YOI fears

Okay guys, I try to leave this to my last YOI post for this week since this is starting to get unhealthy to write this many post of the fictional anime.

But as a part of the queer community I find it so wonderful, beautiful but also really anxious that this all is happening. Why anxious you ask? Because for so many years I had to actually do research to find movies or anime with queer relationships and they always had so much sexual wrong doing, drama, disapproval and they almost always focused to the orientation. Like the plot was basically that there were two gays. 

Now I actually have anime that is not only well written, but also has so many other things around than just their relationship. Main plot still is Grand Prix final, ice skating and all those things athlets have to go trough. To summarize, it’s all so NORMAL. There is no a one word about what anybody else might think/say/write about them. Neither of them are not thinking what their families will say, how will the press react or what will world think. Because it irrational and irrelevant. 

Why this is so big deal for me? Because I have never understand how people can discriminate two people in love when they are both given their consent. I have never been discriminated of myself but I still have been through a lot, lot of confusion, lot of self-hate, dealing with parents confusion and adjusting. 

This show gives me hope but it also makes me fear. We can only assume things. Yes, writers have been confirming thing or two, but nothing big. As much as this show is normalizing the relationship, it’s making it harder to read. in yaoi anime you almost instantly know if they are thing or not. But now we know, but we actually don’t. I just fear so much that everything will backfire in the end and this thing will be taken from me and so many other people who get hope from this. 

This show doesn’t need plot twist in the end. There’s no need to kill anybody off, there is no need for cliffhanger, there is absolutely no need to wipe away whole relationship and let them go parted ways. It’s actually much worse writing than letting this end in happy terms. It would take the whole ground away. 

I just fear this will happen. There is a lot of reasons why I cling on to this anime so much, but that’s another thing. I feel I can relate to them (from some reason I have hard time to relate women relationships, still progressing why, because I swear, how much I love gay pairings in general, I have much more deeper meanings to watch these tv shows) and they are giving me so much hope and happiness. I have never felt like this while watching something, it’s basically like watching history making itself in front of you. 



What’s that saying? 
               The show’s gotta go all over the place… or something? (insp.)

GOODBYE GLEE (2009-2015)


                                                   HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY
       Mismerizing, Inspirational, Notable, Supportive, Enchanting, Overmodest, Kindhearted


Noragami Aragoto || Baby Yato + Heart Realize
↳ No matter what happens, I’ll call your name without fail. You’re the owner of a jagged heart.  Anything you touch gets hurt. You scowl at everything in the world. Your eyes say it, but I’m here. Someone was laughing. So the boundary line was pulled in. If that’s so, I’ll take your hand and take you with me. If you can’t say it, hold my hand tight and don’t let go. I want you to know that you are not alone anymore.  

Based on this

The idea was too good, so I thought why not visualising it?


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