Another Small Adventure!

Feel free to send me requests and prompts! (And share these stories…) Enjoy this first-date fic!

Amy was freaking out, like freaking out. Not on the outside, of course, she was better than that, but her head was absolutely racing. Tonight was her first date with Sonic.

Yup, after waiting patiently for so. long. she got her long awaited date!

And now that it was here, she wanted it to go away! She didn’t know if she was dressed correctly for what they were doing, let alone did she know what they doing. For that reason, she wore no more than her usual outfit.

What if it’s somewhere fancy? What if he’s expecting me to look, like, super hot, or something? Ugh! Anything would look better than what I’m wearing right now, oh gosh. I’ve made a horrible mistake. I really should just call him and tell him I’m sick. Yeah, I’ll do that!’

She raised her communicator, about to dial, only to be interrupted by the Ding! of her doorbell.

‘Oh. Crap.’

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czarrish replied to your post: sadlaands asked:also ronan and 21…

that chapter is hilarious because gansey is like [frets] “i look horrible” and blue’s like “yeah…totally” and ronan’s all “like total shit” and they’re both just screaming internally

imo that scene is one of the most authentically teenage moments in the series bc they’re about to go trespass on ronan’s family property for the first time in ~2 years in order to bury the body of a nightmare bird man currently decomposing in their trunk but all gansey can think is “ugh my outfit is terrible” and all ronan and blue can think is “H OLY SH IT HE’S SO HOT” because high schoolers have fucking hilarious priorities.