I O U: Ten Reasons Why John Watson is Actually Moriarty

(1)   They already told us:

They’ve been telling us since Season 1:

See also:

(2)  Are We Sure That Little Girl is Pointing At Sherlock.  Are we sure.  Are we positive.

(3)  The Storyteller. 

Who’s the storyteller of the Sherlock Holmes canon again?

(4)  Sherlock’s first introduction to John (and his subsequent deductions) is paralleled to his first introduction to Moriarty:

Of course Sherlock’s deductions about Moriarty are totally wrong, manipulated by fake characteristics that were planted to fool Sherlock into dismissing him.

But let’s face it - faking an entirely psychosomatic limp that you can forget about half the time, offering a phone that’s been engraved with “clues,” and loudly declaring “different from back in my day” when you enter the room aren’t much more difficult than irritating one’s own eyes to suggest that you go clubbing and picking up a visible underwear brand.

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On puppies, I've seen conflicting advice on what to do when one cries the first several nights in her new home. There's the admittedly old advice to let the pup cry it out the first few nights so she learns to be alone. More recently I've read to comfort her by talking to or petting her so she knows you're there and won't feel lonely. One seems cruel and is difficult to do, the other seems like it reinforces crying. I don't have one (yet), but what's best to do? Or is it something else entirely?

Worrying about reinforcing crying comes from the same myth that you can reinforce fear by comforting a dog - and neither is correct. Nothing about comfort is reinforcing regarding fear; it doesn’t change the scary thing or make it go away. Same with crying.

A crying pup is overwhelmed and scared, not acting out. If you don’t comfort her, she learns that when she’s scared people aren’t there. If you do, instead she learns that her new people are sensitive to her needs, listen to her communication, and support her. That’s worth it in my book, and as she gets more comfortable the crying behavior will decrease. (You just have to make sure you don’t accidentally reinforce attention-seeking down the line that isn’t fear based).

undertale fic prompt #209

Undyne becomes the first monster to join the police force on the surface. After a few incidents between humans and monsters, magic-free zones are employed in certain areas. A situation occurs where a monster unknowingly breaks this law. When Undyne finds out it’s one of her friends she is faced with the difficult decision of whether to arrest them.
Deadly Premonition Creator Swery Has Become a Certified Buddhist Priest - IGN
He's revisited his spiritual roots and written a book, but is still planning on returning to games.

IGN Japan: Would you ever consider giving up creating entertainment content to become a full-time priest?

Swery: No, I have never considered that. My only concern until now has been how to balance the two. And going forward, how can I balance them while making good work. And how to use religious practice in a way that can serve society. Those are the things I plan to concern myself with from now on.

This has been rather a strange interview, hasn’t it? Interest in faith varies from person to person, along with religion and the occult, and horror as well. Faith is different from self-centered prayer, too. It’s a somewhat difficult theme. But the very fact that it is a difficult theme to comprehend makes it one that is worth spending time to consider, I think.

On Swery’s Buddhism. (More information about his Buddhism can be found here, including the fact that he practices Jodo Shinshu Buddhism and believes himself to be the only game designer who is both a priest and has a Guinness World Record.)

Just a redraw from this since I didn’t like how static the poses were for such dynamic characters and also someone please teach me how to draw sunglasses and goggles jeebus

Anyways, for newcomers this is Sora and Claire Harbringer, aka the Valon kidlets! More info about them can be found in the link above~

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I love your new Surana, great design! Have you thought much about her personality romance yet? :) Surana's are my favourite by far, I started my first game as one and remember realizing how difficult it would be with discrimination on 2 sides!

Ahh I love these kinds of questions wayyy too much!

I’ve thought a little bit, yes! I like to work stuff out as the stories progress though. :)

The discrimination she’s faced as a female elven mage has led to her to be very resentful of the Circle, thinking that she can’t really rely on anyone but herself and Jowan. She was like, 100% prepared to escape and run away with him and Lily without regrets. 

