Another Small Adventure!

Feel free to send me requests and prompts! (And share these stories…) Enjoy this first-date fic!

Amy was freaking out, like freaking out. Not on the outside, of course, she was better than that, but her head was absolutely racing. Tonight was her first date with Sonic.

Yup, after waiting patiently for so. long. she got her long awaited date!

And now that it was here, she wanted it to go away! She didn’t know if she was dressed correctly for what they were doing, let alone did she know what they doing. For that reason, she wore no more than her usual outfit.

What if it’s somewhere fancy? What if he’s expecting me to look, like, super hot, or something? Ugh! Anything would look better than what I’m wearing right now, oh gosh. I’ve made a horrible mistake. I really should just call him and tell him I’m sick. Yeah, I’ll do that!’

She raised her communicator, about to dial, only to be interrupted by the Ding! of her doorbell.

‘Oh. Crap.’

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Preference #98: Visiting Him on Tour


“Ugh, it’s so hot here” you whined as the blaring heat from the bright LA sun glared down onto your forehead. “All the places we could’ve gone during your break and you bring me to fucking Satan’s lair.” He couldn’t help but laugh at your exaggeration, watching you fan yourself as you walked down Rodeo Drive together. “I don’t remember you complaining when were having lunch with that cute actor you adore” he said, pulling his curly hair back onto the top of his head before placing his hat over top of it. “Those skinny jeans of yours are going to melt off your skin” you continued to tease him. “Well thankfully I’ve got amazing legs then huh?” You playfully rolled your eyes, linking your arm with his that was also carrying a few shopping bags of yours. “I think I deserve another pair of shoes after all your walking burnt the soles off of these.” A small laugh past his lips before he pressed them to the side of your temple. “I aint no sugar daddy” he retorted in a badly exaggerated, American accent. “That’s not what you were telling me last night” you winked, the heat clearly going to your head. He just winked at you before finding a nice shoe store to drag you into.


“Did you know this place can fit exactly 82,300 people?” he went on, staring out past the stage of the arena, basking in all the glory he’s been dying to take in. “I think you might’ve mentioned that once or twice” you said, walking up behind him. “Or three dozen times.” He took his eyes away from the now empty stadium and turned to smile at you. “I’m can’t even apologize” he teased, grabbing your wrist so he could pull you over to him. “This is legitimately the best fucking day of my life.” This look of pure awe washed over his face, his blue eyes gleaming with pride that would only continue to shine on as the night went on. “I’m so proud of you, Ni” you said softly, wrapping your arms around his side, leaning into him. “I’m really glad you’re here” he said, bending down to kiss the top of your head. “Bet you can’t wait for tonight either” he added, with a suggestive look in his eyes. “Oh great” you mumbled, pretending as if you weren’t looking forward to how he’d take his built up energy out on you later. He leaned down further to press his lips to yours briefly. “Gonna be fucking legendary.”


“Shit, it’s been too long” he groaned against your lips, letting his mouth glide against yours softly yet passionately. It’s been so long since the last time you two have kissed that it’s sloppy and messy but you couldn’t get enough of it. “Someone’s been lonely” you giggled, dragging your polished nails down the front of his chest. His fingers curled loosely around the strands of hair that cascaded down your backside, attempting to push you closer into his chest. “You have no fucking idea” his warm breath rushing past his lips before he connected them to the underside of your jaw. “I’ve been dying without you.” You smiled and pressed one last kiss to his lips before lacing your hands with his and tugging him off the couch. “Where are we going?” he asked as you dragged him towards the door. “We can have sex whenever we want…” you explained. “But it’s not every day we’re in São Paulo.” He sighed, pretending to sound displeased. “Only if you promise you’ll let me fuck you on the beach tonight.” You blushed, nodding your head because how could you say no to that?


“I can’t believe I brought you all the way to Madrid and you’re first instinct for dinner in going to McDonald’s.” You smiled at him through mouthful of nuggets before you gulped them down with a sip from your Flurry. “Well whose fault is that Mister I-don’t-want-to-leave-the-room is bringing down my fun” you retorted, flinging one of your fries at him. “Hey, I told you I get really sleepy after we perform” he tried to defend, stealing some of the food off your tray. “Please, that’s just your lame excuse for making me top all night.” He chuckled, wiping his greasy hands off on a napkin before picking up the whole tray of food. “Wait, I wasn’t done!” you whined as he dumped the rest of it into the garbage. “Come on, we’re going to go to an authentic Italian restaurant” he told you, lacing his fingers between yours. “After that can we go get gelato? I saw this cute little place in town this morning” you asked nicely, pleading with puppy dog eyes. “Of course, lovebug” he promised with a small grin on his face. “Anything for you. As long as you promise to top again tonight.” You rolled your eyes, swinging your arms between the two of your bodies.


The resort itself felt like a little piece of heaven. It was a gorgeous place of white sanded beaches and beautiful palm trees that blow in the wind from the light sea breeze. This couldn’t be place on earth. “I never want to leave” you said, resting your head on your folded arms as you looked out at the beautiful, Miami beach. “This is too nice and peaceful to leave.” "I don’t understand how something can be so beautiful” you say peering out over the railing on your hotel room balcony. “I don’t either.” You turned your head towards him and reached out to pinch at his cheek. “You’re such a cheese ball.” He just smiled and leaned into your touch as your eyes went back out to the beautiful sun that appeared to be setting. “Speaking of cheese, I just ordered your favorite. Large Hawaiian pizza with extra pineapple.” You couldn’t help but let out a small squeal of excitement as he pulled you to sit onto his lap. “A gorgeous view, penthouse suite and my favorite pizza? This is like paradise” you sighed happily, leaning your head against his shoulder. “Nothing but the best for my lovely fiancé.”

“ELISE! SAMANTHA’S ROOM ISN’T CLEAN YET!!!” Her mother yelled at the maid. who quietly hurried upstairs with the cleaning supplies. Meanwhile, Samantha in the bathroom, in front of the vanity mirror, doing her makeup for a party that she was attending tonight. She already had the perfect outfit for the event and now all she needed was the perfect hair and perfect makeup. Then she could laugh in the faces of her haters when she showed up looking super hot.

“Mother, the only one allowed to be a bitch to the maid is me.” She snapped before storming out of the bathroom and to the bottom of the stairs. “DON’T TOUCH MY CLOSET!” She shouted in a sickeningly sweet yet loud tone before returning to her makeup duties. Ugh, she was so not in the mood for her mother’s screaming today. She didn’t need a headache when she went to the party. The headache she needed was a hangover after all the drinking she planned on doing.