Cherry (Part 18)- wolf!jikook story

Today is Jungkook’s first day of preschool and he’s terribly nervous.

As he’s eating his favorite breakfast (strawberry pancakes with whipped cream), his tummy squirms and twists with every bite. There’s gonna be so many new people at school! What if they’re mean and throw erasers at him? Or they pull his tail?

Well, at least Jimin and Tae are going to be with him. On the bus, during lunch, and recess will they be able to hang out together. His mother even signed him up for the school’s soccer league, the same one they play on. Really, he’ll be constantly surrounded by someone he knows. Still, Jungkook thinks he’s gonna puke!

“I can’t believe you’re already in school, dear,” his mother says while adjusting his shirt, tapping his nose affectionately. “Just yesterday you were a baby…”

“I’m not a baby!”

Kissing his plump cheek, his mother smiles. “Alright, alright. Have fun, okay? If you have any questions, I’m sure Jimin or a teacher will help you out.”


Before he leaves, she clicks a few pictures and sends them to father. It seems like he’s always working when stuff like this happens. Jungkook doesn’t know where he’s at or what he’s doing, only understanding that he’s “working hard.”

When he’s stepping down the steps, his mother waves, smile so wide it must hurt. Adjusting his backpack straps, Jungkook sighs, nervous butterflies flapping against his stomach.

Jimin’s bouncing on his toes when Jungkook approaches the bus stop, giggling at the huge bag on his back. It’s stuffed full with pens, paper, markers, and painting supplies. It took hours to find all of the supplies!

“Jungkookie, it’s too big!” Jimin meets him half-way, crushing him into a hug. Their cheeks squish together, Jungkook giggling when Jimin sways them back and forth. “But I love it.”

“It’s the only Power Rangers backpack they had.” Showing off his favorite ranger, Jungkook hangs his bag off one shoulder and zips open the back pocket. Sorting through the supplies, he pulls out a bag of crackers. “You can have some of you want.”

Cocking his head, a cute smile on his lips, Jimin asks, “Why do you have crackers in your backpack?”

“My mom doesn’t want me to get hungry at school.”

“Oh. I would but I just ate Cheerios.”

Suddenly something hisses, the familiar sound of children’s laughter coming from down the street, and Jungkook’s tail immediately dips between his legs. Arms wrapping around Jimin’s elbow, hiding himself behind his body, he warily watches the yellow stinky bus approach the stop.

Stroking his ears, Jimin smiles, gaze drinking up Jungkook’s terrified face. “Don’t be scared, Guk. It’s gonna be okay.”

“No it’s not!”

Sniffing Jungkook’s bitter fear-scent, nose wrinkling and eyes softening, Jimin quickly kisses his lips.

Feeling his cheeks heat up, Jungkook feels a bit of his nervousness slip away as Jimin intertwines their hands. “We can’t kiss outside, Jimin.”

“They didn’t see.”

“Jungkook!” Tae pokes his head out of the window, bus hissing to a halt. Like usual, his hair is a complete mess, something purple smeared across his chin. “Sit by me!”

“He’s NOT!” Jimin stomps his foot, leading Jungkook up the steps.

A little surprised at the outburst, Jungkook silently follows, shyly staring at the floor as the other students stare at him curiously. The bus driver smiles at them, telling them to sit wherever.

“He’s sitting by me,” Jimin clarifies proudly, allowing Jungkook to have the window seat.

“Aw.” Slumping in his seat, Taehyung slips out a pencil and a notebook from his backpack, watching his friends take a seat in the booth beside him. “Sit by me tomorrow, 'kay?”

“No,” Jimin whispers into Jungkook’s ear, the warm air causing it to flick. His breath smells like cherry Poptarts, sweet and warm. “We’re best friends so we have to sit by each other every day.”

“That’s crazy,” Jungkook squishes his friend’s cheek, snorting at how it puffs into the doughy skin. “What if you’re sick?”

“I’ll still go 'cause I’m your bus buddy.”

“I can’t sit by Tae ever?”

Thinking it over for a moment, Jimin shrugs, reaching for the bag of crackers clutched in Jungkook’s hand. “Once in a while.” Zipping open his friend’s bag, Jimin plops the snack inside. “But not more than me.”

How complicated! Jungkook doesn’t care who he sits by, just as long as he’s safe. “Okay.”

As the bus rolls along, the kids behind them laughing and singing songs, Taehyung hums to himself while drawing a picture. Poor Tae, Jungkook thinks, watching his friend itch his ear. A lot of people like him and want to sit by him, but he only wants to sit with Jungkook.

