Klaine one-shot - “Difficult as Pie” (Rated PG13)

Old body issues crop up for Blaine when he enters a pie eating contest at Tracy’s school in an attempt to win her first prize. (1191 words)

A/N: Okay, so this came about as a combination of things - first, my own issues with entering a hot dog eating contest with my son a while back and second, the crazy prizes that one of our local elementary schools was offering at a fundraiser not too long ago. Also, this au assumes that Mercedes was Kurt and Blaine’s surrogate, and therefore Tracy’s biological mother, as I have mentioned in others of my Kurt and Blaine as daddies stories :) Warning for discussion of body and self-esteem issues.

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“Participants in the Harvey Milk Elementary School Charity Pie Eating Contest, will you please take your seats. We’ll be starting in just a few minutes.”

“Thank you, Daddy! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!” Tracy chants as she leads her fathers to a long, covered table sitting on plastic at the front of the gymnasium. She pulls out the last chair and pats the seat for Blaine to sit in.

“It’s no problem, Bun-Bun.” Blaine looks from his adorable, bunheaded daughter, to the white folding chair she’s presenting proudly to him, his smile strained. “I know how much you want that first prize.”

“And you’re gonna win it!” Tracy beams. “I’ve seen you eat a whole cronut in one bite! You’re a shoe in!”

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Budo x Osana (send me a ship and I'll tell you...)

I don’t really ship it but I’ll try :0

who is more likely to hurt the other?


who is emotionally stronger?

eeeh none of them

who is physically stronger?


who is more likely to break a bone? 


who knows best what to say to upset the other? 


who is most likely to apologise first after an argument? 


who treats who’s wounds more often? 


who is in constant need of comfort? 


who gets more jealous? 


who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 

none of them?

who will propose? 

see the previous one

who has the most difficult parents?

prob Osana?

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 


who comes up for the other all the time? 


who hogs the blankets? 


who gets more sad? 


who is better at cheering the other up? 


who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

Osana (they both make stupid jokes tho)

who is more streetwise?


who is more wise?

No one tbh

who’s the shyest? 

None of them

who boasts about the other more? 

Budo :3c

who sits on who’s lap?

Osana on Budo’s

Screws and Screaming

Prompt: Modern Burr, Hamilton, and Laurens assembling IKEA furniture. 

“Son of a bitch!” The sound of metal screws hitting the floor was the only sound the filled the air after Alex’s yelling had ceased. There were many words that could be used to describe Alexander Hamilton, but patient was most definitely not on that list. That lack of patience seemed to be highlighted by the task that had been undertaken by Burr, Laurens, and himself. Assembling a bookshelf, something that should have been the easiest thing the three of them had done, was proving to possibly be one of the most difficult tasks assigned to them. They had managed to build it in every wrong way possible somehow, each time having to completely unassemble the entire thing and rebuild it from the beginning. This time, however, with the entire shelf leaning at least two inches to the right, Alex had finally lost his cool, sending the bag of screws against the wall, and ultimately, the screws all over the floor.

It was a few moments before any other sound filled the room, this time being Burr’s footsteps as he rushed over to gather the screws that littered the floor. He placed them all back into the plastic bag they had come in, mumbling incoherently to himself as he did so. It was probably something about Alex’s temper, the subject of most of Burr’s words since they started the project. Alex took a deep breath in, a futile attempt to calm himself down, before feeling arms wrap around his waist from behind, and a head resting on his shoulder. John. A sigh left Alex’s lips at the familiar feeling, the anger and frustration melting into more of a deflated feeling. He just did not understand why this was so difficult. He had written hundred page essays in a matter of weeks, graduated at the top of nearly every class he had ever been in, yet a bookshelf was his biggest challenge so far. He could demolish his opponents in class debates, and write a thesis that could sway anyone to his opinion, but he couldn’t assemble a ten-step bookshelf, even with the help of his two boyfriends.

“Alex, honey,” John drawled, pressing a light kiss to the little bit of skin Alex’s t-shirt left exposed before shifting his gaze upward to look at Alex, “It’s just a bookshelf, nothing to get so worked up over.” John was right, and Alex absolutely knew that he was right, but would Alex ever admit that? Not a chance. He opted to remain silent instead, although he would be lying if he said he didn’t find some sort of comfort in having John’s arms wrapped around him. “Besides, we can always hire someone to assemble it for us.” Like hell they would. Alex would honestly rather have no bookshelf, then one he had to have someone assemble for him. He opened his mouth to object to the idea, but was cut off by Burr from across the room.

“Where is the other screw?”

“What?” John asked, a brow raised.

