jealous chanyeol 

When hunnie told them she liked Kai hahaha chanyeol was all ‘ she likes kai pff when she has me right in front of her eyes pff’  xD  But… yah park chanyeol you btter not drop your jealousy over jongin and be a bully with him ¬¬ or else iwould HAWK! hit you on the head !  apparently no one can go againts that sexy thing kai is nor the sweet puppy jongin is (my fave part of him really his puppy like self rather than his sexy part as kai). Also Jongin i see what you’re doing there smooth~  actually it will be so hilarious to see jongin all calm and saying ‘i like her she’s cute i wanna ask her out i am asking her out’ and chanyeol and kyungso  being ‘damn you kim kai and you’re sexy face’ 

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Hi~ I'm curious, which of your fics did you enjoy writing the most? Maybe at least one from each fandom you write for? When I use to write I found myself rereading my favorites c: Thank you bby ^^

I seem really conceited now because I have way too much here haha, but sometimes I’m just proud of the things I write, idk–

A lot of the fics I’m proud of here are series. Ace Meets Base, Cameras Love Boys, Part of the PackSweet Tooth, and Crazy Unhealthy were all really fun concepts; although I only really like the first like three parts of Crazy Unhealthy. The rest of it was pretty shitty. Case After Case was really, really fun to write, too.

I’m shit at Exo. I think the best things I’ve written in the fandom were Empty to Nothing (tw: murder) and What He Wants– both of which were story teasers– and Friday, Saturday, Sunday, which I posted on lj.

I’m 110% too satisfied with almost every Bangtan thing I write omg ;; I’m pretty proud of Time Control and Echoes; they were fun. My “Bad Boy” series, which I’ve yet to tag– (01)(02)(03)– was nice. Another series I forgot to tag– (01)(02). Borderline Maniacs was super fun, and I might write another part. I wrote Set the Pace well, I think; and then like all of my yoonseok I’m sorry

So, I haven’t written much Got7; nobody really prompts them haha. But I did write a few things on my own back when I was starting off, and I’m quite proud of Black and Blue Wings (tw: abuse) and Until You. I’m also pretty proud of Life Was Good and Blood Runs Still (tw: suicide), which had been prompted.

Maze Running, Whiskey and Butterflies (tw: just a lot of shit going on), and If it Were Different were all really good, I think; and like no one read them because they’re rare pairs but oh well. And then I have a bunch of taekai series that I’m way too proud of– (01)(02)(03)(04)

I found out today that, at the athenaeum, pretty much everyone has been ganging up on the director to hire me as a part-time receptionist. which is really sweet! they’ve actually hired several interns post-graduation in the past, but apparently it’s a budget thing. I mean, I’m a terrible receptionist, but…

idk, I’m just not used to feeling needed like this. if this counts as that. idk. they’ve been suffering without any of the interns in. 

a really sweet part about the photo world is when you’re able to pass along opportunities to your friends and vice versa; not being competitive but realizing that one another might be better suited for some assignments and you hope that they send some your way eventually, too.

p.s. people keep trying to hire me to do monthly stockpiles of street style images and i’m just not not not a street style photographer. i do street style stories on an assignment basis rarely and only if the pay is GUD. gah, gotta break free

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i know, it really sucks to carry a broken heart, and yeah its hard as fuck but we gotta move on, just take a chance, you're young, you have to fall in love and live life, i mean cuz in the end we only regret the chances we didnt take, but how can someone even hurt you? i mean you're literally the cutest eheh but hey dont wanna see you sad k?, chin up always :) kisss :*

So true ☺️ Aw thank you so much for you words, it means a lot feeling your worry, i took the good part of it i learned and now i’m okay, you are really sweet tysm  💕💕

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Sooo....I just started following you today but I like your blog and your blog rate/promo things are really nice and sweet. The best part of my day was my kiddo telling me about the Loch Ness Monster and how he wants to go to Scotland and see it for himself. (and my name is brandy)

Hello Brandy!! TYSM..YOU ARE SO SWEET *blushes* <33 and thanks for the follow!! Awwwww, That kiddo sounds super adorable, wow! 

