Rajigaze 26.8


they’re talking about free days and working sheduls. if Kai has no free day for one week it’s aready bad for him

While designing the goods-Ruki has problems concentrating on one thing.if it gets difficult he puts it away even if it’s half done-songs too. K: doesn’t it seem as if you abondon these songs? Ru: *angry* I’m not abandoning them!!! I’m not giving up on them K: *giggles* / Ruki is the type to stop watching a series half way

RN: I want to marry an oil baron-san

Ru: me too!

K: oh me too!

Q: An awesome person in my surrounding is my younger sister. Especially her sleep talking is amazing. In the middle of the night she’s suddenly bursting out loud in laughter or something like this, the first time she hit smth with the hand I was really scared (lol). It seems that she’s not concious of this, and makes an innocent face. RUKI-san, Kai-san are you talking in your sleep?

(You can hear Kai grinning while he’s talking about Rukis sleeptalks)

RUKI:I’m often talking in my sleep!
K:In the past you really talked a lot in your sleep (lol)
RUKI:What was it about?
K:something like… just normal things (lol) But you had your eyes closed and wasn’t responding to my answer at all, so I thought that it’s sleeptalk (lol)
RUKI:Ah I see (lol)
K:These things happened a lot in the past! (lol)
RUKI:Well, Kai-san… when you’re asleept you undress right? Why are you doing that?
K: Well isn’t it normal to undress before you’ll sleep?
RUKI:But you even strip at other peoples homes? (lol)
K:huh? (lol) Did I strip at your home? (lol)
RUKI:You did!!!! (lol)
RUKI:I thought… that might be the reason no one wanted to let you sleep at their places anymore (lol)

But if I think about it Kai-san is more the type for grinding his teeth right?
K:ah, yeah I might do that a little…
RUKI:I wonder what you’re seeing in your dreams…? (lol)
K:Well well, what the little sister is doing is nothing serious ^^
RUKI:Somehow if it’s a girl it’s even cute right? If it were a boy…

Ruki had 3 weird dreams in a row. first one was a murder, second one a trafficaccident third one I didn’t understand. Ru: I thought about turning them into lyrics!

talking about spicy food K: you know… when we were in mexico…I can’t avocardo roght? this… Ru: jalapeno? K: no not jalapeno. Ru: Tabasco? K: no not Tabasco…something that’s like avocado.. Ru: ah ! Guacamole! K: I can’t eat this! / He didn’t like it at all / R: the jalapenos are different to the japanese ones! more spicy- definetly!

K: hejitetingu meens desu! *they both loose it*  (Hesitating means death)


it’s about weather A and B types get along K: hmmmmmm I wonder about it… for us it would be Aoi-kun and Rei-chan with A right? Are these two such an A type? One way or the other right? Ru: well but these two have pretty different A types…

K: but Reita is really fast worried! don’t tell him tho, he will get angry at me again. Ru: ah yeah but he’s really easily worried- the darkness is deep in him K:*gogles* and also he’s easily to understand right? Ru: yeah

btw kai said: Reit- Rei-chan

the fan who wrote a message became interested in Gazette because of rajigaze and wants to attend a live some time. but the old fans seem scary, do I have to be careful of something during a live? Ru: you know… I understand that the fans are scary! lol K: well that’s true *giggle* Ru: but you know- that the fans are scary…that’s not our fault right? K: *loses it*

talking about how they adress the other members K: men-chan has something to do with my real name but.. it’s nothing serious. Ru: Reita is calling Uruha with his real name right? K: yeah I’m calling Ruki- Kacchan too. Ru: eh? Kacchan??? eh? I’m getting interested in this- isn’t it Ki-chan? K: ah yeah yeah Ki-chan Ru:Aoi-san… K: Aoi-san is Aoi-san, or Aoi-kun right? Ru: ah yeah but sometimes we’re calling him with his real name too, right K: that’s true. And for Reita it’s Rei-chan, Uruha Ussan Ru: we’re not really using our real name, right? K: why am I men-chan…? Ru: For Kai-kun it’s usually if we’re bullying you (6)

K: next topic is “food!”