“The other screw,” Burr repeated, looking around the floor before over to the two other men in the room, “I only have nine screws, the instructions say it comes with ten.” A bit of panic could be seen in his eyes at the concept of having lost a screw. Very much like Alexander, Burr was a bit of a perfectionist. He didn’t get nearly as worked up as Alex did over things, but he would not stop until something like this was finished, and finished properly. It was impossible to finish this properly if he didn’t have all the screws required in order to do so.

“Relax, it’s just a screw, I’m sure that we’ll find it,” John assured him with a soft smile, being the only level headed one in this situation.

“It’s not just a screw, it’s a screw that we need to finish this bookshelf, and we don’t know if we can find a replacement anywhere else if we really did lose it for good and oh god.” Once more, Burr took to frantically searching for the screw, well, until Alex opened his mouth again.

“Jesus, calm down. It’s just a stupid screw.” Now, of course Alex hadn’t meant to snap at Burr like that, he loved Burr with all of his heart, the same way he loved John, but his frustration had come to a head, and the words had flown out before he knew it. John delivered a sharp smack to Alex’s bicep, giving him a look that had full potential to kill, before Burr snapped right back at Alex.

“I’m not the one who had to be so hot-headed and lose the screw in the first place!”

“Well I’m not the one who broke our damn shelf in the first place!”

“I like books! Sue me!”

“That’s enough!”

Once again, the room went quiet between the three, John having removed his arms from Alex’s waist when he interjected the demand for it to stop, looking between the two with a disappointed glint in his eyes, arms crossed over his chest. “You two are grown ass men, acting like toddlers fighting over a toy, and I am not going to deal with it.” Just like before, John was right, and both Burr and Alexander knew it, but it became obvious that neither of them planned on admitting it, as the silence from them persisted. John wasn’t having it though, taking a few steps forward so he could stand in between the two of them. “No, no. We are not playing the silent game right now. We aren’t doing anything else until you two make up. Now Alex, apologize.”

“What? Me?” A bit of shock was clear on his face, despite knowing that he had been in the wrong. He wasn’t expecting to get called out on it though.

“Yes, you. You snapped at Aaron first, not to mention you threw the screws at the wall, which got us into this mess. Now, apologize.”

Alexander averted his gaze to the floor, a mumbled mix of words leaving his lips. An apology, just not one that could be heard.

“I’m sorry, louder please.”

He sighed softly, looking back up but gazing off towards the wall instead of looking at either of his boyfriends. “I’m sorry for snapping,” he started, resisting the urge he had to pout. He felt like a child, being reprimanded by his teacher, but he supposed that he had been acting like a child in the first place. John cleared his throat softly, prompting Alex to go on. “And for throwing the screws against the wall. I should have kept my temper in check.” It was only after this statement that Alex looked back over to the boys, seeing John smiling once again, and Burr with a relatively blank expression. The quiet in the air, along with Burr’s stoic expression was killing Alex in a way. He could handle it when people were yelling at him, or upset with him, but silence was something that made him more nervous than anything else. After a few moments, though it felt like ages to Alex, a small smile cracked onto Burr’s lips, and he nodded his head.

“I forgive you,” He finally stated, earning a sigh of relief from Alex, and an even brighter smile from John, “I shouldn’t have snapped back at you.”

Before either party could say anymore, John pulled them both into a happy embrace, humming lightly despite half hearted protests from the other two. “See! Was that so difficult?” Yes. At least for Alex, putting his pride aside was one of the most difficult things he ever did, but both men replied with a no to the question, relaxing into the embrace.

“I can help you find the screw, if you want,” Alex suggested meekly, Burr chuckling in response.

“Nah, I don’t think this bookshelf is really worth it right now,” Burr said decisively, a hum of approval coming from Alex, “In other words, screw it.”

“Oh my god I hate you, get out.”

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How important is sex in a sugar baby relationship? Is it possible to not have sexual contact?

The majority of the time it is necessary. You can decide to look for a platonic SD, but finding one will be very difficult, and take a long time. If sex is absolutely a deal breaker for you, you can
always try. I just don’t want you to start sugaring with any misconceptions about platonic sugaring. Finding a regular sugar daddy will be easier, but you’ll probably have to have sex. Finding a platonic sugar daddy will be much harder, but it’ll be the non sexual relationship you want. You really just have to weigh out your options, and decide what is most important to you.

BTS Reacting to You Having His Child in Secrecy

Prompt: “BTS reactions to finding out that you, a former gf, secretly had his child? (After he broke up with you because of fan/company/media pressure and he wanted to concentrate on his career.)”

Jin: After discovering that you had his child after the break up, he would immediately feel guilty. He would beat himself up for not being there for you or for his child. He would be hurt that you had the child in secrecy, but he would only really be mad at himself. He would probably go through great lengths to be a part of the child’s life, wanting to take on the role of being a father.

