freezer-bunnyy replied to your photoset

“Picnic in the Ruins~! I really wanted to play around with the ruins…”

omg! this is so cute!

<3 Thank you~! I worked very hard on it <3

simmingbee replied to your photoset

“Adorable siblings. The worst thing to ever happen to poor Coco.”

True story tho. Siblings are the worst. ��

AHAHA yeeeep~! Me and my bro didn’t get along until we were both adults pretty much

simmingbee replied to your photoset

“There are Coco and Basil all grown up~!”

They look so unimpressed ������

I laughed so hard when they walked in with the sour faces.

calisimgirl replied to your photoset

“Finley panicked so hard the staff made him wait outside. Welcome to…”

Your whole game is cursed with twins xD

SERIOUSLY XD I WAS SO SALTY~! Two sets of twins in a row and the same exact genders? EA stop messing with me!