K: we’re doing our first Halloween live on the 28.10! for more details take a look at our hP Ru:28.10 right? K: 28.10! Ru: Zepp Tokyo K: Zepp Tokyo- 28.10! *both lose it* K: what I wanted to say with it… it’s also my birthday but Ru: ah! yeah! ah yeah- K: it’s the 28.10! Ru: scaaaary

“Steven, your mother had healing tears that flowed from her gem.”
- Garnet, “An Indirect Kiss”

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About how Reylo could happen in VIII, most people assume Kylo will make the first move but I think Rey, once getting to spend time with him (finding out his motivations and true self) will be the one boldly admiting to have develop feelings for him despite all the pain he has caused others (and kind of hating feeling like this) and even if he´ll returned her feelings, I think Kylo will be more reluctant to give into them, being in denial and trying to focus on his plans, feeling more torn apart.

I don’t know…much as I like the scenario, it’s kind of difficult for me to see Rey being the one to openly admit that she cares for Kylo. Remember that she did see him commit murder, and to someone she considered a mentor too, and his own father to boot. Forgiving as Rey is, it’ll be a hard obstacle to get over (but I believe she will get over that eventually). 

Like I said, much as it would be different and intriguing for Rey to admit first, I honestly don’t see at this point how they can realistically sell that to the audience at large. Another thing against this is the fact that one of the films which inspired Ep VIII is called Letters Never Sent, wherein the Kylo-esque character was the one to “confess” somewhat to “Rey”, and she was frightened and confused on how she was able to inspire such love from the guy.

But that’s just me. Won’t it be something though if Rey did confess but maybe on Ep 9.

One of the things that make most “ghost stories” difficult to believe is that they’re usually retold as something that happened to somebody, someplace.   What I’m going to tell you here are the plain, simple, absolute facts about what happened to me, personally. 

As we were exploring the Graham mansion, I ended up in the room they call “Clara’s Room”, which you can see in the photo above.    I walked around the room and took several photos from different angles, focusing upon various parts of the room.   

Just to bring you up to speed, Clara was a young orphan who was befriended and more or less “adopted” by some of the Graham family.   The story is that during the horrors of the Civil War times, Clara was occasionally hidden in the room to keep her safe.   Clara is said to have eventually passed away there in the room from tuberculosis and pneumonia, and to have been laid to rest on the Graham property. 

It’s also been reported that Clara will occasionally play ball with visitors to the mansion who she finds to be friendly.   Supposedly, she has rolled a small rubber ball along the floor in front of a doll house that’s in the room. 

After I was done taking photos in the room, I spent a few minutes there just enjoying the atmosphere.     It seemed like a place where a young girl would have been happy.     I had no feeling of uneasiness or “creepiness”.   It was just a room.

On a whim, I picked up the small, red ball you can see above in the middle of the room’s floor and I rolled it toward the far wall of the room.   Accidentally, I had rolled the ball too hard and it bounced off the wall and rapidly came rolling back in my direction.   As it bounced off the wall, I actually said: “Uh-Oh……rolled it too hard” aloud.    Interestingly, though, the ball returned straight to me and stopped rolling right in front of my right toe.   It didn’t bump into my toe, or not quite get all the way to my toe.   It stopped right exactly in front of my toe, a tiny fraction of an inch from touching me.   I was very intrigued, because my estimate had been that I’d rolled the ball so hard it should have rolled right past me. 

Of course, I picked up the ball and rolled it toward the wall again.    This time I made sure to roll it much more softly.     The ball lightly bounced off the wall and rolled back in my direction, as expected.   I estimated that the ball would not have sufficient inertia to make it all the way back to where I was standing.

Unexpectedly, as it rolled, the ball made a couple of sharp turns and then returned to its course directly toward me.   That ball now had my complete, undivided attention.  When it got to be about 4 feet from where I was standing, without stopping, the ball made a sharp right turn and then proceeded to slowly roll around in a perfect, complete, 360 degree circle about 3 feet in diameter.    The ball stopped rolling when it reached the precise spot where it had started the circle.    That spot was directly in front of me, just a few feet from where I was standing.

Aloud, I said; “That was a good job! You made a perfect circle.”   I have to admit, though, that my mind was running wide open and in overdrive.    I’m no physicist, but it’s not rocket science to know that an unlevel floor and the forces of gravity could certainly cause a ball to roll downhill; but, for them to cause a ball to roll in a complete 360 degree circle is simply impossible.    What I had just witnessed with my own eyes was a deliberate demonstration of intelligent control.

Clara certainly has an interesting way of introducing herself.  

