“Son of a –” Nina said through gritted teeth, a sigh of frustration escaping her. There was a side of boredom that Nina knew fairly well, the one that just made her feel restless and out of it; and she needed a new notebook since she had filled the other one way too fast so there was no way for her to let her frustration out besides banging the side of the pinball machine. Hearing someone’s footsteps, Nina looked up “You’re not Donny717 are you?” If she found the guy that beat her high score, she would demand a rematch.

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this is the blue fire firebending keith anon and i was thinking of writing a story with that and ur response made me think like maybe keith is fighting with the rest of the gang and hes about to get over whelmed with galra soldiers and he's about to give in but he hears lance and one of the others yell out his name and he lashes out and his fire turns blue bc he realizes his purpose it to fight to protect those he loves and his family :'^) idk i worded this weird but (╭☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)╭☞

HEY that sounds awesome!! a rly great character motivation imo and i think it allows for a gradual transition that isn’t too slow or too fast. like as he realizes how much he values friends/family and what role he plays. it sounds like a rly good story i think a lot of ppl would be interested

Greetings friends, happy Sunday! It feels really… weird putting out all these updates, but I like being in the loop on things, so I feel like I should keep all of you in it too. So, it turns out that past me was really not exaggerating as much as other past me thought (man, the nerve of that guy). This weekend has been preeeetty hectic, I mean, I spent like 2 hours looking at just a “practice exercise” for one of my classes >_> And as such, you can probably guess what that means… Writing has had to take an unfortunate back-burner on my priorities list. I really feel bad for leaving a story open and not being able to finish it really fast…

I’ve hopefully learned my lesson from last time, so I’m not gonna put it out until it’s really done and ready, but that may be a while, sorry guys :’( In any case though, I’ll do my best to power through everything and be able to get stuff out to you all soon!


P.S. Shameless self-plug: it’s my birthday :D

*Deep breath*

The animatic I’ve been working on of “It’s Gonna Get Weird” (x) by Neil Cicierega.

I’ve never really done anything like this before ( and especially not something as long as this GOSH ) so it’s a bit rough around the edges I’m sure, so uh, yeah.

*Back flips into the sun*

edit- Also find it here (x) on YouTube!

Today, I fucked up... by getting my haircut at Great Clips

One day she went in to Great Clips to get a “trim”. She had long natural red hair that went down to her tush and instructed the hair stylist to shorten it to around her chest. Well fast forward 10 mins and when she gets it trimmed up to chest length SHE KEEPS GOING.

Of course my girlfriend tried to stop her but it was too late. She let her finish to even out the other side and that was that. Now the messed up part.

When she was walking by that same great clips the next week, she looked inside to see if the evil hair stylist was in there. She was there alright. She even had a new wig on. A WIG MADE OF MY GIRLFRIENDS HAIR. Like wtf…

by poopthug

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I work in a hospital, and have done for 16 years- the last ten of those on the night shift.

One of the key parts of my role is transporting dead bodies to the mortuary.

When I first started, we were a 400* bed hospital, and it was unusual to have to do this more than once per shift. Often I could go several shifts in a row without setting foot in the mortuary. Over the course of the next decade we grew to 500* beds, and so there was of course a small natural increase in the number of bodies we would have to move; it became more or less clockwork- one body a night. Still, it remained unusual to have more than one. 

After the conservatives were elected in 2010, things changed massively and fast. My department was privatised. Our A&E and maternity departments were very nearly closed down, saved only after massive public outcry. Lots of other stuff has changed, too much to list here.

Not only have we seen massive cuts within the NHS, but also in social care across the board. The poorest, most vulnerable members of our society have had their quality of life, and by extension their health, severely impacted by this government’s financial war on the poor.

We are now a 350* bed hospital, and it is now very unusual to go a shift with only one body. 3 or 4 bodies per shift is now the norm. 

You do the sums. 

On the 7th of May you have a very clear choice to make at the ballot box. Keep those numbers in mind when you’re making it.