It’s also led her to feel she has to try extra hard to stand out with her abilities. Kind of overcompensating for her constantly being told she’s shit for existing? Like, she never feels she’s powerful enough? (But when she gets out in the real world and becomes a Grey Warden she’s going to start to grow some self confidence and this lessens a little.) And so she didn’t hold anything against Jowan for trying blood magic because she’s always been a little curious herself. She was upset by him lying to her about it, and then just ditching.

When she gets out of the tower she’s a bit… confused, I guess is the word. I mean she was taken to the Circle at a very young age and so it’s all she’s ever known? And thus has no real skills at independence. (Which also plays into gaining more confidence as she builds these!) 

Her family came from Nevarra. She was taken when she was very young, but one of the few things she remembers clearly was how her mother did her eyes, and tries to do the same.

Oh, and as far as religion goes, there’s some stuff she likes about the Chant, but not others. So she kind of just… keeps it at a distance, and doesn’t pay much attention to it.

But those are just some basic thoughts I’ve been going through. :)

Oh, and romance… I don’t know who yet. We’ll figure it out, if anyone!

Okay, now I’m going to bed.

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Pumpkin and/or spooky!!

  • Pumpkin: What is your favorite food around the holidays?

»Mmmm It is difficult to decide….. The majority of the ones I like are sweet, so any sweet hehe

The thousands of textiles currently housed at the Brooklyn Museum are prime examples of the vast global history of textile making and sewing traditions in New York City. In participation with New York Textile Month,we will be showcasing one textile per day for the month of September.  While difficult to narrow it down to only thirty textiles, we think these works are best at weaving narratives about topics such as innovations in the textile industry, craft and the beauty of the handmade, textiles from legendary designers like Frank Lloyd Wright and Anni Albers, as well as textiles with a sense of humor. Did you know that PeeWee’s Playhouse had a line of textiles made?

Aviva Stanoff’s incredibly inventive designs betray her dual Japanese/American heritage. Aviva was trained at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. She initially worked in the fashion industry for Calvin Klein, but soon began to design her own textiles in her studio in Brooklyn. She is not a weaver; rather each yard of her textiles is uniquely designed and often composed of diverse materials. Her signature velvet textiles are decorated with realistic plant imagery. She impregnates carefully selected plant material with color and arranges them on the length of velvet required. Then, through her personal heat transfer method the images of the plants are embedded in the textile that retains the texture of the plant material. There are sixteen very varied examples of her work in the Brooklyn Museum collection. The textile highlighted here is really a collage and is composed of various textiles, metallic foil, and hand-painted tissue.

Posted by Barry R. Harwood, Lark Morgenstern, and Caitlin Crews

Caryl positivity

Okay, so today I’m going to try and be positive for a change because lately I’ve been a negative mess…but depression can be a bitch sometimes and it makes really really REALLY difficult to have one single positive thought…Anyway, here we go!:
Caryl has to happen. If you really think about it, it’s been written that way since the beginnig. You don’t write a relationship the way Caryl has been written if you don’t intend on making it romantic. It’s true that we haven’t have any canon confirmation of romance, but seriously, how would you describe all the looks, touches and storylines Caryl has have over the seasons? I would describe them as a Tv couple being teased on screen to make people believe that they are going to be romantic someday and to keep people watching until it happens (not everybody, but a pretty big chunc of viewers for sure). And I would say that if one of them dies without them being canon, a lot of people will be pretty mad (I mean, we’ve all have seen how the media reacts to Caryl).
There’s no other relationship with the dynamic and chemestry that Caryl has on TWD or any other TV shows that hasn’t end romantically (from my point of view, of course, I haven’t seen all TV shows in the history of TV…). The only other couple “similar” to Caryl in TWD went canon last season, just saying.
I don’t know when they’ll be canon. I really really really hope it’s in S7 because I honestly don’t know if I can anymore, but I HAVE to think that they are going to be canon someday. I have to, because it’s the only thing that makes sense. And when it happens we’re going to cry, we’re going to scream, we’re going to die, we’re going to celebrate and we’re going to fucking believe it because we fucking deserve it!
Caryl on and on and on and on!