I calmly (hopefully) walked out of the room and got Navigator, telling her I needed her to come with me to see something.     We walked back into the room, and I rolled the ball again.    The ball bounced lightly off of the wall, made a wide arc on its return trip, and came to rest touching the larger, yellowish ball you can also see in the above photo.   It didn’t bump into the other ball.  It didn’t stop short of the other ball.  It rolled over to it and stopped as it touched it.  

Navigator wasn’t just “wowed” by that, and I don’t suppose I can blame her.

I suspect that Clara may have been saying:  “I’m not playing ball with her, I’m playing ball with you”…..    

It didn’t occur to me until a couple of days later that Clara was probably trying to suggest that she wanted to play with the yellow ball, instead.    

As Navigator and I left the room, I turned around (yes, behind Navigator’s back because she probably already thought I’d lost my mind) and I gave a smile and a wave back into the room.    It would have been rude to just leave without telling my new friend “bye”. 

I stayed up late that night post-processing about 50 of our favorite shots from the mansion so we could give them to the folks there the next day.   That was when I noticed the glowing area in the top, left corner of the photo above.   This was not visible to the naked eye as I was in the room.   It just showed up on this one photograph. 

In the morning, when we went back to the mansion, I made sure to take my laptop along with me.   As Navigator was taking a few more shots, I went into the parlor of the mansion and sat in the very dim light there, in an antique chair by the fireplace.   I powered up the laptop, and brought up the processed photos.   Then I walked through them at a slow pace several times, like a slide show. I made sure to sit in a position that would have made it easy for others behind me to see the photos.    

Hey.  They live there.   It would have been rude to take photos of their home without letting them see how they turned out.   

Respect given almost always results in respect received.

It was during the second time of going through the photos that it happened.     I became aware of a light pressure against my upper back, exactly as it would feel if a young child was beside me with their arm on my back while they watched what I was doing over my shoulder. 

I stayed very still, enjoying the company of my new friend.    I’m fairly sure there were others there, as well.    I hope they liked the photos.

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Awww poor horny Bucky. It would be so mean to take advantage of that. THAT HAVING BEEN SAID: When has Tony been the loudest for you in bed, and what did you do to get him to loose control like that? I bet whatever you do later is going to easily top that.

Tony: I’m taking full advantage of it now.

Bucky: Generally any night he’s the loudest. But…hmm, I guess my birthday he was, when we got engaged, our wedding night. Difficult to pick one, but I’m always tryin’ to make him loud every night. Usually goin’ hard, but slow, really makes him lose it…

Tony: Why do you look so smug right now?

Bucky: *holds up broken handcuffs* Durable huh?

Tony: Shit, I need to go back to the drawing board, again.

Bucky: Not now you’re not. I gotta’ get rid of this horny feelin’, and I’m pretty sure we’re gonna’ be a while, darlin’.

Tony: …oh boy.

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How does Mabel react to Bill and Dipper liking each other/getting into a relationship in the Main AU?

Mabel knew Dipper had a crush on Bill before Bill did, and while she thought it ridiculous and worried about Dipper, she wants him to be happy. She didn’t think Bill was the right choice, but when Dipper said that they’d kissed she was ready to sit Bill down and have a talk with him about her brother. And when it became obvious Dipper had strong feelings for Bill, she was willing to help him at least try to win the demon’s heart. She tried her best to get Bill to understand Dipper better and worked to get them on dates when she felt they both needed a push, and she served as moral and emotional support for both of them, although at one point it did get difficult for her to be the go between and she forced them to talk to each other instead of leaning on her like a crutch.

She didn’t trust Bill with Dipper’s heart, but she accepted that he’d changed enough and she was willing to support Dipper, and protect him. She’s half the reason they ever actually admitted their feelings for each other, and she was genuinely hoping Bill would fall in love with Dipper too.

outofsunshine; I may have done a few things with sideblogs, which will probably still be WIPs for a while yet, but they do exist now! The only caveat is that most (if not all of them) probably won’t be terribly active until I get the chance to do another runthrough of FF8 to refresh my interpretations, both for Selphie and the following:

  • Doomtrain - Bringing back the train! I’ll give him a whirl again.
  • Ward Zabac - I have to thank @shockwavepulsar for giving me this idea (and the one below), really. Ward needs some love, too!
  • Fury Caraway - Of the four, this one may be the most difficult to get into, honestly. But once I go through the sorceress assassination I should have a better handle on him.
  • Trabian Cadet(s) - This could either be only Selphie’s friend, or Selphie’s friend and a handful of other students at T-Garden (not all of them ofc, but a fair number). I haven’t decided yet.

