America meeting.......(who?)

So I’ve been busy with syllabus week and moving into my new apartment and everything else that comes with the first couple weeks of school so the update won’t come until next week. I have had this sitting on my computer for a while though so I figured i could gift it to y’all. 

Here we go. America meeting Brice for the first time. 

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Oh hey lapidot week day one a surprise!

So like I said imma do some headcanons because I don’t have my computer with me. I might do a fic and I like fluff no nsfw. Without further a doooooooo…


10: Lapis often takes peridot on flights above the earth. They often stop at their favorite places and sit for a while. One time they landed at a waterfall and peridot began making rock towers and had no idea that its a human art form until later.

9: Lapis has an obsession with Fall. When she first heard about it in Same Old World she was excited to see it in all its glory. When she did she dragged peridot on a camping trip into the forest with Steven.

8: During said trip Steven taught lapis and peridot about sleep and they tried it. Peridot was excited and lapis felt like it was really weird. They both fall asleep at night, peridot said she was gonna stay up rrrrreAAAL late but she zoinked out. Lapis just sat next to her in their tent thinking it was weird to sleep until she saw how happy and peaceful Peri was. She stared at her until she fell asleep next to her.

7: After peridot learned she had metal powers she dragged lapis along to a full parking lot next to the sea. Peridot tries to levitate them and she almost breaks them but lapis, acting like she could give 0 fucks, quickly grabs it with her water hand. They try this for a while, learning how to use their powers together while people on the beach call the police.

6: Peridot and lapis go to a movie theater and see an horror movie. Lapis gets super scared at the jump scares. Peridot just sits there and lapis grabs her every once and while and peridot kinda likes being hugged this much. (BTW Rinaldo yells the entire time during the movie about how bad the effects are.)

5: Amethyst often let’s peridot and lapis read her surprisingly vast library of manga. Lapis loves Tokyo ghoul because it “speaks to her on a spiritual level” (how the ghouls look like humans but are almost trapped by human society because they eat humans and its super e d g y and dark.) Peridot loves FMA because it reminds her of rebelling against home world although amethyst tells her its the most generic manga ever.

4: The two of them and Amethyst often attend cons. Amethyst dosent cosplay but lapis cosplays as touka and peridot makes a replica of Alphonse’s armor except its green. Ame is amazed.

3: Both go to summer camp and the kids attending are weirded out by lapis but Peri insists she’s a “tall kid.” Both think their camp IS cph and both keep asking when the color war is gonna happen and peridot stalks other kids cabins looking for Percy and Pierre and also trys to kill a kid named Paulette. Peridot gets kicked out and lapis stays for 4 weeks.

2: Peridot has a HUGE fear of the dark. She refuses to go outside at night and often rushes over to lapis’ sleeping spot and curls up in a ball next her when theres a car going by or she hears a loud sound outside. The first time this happened lapis was weirded out. Peridot was awake the entire night. After a few times it became routine and lapis just hugs her close. Peridot, feeling comforted, started to fall asleep then and so did lapis. They decided to sleep together because it helped peridot sleep and lapis didn’t mind/IT HELPED ON COLD NIGHTS OK ITS HARD BEING A WATER GEM OK YOU WAKE UP YOUR JOINTS GET FROZEN.


1: Peridot is obsessed with “shirts” so after seeing peridot wearing clothes all the time she asks her where she gets them. Peridot drags her to a clothes store in beach city. She shows lapis all of the clothes and she helps her pick some out. Lapis likes the t shirts with sarcastic quotes on them and both of them freak out when peridot finds the CPH merch. After a lot of tries peridot manages to summon enough change using her metal powers from graters and such. The cashiers have learned that when a little green kid comes in theres gonna be a lot of loose change and counting. Peridot shows lapis where each article of clothing goes because she has no idea what to do with it. Its a bit awkward and lapis has no sense of fashion. Plot twist, Peri has a really good fashion sense, although its mostly alien themed. She helps lapis out and she begins to look decent. Lapis gets used to it and enjoys dressing up after a while.