(*these are approximate numbers, based on conversations with more senior members of staff- I am not in hospital management, and of course the exact number of beds in the hospital fluctuates based on demand.)

pursuit & reaction


mars, traditionally considered a planet of masculine energy, tends to be seen as the primary energy of a man pursuing a potential romantic/sexual interest. it is a planet characterized by competition, conquest, assertion, and a forward, head-on attitude. mars in each sign can provide keen insight how not only a man or masculine person (primarily) will pursue someone, but how the other person will react to it.

mars in aries:

pursues by - acting macho & getting straight to the point. comes off aggressively. quick to assert their desires. 

reacts to another’s mars by - competing with it. trying to one-up the person. will immediately make it known if their pursuits are working. 

mars in taurus:

pursues by - the method of ‘slow & steady’. very persistent in their attempts to win someone over. affectionate and extravagant. 

reacts to another’s mars by - being stubborn. could be like ‘woah’ because people take things too fast. 

mars in gemini:

pursues by - kind of being childish, silly & has an innocence to them. extremely flirtatious as they will have an endearing quality to their words.

reacts to another’s mars by - acting like its not a big deal, doesn’t take it seriously, jokes about it. 

mars in cancer:

pursues by - acting as thought they’re emotionally in-tune or highly familial. kind of has a passive aggressive way of being like ‘i’m a ~nice~ guy’.

reacts to another’s mars by - being bashful and acts like they’re not screaming inside. 

mars in leo: 

pursues by - being an overly dramatic show-off. will give you the royal treatment. compliment you profusely. talk about themselves a lot. 

reacts to another’s mars by - putting themselves on a pedestal of ‘yeah, i am the best’, likes the ego boost but if you aren’t worthy, you aren’t worthy. 

mars in virgo:

pursues by - being hopelessly willing to attend to you. making themselves seem ‘needed’ by you. 

reacts to another’s mars by - shrugging it off, being timid, deflects the attention and is like anyyywaaayyyss. 

mars in libra:

pursues by - being what the other person wants, could ask around what the person is into or find out themselves, and be that. deflects questions by asking you what you want instead. 

reacts to another’s mars by - reacting however they think the other person wants them to react. 

mars in scorpio:

pursues by - subtly easing their way into your head. tests the waters a lot, knows how to manipulate a situation. 

reacts to another’s mars by - being possessive, making it seem like they’re the only suitable choice, acting as though they can see through all their tactics. 

mars in sagittarius:

pursues by - being humorous, wants to be seen as an adventurer/connoisseur. will basically be like aladdin lol. 

reacts to another’s mars by - philosophizing, acting smarter than them, being so ‘above’ it through humor. 

mars in capricorn:

pursues by - making it feel like a business deal. definitely pursues someone like they’re trying to nail an interview. will discuss their achievements and make themselves seem professional. 

reacts to another’s mars by - acting mature about it. may take anybody pursuing them too seriously. if you aren’t serious then they don’t care. 

mars in aquarius:

pursues by - making it informal. they’ll be overly casual about it. you’ll never really know if they’re pursuing you or not because they don’t make it obvious. will make themselves seem as individualistic as possible. 

reacts to another’s mars by - detaching themselves from it, ‘yeah you’re cool/a great friend’, will feel their freedom is threatened. 

mars in pisces:

pursues by - being as sweet as can be. the type to be writing songs about you in their head. sending you sappy texts all day but can’t bring themselves to proclaim their love. 

reacts to another’s mars by - acting taken aback by it. excessively appreciative as though they’ve never been pursued. 

Focus - How to develop your Craft

One of the problems that a lot of people have coming to witchcraft, and something I struggle with still to this day, is a lack of focus. I don’t mean visualisation and meditation, I’m talking about the fact that witchcraft is not a single skill but a huge collection of different practices; divination by lot, scrying, natural magic, spirit work, trance, sigils, hedgecrossing, wortcunning, energy work, ritual, astrology, ceremonial magic etc. etc.  It can be daunting to realise just how much there is to learn, and to take on too much, too soon. If you set out to memorise the tarot, delve into trance and try to plant a half-acre herb garden in week one, you’re going to burn out fast. You’re also not going to achieve the results you want in any of these areas.

In any other craft, apprentices must practice the same repetitive steps before they move on to a new skill, sometimes for years before they master it. Just because magic makes some things easier, doesn’t mean learning witch crafts can be achieved instantly. There is no rush, you have years to learn these skills and it will take you years. Don’t set deadlines, just put in the hours.