Regardless of what Jimin says tomorrow, he’s gonna sit by Tae.


favorite kdrama couples ~ kim sun & wang yeo

how could you tell me to only remember the happy times but forget you? that doesn’t quite makes sense. because every moment I spent with you was a happy one, even if each and every moment with you also sad and difficult.

did my dying help protect your happy ending?

everyday, I dearly missed you.

I'm Home, What Mass Effect Means To Me

If finally finished my first play through of Andromeda, and I though I should write this. It was amazing to play a mass effect game again.

I’ve been a fan of the mass effect series for a while now. Learned of this game through a forum a good few years back and fell in love with these absolute masterpieces. I was blown away, not only by the character choice or the romances, but the characters in general.

I struggled being open with people my entire life and mass effect was my escape from social anxiety in school, merciless bullying, and this constant feeling of loneliness. Mass Effect offered me a safe haven, a story I immersed myself in to forget the real world, even just a little while.

One thing in particular I found difficult, was talking to people. Making friends. I was the kind of person who couldn’t even excuse myself from class for the restroom due to my severe anxiety.
The idea of even trying to befriend anyone, putting myself out there, opening up, or even having a chat, was just too scary.

But you see, something awesome happened to me.

I met a rag tag group of space freaks almost as weird as I thought I was. Some were completely ordinary humans, with the exception of telekinesis or mad karate skills. This sweeter than honey dinosaur bird alien, some asari, a badass green dude, an adorable mad scientist, this cute quarian chic and a few krogan too.
Went through some brilliant adventures, daring escapes and blew up a station or two (accidentally on purpose).
We lost some along the way. Said goodbye to old friends and welcomed in new members.

Oh yeah, and we saved a galaxy together.

But you know what else? This fictional sci-fi game gave me the courage to talk again. Connected me to people across the world who had felt as alone as I did, and thanks to said rag tag group of space freaks, gave me a home away from home. Gave me an extended family. One I cherished. One I desperately needed.

And now, 5 years later, even in a new galaxy with new faces and a new story, a new enemy:

I’m beyond happy to say that we made it.
Feels good to be back right guys?


Before AoU happened, I used to have a headcanon that Tony was the guy the Avengers went to when they needed somewhere to relax after a difficult day or nightmare. One of them would settle on his couch while he’s working, keeping to themselves, and he’d never noticed because he’s too into his work, but then things start appearing that Tony’s knows for sure weren’t there before - a cup of coffee or a doughnut or freshly washed blanket - and it kind of freaks him out only for Jarvis to inform him that a different Avenger would be in his workshop nearly every other night, either sleeping on the couch or reading a book or drawing or whatever and they never bothered him. So now, when they did show up, he makes sure the couch is cleaned ahead of time, the blanket semi-folded over one of the arms of the couch. It was a sort of domestic thing between him and them.

And then AoU ruined it.

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My memory is really fuzzy on past SPN eps, what exactly is the "sacred oath"? I personally don't see Cas ever caring about sex like dean does but other angels on the show sure were frisky lol.

Hey! So I wrote a post about it here and I have answered a couple of questions about it all in my tag “sacred oath breaking”. But the basics are that in 12x10 when Castiel reads out Akobel’s crimes he lists “laying with a human” as breaking their sacred oath. 

So we explored how if that were true, it would affect previous canon. You say the other angels were frisky, but actually you are literally referring to Gabriel and Balthazar only. Gabriel, who hated heaven so much he ran away to join the pagan gods. It isn’t too difficult to imagine that one of the many reasons Gabriel left were the ridiculous rules that the angels put in play when it came to humans. Balthazar actually supports the theory because of this conversation:

CASTIEL: What… is all this? What are you doing?

BALTHAZAR: Whatever I want. This morning I had a ménage à – what’s French for 12?

BALTHAZAR: You’re the one who made it possible. The footsteps I’m following – they’re yours. What you did, stopping the big plan, the prize fight? You did more than rebel. You tore up the whole script and burned the pages for all of us. [ Laughs. ] It’s a new era. No rules, no destiny. Just utter and complete freedom.

CASTIEL: And this is what you do with it?

BALTHAZAR: Hey, screw it, right? I mean, dad’s not coming back. You might as well blow coke and jump on the bed. You proved to me we could do anything, so I’m trying everything. What difference does it make?

This actually heavily implies that there WERE rules against sleeping with humans and after Cas rebelled Balthazar decided that he was gonna follow in Cas’s footsteps. But he had to fake his own death to do it, just like Gabriel. Which also supports the theory that if you do have sex with a human, you better hope the other angels think you are dead because otherwise they will come and kill you.

No other angels have been canonically shown having an interest in sex except for Anna, who explicitly stated that sex with humans was one of the reasons she chose to fall. Which is a huge fucking deal really. 