And theres DAY ONE! I had fun doing these and I hope you enjoyed them. Sorry if I have bad grammar or I made mistakes. I kind am tired and I’m typing on my phone :(. TUNE IN ON WENSDAY NIGHT FOR MORE! (maybe a fic I can’t draw too well.)

Also hey hey @lapidot-week-2016

the-fangirl-of-light  asked:

That was amazing detective work there. How long did it take you to figure out what those five words probably were? (Unless it had been mentioned already and I just missed it)

I didn’t do it all in one sitting.  I got the image on Saturday and wasn’t able to open it on my computer until Sunday night.  I spent maybe an hour staring at it off and on Sunday and Monday while I did other stuff.  I’d write everything down that I saw, then I’d message people about it and get distracted with that for awhile sharing ideas then stare some more before going to sleep.  So, probably about three hours of solid work.

Making the post took the longest.

This past week was probably one of the most productive I’ve had in a while. I managed to finish all my essays for one fellowship, write my personal statement for NSF, read a handful of papers related to my NSF proposal, attempt to get in touch with unreachable professors, get a little but of lab work done and at least open up some data files I need to analyze.

I had forgotten what it was like to sit down in front of a computer and just work…It’s a great feeling, particularly after my hectic summer and first year. It’s nice to see my second year starting off on a good note. Let’s just hope it stays this way all the way to candidacy…

But, first… vacation!

I’ve been quiet on Tumblr for a week or so- my laptop died on me and using the mobile app was a pain in the butt. I’m going to try to get my queue going again on Saturday when I have time to sit down and figure out where I left off with it. (I use my likes, then once a week sort through them to add things to my queue. It ran out while my computer was busted.) 

I got my new laptop! And I mean *new*! It’s not a super fancy one, but I’ve never had a brand new laptop before! Ever! My last new computer was a desktop one I got for college in ‘01. My husband is a tech-savvy guy and brings life to old ones (usually donated to him as payment whenever he fixes someone’s computer, lol), which is about all our budget can afford, so my laptops have always been several years old. I needed one, though, because my backup laptop is old, frustratingly slow, and permanently tethered to my desk (the battery is shot). So three cheers for my wonderful husband for getting me this! Now I can write and be on tumblr and … ooo, I bet this runs my Sims game way better than the older one! No, wait, if I do that, I’ll never get any writing done. Better not test that out yet.

Now if only I could get used to the hyper-responsive touchpad thingy and the fact that the laptop is so *thin*, lol. It looks like I’m going to have to tell Xkit all my blacklisted words again, though. And I can’t remember which extensions I was using. Ah well, small price to pay for having a working, fast laptop again! :D


Frisbee is an extra large, I see.

He is a tremendous floof monster.


Back when I had my cats they did that too. And after I sat down they fought for who may sit on my lap.. I thought it unfair for the 12kg Maine Coon Logan went against midget British Short Hair Jean but she made up with a healthy part of insanity..

Those two get along well, thankfully, because while Frisbee is large, Ching Shih spent the first year or so of her life being pretty dang feral and she could whoop his ass at need. But they love each other and mostly just cuddle and groom one another.


bat cats who steal computer chairs should go to Hug Jail

That is the standard punishment, yes. A minimum sentence of at least 10 minutes.

Just some doodles I’ve had sitting around on my computer for a while.

1. My fursona~ Well, one of the versions of her. This is more the “Zootopia” style furry rather than traditional furry.

2. I am still working on my NextGen ponies, this is one of them.

3. My good friend Emmi’s fursona Tess. I love her and I love drawing her.

4. This is Elliot, he’s a space filler. Also angry because I didn’t give him any arms.

5. Jacksepticeye’s Spyro playthrough is probably my favourite series he’s done so far. Spyro was a huge part of my childhood and I love it, so have a Dragon Jack.

6. Emmi is my precious babbu child and I love her.

7. My gemsona Pearl. I love pink and my birthstone is a Pearl so…. yaaaaaay fancy decorative slave! :D