PTSD: Kakashi Analysis

Because having a bit of a free psychology lesson with our favorite character is always the best thing ever yeah? Nevertheless, this is a real issue that you might witness in war veteran. If you happen to know someone that suffer from PTSD, please provide them with help as much as possible.

Some basic on PTSD:

PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can cause by perceived lack of social support, traumatic events during one’s lifetime, trauma severity, difficult childhood, low IQ (In which Kakashi is not, so low IQ does not qualify in his case). 

Cases of PTSD usually lead to persistent avoidance, re-experiencing trauma, illusion, hallucination, and distress. 

Some symptoms that you might see in a person who suffers from PTSD: hard to sleep, irritability, hypervigilance, exaggerated startle response. 

For a person to be diagnosed with duration PTSD, the symptoms had to be showing for at least 1 month. Acute PTSD will be less than months. And chronic PTSD will be 3 or more months.


Kakashi had obviously experienced a traumatic event when he was young. Sakumo committed suicide

However, there was no evidence in the anime showing that he suffers from any trauma or nightmare after Sakumo’s death. All we are seeing is Kakashi’s resolution to become stronger and stick with the rules.

However, because of Sakumo’s death, Kakashi had to suffer a harsh life condition with absolutely no help from others, making him enduring a difficult childhood

Kakashi is a pro at avoiding other people and continue to avoid social interaction. He mainly don’t want to talk in general. Not because he is anti-social, but may be interacting will make him being open to the concept of “bond” and “comrade”, causing him to remember what happened to his father because of “bond” and “comrade”. It will make him re-experiencing everything over and over again. 

And so, he continues to be cold.

Take a look at this GIF (Found here)

His face, full of irritation and persistently trying to avoid Gai. And most importantly, he is in distress. 

Unknowingly to Minato, sorry Minato, I love you, but Minato had missed Kakashi’s symptoms and move him into ANBU…that caused him to be more distress. Death after death after death, it pressing on his shoulder. That was one mistake that Minato had done. This had caused Kakashi to be more distant, not to even mention that Kakashi had completely depend on the ANBU for his coping mechanism. Sadly, it did not help him. 

Nightmare and unwanted thoughts of his two best friends’ deaths will keep on haunting him, adding to the stress that he already had to bear in his childhood day. Research shows that the earlier a person suffered from a traumatic event (for example, Holocaust victim), the worse stress they will suffer when they get older and the more they will become vulnerable to it. In Kakashi’s case, the first trigger was Sakumo, and then Obito and Rin. 

PTSD patients might also suffer from night terror, which cause them to wake up in sweat and unable to fall back asleep.

Hallucination is not uncommon in PTSD. Kakashi was seeing Rin’s blood on his hand and continue to wash his hand repeatedly (which also lead to my theory of him being OCD according to  some evidence that shows his obsessive unwanted thought, cleaning habit and cleaning hand after having nightmare habit)

Guilt isn’t uncommon either, or something we usually know as “survivor’s guilt”. He continues to blame himself, having nightmare with disturbing illusion and hallucinations.

I think it is safe to assume that Kakashi does have PTSD, this is not a headcanon for me anymore, or at least my psychology textbook doesn’t tell it is just a theory. To some of us, it is more than obvious. (poor my baby Kakashi)


lilly-white replied to your post:….. If I could actually figure out how to get…

Could be fun! I haven’t done Akki or Kael so yeah. Would you be doing it tomorrow? (If i know in advance i can head up to uni where connection is better :“D)

I was thinking probably the weekend; last time I was fine chatting in the text box because the video just played itself, but I’m thinking for a game it would be troublesome for there to be a pause in the process every time I stopped to type replies to people. ^^;; So I was going to hook up a microphone and talk shit that way, only I don’t actually have a microphone that works with this laptop ‘cause it’s got a stupid-ass single jack that only recognises headphones. I’ll need a day or two to see if I can sort that out. ^^ (I needed to get a microphone anyway tbh.)