So sex is something that is forbidden for angels. Castiel hasn’t ever shown an interest in sex really, except when he was human when he probably felt the rules didn’t apply to him anymore. Castiel hasn’t shown interest in casual sex but he has been intrigued at least by the idea of sex with Meg, and took an interest in the Pizza man pornography. 

Its just my headcanon, but the way I see it, after the horrific thing that happened to him as a human, I reckon he associates casual sex with anyone he doesn’t trust as dangerous and distances himself from it. His complete lack of response to Dean’s teasing about the waitress in 12x12 is certainly evidence of his lack of interest in casual sex. Though I don’t think he would be opposed to the idea were it with someone he loved. The issue of course is the sacred oath, which even after all this time, is something that Castiel at least appears to want to uphold. Though I really don’t know why since all the other angels already think he’s boning Dean and want to punish him for it. 

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Hi! I'm doing an experiment. If you created your own language, what would be your word for snail?

Probably “checy” and this was probably one of the most difficult questions I’ve ever received 😂
Trump’s Comey Tweet Was One of His Most Terrifying Lies Yet
The president is using his office as a platform to contest the very nature of truth.

It’s difficult to describe the feeling of seeing the president of the United States lie, in the moment, about ongoing events and testimony. To watch the White House declare that you should believe it over your lying eyes, even as you witness reality unfold in real time. It’s not the usual spin or political dishonesty; it feels transgressive, like some critical line has been crossed, and a new world entered where Donald Trump and his allies contest the nature of truth itself, with the presidency as their platform for action.

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"You're giving me a million reasons to let you go."

She caught his gaze from across the room. No —  stare. Penetrable. Unrelenting.

The light coming in from the creases of closed curtains reign in light. It burns — burns its way into the empty space between them. Its bright, and it refuses to splinter, even after she’s already torn her own gaze away.

“What?” she asked. “Why — I don’t understand.”

Katara watched as his eyes trailed her body, from the red sash to the golden trim delicately brushing along darkened skin.

         ‘ You’re losing yourself. ‘

She bristled, eyebrow raised. “I… I’m not — I don’t — “

But she stopped. Two and a half years she’d spent with him. A lot of the times, held up in his office or the throne room. Being Ambassador to the Southern Water Tribe was a significantly difficult job — one where, perhaps, would cause one’s focus to waver.

“Are you saying that… that I should go home?”

His eyes held steady, and then they faltered.

                               How could she leave when she loved him?

Art Raffle?!

I dunno I guess I’ll be doing an art raffle? I dunno who’ll join cuz my art isn’t good but it’s fun so I’ll do it.

Two prizes!(cause not many people)

First: A finished line art picture, coloured (and maybe cel-shaded, if it’s not too difficult) (one person)

Something like this^^

Or this^^ but a lil more hard shaded

Second: A sketch, with or without colour

I’ll pick three winners one for the first and two for the second. (unless there’s less than 3)


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  • One or two characters per drawing depending on complexity

What I will draw: 

Your OCs (needs a reference sheet)

Undertale, undertale AUs


Pokemon? (unless it’s super complicated like Giratina)


recently i’ve been eating healthier, i’m exercising regularly and i have a good sleeping pattern and honestly i feel so much better; i actually have energy now. even though i am very happy with my appearance, i do have times where i compare my body to others or i look at myself in the mirror hoping to see something else. it doesn’t happen very often but i feel like we are constantly being subjected to a particular perception of beauty that is thrown around, and it can be difficult sometimes to remember that this is only one body type, this is only one perception. the problem with this is that your brain starts to see what is being portrayed as ‘normal’, and therefore thinks that if you don’t look like that then you must be ‘abnormal’. also the idea of perfection does change over time, so what is seen as perfect now might not be in ten years time. i know how hard it can be sometimes but please try to accept yourself for who you are; there is not one ideal appearance, and you are not in any way lesser than someone else. please treat your body with kindness and be healthy, whatever that means to you. and don’t be afraid of showing the world what you look like, because the more people of all different shapes and sizes are happy and confident in their appearance, the more other people will be too. and maybe one day there won’t be an idealistic body type and we can move away from this one image of perfection.

I just want to say out of my 10+ years of roleplaying, the Power Rangers fandom has been the most welcoming. I had issues in the Buffy fandom with playing a Transgender Slayer and Teen Wolf is a hit and miss and fandomless OCs are difficult.

