One day, one rhyme- Day 1156

I have two flames inside of me
A light one, and a dark.
Sometimes they’re raging infernos,
Sometimes merely a spark.
They are not fueled by firewood,
Not by gas, nor by coal.
These two flames that burn inside me
Are fueled by my soul.
The light flame burns for hope and joy
Its gentle, warm and sage.
The dark flame is fierce and fervent,
For passion, love and rage.
There’s nothing wrong with either one,
I need both to survive
So I must seek to use my flames
For good while I’m alive.


How does a servant, menial, grown for her congenial assistance,
existent by necessity, yet in her Homeworld’s eyes a mere accessory,
appendage to a Gem who shouldn’t think of her as thinking,
go on to challenge armies without blinking?

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I want to see you.

Know your voice.

Recognize you when you
first come ’round the corner.

Sense your scent when I come
into a room you’ve just left.

Know the lift of your heel,
the glide of your foot.

Become familiar with the way
you purse your lips
then let them part,
just the slightest bit,
when I lean in to your space
and kiss you.

I want to know the joy
of how you whisper

by Rumi

Drunk On Love

Mixing vodka and emotions

has got me drowning in oceans

and these tears they fall like rain

because I’m in so much pain

I can’t stand this life I live some days

the love I seek just never stays

I know I shouldn’t get drunk with thoughts of you

but that’s just what I do

I drink until I am miserable

I drink because we were just a fable

lost in our alcoholic feelings

staring up at blurry ceilings

lets just take a shot

show me what you got

tomorrow we won’t remember this fling

tomorrow we won’t even be a thing

but that’s what you want right?

love for just one night

The class I subbed for today had a poem on the wall with a bunch of “See you later, alligator” type rhymes. And one of them was “Time to scoot, little Newt.”

And I can’t help but imagine Newt Scamander’s mother saying that to him any time she needed him to go anywhere as a child. And, of course, when Queenie reads his mind and finds out, she thinks it’s the cutest thing ever and says it to Newt all the time. After a while, Tina starts saying it too because 1) it’s hilarious and 2) she’s heard it so much from her sister that it’s become ingrained in her vocabulary. They love it. Newt is exasperated.

There is a traditional Kanton hand-clapping rhyme that tells the story of a foolish child grabbing the tails of a ninetales in turn, detailing all of the different curses that will befall them as a consequence. Although originally Japanese, the song has an English translation which, whilst mostly similar in meaning, has been adapted to preserve the rhymes and rhythm. The song is as follows:

Mama, mama, I felt the first tail,

As bright as a penny and as soft as a veil.

I think I did wrong, but I do not know why,

Because there’s night in my eyes and not a star in the sky. 

Mama, mama, I felt the next tail,

As light as a cloud and as sleek as a scale.

I think I did wrong, but I do not know how,

Because there’s blood on my tongue and sweat on my brow.

Mama, mama, I felt the third tail,

As thick as a bush and so golden and pale.

I think I did wrong, for all I can tell,

Because there’s fire in my chest that no water can quell.

Mama, mama, I felt the fourth tail,

As long as a ribbon and smooth as a gale.

I think I did wrong, or so I can guess,

Because there’s hands on my back that keep pulling my dress.

Mama, mama, I felt the fifth tail,

Swirling like wood smoke and shining like hail. 

I think I did wrong, or something akin,

Because there’s an ache in my bones and bites on my skin.

Mama, mama, I felt the sixth tail,

The golden of grain but not nearly so frail.

I think I did wrong, made some kind of mistake,

Because my head’s full of nightmares that don’t leave when I wake. 

Mama, mama, I touched them again,

As nice on the skin as a warm summer rain. 

I think I did wrong, it must be the case,

Because there’s a girl in the mirror who’s not got my face.

Mama, mama, I can’t count any more,

There’s teeth in my heart and a hand in my core.

The pain’s in my head and my bones have turned weak,

So let down my body and leave me to sleep.