Originally posted by jiminahhh

Suga: Yoongi would probably be mad that you not only neglected to tell him that you were pregnant, but also that you hid his child from him. He would be unsure of what to say other than questioning why you did this. He would spend a lot of time thinking about what his next course of action should be, feeling conflicted because of his future. He’d feel responsible for the child and would want to be a father figure, but wouldn’t know how to approach it.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Namjoon: Namjoon would also feel guilty. He would feel guilty for choosing his career over you, for choosing his career over his child. He would be so distraught that you had his this from him and would want to start building a future for the child. He would attempt to balance his job as an idol with being a father so that he would be able to provide for the child while also spending time with them. 

Originally posted by jeonngi

Hoseok: When you told him that you had his kid, he would immediately go quiet. His head would rush with thoughts ranging from the guilt of not being there to wondering why you didn’t tell him, why you’d want to hide this. He’d need time to clear his head, trying to find what would be best for him to do. The obvious answer would be to be there for his child, but he would also wonder about his career. He’d be a mess.

Originally posted by featureless-spy

Taehyung: He would be the most hurt of all of the members, considering how family oriented he is. His brain would immediately go into panic mode and he would spew things out about leaving the group and trying to take on the role of a parent. You would probably have to calm him down so that he could actually take the time to think about it. He would also probably want to see if there was a chance of getting back with you. His priority would become taking care of his child and being an active father figure.

Originally posted by toughchim

Jimin: Jimin would be heart-broken that you felt the need to hide something like this from him. Even after breaking up, he still wanted you to know that he would be a reliable person for you, so when he found out that you had his child and didn’t tell him, he would be devastated. He would need some alone time to think about what needs to be done so he can be a good father while also being financially stable. He would want to provide for the both of you and would try his hardest to be active in your lives.

Originally posted by kookies-for-taehyung

Jungkook: Jungkook would probably go numb. His heart would stop and he wouldn’t have any idea what to think, say, or do. A silence would fall over the both of you and he would most likely start to cry without realizing it. His first response to break the silence would be a quiet, “Why?” He would look to his eldest members for advice on how to handle it and would take a lot of time to think about the necessary steps to take in life, considering the situation.

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(Dear mom and dad, please don’t kill me over this permanent choice. I want you to hear me out.)

Today, I am coming out with something that only few of you know. I am ready to have a conversation about my mental illness.

Last year, I was diagnosed with depression. And in all honesty, I believe it was a problem for quite a while before that, but I think it just got worse to the point of hardly functioning.

So today, I got this tattoo. I feel that my leg was the best place for the meaning behind it. When everyone else sees it, they see “I’m fine,” but from my viewpoint, it reads “save me.” To me, it means that others see this person that seems okay, but, in reality, is not okay at all. It reminds me that people who may appear happy, may be at battle with themselves.

To me, depression is the days that I feel sad for no reason.
Depression is the mornings that I don’t feel capable of getting out of bed.
Depression is the sleeping too much, or sleeping too little.
Depression is the homework that I never completed, simply because I didn’t feel like I was capable.
Depression is the break downs I have over absolutely nothing.
Depression is the eating too much, or eating too little.
Depression is the nights I begin to cry because I feel so overwhelmed, even though everything is going right.
Depression is the 50 pounds I carry in my chest at all times.
Depression is the need to constantly be distracted (being on social media, playing video games, watching movies or shows, or working all the time) because I can’t trust myself with my thoughts for longer than 3 minutes.
Depression is the friendships that have suffered because of my inability to function.
Depression is the hurtful thoughts and actions I have towards myself.
Depression is the tears I have because I don’t know why I feel so worthless, when I know I should feel happy.

This is one of the most difficult things to open up about because it’s extremely hard for me to feel vulnerable…but this needs to be talked about. Mental illness is serious, but so shamed in our society. We care so much for our physical health, but hardly a thing about our mental state. And that is seriously messed up. Mental illness is not a choice and will likely hit everyone at some point in their life. If it’s such a huge issue, why aren’t we having this conversation about it?

That’s why I got this tattoo; they are great conversation starters. This forces me to talk about my own struggle, and why the awareness of it is important. You’d be surprised by how many people YOU know that struggle with depression, anxiety, or other mental illness. I may only be one person, but one can save another…and that’s all I could really ask for.

Maybe this is part of why I am so interested in psychology. I want to help people who feel the way I have—and still do—because it’s hell. And I don’t wish that upon anyone.