But like holy shit after one day I have 30 followers and some really good threads going on. So thank you all

I’m gonna be completely real here.
I struggle in romantically shipping Bellamy with anyone. Whether it’s via show or writing, I have a hard time with this. I, personally, have my ships in show and writing and I won’t deny that but I will say, everyone I’ve shipped with and am currently ship with, I talk to via OOC and have somewhat of a connection with them, so it’s  easier.
As for the show and the majority of my writing (some select AU verses and modern/group verses are exempt from this notion), it’s extremely difficult for me. Way back in season one, we learned that Bellamy likes to sleep around. He had a lot of one night stands both on and off the ark. Hell, the kid was having threesomes on Earth. I feel like he’s never had a relationship on the Ark because he had to keep Octavia’s birth secret and having a true relationship put that in possible trouble. I’ve stated once before that I do not canonly ship Gina and Bellamy. To me, it makes no sense. From not only my own development of Bellamy but of the show’s development of Bellamy, there is no connection romantically for me. Nothing says that in the three months, Bellamy would thrust himself into a relationship with a person. Sleep with her? Yeah, of course, but to actually date her is a bit of a stretch to me.
So all this stating, if you want to ship with me (stating again, select AU verses and modern/group verses are exempt for obvious reasons), get to know me a little in OOC chat. Let’s throw around ideas, anything to get me connected to them as a pairing in a romance instead of just a one night stand in his eyes.

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Could you recommend a straight Joe fanfiction? I'm looking for like an ACTUAL fanfic not just imagines and finding ones that aren't gay!Joe is difficult for some reason?

Idk why is so difficult to find good fanfics about Joe, I don’t really know any on tumblr ( at least I can’t remember any atm) but here are some I found on wattpad

I hope these links work Btw. If anyone knows good fanfics leave them here or message me I would love to read some as well and it could help this anon xx


I don’t need to show, I think we all know it

But just to be certain I’ll say it again:

Marinette Dupain-Cheng is in love with her friend…

…and his name is Adrien Agreste.

I have this silly crossover idea in which Jagged makes a song for Marinette the same way Ruberiot did for Star. And like, he is too very observant and thinks he is doing her a favor lol.


BTS Reacting to You Having His Child in Secrecy

Prompt: “BTS reactions to finding out that you, a former gf, secretly had his child? (After he broke up with you because of fan/company/media pressure and he wanted to concentrate on his career.)”

Jin: After discovering that you had his child after the break up, he would immediately feel guilty. He would beat himself up for not being there for you or for his child. He would be hurt that you had the child in secrecy, but he would only really be mad at himself. He would probably go through great lengths to be a part of the child’s life, wanting to take on the role of being a father.

Originally posted by jiminahhh

Suga: Yoongi would probably be mad that you not only neglected to tell him that you were pregnant, but also that you hid his child from him. He would be unsure of what to say other than questioning why you did this. He would spend a lot of time thinking about what his next course of action should be, feeling conflicted because of his future. He’d feel responsible for the child and would want to be a father figure, but wouldn’t know how to approach it.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Namjoon: Namjoon would also feel guilty. He would feel guilty for choosing his career over you, for choosing his career over his child. He would be so distraught that you had his this from him and would want to start building a future for the child. He would attempt to balance his job as an idol with being a father so that he would be able to provide for the child while also spending time with them. 

Originally posted by jeonngi

Hoseok: When you told him that you had his kid, he would immediately go quiet. His head would rush with thoughts ranging from the guilt of not being there to wondering why you didn’t tell him, why you’d want to hide this. He’d need time to clear his head, trying to find what would be best for him to do. The obvious answer would be to be there for his child, but he would also wonder about his career. He’d be a mess.

Originally posted by featureless-spy

Taehyung: He would be the most hurt of all of the members, considering how family oriented he is. His brain would immediately go into panic mode and he would spew things out about leaving the group and trying to take on the role of a parent. You would probably have to calm him down so that he could actually take the time to think about it. He would also probably want to see if there was a chance of getting back with you. His priority would become taking care of his child and being an active father figure.

Originally posted by toughchim

Jimin: Jimin would be heart-broken that you felt the need to hide something like this from him. Even after breaking up, he still wanted you to know that he would be a reliable person for you, so when he found out that you had his child and didn’t tell him, he would be devastated. He would need some alone time to think about what needs to be done so he can be a good father while also being financially stable. He would want to provide for the both of you and would try his hardest to be active in your lives.

Originally posted by kookies-for-taehyung

Jungkook: Jungkook would probably go numb. His heart would stop and he wouldn’t have any idea what to think, say, or do. A silence would fall over the both of you and he would most likely start to cry without realizing it. His first response to break the silence would be a quiet, “Why?” He would look to his eldest members for advice on how to handle it and would take a lot of time to think about the necessary steps to take in life, considering the situation.

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