The last line is often shouted, traditionally followed by the children dropping to the floor and closing their eyes. The length and content of the song varies across the Japanese regions.  

i tried to keep it quiet
my love for you albeit
it ended up hurting me
and quite many
i wish i had shouted it out
from the roof-tops loud
i wish i had roared about it
on the road moonlit
but i couldn’t i was scared
i never-ever dared
and now i am sitting all alone
cold shaking me to the bone
thinking about you
having no clue
about how much i love you
with my heart splitting in two


onyxwerewolf-deactivated2016113  asked:

Are there any headcanons for the Fakes that you really like or some you can just think of off the top of your head?

hoo boy now u put me on the spot ahaha well, lets see.

  • geoff and ryan are the best cooks
  • dont leave jeremy, ryan, and gavin alone together if there’s nothing for them to do because they will get bored and try to find ways to entertain themselves… which almost always ends up with someone on fire or injured or dead
  • jack is 100% trans and beautiful and everyone loves her
  • i also rlly like the trans michael and trans ray headcanons that i’ve seen
  • everyone has done ryan’s facepaint at least once with varying degrees of success. ray’s the best cuz he’s been doing it for years but jack and jeremy are also pretty good at it.
  • don’t let gavin or geoff near ryan’s facepaint, they only ever end up drawing dicks
  • ryan and ray met for the first time when they both tried to rob the same gas station in the middle of nowhere. for some fucken reason they decided to team up, and they’ve been partners ever since
  • they change the reason every time someone asks them why they decided to partner up
  • meg is technically not a genuine Fake, but she’s been out on enough missions with them that she’s an honorary crew member
  • jeremy is the best dancer lmao
  • jeremy and michael can lift everyone up in the crew
  • ray and gavin both have similar tastes in music, but they’re all bands that no one’s ever heard of
  • ryan is the Plant Dad and takes care of all the plants that are scattered around the penthouse. jack and geoff are in charge of them if ryan’s ever away on vagabond business
  • when the fakes first started up, it was only geoff, jack, ryan, and ray for a while. it took ryan at least a month to get comfortable enough with jack and geoff to talk with them, but he still never took off his mask.
  • when michael and gavin joined up later the process started all over again and he hardly spoke a word to anyone. the first time anyone but ray saw his face was the first time he spoke to michael and gavin … and that was when this incident happened.
  • jeremy was lucky because ryan had let go of his speaking issues by the time he arrived to be in the main circle lmao

im gonna stop right here tho i could go on for a while longer ahahaha;;;

For @hiddenpolkadots​, who wanted something cute and fluffy in canon-verse. Hope you like it!!

They’re out exploring when they discover it.

It’s a combination of chance and curiosity more than anything, honestly. Bellamy’s not sure they’re going to find anything of interest, but Clarke’s just so eager, and he likes spending time with her like this. Just the two of them, outside in the warm weather, the sun beaming down bright and lovely, with nothing but time.

“Just a little bit further,” she promises, not for the first time this past half hour.

“You don’t even know where we’re going,” Bellamy points out with a laugh. She glances back to shoot him a grin and he just rolls his eyes. It’s all the acceptance she needs, and she speeds up their trekking with renewed vigour.

“We’re going to find something,” she says, determined, and he simply laughs again. He’s pretty sure she could make something materialise out of nowhere if her will alone allowed it.

“If you say so,” he responds, fond but doubtful.

And of course they do find something, following the sound of water until they step out from the thick foliage of the forest and onto the open grassy riverbank. Something that takes his breath away.

A waterfall.

“Holy shit,” Clarke breathes out as she takes in the view before them.

It’s maybe twenty feet tall, the stream of water tumbling over a series of boulders and pooling at the bottom to meet a wide and gentle river. The water is gorgeous, blue and green and clear enough to see down to the riverbed, the pebbles and the plants and the fish swimming through it, and the surroundings are just as much. Moss-covered rocks and trees standing tall and large and flowers he doesn’t think he’s ever seen before in bright and gorgeous colours.

It’s beautiful, serene in a way Bellamy forgot Earth could be, with how much death and destruction it seems to have delivered them. But this place feels untouched and perfect, a small pocket of the world that right now, is all theirs. He wonders if they’re the first to witness it since the nuclear apocalypse. It feels that way. He and Clarke, together.

“We found something,” Clarke says after a long minute, voice full of wonder, and when Bellamy glances her way her smile is wide and her eyes are holding nothing but awe.

“You did, yeah,” he responds, knocking his shoulder with hers.