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Hey. Hey . Hey. Can I bribe you with something for some Kix hc's???

I’m always up for Kix headcanons!

  • He has anxiety, but he hides it well.  It only really tends to show up when he’s in private - on duty, he’s the picture of a calm, collected medic, but once the emergency is past, he can spiral fast.
  • He’s the Grumpy Medic trope - he and Bones would get along well.  (someone please do a crossover, it would be beautiful to see them getting a drink and bitching together about the bullshit they put up with)
  • He has a sweet tooth, and offerings of sugar are the best way to make sure to stay on his good side.  Booze is also accepted.
  • The 501st is more than just his company, they’re his family, and he loves every one of them even when they make his life difficult
  • He is terrifying when he’s actually pissed off.  He goes cold and angry and monotone, and he will tear you a new asshole without ever raising his voice.  
    • Luckily, it’s hard to piss him off, and it really only happens when someone in his care is threatened
  • He’s really a big softy under that grouchy exterior, and he has a particular soft spot for kids
  • In an AU where the war ends, he becomes a licensed doctor and starts up a clinic somewhere nice and peaceful
    • He always distracts the kids while he’s giving vaccinations by telling them wild stories from the war 
The End Is Here

read it on the AO3 at

by whispered_story

Ever since the virus started spreading and the infected starting roaming the country, Jared has been living on the streets, trying his best to survive. Living in the nearby camp of survivors might be easier, except dealing with people can be more difficult than dealing with infected—especially when one of those people is Jensen. After all, getting involved gives you more to lose.

Words: 14696, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
The One You Feed || Closed

The past two weeks had taken quite a tole on Gabriel; everything from his attitude, down to his energy and the way he carried himself all together. He knew why, it wasn’t hard to figure out.

He’d been avoiding drinking blood for said amount of time, because his tolerance and liking for it had decreased a significant amount. This caused him to grow tired all the time, irritable, weak; he’d die real soon if he didn’t get blood.

Hw tried his best to be good to William, his boyfriend, during this time. Though, he’d have small outbursts where he’d snap one moment and apologize over and over again the next. It was difficult to deal with himself. He was currently sitting on the balcony of their bedroom; their home was much too big for just the two of them, but he didn’t care. Being one of his kind meant plenty of riches, so he took advantage of it and took good care of William.

It was late, he sat with his legs crossed and eyes tiredly staring out at the city lights below. He should’ve gone to bed hours ago, but didn’t, which lead up to mindless staring in the gentle night’s breeze.


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atla au: gaang in westoros :)

I’m, going to assume you mean the Gaang coexisting with ASOIAF characters as opposed to replacing them, so I’m going to hit you with a c couple of headcanons for each member of the Gaang if they were from Essos, or different part of the World of Ice and Fire


Zuko is the son of a prince of Yi. When he was young, his dad thought it would be fun to thrust his head into a brazier. Eventually, he was banished, and exiled from his homeland.

He may or may not travel to Westeros, or meet Daenerys during his exile. 

Katara and Sokka

This one was a little difficult, because I didn’t know if I wanted them to be Rhoynish, or from Ibben. Ultimately, I chose the Rhoyne–for this ask at least–and the current timeline as opposed to the past. 

Anyway, Katara and Sokka are Orphans of the Greenblood who live with their father and grandmother. Just like canon!Kanna telling canon!Katara about the pre-wars days, Katara, in this au, grows up learning about Nymeria and her homeland. 

I feel like Katara could eaily befriend Arianne and/or some of the Sand Snakes. 


Runs away from her home in Yi and escapes to the Free Cities. Did I mention she’s still the Blind Bandit? 

Maybe she and blind!Arya get to fight. Who knows. 


I don’t know why, but I kind of want Aang to start out as one of Varys’ little birds, and to eventually defect for some reason. 


