I just hit 2k (now on 2k12, hell yeaaa) and I edited this part about 12490384 times, but I decided it didn’t look cool or it wasn't me enough so I just wanted to give a shoutout to all these amazing people who made my blog what it is now. To all of you who are mentioned, I all have crushes on your blogs and fangirl so much over them, and some of you follow me and I’m so confused? Like why? I’m pretty lame tbh. To all of you who aren’t mentioned, I just want you to know, thank you for following me and sticking with me till 2k, and it’s been an awesome journey and I want to keep travelling it along with you all. Till then, stay toastie broskies! <3

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sugaredrefrain  asked:

I've always enjoyed the idea that Ikuko, Shingo and whatever their father's name is (escapes me) were Serenity's nursemaid and nursemaid's family and like her family, the annoying younger brother Serenity never had and a secondary mother/father figure, so when she was reborn she was made part of their family for real.

Okay it just might be the high amounts of store-brand Nyquil in my body right now but this is making me tear up a little bit. Like, for reasons of being a monarch/deity, Queen Serenity can’t be there for her favorite daughter as much as she’d like, but luckily the princess has a moon nurse and that moon nurse has a little baby boy for her to play with so of course Baby Serenity LOVES it. Queen Serenity had to give up her life and her second chance to be a good mother, but she knew that she would want her daughter raised by none other than the ones that she loved and loved her in return, and then as soon as Shingo is born in the 20th century Usagi feels a connection to him but she’s like three and she couldn’t verbalize this innate feeling even if she had all the vocabulary in every language. 

anonymous asked:

Ok I just read part 7 pt. 2 of Frat Boy and OMG it was amazing! Totally worth waiting for! Harry definitely pissed me off 🙄 he's so damn confusing!! But, I love how realistic you portray Y/N. Honestly, I love this fic so much, and I'm still glad you're writing it (I know how hectic things can get, so thank you for your commitment to us - it means a lot). Love x

STOP OH MY GOSH SWEETIE THANK YOU.  And yes… no one quite understands him.  I’m not even sure he understands himself at this point.  And thank you!  Reading you say that you think I have a realistic character is….very flattering and I can only hope she comes across that way.  And it means a lot to ME that you guys are all so understanding about my schedule and how I can’t always update as quickly as I (and y’all) would like.  It means the world that you would be patient and keep reading my work even if I go MIA for spells here and there.  Truly.  Thank you loads and sending my love right back to you xx