muggle au where remus is a doctor and james is desperately trying to get sirius a date

and sirius has had a few failed ones because he’s not so great at the dating thing because he’s so used to the hook up thing, and sirius just isn’t getting out there enough for james’s liking

and of course james is too proud to be a failed wingman

and they’re walking into a coffee shop and remus is on a break, so he’s still in his scrubs

sirius can’t stop staring at him because wow he’s hot and sirius has this feeling that remus is queer or at least he has to be because it’d be such a shame if someone that hot was straight, and james sees this as his moment and faints

and remus comes running over to help, and sirius is so embarrassed and he frantically tries to explain that no he just found remus hot and james is a FUCKING IDIOT who took it too far because he’s kind of a drama queen and james just wants him to get a date and he CAN’T BELIEVE this was how james went about it and SERIOUSLY JAMES GET UP AND STOP PRETENDING

remus, of course, finds it oddly amusing and and simultaneously incredibly disrespectful, especially when james starts laughing uncontrollably

but also he’s flattered and finds sirius cute, especially this flustered because in his leather jacket and combat boots and his faint scent of cigarette smoke, remus is pretty sure sirius is not the sort to get flustered easily

and after sirius gets james up and pulls his hair into a messy bun as he profusely apologizes, remus just smiles at him and takes out his coffee receipt and a pen to write his name and number on it

he hands it to sirius and tells him, “luckily for you, i won’t hold your friend’s idiotic mistakes against you” before walking out of the coffee shop to get back to work

and sirius yells at james for the next half hour because THAT WAS SUCH A BAD IDEA, SERIOUSLY JAMES AND STOP LAUGHING I’M NOT MAKING A PUN ON MY NAME

but james is just too smug because he got sirius a date and the rest doesn’t matter

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[ask-piston-hondo] Tiger, I need you and your sister at my house, please. My mother wants a word with you, I AM SO SORRY!!!!!

Great Tiger: [I’m on it. One moment.] *to Neena* Take off that shirt.

Neena: Right! *clutches the hem*

Great Tiger: *turns around, face paling* NOT IN FRONT OF ME!!

Neena: Where do I go, then?! I don’t have any other clothes!

Great Tiger: *He sighs. He conjures a white napkin from his pocket and yanks one end–it turns into a full salwar suit, complete with a matching dupatta.* There, quickly get dressed.

Neena: *She takes the suit and…. throws it atop of herself. As soon as she flicks it off, she’s wearing the suit while the shirt is in hand. Not once is her body exposed.* Ta-daa!

Great Tiger: ….Quick change. Par Dada really is teaching you magic. *He checks the time* All right. *He places his hand on Neena’s shoulder. Both of them puff out in a cloud of saffron and silvery-blue smoke.*

*Both appear at Hondo’s home.* Uh….

Good morrow, internet friends; ladies, gentlemen, non-binary lovelies! Remember that your existence serves a greater purpose than to merely make you a pack mule for the weight of the world. You are a wonder that can make the fabric of life itself drastically different with, but a single touch! Even dipping the very tip of a toe in a body of water can make ripples the winds would envy! Your being has and always will be a powerful force of influence in the world around you, so make it a great one!

Have a dandy day!

for my final geography paper, my professor wants us to write two pages on places we’d like to visit, and describe them in geological terms

how does one describe “the lost tomb of Alexander the Great, so I can not only drag his punk ass for being a little shit, but also so I can yell WERE YOU OR WERE YOU NOT A PRISONER OF HEPHAESTION’S THIGHS?! at his corpse” in geological terms

i would really love to understand how && why i came to achieve this number of followers, but it pleases me so much… like words cannot describe… bc i really genuinely love playing hibari && i’ve met some really great people here ! like, it just seems impossible to have gotten this far in… what, a month’s time ? i think, for as many muses as i’ve already collected, && will probably continue to collect, this lil shit will always be my main, my fav muse, the one who gets my utmost attention. i’ve got so many great threads going here && no amount of drama i’ve experienced will deter me from this blog. so without further ado, the actual bias list ! lmao.

MY SQUAD // the baes, the people i regularly talk to, the ones that i love dearly.

bersxglio // coracaohidra // maniaqvecaelistus ( -primo )cataclysmicdeity // echoedwhxsper // valiantspecter ☆ elenaristocracy // sakuratrails ☆ fabuloussun ☆ flxmeofwrath // monochrxmatiic // piiovosita // solinvxctus ☆ merletto-e-veleno !!

MEME TEAM // those memes on my dash that i appreciate so much like, you make my day better by a lot when u pop up tbh.

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I’M ALWAYS A SLUT FOR GOOD BLOGS // those blogs that i follow but am too scared to approach tbh ? why are you so amazing…..

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You know i went an tried one of those twinkie things today just to see what was so great about em.

and lemme tell you somethin.

that was some of the nastiest, blandest shit i’ve ever tasted hands down.

