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My thoughts on Yoonseok

They’re one of my favorite OTPs! Here’s why:

1.They always support each other:

Hoseok was really nervous for a special stage, but Yoongi was there to calm him

There was also the time Yoongi was almost in tears for Hoseok during the bungee challenge because he knows how terrified Hobi is of heights. He just kept encouraging him and reassuring he’d be fine

Comforting Hobi about the banana boat. He even said he’d save him lol

And of course the infamous ‘Crying Yoongi’ As I stated in a previous post, for Yoongi to so readily cry in Hoseok’s arms, and how quick Hobi was to embrace him, just goes to show that wasn’t the first time and that they are really close

2. The fanboying:

These two are each others biggest fan, and I love it. Yoongi has said 2017 is Hoseok’s year, and Hobi has said many times how highly he thinks of his ‘Favorite hyung’

Because really, what are words?

3. How Hobi always brings the life out of Motionless Min Yoongi. They are so dorky together lol

Hobi keeps a smile on Yoongi’s face

4.Somehow always near each other/with each other. ALWAYS

Sleeping/lying together seem to be their thing, along with secret dates

In rooms full of nothing but space, Yoongi thinks the best space is next to his SeokSeok

Caught bae slippin

Lunch dates

The couple outfits: They are the kings of matching, and love when they do

The couple rings: They think they’re slick, but we notice lol

5. They ship themselves.

Like they used the boy love emoji, came up with their own ship name and took said name and turned it and their craziness into a sub unit lol

Bonus: Just some of my favorite moments

Smooth Yoongi, smooth…

Back that ass up Hobi, He’s ready 😂

My light and dark babies

What is love, if not the fact that Yoongi didn’t kill him after this? 😂

domestic Yoonseok

Tell me these don’t scream wedding photos. I’ll wait 😂

Loving stares

so cute! *squeals*

Food tastes better made with love

Most married couples can’t even do that  XD

Or remember an anniversary 😂😂

And lastly, what ever the fuck this is. 😂 even being a Army vet, I still have no explanation for this. But hey, If they like it, I love it 😂

So there you have it, My thoughts on Hoe-seok and Yoongles. They make my lifue and I love them 😄



This is my SamCait love story, and I’m sticking to it!

In the beginning, our beloveds were just getting to know each other. They were sweet, shy, and smitten from the start. 

Planets collided, the stars aligned, they fell in love, and two became one.

I think they got married sometime in 2015.

Did it happen before Paleyfest, when Cait said to Sam off mic, “You’re my favorite husband,” and he replied with a big smile, “Yes”?

Or was it later in the year?

Sam’s stylist captioned this pre-Golden Globes photo “MR + MRS.” This supports my feeling that Sam and Cait were planning a reveal. Apparently the stylist didn’t get the IFH memo. 

All of these photos scream MARRIED! to me.

This is their love story as I’ve been honored to watch it unfold. I pray that one day Sam and Cait will be free to share their love with the world. Until then, I’ve got all the evidence I need.

phil lester sits criss-cross applesauce atop a world of his own creation and smiles. he stands in scuffed shoes and cares steady, holds consideration in gentle palms and offers it like the worst kept secret. jokes, delicate and airy, translucent flower petals and lavender blush and making the world a bit brighter. well meaning words settle whisper quiet into hearts, moulding them into something better, something softer. the rosy brightness of adoration blooms steady behind his eyes and glows for something good.

phil lester sits on his old bedroom floor and tells a camera about his day. ten years later he performs his last show on a worldwide tour, best friend by his side and tucks memories laced in silver and gold in his back pocket for safekeeping. he stumbles and a million hands reach out to balance and propel him forward. happy screams and photos and tweets and art and unadulterated love put down roots in his chest. vines creep across his ribcage and beat in a rhythm only he can hear, safecomfortablewarm. he locks it there, vivid and precious.

phil lester smiles, sunlit and breathtaking, the turn of his lips smeared on and dripping joy like a fingerpainting. he inhales colour and light and sound and exhales creativity, his fingers itch for something just out of his reach. mind floating away, barely there clouds dancing and wispy, and lying back among them and dreams about flying. determination is sharp in his veins and laces through his lungs like string tugging him along, do this make that write this down plan this out. add another rung and climb higher. he twists lovely things with clumsy fingers and adds another line to the autobiography titled how to make the stars appear dim next to this.

phil lester looks at the sky, twinkles wistfully and wonders if he could be up there. he doesn’t realise he’s been flying for years.

General Mustang is my ideal prince.
And Riza’s saying “Sir, look at all these shippers who wanted to see our children, grandchildren and the entire family tree that started from us but have to deal with just this one photo”. I’M SCREAMING. (and yas, those mustachios deserved to be censored)

ANYWAY, this is the last screeshot redraw for now, BUT NOT my last Royai piece ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I have a little project in mind, let’s call it an illustrated fanfiction. So stay tuned if you wanna know more, or you better run away from here! ‘Cause my obsession just reignited ♥