leodicapriosbabe asked:

Omg I red the lucaya story about Hands that's told from everyone's point of view and I love how Josh is so confused, I cry lmfao. Overall amazing writing :)))

Thank you very much lovely, that’s so sweet of you to say! Josh’s part is one of my faves too and I’m glad to have made you laugh with his bewilderment, it amused me too! Thanks for taking the time to send me your thoughts, I appreciate the feedback! :)

anonymous asked:

pt 2. okay so i'm standing there and she's like looking around and i can tell she's super confused and whatever and she's like, hey asks me a question about something and i'm likee, "____" and whatever anywayS time moves forward i sit next to her and we totally spark up a conversation, i honestly can't explain but she makes me want to know so MUCH about her, I loved it. totally fucked up and didn't get her number or ANYTHING so i spend like the rest of the day daydreaming pt 3 inc

wheres part 3 i needa know!! omg!!!