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1. Who was your first female bias?

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2. Who was your first male bias? 

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Look at him he is so beautiful, his hair is so fluffy, his smile is so bright you can literally get blind sdkfjserg

3. Who are your current biases? Other than the ones above. 
Taemin, G Dragon, V, Amber, Tiffany, Jiyoon, Jonghyun he is such a bias wrecker

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4. In the entire k-pop industry who is closest to your ideal type?

5. How did you get into k-pop? 
This is the woman that got me into this destroyer of life-> @tenderloveforyou

6.Who are your OTP’s? 
OH MY GAWD DON’T START THIS XINGDAE ARE SO FREAKING PERFECT LIKE I CAN’T LIKE HAVE U SEEN THEM? THEY ARE SO PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!!! And so are Krisho, Xiuhan, Kaisoo, Baekyeol and Taohun. And Chanchen u didn’t read this.

6.Who are your OTP’s?
I think I didn’t even know all the members when I started shipping Xingdae.

8. What is your favorite fanfic genre? 
Smut I like angst and mafia au’s like mafia au’s are a huge yaaassss to me.

9. Who is your bias boy group? 

10.Who is your bias girl group?

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