OMG Thanks to All My Followers!

I just noticed that I reached 200 followers! Wow I can’t believe it! ;u; I was thinking about doing a giveaway once I reach 250 followers, what would you be interested in? I was thinking of doing a drawing for the winner, or something with yugioh tcg, etc. the drawing would be the easiest thing to do because it won’t require mailing. But just send over some ideas! 

 But I’d like to thank some people for making my experience on tumblr so far a great one! Being a part of the Yugioh fandom has been a crazy, but fun, ride.

zelka94 I remember when I first got into the Yugioh fandom last fall, your art of Kaiba was what inspired me. I can’t believe that I’ve received comments from you on my own art, and every time I read one I swear I get a mini heart attack from excitement.

owlteria, like zelka94, your art of Kaiba inspired me. And I remember hyperventilating with joy after receiving comments and notes from you. It’s truly an honor, and I’d like to thank you for your support! 

rules-to-be-screwed, mintalope, chazzberrypie, thanks for all the fun conversations we’ve had! I always enjoy them, and it brightens my day when I’m at work XD And I’d like to thank all of you who liked and reblogged my posts, it means so much to me!! ;u;

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Why does Sonia get engaged so much?Is she unlucky, in love with love, so easily gives her heart aways or is it that she always compares the guys to her dad bc she had such a great one&her parent’s marriage is so great no one lived up to the standard?

All of the triplets are surrounded by adults with happy marriages and they see that as an ideal, especially Sonia and also Oliver. Westley is the same for having kids.

  • Her first engagement is when she’s really young and she’s swept up in the moment and also Johann has a castle and a huge diamond engagement ring. 
  • Her second is the love of her life but also she thought she was pregnant and that is why Swansons propose.
  • Her third lasts a week and then she and Sasha break up.
  • Her fourth she and Bobby Newport Jr were very drunk. He’s very gay. 
  • Her fifth is John Swanson, her husband
  • However, there are different universes:
  • Soulmate: Sonia gets engaged once to Oliver, her husband in the soulmate universe. This is after they have a child together. These all air on The CW.
  • Dawn/Genderswap: She and Dawn get engaged once, break up, get engaged and get married. Same for Samuel and Dawn in their universe
  • Royal: Princess Sonia marries Prince Oliver, but it is an unhappy marriage, since both are in love with other men. They do however unite their two kingdoms and end a 1,000 year war.
  • Realistic: Lawyer Sonia marries Chicago cop Sam in 2048

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My favorite part of this is Leslie not knowing that Stephen won a Grammy because that seems like something she would know

Sonia is Governor and Westley won a Nobel Prize. His award gets overlooked, poor Stephen. 

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What's your opinion on the popular PLL ships Ezria, Haleb, Spoby, Emison and Paily? You're the cool, so I wanna know.

Ezria- the first couple I shipped, they were absolutely everything to me. As i got older, the more problematic I realized the age difference was, but they’re still cute so there’s that.

Haleb- need to hurry up and give me my great-grandchildren.

Spoby- They’ve both been through a ridiculous amount of personal shit and though they argue/ get into fights because of it they still manage to try to be as good to each other as they can.

Emison- I’m not a fan of Emison romantically, but definitely as a great friendship because I am a die hard Emaya shipper and am still waiting for Maya to come back.

Paily- same as Emison, to me no one was as great for Emily as Maya, so I think a great friend but she’s no Maya.

Happy Tuesday! Our kitchen makeover is up on my blog today with a complete source list. And this week’s #YourHomeStyle theme also happens to be kitchens. To join the fun post a picture of your kitchen, hashtag it #YourHomeStyle and follow the crew (@claire_brody @simplestylingsblog @lifeonvirginiastreet @bethbarden @thisishappiness). We will feature our favorite on all 5 of our accounts on Monday. I love looking at kitchens, so I’m super excited to see the gorgeous inspiration!

I am also sharing this picture for #ISpyDesignSeries and this week’s theme is rugs. This rug from @westelm is definitely a favorite of mine.

And finally #colormyworldmonday wants to see what color you use is summer. And sunny yellow is one of my favorite colors to use in summer! 💛 So many great decor and design series going on…loving all the fun and inspiration! Have a wonderful day! by thisishappiness

aa so i missed your birthday because i was writing a research paper (yikes!) and im still getting use to working digitally so sorry if they lines are a bit shaky buttt i made a little thing for you and i hope you had a great birthday!! youre one of the nicest mutuals im so happy to see you on here! youre the bee’s knees :+3 happy late birthday!!


AAAAAAAAA! seems a bit self absorbed to draw a self portrait of yourself for me, don’t you think?? hehehehehe. :-3
no worries, it’s completely understandable! everyone starts out that way soon you’ll get the hang of it soon! u’ll do fangtastically and become tumblr famouse i know it!!! i luv ur style to bits. <33 
thank you sooooooooo much! u_~ smoochies.