“I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.”
—Robin Williams

**Also, THANK YOU to the ones who have helped me in this battle. I would not be where I am without you.**

Most to Least Intimidating Mars Signs

Aquarius Mars: Ice kings and queens right here. They’ll cut you off like you never existed. No shit talking, no arguing. You’re just dead in their book.

Scorpio Mars: Vindictive, manipulative, and borderline crazy when mad. They’ll sink your ship and their own trying to hit you where it hurts. These guys don’t give a shit once they hit a point and they will not forgive and forget.

Gemini Mars: Extremely spiteful and hateful when mad. It flips back and forth from forgiving to still pissed off. They will kill you with their words and ask why you’re dying.

Aries Mars: These guys are gonna be all up in your face. They don’t give a hoot what you think. They’ll rant and rave and blow up in a rage when upset. And then be over it seconds later while everybody around them is in shock.

Cancer Mars: Spiteful and emotionally turbulent. Slights will not be easily forgotten, but they tend to be apologetic when they know they’ve said something harsh.

Virgo Mars: They will pick you apart by your flaws and make you feel like the biggest idiot. One difficult part of how detail oriented Virgo is.

Capricorn Mars: They bottle up their anger so much and use it to help them power forward. Their grudges are long-lasting and you usually won’t even know a Capricorn Mars person dislikes you unless you get long silences because they just keep it so hidden. When they lose their temper it’s like an earthquake though - devastating and over quickly.

Taurus Mars: They hold a very intense grudge, but rarely do they do anything about it. Really just very stubborn and tend to latch on to their anger.

Sagittarius Mars: Really difficult to get a rise out of them, because they don’t care for negativity and will just run away from it. But they do have a tendency to pop off and own you with some very blunt arguing if pushed too far.

Leo Mars: Very relaxed Mars sign, but if pushed too far there can be quite an explosion from these guys.

Pisces Mars: Sensitive and prone to crying during disputes even if they’re not at fault. They’ll probably spend a lot of it apologizing and low-key manipulating you to feel bad for them.

Libra Mars: Not extremely intimidating. Tend to just want to smooth over the issues even if you caused it. They’re easily forgiving and don’t tend to be very harsh.


So, our last voice project got a crazy good response and @lightsintheskye seemed really happy with our work, SO! WE DECIDED TO DO ANOTHER FOR FUN. This one was a little more difficult to complete, but it was worth the work! Hope you enjoy!

Warning: Gets a little loud at times and contains swearing, however, its best heard with headphones!

Voices: @taidatenshi as all Toon Links, @goat-boi-dubs as Ocarina of Time!Link and Breath of the Wild!Link, @vowgan as Twilight Princess!Link, and now introducing @actornoj as Skyward Sword!Link and A Link To The Past!Link!

Comic by: Lightsintheskye

Music Used: Aboda Village music from the Spirit Tracks Soundtrack

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What are the main ereri moments in the uprising arc?

Oh boy, lemme show you! People have probably already compiled these scenes but I’mma do it again, because I can’t sleep anyway.

First, there’s little things like Eren cleaning up the new HQ, trying to make sure everything is perfect for his husband’s Levi’s arrival:

Eren is the only one bothered by Levi’s disappointment because he is still learning just how high his husband’s Corporal’s standards are. How could he possibly forget to clean… the… underside of the table…? 

And here’s the two of them sitting next to each other at dinner (which makes us all ask the question, where the hell is Eren’s hand?)

Levi sitting on Eren’s bed while he’s recovering because he cares:

Then there’s the scene when they go to save Eren and he calls out for his man Levi specifically before the rest of them…

 And Levi looking over at Eren with love in his eyes and apologizing for the fact that he’s always the one left with difficult choices:

And then after they’re all saved, Levi tells him “you really look good without a shirt terrible” (which, we all know, in Levi-talk actually means “I’m glad you’re okay”) 

Then there’s that funny little scene where Eren calls Rod Reiss a midget and Levi side-eyes him hard as Eren realizes his poor choice of words:

And then, of course, this beautiful scene where Levi gives Eren his handkerchief to clean up his nosebleed after too much titan training:

Watching him closely with blatant love and affection:

I think that’s all of them… Idk about you, but I’m excited as hell to see these scenes animated :D

Day 6: Mantis Shrimp

Ahh this one was really difficult for me.
I made an item on gaia when I still worked for there called Chromatic Killer based off the mantis shrimp so I wanted to create an actual mermaid version of it. In the end I had to change quite a few things to accommodate the super colorful tail to try to make the design work. Hope you guys like it!

Naruto’s Fatherhood

Okay, I’ve been seeing this whole idea going around for a while and felt the need to address it. A main point in the Boruto movie/series is that Boruto is frustrated with Naruto for not being around due to his Hokage duties. This leads to many fans assuming that Naruto is a bad father by choice. Let’s begin.

