You obviously taught me the art of the selfie even from way back when ❤️ I look back on my life and I can hardly remember a time you weren’t there. We spent so many years together being the best BFFs anyone could ever ask for. We saw each other nearly every day, we did everything from walk to the mall to reading a book to going on vacation together. Your family was my family and mine was yours. I cherish every memory we ever had together, I always have.

The summers at the campground, playing Zelda in Marc’s room, watching endless movies, singing Newsies songs, going to see Wicked together, the countless stories we wrote together, the list could go on for years.

You were the first person who loved me for everything I was. You never stopped encouraging me to live my dreams, to be everything you knew I could be. I still have your notes you wrote me, the stories we’d write each other, the ones we wrote together (rest assured, I still write way too much fan fiction). You went along with all my obsessions, listened to an ungodly amount of showtunes, and sang every note with me, you even read Naruto with me.

I can still hear your voice even though we haven’t seen each other in years, I can see your bright smile, your laugh, everything that made you the ball of sunshine you were. You loved people and you always saw the best in them, I know you always saw the best in me even when I didn’t. There are many things I wish I could take back, that I could do over. Regrets from when I wasn’t the person I am now but even then, you always greeted me with a happy smile and an excited conversation. We weren’t as close as we once were but I always knew I could come to you about anything and you’d be there to listen and talk and laugh about that ridiculous Lord of the Rings story we wrote together.

So my dearest Elphie, your Glinda loves you so much, and she’ll never stop. I already feel your absence even though I know you’re probably up with your wings rocking it out. In the words of our favorite song, because I knew you I have been changed for good ❤️

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Actually, I really loved this part of the clip!!! 

Yamada is so sweet!! (It’s not just my InoYama fangirl talking!…. I think.!) 

I really like how he’s already looking at Inoo and calls out to him to cheer him!!!!! 

And I also like how Daichan and Chinen too joins in and the way they’re being so supportive!!!! I think they’re all very supportive!! 

 And I think Yamada has been really really supportive of Inoo lately!! ☺️☺️☺️ 

I think he’s also really in-tuned with Inoo’s feelings too!!! (Like how he totally guessed Inoo’s feelings and reactions in his short message to Inoo on his first day of Mezamashi!) 

I don’t think InoYama is anywhere close to YamaChii, but I really like the way that they are with each other :)


Well. I tried at least! It’s awesome that I can make decent semi-realism but the cartoonish style is so fun and less restricting. Using the fun style I’ll try out different coloring styles along with styles I’ve already used.

Semi-Realism vs Cartoonish 


@simmindipityunplugged Thank you for allowing me to have Melody as part of this challenge! I really enjoyed her. She’s such a sweet sim. I’m sure she and Fiona will be back to being friends in no time.

@simmindipityunplugged Yea she’s very happy 😊 I’ll be posting updates about her life, and hopefully she’ll show up to hang out with Fiona sometimes too!
@applezingsims Yeah by this point they had all become good fiends with her. I guess they all love Fiona!

@mdianasanders No one can sleep with the (terrible) violin music playing!
@the-ravenclaw-on-keller I really love them both so much ❤️ I love all of the contestants!
@simsimmajay She really is Kay’s main competitor. They’ve been going back and forth this whole time as to who has the highest relationship with Fiona.
@igglemouse They were honestly all pretty miserable for the entire challenge. They were either embarrassed by their own playing, annoyed by someone else’s, or both!

@laylasims Haven needs her rest, so she can cause more trouble. All that takes a lot out of a girl lol

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2016.07.22 (part 1)

Ryuunosuke: Thank you for the sweet treats~! It was really delicious, Kuyuyu~!

Nozomi: Waa, I’m glad! That’s a French candy called calisson.

Nozomi: I’m still testing it, so I didn’t really have a self-confidence but I’m glad that you liked it.

Ryuunosuke: Still testing~? Ah, for French candy, why not asking Kii-kun’s thoughts too~?

Nozomi: That’s probably a good idea, Ryuu-chan! Kii-chan, Kii-chan, are you looking this way?

so yesterday evening @lordnyoka and I were walking around their neighborhood playing (well attempting to because server issues) Pokemon Go. We got to this little monument and sat down while trying to reconnect. while we were there this older lady and her adorable golden retriever came up to us and asked “Are you playing that Pokemon game?”

I braced myself because I was afraid she was going to berate us for it or something like that…

She was actually really sweet and asked us to explain parts of the game to her like where you catch them, why you have to walk around, and why people might be stopping in front of or near her house to catch something. it was really great but the best part was her dog was super friendly during the whole conversation and helped me relax more while talking to her.

anyway I really like this game and the interactions I have because of it.

(also apparently Ky had talked to this lady before but they still have no idea who she is. I thought they knew each other just because of how friendly she was, guess she’s just nice)