  • Pick one practice you are naturally drawn towards. It might be one form of divination, working with tree spirits, traditional astrology, creating sigils etc, it doesn’t matter. Choose the skill that you desire to learn most passionately, the one you couldn’t imagine living without.
  • Seek training in that skill. It doesn’t have to be from another Witch. I’ve taken courses in Astrology, Tarot and Alchemy from practitioners for whom that is their sole specialisation. Look to other disciplines of the Occult. They have much to teach you. 
  • If you are limited to book knowledge, read widely, be discerning and do the work. Reading 20 books on a subject doesn’t make you an expert if you’ve never tried the skills described therein.
  • Practice. Do the work, do it again, record your results, don’t give up when you fail. Work for yourself, work for others (for free at this point) try different methods, experiment, learn by doing.
  • Gain competency; the ability to do something successfully with some measure of efficiency. Read tarot without looking at the book, know which herb to use without having to look it up, identify Jupiter and Venus without using a star chart. You’ll know when you’re there because it will feel natural and automatic. 
  • Take on another skill. Once you’ve gained the confidence of achieving competency in one area, you can probably take on a couple of new skills, although it helps if they’re not too similar (learning two forms of divination is like learning two languages at the same time - confusing.)
  • Rinse and repeat until you have a working knowledge and competency of several skills that together form your regular practice. Pat yourself on the back, most people never get this far.
  • Be humble. Competency is not mastering a skill. Don’t suddenly assume the mantle of an adept because you can do a few things passably well. Keep learning and developing those skills. Don’t even think about teaching them until you’ve been practicing for years and years.
  • Challenge yourself. There may be certain practices you’ve avoided out of fear, laziness or disinterest. Try something that pushes you harder, drags you out of your comfort zone. That is how you get beyond the beginner stuff.
  • Whenever you feel overwhelmed - too many books to read, too many divination tools, too many spells planned, too many jars of ingredients lining the shelves, bring it back to the basics. Focus on what you want to achieve and practice the skills that will get you there. Don’t be afraid to take a break from everything else to allow you to work on just one thing.
  • Breathe. You’ll get there, don’t worry too much. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not a witch because you don’t do X. Your practice is yours to define, take pride in the effort you’ve put into it.

Anonymous said: “children of parents who are business rivals and they sneak off to make out” au

Castiel sighed against Dean’s mouth when pulled away and laid his head against the wall. Dean took advantage of the situation to press hot, wet kisses against his throat.

They had been doing this for months now, sneaking off during their parents parties to stick their tongues down each others throats. They had made out in closets and other unlocked rooms in every house and hotel a party had been thrown in.

Their parents were business rivals that always tried to one up each other. Dean and Castiel used to bicker because of that, too. Then one night an argument turned into Dean shoving against a wall and kissing him, hard and fast. They had been sneaking off to do this ever since.

It wasn’t Cas’s ideal relationship, but it worked.

Dean slotted their mouths back together and pressed him harder against the door. Cas could faintly taste the champagne he lifted from a passing waitress on his tongue. Cas moaned quietly.

“Shut up,” Dean hissed. “They’ll hear us.”

There was a voice in the hall then that sounded mysteriously like Castiel’s brother, Michael. When it faded, Cas grabbed Dean’s hand.

“Come with me,” He whispered, tugging Dean along. He peeked around the closet door and didn’t see anyone, so he walked out. He quickly pulled Dean down the hall and up the stairs.

He pushed him into a bedroom and closed the door them, locking it, just in case. The last thing they needed was a lost guest or one of his brothers to find them.

“Where are we now?” Dean asked, pulling his tie off.

“My bedroom,” Cas answered, shoving Dean’s jacket off of his shoulders and pulling him to his bed.

They fell onto the mattress with their legs tangled together. They kissed again, their teeth clashing with the force of it. Cas put a hand in Dean’s hair, tugging lightly jut the way Dean liked it.

Dean pulled back for a to catch his breath, and looked down at Castiel. A strange look settled on his face after a moment.

“What is it?” Cas asked.

Dean leaned down and gave him a soft, slow kiss. It wasn’t like the others that they had shared. It wasn’t getting back at their parents or an escape from boredom. This kiss felt like it meant more.

“Dean?” Cas breathed when he pulled back. Dean ran his thumb over Cas’s cheek bone and smiled a little.

“I like you,” He said. Cas let out a relieved breath.

“I like you, too.”

“No, Cas, I really like you. I want this to be more than sneaking off when our parents aren’t looking. I want to be with you.”