Naruto was inaugurated as Hokage after his kids were born. They were both young when this happened, so why is this relevant? Because Naruto had more time on his hands to spend with them, being a father, as he continued chasing his dream. What does this mean? Boruto and Himawari have experienced Naruto’s fatherhood before and after him taking the title of Hokage. 

For children who have consistently been ignored by a parent, it’s safe to assume that by the time they are 11 or 12, they’ve become accustomed to it. Why then, would a child who is accustomed to being ignored and neglected, be so upset about that fact when it’s all they know? Let me remind you all of this scene here at the end of The Last: 

Does this look like a bad father to you? They both attack him, and he receives them with open arms. He suggests a snowball fight, giving in immediately to their request. Children who’ve been ignored wouldn’t feel so carefree as to run into their parent’s arms, demanding that the parent play with them. Is it really that difficult then to make the connection that Naruto, who wanted nothing more than a bond, a family, someone who would receive his love and reciprocate it, gave his kids all of the free time that he had? This brings me to conclude this:

When all of that changes after Naruto becomes increasingly busy in his new position as Hokage, Boruto doesn’t understand how to cope with these feelings because he’s never felt that way before. This is the best explanation for his behavior then. He’s openly upset because he feels as though Naruto suddenly forgot about them, because he’s not getting the same attention he once was. Let me point you to this scene here, in Boruto the Movie where Boruto is looking at all of the photographs in Naruto’s study. 

In all of the photographs leading up to the one farthest right, appearing to be the most recent, Naruto is present and they all appear incredibly joyful. This only solidifies the idea that Naruto had been a wonderful father up until his Hokage inauguration. 

Naruto, on the other hand, has finally achieved his lifelong dream, and being someone who puts everything they have into everything they do, he works hard at his job because it was he who worked so hard to create the peace that he now has the task of maintaining. Is he perfect? No. Naruto has never had to balance family life and work life. He’s always been alone, never having to consider others in his decisions. It’s not difficult to understand then, that Naruto genuinely wouldn’t have understood the implications this would have for his family.

Naruto has never learned how to be any type father, good or bad. He has no example to follow or deviate from. When you’ve never experienced something for yourself, how are you to act upon the situation when it arises? At some point, Boruto brought up his feelings to Naruto in some way, probably through an angry outburst. So how does Naruto handle it? He over-exhausts himself, trying to make everyone happy by maintaining his shadow clones all day in order to get the maximal amount of work done possible and keep his kids from totally hating him. For someone who has desired nothing more than the acknowledgment of those around him since day 1, this behavior makes sense. 

I mean, the disappointment he feels when he’s messed up again? He’s trying his best with nothing to guide him. He sends Boruto congratulatory e-mails, he gives him a pep talk, he wants Boruto to feel acknowledged. Is this the best way to go about it? Maybe not, especially compared to the attention he must’ve given his kids before his new position. But, I sincerely doubt that Naruto is a bad father, nor does he want to be one. It’s a difficult situation for them. The new Boruto series is currently set before the Boruto movie during their academy days, so this must be during the onset of Naruto’s run as a Hokage. Therefore, that scene in today’s episode where he goes straight to bed after coming home is probably before Boruto brings his frustration to his father’s attention, so Naruto is probably unaware of the way his kids are feeling. 

However, Boruto quickly comes to understand Naruto and his struggles when he witnesses him fight the Otsusukis during the movie. Faced with the prospect of losing his father completely, his eyes have been opened to some of the difficulties Naruto faced in his youth. He decides that Naruto shouldn’t have to face more difficulties from the people he loves the most. He comes to terms with the situation by the end of Boruto the Movie, eventually accepting that this is the situation that they are in, and that he’s going to have to make the best of it. 

And if his own son can accept that this is Naruto’s new fatherhood, I don’t see why you guys can’t. 

TL;DR, Naruto’s fatherhood definitely has some bumps in the road, there’s no denying that. However, his intentions as a father are clear, and those are that he loves his kids and wants them to be happy, like a GOOD father would.

Lesson 29: Spirit Work 101

By: Mama Bones

Live class date and time: 04/13/2017 at 6pm CST

Disclaimer: spirit work is a path that requires a lot of intuitive thinking and “feeling”, but it’s important that you not let things get toxic or dangerous with your emotional and mental health. Be aware that this is a path that deals with “talking to non-physical beings”; which can be dangerous for many types of diagnosed conditions. Please be safe and logical in your own practice. Spirit work is absolutely not required for the practice of witchcraft.