“I wouldn’t have if you didn’t agree to come,” she points out, pulling off her backpack and setting it down on the grass. When she looks at him she’s beaming, and he falls a little more in love with her, if that’s even possible. “We can go in, yeah?”

Bellamy’s lips tick up into an amused smile. “Doesn’t look like there are any mutant water animals living in here, does it?”

Clarke laughs, throwing her head back with it, and Bellamy can’t help but grin at the sight. He loves seeing her like this, unabashedly happy and without a care in the world. It makes his chest bloom with warmth.

They set themselves up quickly, Bellamy pulling out the small mat they brought and setting their bags down on it. They strip with little fanfare, each tugging off their clothes until they’re down to their underwear.

He’s seen Clarke naked hundreds of times by now, but still his eyes move to trace her body almost reverently. He loves every single part of her, from the swell of her stomach to the stretch marks on her hips, from the curve of her breasts to the mole above her lips. She’s smirking when he meets her gaze, teasing and a little smug like she always is when he gets lost at the sight of her.

“Stopping there?” She asks with a pointed look down, a challenge, and Bellamy snorts, raising an eyebrow as he pulls down his briefs. Clarke laughs, delighted, but he sees the way her eyes turn dark and a little mischievous, too. She steps out of her panties and unclasps her bra, letting them fall to the ground. Then, “Come on,” she says with a grin, offering him her hand.

He takes it, and together they walk to the river edge. It’s only a few feet deep, and they lower themselves down into it.

“Oh, wow,” Bellamy laughs. The water’s warm.

“Hot springs,” Clarke says, her laugh coming out surprised and delighted.

He steps further into the river slowly, and Clarke follows a second later. They wade around together for a while, just enjoying the feel of the water on their skin, of it turning their hair silky smooth, exchanging easy words and soft kisses. Their smiles never leave their faces. Bellamy can feel his widen each time Clarke laughs heartily, or squeals when he tickles her sides, or looks at him in amazement as she discovers something hidden in the depths of the water.

He’s so fucking in love with her it’s ridiculous.

“We should go under the waterfall,” she suggests after they’ve grown accustomed to the gentle flow of the river, to the warmth of the water around them and the sun shining from above. “Do you think it’ll be like a shower?”

“With about a hundred times the water, maybe,” Bellamy says, earning himself a splash in the face.

“Shut up,” Clarke mutters, although she can’t keep the smile off her face. She pulls him under before he even gets a chance to think twice about it, her laugh turning into a surprised squeak at the cool rush of water over them.

It’s falling heavily, but Bellamy can’t say he minds the feeling. There’s something refreshing in the way it runs from the top of his head down the planes of his body to meet the water below, leaving his skin prickling. Peaceful too, the white noise of rushing water pushing everything from his mind, leaving nothing but this feeling of content rooted deep in his chest right now and the girl who’s experiencing it with him.

She folds herself into his arms, and they stay like that for a few minutes, together under the cascade of the waterfall.

Eventually they make it back into the open river, after Clarke gets cold and lets Bellamy know by tugging on his arm and spitting a mouthful of water in his face. He sputters and she laughs, and he challenges her to a water fight, and she does the same with an underwater handstand competition. They splash each other and they race around this little, wonderful space they’ve found together. They talk and they laugh and they kiss and they get carried away on the riverbank for half an hour or so, until their faces are flushed red and they’re too exhausted to do anything more than just float on their backs and enjoy the sun.

And when that begins the set, turning the sky shades of pink and orange he knows Clarke would love to paint, she swims up to him. It’ll be getting dark soon, and they’ll need to make dinner and put up a tent, but right now his thoughts are only for Clarke, naked and gorgeous and wading through the water to meet him. She locks her legs around his waist and curls her arms around his shoulders, and he pulls her closer, loving the feeling of her right here, skin against skin.

“I told you this was a good idea.”

Bellamy chuckles lightly, closing his eyes. He can feel Clarke’s smile between them, knows it’s wide and bright and full of love. “You did. And it was.”

She hums, nosing at his neck. “I love you.”

“Yeah,” he says, sighing in content when she presses her lips to his shoulder. He feels so full with her, with this easy happiness and with this day and with this place they’ve found. It’s enough to feel like it’ll burst from his chest, so he just holds her tighter, closer, and presses his smile into her hair. “I love you too.”

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