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Hey Sam, I was wondering what your thoughts on possessiveness in romantic relationships were. How could one possibly reduce jealousy and possessiveness over a loved one?

Yes, I know that pain. Jealousy is actually a natural but unpleasant aspect of the romantic love known as eros. You see that powerful attraction we feel is an evolutionary development to provide quick and strong pair bonds for mating couples. Thus, it has a powerful component of exclusivity. We do not want our partner mating with anybody else. His/her genes belong to us! That is the science behind jealousy.

That said humans are not mere animals. We are a bit more complex. So that primitive instinct can stifle or even destroy our love. Jealousy is in Buddhist terms “attachment” and a source of sorrow. You must recognize it for what it is and then push past it. Accept that which is not under your control. All the jealousy in the world will not prevent cheating if somebody wants to cheat. The only answer is commitment, trust and acceptance.

There are several dragonverse stories I’d like to tell but I can’t. Write. For shit. For one I can’t plot and then actually writing *faint pained laughter*

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Yo chef Sybs, how about sending more stuff? Well, momma B has this picture of Zarpedon (screaming ZARPEDOOOOON) but what came to me head is: what if her eyes are like this because of what she saw in the Vault of the Sentinel? Maybe if Lilith didn't interrupt the process (read: branded soon-to-be-Handsome with the symbol) Jack would end up with something similar? I mean, the thing send info through the eyes, so maybe it's because of that.

Is one of my new nicknames “Chef Sybs” now?

This.. actually makes a painful amount of sense. Here, I have a picture.

As you can clearly see, the information/knowledge is being transferred into his brain through his eyes. With Zarpedon, the information was fully transferred into her brain; no one interrupted her because she was one of the few people to go into Eleseer and the Vault of the Sentinel after the cannon destroyed the barrier. 

Jack, on the other hand, was interrupted. This caused the Vault symbol to become branded on his face (though, we should all know this).

Personal thinking is that, due to the amount of knowledge surged into their heads, their eyes would change color because of the excess or something of such likeness. Or, hey. “The eyes are the windows to the soul,” and maybe that change was a type of impromptu blockage.

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I feel like no one really talks about how exactly it's like to be LGBT and depressed. Like yes the statistics are out there and there's all that science stuff, but no one really talks about what it's actually like, and how painful it feels sometimes.

You’re right, it’s rarely spoken about, but that’s mental health in general.. Sadly, we still have to work on making it easier to talk about..
Depression is a complex disorder, it can have many causes and triggers so it’s hard to pin down to one thing.. But as a person who has quite bad depression, I understand how you feel.. It’s an awful thing to have to deal with.
With love,

I just finished HxH (I have yet to watch the movies) so here is my comprehensive list of the top ten moments in the show. (Not necessarily in order. Number 4 is actually my favorite)

  1. That face that Hisoka made when Chrollo told him he couldn’t use his nen
  2. Those three times in the openings when they synced up the “You can smile!” bit with characters smiling
  3. The time the subs (this might just have been the version of the subs I was watching) called the thing that Netero, Zeno, and Silva rode into the Chimera ant fight a bird. It was clearly not a bird.
  4. When Leorio and Gon hugged during the 13th chairman election arc
  5. Leorio punching Ging
  6. That one time Kurapika actually, truly smiled
  7. The entirety of episode 135 (it was painful, but it was so good)
  8. When everyone kept calling Ging out on being a shit parent
  9. Every time Killua was the most perfect older brother ever to Alluka
  10. Uvogin kissing Shalnark on the cheek

Apparently Yorknew City, Chimera Ants, and 13th Chairman election were my favorite arcs because all of those come from those three. I would say it was because they were the ones I watched most recently, but Greed Island was more recent than Yorknew City. 

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weird but my blog used to be a funny one too lol

it actually pains me. like i don’t mind funny stuff but i’d rather have a blog like this. i hope no one scrolls down too far:-)

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How are you going? You haven't updated in a while. Much love xoxoxo

Ummm well I am sitting in a cafe avoiding the world and wishing that I could just give up my adult responsibilities for a while so I can go to the beach and disappear for a while. 

My muscles are in excruciating pain. I don’t know why. My quad muscles feel as though they have been repeatedly bashed by a hammer. I am not one to complain about pain (I actually don’t think I feel pain at a normal threshold to be honest… it’s actually a real problem) but this pain is debilitating and I do not know how I am going to survive work like this for the rest of the week. 

Work is good. I love it. So are my friends and family and all that crap. But it’s still not enough. I don’t know what I am missing… 

There is an illusion about America, a myth about America to which we are clinging which has nothing to do with the lives we lead and I don’t believe that anybody in this country who has really thought about it or really almost anybody who has been brought up against it–and almost all of us have one way or another–this collision between one’s image of oneself and what one actually is is always very painful and there are two things you can do about it, you can meet the collision head-on and try and become what you really are or you can retreat and try to remain what you thought you were, which is a fantasy, in which you will certainly perish…
—   James Baldwin, Nobody Knows My Name
PSA - Absence

Just an apology for not having been around/not being around at the moment to get back to people;

 I’ve been having major issues concerning medication at the moment and it has kinda thrown everything else off balance/out of whack/etc. It’s kinda essential to try and get it sorted so I can actually still physically move (particularly without pain, one would like to hope some time in the distant future) so everything plays second bass to that which is why I’ve accidentally let so many threads and things slip. 

As such, I honestly can’t completely remember who I owe anything to, and there are some threads I really do love/miss/don’t want to lose, so if any of you are waiting and wanting to continue any threads, could you please let me know in response to this/inbox/etc? 

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And!!! Btw!!! For anyone that's considering plastic surgery and have been wanting it for quite a while, but are scared to do it because either friends or family is totally against it: I've been there. And I still did my chin and it's one of the best decisions I've ever done. My confidence is much much better now. Don't give a rats all about other peoples opinion when you're the one struggling and feeling the pain.

^^^^ I love u so much this actually made me so happy n encouraged me to read (like encouraged me not to lose hope)