Primary focus on: basic communication/sensing

In this lesson, I will be working with nature spirits, not ghosts, as those are easier and honestly, more safe, for beginners. However it’s still vital that you are familiar with basic shielding and warding before putting this lesson into practice.

 I won’t go into detail on that since we’ve had at least one lesson and numerous references shared on the server that are in pins.

There are some important things to remember with spirit work.

           1.) Always shield, at least on a basic level, before working with a new spirit. It’s good policy to shield with spirits in general, regardless of how well you know them, but I’m not going to helicopter your longterm decisions. For myself, the only spirits I don’t actively shield around are my personal companions.

           2.) Be patient. Spirit work is NOT an instant gratification path, nor a constantly rewarding one. It’s difficult and frustrating. But the rewards can be entirely worth the frustration if you stick with it and remain as levelheaded as you can.


           3.) Be polite. This should go without saying, but you will not find spirit work successful if you’re a dick. Don’t be a dick. That’s not to say you have to be overly chatty or friendly. You can be logically cool, but still not be a dick.

           4.) Be logical. Yes, spirit work requires some openness to the esoteric and intangible. But don’t overwhelm yourself with daydreams and fantasies. Mundane is still mundane. Don’t force interaction. And remain aware of your physical surroundings. Don’t let yourself get in a bad or dangerous situation just for spirit interaction (i.e. a non-witch observing or prying, weather, lighting, laws, etc.).


Nature spirits

I am Hellenic, so I deal with them mostly in the sense of dryads and nymphs. But do feel free to treat them as you would for your path. The above rules should apply to all, regardless of your visualization of their “essence”, so to speak.

Do NOT choose a plant/tree that you or your family has caused damage to in the past. I.e. through landscaping, weeding, etc. Even if it was years and years ago, they remember. Especially trees. Trust me. If you are stuck in a situation where your family does harsh landscaping/poisoning of the plants in your yard, go to a park or friend’s house where you will be a neutral party.

I like to sit with them. When it’s a spirit I don’t know, I will sit near, but not touching/leaning. Definitely not crushing! Once you work with a spirit a lot and become friends, those rules may change. For example, I lean my back against my pine trees frequently. They like the physical affection.

Get comfy. This will likely take some time. Feel free to have a book out on your lap or headphones with music playing quietly if you are needing a cover for sitting outside for that long. I also encourage bringing water with you, both for yourself and as an offering for the plant. A snack doesn’t hurt, especially to help ground you afterwards.
You can bring a divination/communication tool as well if you want to try that route. I don’t personally use them for my spirit work, so I’m not good at instructing on that, but you can incorporate them into my lesson today I’m sure.

Place your hands on the ground lightly and focus on the feel of the earth, the soil. The temperature. The texture. If your sense of smell is sharp enough, focus on the smell of nature around you. Filter out human related sounds and focus on things like wind, birdsong, insects. If you’ve done meditation or trance-states before, what we’re trying to achieve is a light version of that. A receptive trance state. It’s very much similar to what you do for many kinds of divination, like Tarot, runes, pendulums, etc. It’s up to you on whether you would like to do this with your eyes open or closed. Please choose what makes you feel safe, especially if you are in a public area.

You want to stay quiet and observing for a couple minutes. You’re welcomed to let your mind wander and think- we aren’t going for traditional blank meditation by any means. Ideally you want your thoughts to be about nature and the plant you’re about to focus on, but it’s okay if other thoughts pop in.

After a couple minutes, you should gently start to focus your observation and thoughts on the specific plant. Do not touch it yet. But you may lean closer and smell it, look at it closely. Observe how the texture is of this plant up close. What colors it has. The shapes.

Now, after all that physical observation and use of your normal 5 senses, it’s time to try and exercise your non-physical observation and sense. I like to close my eyes for this, but it’s absolutely not required. It may help you “catch” the sense initially though if you want to try it for a minute or two and then open your eyes again for safety.

You will be reaching for something abnormal. It is hard for me to describe, but if you can’t snag the sensation, it’s okay. This is just an exercise that you want to practice regularly when starting out with spirit work. It’s not uncommon at all that it doesn’t work the first time. The best way I can describe it without narrowing it too much for individual experiencing of the sense, is you will get a “pop” sensation when the connection/sense clicks into place. But the way you experience the sense is entirely your own.

If you are able to sort of feel that connection to the plant, fantastic! If not, don’t worry but stay open. It could be that the connection will snap into place after you start the communication itself.

Now you’re going to do the meat of spirit work. Communication!

Talk to your plant. It does not have to be out loud. It does not have to be in English (although it does need to be a language you understand). Keep the inquiries pleasant and light initially. Don’t give your life story. Don’t talk about global warming. Like office parties, the weather can be a good opener, especially if it’s pleasant outside. Although discussing rain or storms is perfectly fine as well and not “upsetting” to plants.