  • fan:if you had to do something else for a living, what would it be?
  • glenn:i'd be a gynecologist
  • ken:i'd be a...difficult to follow that about a professional tennis player? do i look like one? *pulls open neckline of low-cut silk shirt to reveal man cleavage*
  • rob:i'd be a porno star
  • ian:think i'd be a brain surgeon
re: that "kill pedophiles" post

it’s not hard to understand OP’s conflict of thought.

Pedophilia is one of those topics that automatically makes most people reeeally uneasy (at best). I’d argue that ‘murderer’ takes a backseat to it in terms of “the worst thing to be accused of”. Nobody wants to be accused of being one, nobody wants to be accused of sympathizing with one, and it’s not difficult to see that people really don’t enjoy having to acknowledge pedophilia as a mental illness in a time when mentally ill people are seeking acceptance and understanding.

And thanks to Tumblr’s complete fucking devaluing of the word ‘pedophile’ (thank you, you shitty fucking idiots who compare a twenty year-old dating a forty year-old to pedophilia, I didn’t know I could hate a person so much until I met y’all) not expressing the Correct Opinion on the topic can lead to some very nasty accusations unto yourself. believe it or not, prior to Tumblr Discourse Hell, accusing someone of being a pedophile was actually not something you did on a fucking whim because you think that height differences between a man and a woman is an indicator of pedophilia.

(here. here is the source. fuck all of you.)

I see why OP is so nervous. There’s the common sense solution of “well if we treat them before they have a chance to offend then that means we’re saving kids from being victimized” 

but then there’s also the conflicting message of “if you think that anybody who has bad thoughts about kids, regardless of whether they’ve actually hurt one or not, deserves anything but to be hacked to death with a rusty sawblade, you’re a fucking pedophilia apologist and you deserve to die too”.

people go hardcore on this website because they either hold extreme beliefs or they’re afraid that if they don’t Virtue Signal the Right Opinion enough that they’ll be harassed and

And just for clarification, since there’s always one person who has to go there:

When people say “encourage pedophiles to get treatment”, they are not saying that pedophiles who act on their impulses should not be punished. obviously if someone has crossed the line and done something illegal they need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. You don’t get a pass to commit a crime just because you’re mentally ill.

What they’re saying is that if we can catch pedophiles before they offend, if they can be taught to manage themselves and put safeguards in place before they’ve had a chance to hurt a child by encouraging them to come forward and receive treatment, then the result is that children don’t get hurt at all, and that it considerably more important than making sure everybody knows that you Definitely Aren’t a Pedophile by expressing the Correct Attitude on the subject. 

HP FESTS: dmhgfixexchange (part 9)

Ring in the New Year 2008:

  • The Scientific Method - floorcoaster - PG13, one-shot - Draco has been suffering from nightmares for years and he finally gets help.
  • No Romance - hanako_no_yume - PG13, one-shot - In the midst of a war, Hermione finds herself embroiled in something that is most definitely not a romance.
  • Meddlesome Mothers - cyyt - G, one-shot - Draco Malfoy’s getting married, and Narcissa Malfoy is one unpleased mother.
  • Courage - ashleyfanfic - PG, one-shot - Draco finds it difficult to move on after the war, and he receives help from his mother and an unexpected person.
  • Seven Days With Draco Malfoy - a_theanalyst - PG13, one-shot - What happens when a can strikes a face, which then leads to a scratching of an over-priced car, which then leads to enslavement, and… so much more? 
  • twenty-four - suprockstar - PG, one-shot - There were only twenty-four hours in a day, twenty-four meetings allowed, twenty-four times she was able to lose herself in the depths of the grey oceans of his eyes. After that, there was no more.
  • The Ever-Locked Room - pips_n_chiaw - PG, 7 chapters - A year after the war, the Dementors are infesting Great Britain. Draco Malfoy, a student of the sole Dementor Specialist in the country, teams up with Hermione Granger, an Unspeakable from the Department of Mysteries, in an effort to destroy the foulest creatures on earth.

