my sister is so upset about it but it’s an amazing show I’m still so excited) and also some camping and beach time and trying not to have a mental breakdown this fall but ya know everything’s fine


Okay so remember the theory about how gem placements affected the gem’s characters like how steven and a ruby from hit the diamond had their gems on their belly’s and the ruby was so loving like steven

(my fave picture of steven showing his gem up there (or maybe showing his mom? lol))

and like how peridot and pearl are good at mechanics and stuff like that.. Anyway when you think about centipeedles gem which looks like an eye. İF centipeedles gem is placed in her eye (or as an eye idk man) will that make its character like 

his character?

(im ofcourse not talking about ruby and sapphire in the back i couldnt find another picture (pfft of course i could i just love this picture everything about it is just great like “when youre teammate is being too gay and  YOU. ARE .DİSGUSTED.))

Also if someone could link me the original gem placement theory so that i could link it here that would be amazing couse im too lazy to search for it

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I always thought Ron was a lil gay. Like him & Harry. Idk. Maybe that's just me? But tbh the only characters I read as straight are Umbridge and Voldemort. *shrugs* But have a lovely evening! (Also ps thank u for running such a wonderful femslash blog!!)

First of all YOU ARE WELCOME! yes femslash! *waves hands crazed at the thought of all the amazing femslash* 

Okay legit tho umbitch and moldy voldy…,,.,.,,.,.., i just can’t picture them in relationships with anyone??? like ewwwwwww. Tom Riddle tho is at least 85% gay. 

I actually read a pretty good fic of the Golden Trio in a poly relationship with Harry’s exception to his sexuality (gayyyy) being Hermione and Harry being Ron’s exception. I didn’t mind the ship but not one of my favs.