These four blogs are very new (as of last night basically) so I’ve done little more on them than creating them and adding display pictures. Still need to adjust themes, find faceclaims, write up pages, actually be sure I can do one or more of them…

But, hey, it’s a start!

I’ve been slacking too much in the art department so while trying to get back into the groove I got around to recoloring my one of my models used for my NeonMob submission. I also changed the background gradient so everything popped better. 

I plan on doing this to all of my NeonMob models and make them separate Chase rarity cards so I can keep both color styles as picking one or the other is too difficult right now haha. 

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I'm so afraid of hurting my friend's bearded accidentally. I refuse to hold him because I don't wanna risk hurting him. Even gently stroking him I'm worried my finger will get caught on something or I will make him panic somehow and hurt himself ;-;

Aw don’t worry anon, beardies are incredibly calm and hearty animals :) It is very difficult to hurt or startle a well socialized one.

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May I have a match up? I'm a musician, I currently play four instrument. I have a job and I babysit one baby boy, so I consider myself alright with kids. I love horror movies and book. I'm usually always reading or writing. I have social anxiety and don't really like going anywhere so I stay inside, I'm slowly getting over it though. When in a relationship I have trust issues that I usually hide. I have a weird mix of being confident but also not. I hope that's enough information xD thanks

It’s too much information I don’t know what to write XD

Okay, this was a difficult one, however… I think you have a lot of chances with Laito

From the very beginning he’d find you attractive. Music skills which he has as well, he’d easily use to catch your attention, he likes as you play as well. The fact that you can take care of yourself and that you can get along with kids - for some reason he’d like it a lot and maybe a bit tease you if you want to have your own chldren. He himself wouldn’t want though, not at the beginning, since the Laito we know thinks only about we-know-what. I think as a “normal”, ambicious girl he’d be really interested in you, using his tricks to make you fall for him.

It’d make him very surprised if you turned out to be more anxious than he thought. He wouldn’t know why, but he’d want to help you and at some point get very protective of you. Since you wouldn’t fully trust him, he’d find you way more interesting and with time just get closer to you in more honest, sincere way. And he’d, sooner or later, help you out - which would make him already pretty attached to you, so he just wouldn’t want to leave you, even when he reached his point (we all know what the Laito wants).

I can see him taking you out one day and making a lot of pervert jokes to distract you from thinking about your anxiety. And maybe - who knows - he’d use a “therapy”, like… doing in public some other things than talking ;)

I Know Him

Ozpin wakes soon after his surprise dream ends. Dreamless sleep evades him again, so he rises grabs his robe and goes downstairs. As milk heats up for his hot chocolate, his eyes are glued to his phone.

It’s early, not too-too early, but sun still isn’t up yet. Would the other even be awake? He doesn’t get to ponder his own question long before he picks up the phone and clicks on the contact number.

“Ford,” he says a little softly, for early it is, “I’m sorry if I woke you up. I know it’s early, but..”

He pauses trying to think through a tactful way of asking after a dream demon with one eye. It’s a bit difficult at this hour.


This was a difficult one! I Tried my best to capture your Idea, I hope it’s to your liking! :3 If it’s not quite what you wanted, I also have this design from a while ago! XXX


P.s. This Code is compatible with New Leaf!

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🔥 PotO

This is a difficult one, because most of my opinions reflect popular opinion, with regard to ships, fic tropes, whatever. Though only thing I have truly come to hate and cannot abide is the present amount in the tags who feel the need to reiterate the abusiveness of Erik/Christine as a ship and/or to condemn those who ship it. I strongly suspect that at this point everyone who ships it in any way is understanding of the problems with it, and so we do not need the constant repetition of the fact. It’s exhausting. And yes, I also ship Raoul/Christine.

On a separate note, I’m not keen on musical-based fics, and I don’t like much of the fanon of Erik growing up in the Opera House and Christine coming there as a seven year old. I didn’t much like those things the first time I came across them, and after that they became exhausting. By ret-conning their pasts in such a way I feel it erases a great deal of how they developed into the people they are and I just cannot bear it.

Other things I don’t like include Madame Giry in the mother-role, and Meg/Erik. In fact, I despise Meg/Erik.