BRANDY! yOUR BLOG IS FANTASTIC!! I love EVERYTHING you got goin on! I am in love with your Cas icon, no doubt! and your posts! EEK!! GUYS, Brandy posts a lot of GREAT Destiel! (as well as some NSFW, which is also great!!) Not only that, she also has a ton of AWESOME SPN posts! PLEASE check out this cutie pie <33



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I never realized that the "fight me" thing was a meme. Sorry pete, but I'd still literally fight you.

I would too, or, at least I say I would but when I met him id just start talking w him and forget all about it. Like especially bc of all the shit he went through. Like, it’s like he’s two different ppl and I’m down for fighting that one version where he’s a dork who has questionable taste in merch but the really sweet sensitive part of him that went through a divorce and being bi polar and all that other shit I would like hang out w and shit, I couldn’t fight him. Also I’m a weakling and he would kick my ass ASAP iDEK I REGRET MAKING THAT STUPID ASS POST

I know this post is a bit late, but consider this a reminder that Collabor88′s Pretty in Punk round is still going on until May 6th! Make sure you snag these items before it ends. First of the few, these really cute ears from Half-Deer which come in other colors and prints. Next, an item I got really excited about this round, this cute as eff choker from Lost Junction. (There’s also a matching headband and earrings available but not shown.) You can of course change the metal, the heart color and the bow colors. (Seriously, really cute!) There’s also a cute top which is part of an outfit from u.f.o. that goes really nicely with Sweet Thing’s TAG Gacha garter. Aaaaand a super neato neon sign from floorplan. As always, credits and such below.

Skin : Lara Hurley-Heidi natural/Milky
Hair : [taketomi]_Ayame
Eyeshadow :  [Buzzeri] Gel Liner - Silver
Mesh Body : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Hands/Feet :  Slink
Septum : *Soonsiki~ New age septum ring *Tungsten* (FREE Group Gift)
Eyes : [Buzzeri]  Lillian Eyes - Amber
Tattoo :  La Malvada Mujer - The Family tattoo
Top : ::{u.f.o}::pretty in punk - top - black  (@ Collabor88)
Shorts : Ricielli Mesh - Summer Minishorts //black
Choker : [Lost Junction] Chaotic Heart Collar  (@ Collabor88)
Ears : +Half-Deer+ Punkitude Bunny Ears - Black/Sil  (@ Collabor88)
Garter : Sweet Thing. Coal Pentagram Trick Garter (@ Mainstore for TAG Gacha)
Neon Sign : floorplan. neon skull / blacklight

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The werewolf Luke au is just incredible, the only werewolf au I genuinely love. You're an amazing writer and I can't wait for the next part!! :)

aw no way really? omg you’re so sweet! thank you for your kind feedback! x

seeing OCs active and accepted in this part of RP Tumblr is really sweet to be honest

kinda makes me want to create a RP blog for one of mine

Hi! Oh my, that is so sweet. All but the stalking part had me really intrigued. That is very kind of you to say those things about me and speak your mind in such a nice way. Thank you for supporting me and being a fan.
—  Maria Grace
reblog if you are part of araena is so sweet she really deserves a better sisiter then Vriksa squad
Arizona man resigns from job with message on cake

Arizona man resigns from job with message on cake


Parting really can be such sweet sorrow.

A newscast director for Arizona TV Station KOLD-TV decided to leave his job in good taste by printing his resignation letter on a large cake.

“Please accept this cake as formal (and delicious) notice of my resignation,” the sweet message began. “I will miss KOLD and all the incredible people I’ve been fortunate enough to work with over the last…

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Just read the first part of the food truck au and really enjoyed it :)

Thanks for the sweet message :) I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m planning to work on Part 2 a little bit today. 

The bittersweet unsaid things

I dont know how i should feel today, how i should express my feelings and my style. There is a part of me that wants to be happy and a part that is confused on whether it should be.

This is because at every point in life with a change comes a ton of goodbyes and an end of the old chapter. i want to start the new chapter of life but i dont have the courage to fare adieu to the old chapter, the sweet part of the chapter that i enjoyed really lots and want it to keep lingering forever.

I dont know when things will get practical and i will be able to control my emotions, as these emotions are what makes me feel weak and now have the courage to face a lot of situations.

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How do you balance being equal parts a cutie, equal parts talented, equal parts just the coolest.

You’re really sweet. Thank you for you comments. And I’m alright, I just try and be myself at all times.