“Really?” Cas didn’t want to get his hopes up. He knew Dean’s reputation. He hooked up with people, he got bored, and he left. That’s why Cas had made peace with the idea of being Dean’s fling at parties and never asked for more.

“Yes.” Dean said, earnestly, his green eyes shining. “Cas, I want this. I want you, no matter what anyone else says.”

“Me, too.”

Dean kissed him again, a sweet, short kiss, then stood and held out his hand.

“Come on,” He said, a mischievous smile crawling onto his face. “Let’s go give them something to talk about.”

Cas took his hand and let him pull up. He couldn’t wait to see the looks on their parents’ faces.

After they righted their clothes (Dean had to fix Cas’s tie because he was hopeless at it) they returned the party, hand in hand.

Dean pulled Cas to the dance floor and began to spin them around like the other couples.

“Everyone is staring,” Cas said, feeling his cheeks heating up. Dean smiled.

“Let them,” He answered. He leaned down and kissed him, not caring if people were watching. Cas smiled against his lips when the people around them gasped.

Both of their parents were staring at them from across the room, their mothers shocked and their fathers angry. Castiel knew that neither of them was going to bed tonight without a severe tongue lashing. But he didn’t care.

He had Dean. He had Dean’s arms around him and Dean’s lips on his. It was going to be an uphill battle, but they would fight it together.

Dean spun him further into the crowd, out of sight of their parents. He sang into Cas’s ear, it was off key, but Cas didn’t mind. He just tightened his arms around Dean’s neck and held on for the ride.

Harry Potter Aesthetic: Luna Lovegood

She always found that the world around her moved a little too fast for her liking. As a child, she had run around perpetually, never sitting still, but when her mother died, it seemed that Luna wanted to slow down to take things in. Her mother’s death had never sunk in, not really, at least. People laughed and jeered when she said that she could see and feel spirits others could not, but it was okay - they didn’t understand that she needed the fantastic to cope with reality.

Luna Lovegood was an individual who saw the beauty in absolutely everything. It did not matter that no one ever asked her how she was doing - she took comfort in listening to others, and watching the sun rise while letting her toes play in the morning tide. One day, people would talk about her, and the grand adventures she went on - but she just hoped that the memories she made would be better than the ones she had seen in the past.

We talk about Jack and Bitty’s accents all the time but are we completely disregarding the other’s accents and how much they add to the dialogue/the way we perceive them?

Imagine Nursey with a deep Manhattan accent, throwing around “ah"s and "hm"s and talking just a bit too fast. It totally doesn’t quite match his always chill vibe.

Dex who has that downeast Maine accent. He doesn’t always pronounce his r’s and extending his vowels. Just imagine him and Nursey arguing, not being able to hear each other cause one talks too fast and the other just a bit too slow (with too many Rs replaced by Ws).

Shitty who’s from Massachusetts who is a shining example of that infamous accent. Especially the loud talking, you can’t tell me Shitty knows what an indoor voice is. He might have even picked up a bit when he was at Andover, so he’s a loud, fast talker.

Chowder, who sounds the most universally American but sticks out like a sore thumb in New England. His vocal inflection is mad indicative of how he’s feeling, though!

Ransom sounds like your stereotypical Canadian. All about the "soorys” and deep O sounds.Toronto accents have something really comforting about them, like you find them soothing and familiar. They talk fairly deep and with purpose.

Holster on the other hand was raised in Buffalo so he’s got a pretty intense accent. He over enunciates every syllable and having nothing but flat As. The accents in Buffalo are pretty nasal and he tends to replace th sounds with Ds, even if he doesn’t mean to.

I don’t think we ever got told where Lardo is actually from, just that her parents are Vietnamese so I can’t really say for certain.

I don’t know, I moved around a lot as a kid, and I can’t help but reading each character with their accent haha it’s just natural. Then again, I’ve lived in MD for a while and lemme tell you…

My hair is a mess. My make-up is never perfect. I laugh way too loud at things that aren’t even funny. I can be amazingly stubborn. I eat unhealthy and I rarely excercise. I have pimples all over my face. I don’t even have a specific talent. Sometimes I lay in bed all day. Sometimes I feel nothing. I can be extremely insecure. I can cry hours long. I think too much about things that don’t matter. I can love you one day, then hate you the other day. People can make me scared really fast. My body looks like the body of a 10-year-old.

But still, I hope that one day, someday, someone can hug me tight and tell me that I’m not the bad person I think I am.

—  V.B