For “replies”, you likely will not get them in comprehensible “human” language at first. That’s fine. It’s normal. The easiest thing to sense is vague emotions or concepts. Some people hear music/sounds. Some see pictures. Some get scents. It’s okay if you struggle with this. Continue carrying on your one sided conversation, remaining as open as your can to things that don’t “seem” to come from you.

You can ask if they need anything like water or soil loosened. Even if they don’t seem to need any tending, you can ask if they would like an offering (water is really the best offering, although you can bring a stone/crystal if you like as well). Keep in mind that if you are still struggling with sensing “replies”, it’s okay to give a splash of water as a good faith offering regardless. Don’t give it a bunch though, unless it looked very thirsty.

Honestly, you can keep this communication/conversation part going as long as you’re comfortable with. If you keep getting feelings or impressions, feel free to go until they start to sort of fizzle a bit. That’s a good way to know that the spirit is done talking for now. Don’t take it personally, there’s a variety of reasons why they’re “tired” of talking. Thank them for their time and wish them well.

You should end with the similar trancing actions that we began with- using your standard senses to connect with nature. Smelling, touching, listening, looking at the soil/grass and plants around you. Slowly ground yourself. Feel free to drink or nibble something at this time. If it helps you, turn your music up. Stretch slowly, rolling your joints.

You may feeling like you want to encourage that extra sense to linger and keep paying attention to it as you do mundane things. I do not recommend this, especially for beginners. For many people, your body is used to processing “peripheral” sensations from your other five senses without clogging up your ability to function smoothly. It takes a lot of practice for this to be possible with a new sense. Take it slow. Reach out for it only when you have the time to focus on it until you’re more comfortable and at ease with the sensations and impressions.

Spirit work comes more quickly if you direct your focus, so I do recommend going back to the same plant/tree and working with it more than once to try and strengthen that connection. Once you have one more solid connection under your belt, the others will come much more easily.

The biggest tip I want to leave you with though is to balance being practical/logical with that esoteric optimism. That’s what I’ve found has given me the best and safest baseline for my spirit work over the years.

Note: This technique can be tailored to work with communicating with your pets/animals, spirits that aren’t from this plane, and ghosts. Just remember to do the order of “centering, semi-trance state, connecting/communicating, withdrawing, grounding”.

Any questions?

anonymous asked:

Sorry English isn't my first language and it's confusing to me still. I mean like what do you think of Mars in each house placements - I think .. like Mars in the 1st, Mars in the 2nd. What are your thoughts on each placement? Lol sorry I suck

Ohh it’s ok!! 

Mars in the 1st - I think these individuals can come across somewhat aggressive since planets in the first tend to show up in the personality. This placement reminds me a bit of someone who is an army commander or general. They can also be very enthusiastic and take things head-on

Mars in the 2nd - these people hate being rushed. They like to take their time and are not usually quick spenders. They are very hard workers and like material security

Mars in the 3rd - these individuals can be very blunt in speech and can sometimes curse more often than others (especially if Mars is in Aries in the 3rd). They don’t think before they speak sometimes so that may be a bit troublesome. However these people are great with hands-on work and get the job done.

Mars in the 4th - if you have this placement, you are likely very defensive/protective over your family and will do what it takes to keep them safe, unless another planet or aspect is involved. You are likely very emotional but tend to shy away from being open about your feelings.

Mars in the 5th - very outgoing and fun nature. These people can be very flirtatious and very fun to be around. These people are very creative and may have an interest in playing multiple sports. Love and romance is very important to these people as well. It can be likely your first child is male or masculine, has a strong Mars or have Aries placements.

Mars in the 6th - the “workaholic” placement. Natives with this placement sometimes consume themselves with their work and it can be a bit overwhelming. They like to get the job done quickly but don’t leave anything left undone. Very organized and tend to be perfectionists.

Mars in the 7th - one of the more difficult Mars placements since in any relationship, there is usually conflict and this native is not new to fighting with people. People with this placement can also be attracted to people with an aggressive nature or someone with an Aries prominence. They like to be the dominant in any relationship.

Mars in the 8th - a very deep, passionate and sexual individual who will need transformation some point in his or her life. These natives sometimes have trouble sharing with others and need to learn to share their resources. These natives may be possessive, but they can see through anyone’s facade.

Mars in the 9th - the lover of philosophy. These people connect with their beliefs quite strongly. This placement reminds me of people in the martial arts. These people love a good debate and have no problem arguing until they win. They love to travel and learn about various cultures.