She would be such a badass Dornishwoman, let’s be real. But , if I want to keep with the Yi route, I don’t know. But she’d still be such a badass. 


New conversion pack is DONE!

► 2shoes&2accessories


► everyday&formal&outwear

► credit to: MA for shoes mesh, SLYD and mr.AlexSZ

► WARNING! im dont have permission to convert this earings,             because i cant write message or ASK to SLYD(((


(so it work normal with S-club eyelashes)

► in CAS look shine or some broke, bt fine in game

► you can tag in_one_grave if you use my cc, it not difficult


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Tyrell/Elliot for the otp thing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ahhh! Yes!! <3

Who made the first move; Tyrell. Definitely Tyrell. Elliot wasn’t even particularly interested at first but he did like feeling special, he liked the attention, of course things did evolve from there a little and he did grow attached to him. 

Who said ‘I love you’ first; Tyrell. He said it before they even got together which freaked Elliot out quite a bit. 

How often they fight; Hmm, difficult one. They argue over text A LOT, but Elliot doesn’t like arguing face to face. When people are angry with him he gets anxious and starts thinking about his mother, so he doesn’t confront Tyrell a lot face to face. But when it’s over text they actually talk stuff out which is good. 

Whose big spoon/little spoon; They switch over a lot - it depends on whose feeling more vulnerable that day, which can change regularly. 

What their nicknames are for each other; Tyrell calls Elliot Älskling which is Swedish for ‘darling’. Only in private however, Tyrell doesn’t like speaking Swedish in public but that just makes it that much more special. Elliot calls Tyrell Tux, because he uses the Linux operating system (it’s the name of their mascot, the famous penguin you see everywhere.)

Whose the better cook; Tyrell definitely. Elliot doesn’t eat too much and he was never really taught how to do it. Tyrell knows a ton of Scandinavian dishes that he keeps trying to get Elliot to eat -but he’d rather have some pizza or something. Elliot basically lives on junk food, good cuisine is wasted on him Tyrell always says. 

Their song; Protect Me From What I Want - Placebo

Who remembers their anniversaries; Tyrell, Elliot wasn’t even aware their first anniversary was coming up and Tyrell was really upset about it. 

Their favorite thing to do together; Tyrell starts teaching Elliot Swedish, and it very soon becomes one of their favourite things to do together. They also like listening to music, Tyrell doesn’t let himself unwind and in the same way as he does around Elliot so he never really gets to LISTEN to music unless he’s with him. 

Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship; Tyrell likes to think he does but Elliot does. 

How they would get engaged; Tyrell proposes, a really big romantic gesture in like Paris or Stolkholm or something. Elliot thinks it would be too embarrassing or awkward to say anything but “okay” and goes along with it.

What their wedding would be like; Very grand and traditional, Elliot hates it but just goes on with what Tyrell wants. The entire day passes in a stressful, surreal blur.

How many kids they’ll have; None. Elliot becomes Tyrell and Joanna’s kid’s step-dad, but he doesn’t have any kids with Tyrell. Elliot is terrified he’ll be like his parents and that he won’t be able to look after a child properly. They have a couple of dogs though, and a cat. 

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Hi! Recently I found this and other whump blogs, and before that, I didn't know "whump" was a thing. However, upon finding it, I immediately recognized that it applied to me. I've liked whump for a while, but I pushed it away because it scared me. It feels... wrong, but I can't help it. Do you have any words of assurance? Thanks!

Welcome! It’s very nice to have you with us :) There’s no way I’ll be able to answer this as eloquently as @whumpgalore or @withalittlebitofwhump but I’ll try!

This isn’t very helpful (sorry!) but it’s a difficult one for me because I’ve never felt any sort of fear or shame about my liking of whump. Of course, I’ve kept it a very close secret from every person I know for more than 16 years haha, but that’s only because I FEAR JUDGEMENT.

