ok there are only 6 KP episodes that dont have a transcript available online and of course, all of them are like the lowest rated eps of the series and i thought i would never have to watch these eps again pls kill me

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Ok so these "fuckin you till your sore" mtls are actually causing me pain and I would like one for Infinite & U-kiss bc there's not enough of them & I love pain! Thanks! -Day6 anon


01 dongwoo
02 seungyeol
03 hoya
04 woohyun
05 l
06 sunggyu
07 sungjong


01 soohyun
02 eli
03 hoon
04 kiseop
05 kevin
06 jun


I was tagged by @allyclaire0115 (thanks, ally!)
Rules: List 5 otps from 5 fandoms and tag 10 people to pass it on.
1- Dan x Phil (phan)
2- Dean x Castiel (destiel)
3- John x Sherlock (Johnlock
4- Eleventh Doctor x River Song (what is their ship name i have no idea)
5- Wonwoo x Mingyu (meanie couple)

only one of these are actually “canon”, do you understand how painful this is?

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LOL omg this is why I'm SO anti RH. I understand that all RH's aren't like this. But what the actual fuck sexual tension and fucking are all so many of them seem to care about. They've reduced the characters to that. R actually bit H. How is that in any way sexual. Fuck, H was in pain. Goddamn all these "sexual" situations are not even sexual one or the other are actually in pain most of the time. And for this person to come on your blog to leave such a petty and immature comment.

u r talking to the anti RH Queen RIGHT HERE.

RHs r experts at sexualizing and romantizing fucking everything lmao like when Rin attempted to punch Haru on the face? ROMANTIC AND SEXUAL TENSION. Rin HAVING to bite Haru otherwise they would be killed? GEE, SO SEXUAL AND ROMANTIC.

yeah, like, no

When does magic die and pain take over?

Tumblr is not the greatest place in the world to get emotionally involved in fandom. The things I’ve heard about certain fans of certain shows (not naming shows here or I’ll get skewered) makes it a place to tread carefully or not at all.

But what happens when you’ve already given your heart out to a blog and it’s all for naught?

Once upon a time I was so much more balanced than this…at least I think I was. But as I aged perhaps I was kidding myself. I took being infatuated with a certain incarnation of a TimeLord pretty hard when things got rough, but I never got hit as hard emotionally as I did last night.

Actually, the pain started one month ago when a certain King Sombra blog started its wrap up. Seriously, it wasn’t my Sombra in my universe. Why the hell should I have cared as much as I do? It is because he was so well written and because the story was so good. I just gave my heart to the character (stupid me) and true to his vicious Umbrum nature, he ripped it out and ate it.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering it’s King Sombra.I was just taken aback because I didn’t expect to react as sickening lovesick as I am and because the blog author, I am told, has always considered her blog a comedy blog.

That’s the risk you take when you’re in love and unfortunately, love can’t tell the difference between flesh and blood and a certain Shadow King Pony who isn’t real. It doesn’t care. To quote someone - I can’t remember – “the heart wants what the heart wants”. I can tell it to stop making me cry every time I see the blog, it’s images or even think about what Kingsley (King Sombra’s name in the tumblr blog) went through for more than three seconds, but my heart won’t goddamn listen!

I’ve tried everything. Reason was the first thing tried and tossed out the window as not working. Not rereading it didn’t work because I can’t stop for some stupid, emotional reason. I lost sleep and sanity last night and throwing myself into my newest interest, learning Source Filmmaker, hasn’t made an impression either.

For some insane reason, I still want to write. I never do while under severe stress, but for some reason, a series of scenes for a Sombra story I want to start telling on FIMFiction later this year came forcefully into my head and hasn’t left since. I’ve been writing it since last night and sadistically, all my painful, turbulent emotions over Kingsley getting killed are fueling the intensity of these scenes I’m writing. And equally sadistically, as I realize I NEED this pain right now to write this, the writing is NOT acting as the catharsis it should to purge the agony from my heart and soul.

So all I am left to do is keep writing and hope tomorrow’s update of Ask King Sombra won’t gut me because I am too weak-willed to just not check it.

A stupid, useless hope.

It will, he’s dead and he isn’t coming back.

Thank you to everyone who sent me messages after my post yesterday
My op took 5 hours and I’m in an excruciating amount of pain
Hopefully this one will actually work

A special thank you to @mamawxlf for signal boosting and to @historicallysurgical
You don’t even know me but you were kind enough to pray for me
Thank you so much ❤️❤️

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travelling through the wilderness and stumbling across a fell beast's lair. it's a hideous monstrosity all slimy green goo with numerous tendrils wrapped around its slumbering body. my intrusion awakens the demon, two tendrils wrap around my arms and legs leaving me helpless to defend myself as the beast slowly dissolves my clothing and then starts probing my holes. i try to call for help but it lodges a tendril down my throat and then it enters below as well i feel full and in pain and helpless

ok actually this one is terrifying, imagine having a slimy tentacle going down your throat?? actually no, it’d have a different effect on you if you imagined it

fuck no | no thanks | eeeh | not sure | I’d give it a shot | sure why not | omfg yes | there go my pants | holy fuck vore me now