Mars in the 10th - very passionate about success and their career. They strive to succeed and accomplish every one of their goals. People with this placement may come across as a bit cold due to their serious nature. They are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to achieve long-term goals.

Mars in the 11th - these people work well with others and are willing to help others achieve their goals. It is likely you have a large social circle and communicate with enthusiasm. People with this placement may be idealistic at times and do what you can to make the world a better place.

Mars in the 12th - quite a difficult place for Mars since more often than not, expression and anger is kept behind the scenes for these individuals. Being in the spotlight is not your forte and your confidence may be low. It is more rare to see these natives get angry about something, but when they do get angry, it’s a shocking sight to see.

Dedicated to @thatsvicchan - a very special lady who has overcome one of the most difficult trials one can endure. And through it all, she came out of it with a beautiful and endearing view on her life, of who she is, and of how beautiful every part of her is. Her strength and perspective are awe-inspiring!

Also, a very special recognition to the following strong women who have each overcome difficult trials of their own and come out radiant and gorgeous! @kanarenee @squisherific @chanting-to-u @sarapyon @dooshiedoosh @rieriebee

And to all the ladies out there who have suffered heartache and pain! I may not personally know your suffering, but you are loved! Stay strong! You are stunning and so lovely!! Hold these truths tight in your heart!


Man you guys are gonna love me. I have one porch for you all, BUT there are several photographs. This porch/deck was submitted by a coworker and he also sent over some great stats like square footage. We’re gonna simulate movement of a party guest through this porch into (did you notice?) A SECONDARY PATIO. First off, I’m calling this a porch, but you can call it a deck too. Porch deck potato potato.

Lets go over some hot specs/stats on this baby first.
- 300 sq ft deck (built 2013)
- 200 sq ft patio with fire pit (built sometime between 1963 and 2007)
- 3 locking gates on deck to control access for kids, pets and strangers
- railing is designed to minimize child escape.
- 3rd seating area in the back yard if you want to consider the large fire pit a seating area (I absolutely do)
- deck has 2 dedicated seating areas in addition to plenty of space for kids toys/bikes
- has hosted many parties with no reported fatalities and minimal injuries
- house is on a mountain so there is a slight drop off and makes the deck feel like a treehouse (FRICKIN SOLD DUDE)
- At any time you can hear from the nearby high school or wetlands a HS Football/Baseball game, trains, frogs, or airplanes from the local airport which make a thunder sound in the valley.

Ok, first picture, we see the run up to the porch. I’m very encouraged to see (1) tiki torch and (2) potted plants in different sized pots (this is very important, symmetry is not necessary on these more woodland porches. We’re not about to hold a wedding or a funeral out here. This porch is all business for working folk. Also whats that I spy in the distance? A table with an umbrella!? Very impressive, rain protection is so important. Also it provides protection against any bird droppings or acorns from the nearby trees so smart move on the part of the porchowner.

Second picture, we get the whole ballgame. I’m spying dos kids bikes and they fit very comfortably on the porch which means the porch has great parking. I also don’t see a ticket on any of the bikes so lax parking enforcement too. Since the house is on a mountain in the woods you know those bikes aren’t getting stolen. Let’s talk about lighting for a quick minute. Porch lighting is a key demarcation between a porch that is merely good, versus truly great. Porch lighting should create a mystical yet homey feel. Christmas lights are absolutely encouraged. In this case we get lightbulbs strung in what appears to be a fashion an electrician might have slight issue with. I approve. This is the kind of deck that GETS BETTER when the sun sets. Just think about that. You’re out there with your friends having a good ole time, but wait! Oh no! The sun is setting and existential terror sets in. Hold the damn phone, we’ve got lightbulbs.

Third picture, we get a great look at the stone and grass patio. I don’t know if you all have noticed yet, but I’m a big fan of multiple GOSA’s (general outdoor seating areas) on one house. Options are super important. Also I spy a firepit. Firepits are paramount as they function as beacons to move guests off your porch or deck and onto the patio. Its like Lord of the Rings when Aragorn goes mountain climbing to light the beacons and all the Rohirrim show up at Minas Tirith. The only difference is in this case you just need to move your friends about 15-20 feet in one direction (thats about as difficult, especially your coworker Big Mike, he tends to post up a lot. Mike’s also the guy that drinks mike’s hard lemonade because his name is Mike, so shout outs to him).

Speaking of alcohol its time to recommend a drink for this porch/patio combo. My coworker told me he’s had the most success with an “an ice-cold fresh-made michelada.” Sign me up.

All in all I give this porch a 9/10. This is a Great Porch. I have also been invited over to this porch to do a field test of the chairs and other porch amenities and I will absolutely report back.

Next post coming on Monday! If you have porch questions or submissions hit me up over at