I don’t know if it would help to consider exactly why liking whump makes you feel scared? After all, everyone has different likes, whether it’s a genre of music or your favourite aesthetic or those scenes in stories when a character gets injured. There’s definitely nothing wrong with liking a certain thing and no-one should ever feel guilty or scared about what they like. You don’t need to be judging yourself.

Also like the others said, maybe it might be good to think about why you’re drawn to whump? It seems a lot of us really enjoy it for the character dynamics things like that (although I definitely have a bit of a sadistic streak when it comes to fictional characters too haha). If the reasons you like it aren’t scary then why should liking it be scary? If you are interested in finding out more about why you might like whump, killian-whump has a great post about some of the possible reasons why we do (

Anyway, I hope this might help a bit. If you want to talk more feel free to drop me a message any time :)

Arrr, matey! How to pronounce the Chinese ‘r’ without sounding like a pirate!

I know just how you feel. In all the years I’ve been teaching Chinese, I’ve never met a student who can say the r sound right the first time. It’s one of the first difficult sounds to pronounce they encounter in their studies. And when you couple pronouncing the basic sound with pronouncing it in the correct tone, things can get messy.

The problem with the r sound is people have different speech patterns, so nailing down exactly how it sounds compared to English or another language is really hard. You’ll hear a recording of “人” once and it will sound like “ren” as in “rent,” but then you’ll listen again and it could sound like it starts with a rolling j sound.

I often tell my students to imagine the English sounds grrrr or brrrr to get an idea of where they should be placing their tongue and how they should be moving their lips. The r sound in these utterances isn’t an exact match to the r sound in Chinese, but hey, nothing’s perfect. If you’re saying the r like in “urban” you’re not doing it quite right. The word “日本” (rì​běn), or Japan, can be really hard to figure out.

Anyway, you have to fall before you can fly. If you want to get things right, you’d better buckle down and practice! If you’re not working with a personal teacher, I strongly recommend reconsidering that choice. Teachers who are native speakers (like me!) are best equipped to handle pronunciation difficulties.

Human nature is such that “misery, waste, cruelty” can never be eliminated. Thus The Dispossessed is not a utopia, even an “ambiguous utopia,” in the phrase that has gradually become the book’s more-or-less-official subtitle. For Le Guin, the question is whether we accept a social order that is effectively designed to exacerbate misery, waste, and cruelty, or whether we will choose one that makes domination more difficult for the Sabuls of the world. Either way there will be costs, and Le Guin isn’t shy about showing what they are. That’s why, for all its flaws, The Dispossessed is an essential book for our times.

so I’m not easy, but not rage-quittingly difficult, and everyone remembers me as That One Boss. my design and music stuff is pretty good but not utter spectacular. I must be the mid-boss with the super spoilery twist cutscene in the middle of the fight, that joins your party late game

THUMBNAIL. For the video I’m editing to celebrate 900 subscribers on Youtube. This video (CMV) has been by far one of the most slowest, and difficult I’ve made in my editing career (its really a hobby lol)   I wanted to do something super different and insert more action/darker themed compared to “Everywhere,” and supposed to be uplifting.. with a positive message as well as chilling. My goal is to leave chills down the viewer’s backs! 

Song is Breathe Today by Flyleaf

It’s still a major WIP and won’t be complete until early 2017.

When we got to Iceberg Lake on Friday night- disoriented and wrecked from the long approach up the North Fork- it was pure chaos.. crazy windy and so cold that my toes went numb. Then my nose went numb. Then my lips started to go numb. My headlamp batteries couldn’t keep up with the cold so it was super dim, and I was having a hard time finding this spot through all of that. @kevinsnothere headlamp just shut off, so he was basically standing in the dark until I could find it. Pretty brutal. We set up camp and decided to hang out all day Saturday- and instead attempt the climb Sunday. (the weather would be better too) This is one of my favorite places to camp, mainly because of how difficult it can be just getting here. @jetboil
Iceberg Lake (12,500 feet) (at Mt. Whitney)

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1, 21, 25!!!