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a note during bi visibility time: 

being bisexual can be a very strange thing. i was 16 when i discovered my curiosity with women was perhaps more than just admiration or wanting to be good friends, and that process was impossibly difficult because i had no one to talk to and no examples of bisexual women around. the truth is that bisexuality is being talked about more online and in the media - when i was young, i wish i could have had someone like kristen stewart or amber heard to look at and see myself in. i felt very alone in a small private school, with a very limited amount of people to talk to about these feelings.

SO. if anyone needs to talk or has questions and maybe wants to talk to someone a little older (i’m 27), i am here to be grandma queer if you need it. i notice that a lot of advice blogs are run by people who might not have been through much yet, which is fine, but sometimes a little life experience can give you a different perspective. please feel free to send an ask or a message at any time, any day. i’ll be here.


      Daylight was scarce during the winter months, she’d collected.  Although her internal clock read only half past six, the sky was dark, and moonlight filtered weakly through the heavy clouds. The streets of London were busy regardless; it was jarring to see so many people condensed in one area.  She found it difficult to focus on one, as another would grab her attention after a couple of seconds, and so on.  Any more of this, and she’d fall into an unwanted sensory overload.. H.P. ceased her walking, seemingly oblivious by those who’d bumped into her and the profanities they threw in her direction.  She closed her eyes, redirecting her attention to the mental map she’d memorized of the large city, and set a waypoint for herself.  

      Seconds later her eyes open, a dull amber, yet clear with objective.  Her walk now had ample purpose and direction, perhaps too much; she failed to notice those who huddled away from her with curious gazes and hushed words to one another.  If it were not for the layers of clothes she wore, she would have been recognized clearly as more machine than man, rather than suspected as something uncanny by her unnatural and apathetic countenance.

      Her destination waited in a better part of town.  At the front door, she took a moment to remember the protocol–a hard knock, once, twice, three times–all evenly timed, equally weighted.  As her hand settled back down at her side, light snow drifted from above.  It was quick to collect on her synthetic hair and shoulders.  There she would stay, staring at the decorated timber, until something ( anything ) would prompt her to do otherwise.

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rules: answer 11 questions, ask 11, tag 11 people 

1. What’s a book you’d recommend to anyone?

definitely the Raven Cycle (series), it’s so well-written and always leaves me in a great mood. (or clawing for air through tears, either/or)

2. If you had to pick one colour to wear for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

this is such a difficult question… probably black, since it goes well with pretty much everything 

3. What’s your favourite food?


4. Coffee or tea?


5. What do you think of the ocean?

the ocean prompts both my awe and my respect… and a little bit of terror, too

6. Have you ever written a story? What was it about?

I’ve written many short original stories, but not really, unfortunately!

7. What’s the cutest insult you can think of?

hm? I don’t know if this means like “you’re so talented and inspirational it makes me want to hit you” or like… “your hair looks funny”

8. What’s your Hogwarts House?

Ravenclaw, according to Pottermore, but Slytherin seems to fit my ideals more

9. Have you ever gotten an autograph from a famous person?

no, since despite his protests, my dad does not count.

10. Who’s your absolute hero?

I don’t have an absolute hero. I have people who inspire and fuel my drive, but do not have any one hero

11. What’s your favourite piece of clothing?

I’m torn between my skating shoes and my flannel ;;


my questions:

1. what song is stuck in your head?
2. lighter colors or darker ones?
3. epics or ballads?
4. what is one city/country you’ve always wanted to visit?
5. are you missing someone right now?
6. band or orchestra?
7. the sky or the sea?
8. a fictional character you love?
9. earbuds or headphones?
10. whistling or humming?
11. what’s one word that you particularly love?


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What brown would be best in bed

Wow, this is a tough one to answer, because in daydreams they have all been fantastic lovers and each for different and sometimes similar personality traits. I don’t think it would be an easy task to turn any one of them away.

That being said the question left me with the difficult choice of picking one. Right now I think it would be Matt. I think he’s experienced, charming, fun, creative and inventive, and the aftersex cuddles would be amazing. I don’t think sex with him would ever get boring or routine.