Thank You For Everything Taylor...

I just want to say how much I appreciate you @taylorswift and how your music and the encouraging things you say have helped me through some extremely hard times, and there during the good too, these last 10 years, your songs have kind of been like a soundtrack to my life.

Your debut album came out exactly one week after I finely got away from a really bad, abusive, relationship. Those songs like Picture to Burn gave me reason to laugh. Cold as You and Should’ve Said No spoke what my heart wanted say when I couldn’t find the words.

And when Fearless was released, I loved Change and got see you perform it at the Fearless tour in 2009. Then I met my now husband, and when Begin Again and Everything Has Changed were released, they really spoke what I felt when we met.

But then things got really rough again. I kept getting sick and was in terrible pain and so fatigued, at the end of 2012 I was finely diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and started treatment. Then found out my mom had cancer, and I helped her through multiple surgeries and tried to be there for her as much as I could, thankfully she’s been cancer free for a while now. I had also been in 3 car accidents in a matter of 5 years, non of which were my fault, the final one in 2013 was a semi truck on the highway. Still not sure how I made it out without being hurt worse, but it caused emotional scars, I was diagnosed with PTSD (which actually started with the bad relationship) and depression. Then my husband got hurt and couldn’t work for two years, I had to help him while trying to work and struggle with my illness. With all that combined with my accident injuries, its been really hard.
Several times I just wanted to give up, I had been to several doctors, counselors and through multiple treatments that failed, and was still in so much pain, and having flashbacks. But then I heard Clean and I cried (I’m crying now writing this), it really spoke to me. Then I was able to actually see you live at the 1989 tour in St. Louis and hear the Clean speech. It literally changed everything for me, it was actually like I had been drowning and someone pulled me out of the water, I could finely Breathe, and felt Clean for the first time in ages.

I still struggle with pain all the time, I have to take a hand full of pills every day and give myself shots. But the PTSD and depression are much better, I’ve not had flashbacks in a long time and I’ve been able to let go of the hurt and self blame from my past relationship. I’ve accepted I can’t change some of those things, and instead focus on what I CAN change. And I’m doing things now I always wanted to do, but never thought I would, like playing guitar and piano, and learning to love myself for who I am. And being a Swiftie has brought me closer to my sister and I’ve met some really wonderful people. So thank you so much Taylor, it means the world to me. ♥♥♥

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cupcakenouis(.)tumblr(.)com/post/135308496479/madeintheam-look-at-this-picture you know what, let's talk about this nouis pic shall we?? sHALL WE??

i delayed talking about this for 12 days because honestly my heart is 12 sizes too big and i wanna tap out. BUT FINE I’M HERE. you know what gets me about nouis? you know what burns my biscuits?? you know what crumbles my graham crackers? ??

take however much you love niall and multiple it by 100. now take how much of a good person you think he is - a good friend, a good musician, a good laugh, a good cuddle, a good KISSER - and multiple that by 200. now add all that up and realize that louis will take the moon out of the sky and give it to niall, wrapping this arithmetic of love around it like a neon lasso hemped from the brightest, sweetest, most affirming strings of fate.

now take however much you love louis and repeat this process for niall. 

realize that nouis think the sun shines out of each other’s asses. realize that nouis think the world and beyond of each other. realize that nouis have spent every waking minute of the last 5 years, being quietly, assuredly, incredibly, incredibly incredibly supportive of each other. 

realize louis’ lips know the texture of the back of niall’s hand. 

now take this picture and shove it into the stars so it goes super nova. 

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Private answer please I've been wondering for awhile if I'm OCD cause I have intrusive thoughts that cause me stress and compulsions that not doing them or not doing them right causes me stress the only thing that's tripping me up is I don't perform the compulsions to ease my stress over the thoughts I hate the thoughts I get and to get rid of them I picture them on a whiteboard and erase it and burn the white board all mentally and if I don't do the compulsions my heart beats super fast (cont.)

Check out this post on our website to learn more about different themes about OCD. I hope it may help you!

The Night

You f*ck with the night

I play with the day

You chose to say goodbye

And I made the choice to stay.

Now you want to return

And I don’t want you here

If you insist you’ll burn

Let me make this clear.

You left me to pick up the shards

Whilst I ran to give you my heart

A picture perfect love story was never on the cards

I should have known from your past.

But now that im a legend

And your just a myth

Im no longer weakened

By your poisonous Kiss.

You wont wreck my world

You wont break my heart

Ill leave you out in the cold

Baby this is just the start…

Ok so its been ages since i drew her ;v; Again…Even though i said i was gonna draw her again more often <xD I’m so sorry guys!…So uhh if you don’t know about her i’ll tell you “Miethy is a fox with two different powers one is fire, The other is ice so that is why her eyes are a different colour same with her shoes (As seen in this picture o3o) she is very…Kind hearted and loves making friends, She’s very Out going i must say..Sometimes she can be scared to fight <XD Cause she doesn’t want to burn or freeze anybody, She may seem like a kind and friendly Fox o3o But trust me she is tough <xD She can lift a heavy table ovo” So i hope you enjoy x3