1. things that inspire you: omg i didnt realize the difference between inspire/motivate from question 2, so I think i answered this one in my previous answer! e__e

21. least favorite character to write: well. if i don’t write them it probably means im not interested in writing them?? LOL. But for characters that I have written for overwatch.. uh… sometimes present time McCree is tricky for me? I do like writing for him, but his dialogue is so….much. and im not from there.. and neither am i a fake cowboy. so??? but that’s not to say i dont like writing him. i do!! he’s just the more difficult one for me. Him, and actually I don’t enjoy writing Jack. Because I’m super picky with writing Jack and very hard on myself. And I only relate to Jack because he is in love with Gabriel Reyes and so am I.

25. favorite line you’ve ever written: THIS IS HARD. Out of my overwatch fics I’m like ???? idk. i have a lot of thoughts about mccree’s temperament and i wish i could explain myself better but i mostly do it thru fic so here is this line??  From deflect;

It doesn’t do a sharpshooter any good to have shaky hands, so McCree doesn’t shake with anger.  He stills with it. 

“Extremely detailed character sheet template”

Character Chart
Character’s full name:
Reason or meaning of name:
Character’s nickname:
Reason for nickname:
Birth date:

Physical appearance
How old does he/she appear:
Body build:
Shape of face:
Eye color:
Glasses or contacts:
Skin tone:
Distinguishing marks:
Predominant features:
Hair color:
Type of hair:
Overall attractiveness:
Physical disabilities:
Usual fashion of dress:
Favorite outfit:
Jewelry or accessories:

Good personality traits:
Bad personality traits:
Mood character is most often in:
Sense of humor:
Character’s greatest joy in life:
Character’s greatest fear:
What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil?
Character is most at ease when:
Most ill at ease when:
Enraged when:
Depressed or sad when:
Life philosophy:
If granted one wish, it would be:
Character’s soft spot:
Is this soft spot obvious to others?
Greatest strength:
Greatest vulnerability or weakness:
Biggest regret:
Minor regret:
Biggest accomplishment:
Minor accomplishment:
Past failures he/she would be embarrassed to have people know about:
Character’s darkest secret:
Does anyone else know?

Drives and motivations:
Immediate goals:
Long term goals:
How the character plans to accomplish these goals:
How other characters will be affected:

Type of childhood:
First memory:
Most important childhood memory:
Childhood hero:
Dream job:

Current location:
Currently living with:

Relationship with her:
Relationship with him:
Relationship with them:
Relationship with him/her:
Relationship with them:
Other important family members:

Least favorite color:
Form of entertainment:
Mode of transportation:
Most prized possession:

Plays a musical instrument?
Plays a sport?
How he/she would spend a rainy day:
Spending habits:
Other drugs:
What does he/she do too much of?
What does he/she do too little of?
Extremely skilled at:
Extremely unskilled at:
Nervous tics:
Usual body posture:

Optimist or pessimist?
Introvert or extrovert?
Daredevil or cautious?
Logical or emotional?
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat?
Prefers working or relaxing?
Confident or unsure of himself/herself?
Animal lover?

How he/she feels about himself/herself:
One word the character would use to describe self:
One paragraph description of how the character would describe self:
What does the character consider his/her best personality trait?
What does the character consider his/her worst personality trait?
What does the character consider his/her best physical characteristic?
What does the character consider his/her worst physical characteristic?
How does the character think others perceive him/her:
What would the character most like to change about himself/herself:

Relationships with others
Opinion of other people in general:
Does the character hide his/her true opinions and emotions from others?
Person character most hates:
Best friend(s):
Love interest(s):
Person character goes to for advice:
Person character feels responsible for or takes care of:
Person character feels shy or awkward around:
Person character openly admires:
Person character secretly admires:
Most important person in character’s life before story starts:
After story starts:

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