I am actually quite similar to Waverly in many ways, I discovered that as I went through the season. When I first got the role, I went through all of this work to train and get myself into the character, but Melanie, she just laughed at me: “Dominique, you doing all of this work is so Waverly. You don’t need to, you are literallythe character already!” So we had a lot of similarities in our bubbliness and being slightly geeky and fumbly mumbly at times, but I’d say one thing that I’d need to take a leaf out of her book in is her bravery, and if I could have been half the young woman she was – gosh, it would have been a lot easier! I think that’s my favourite part of Waverly: how, even though there may be something ahead of her that scares her to death, she still goes for it and explores it, which is something that I would really love the younger generation to take on board, because you’ve just got to face these things.
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Nickname: Gracie (wow what a shocker), Angel (I’ve still got no clue where that one came from, Pidge (idk), Vivian, and like 63839 other nicknames I’d rather not share

Star Sign: Leo ;)

Height: 5'6" guess I’m sorta tol?

Time Right Now: 12:24 am my sleep schedule needs help

Last Thing I Googled: what happens when you get gasoline in your eyes, that’s a long story

Favorite Music Artists: Owl City, Imagine Dragons, Jonsi

Song Stuck In Your Head: the opening song to the second season of Tokyo ghoul and IDK WHY CAUSE I REALLY HATE IT

Last Movie You Watched: Big Hero 6, absolute favorite movie hands down

What Are You Wearing Right Now: I am wearing jeans and a flannel cause I went out earlier and when I came back I didn’t feel like changing

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Followers: 60 ;-;

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Do You Have Other Blogs: nope

Do You Get Asks Regularly: nope

Why Did You Choose Your URL: i don’t remember all I know is that I wanted it to be Latin

What Do You Want To Do With Your Life: I would like to become a software engineer

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Teenage midfielder Jessie Fleming scored a highlight-reel goal

Fleming’s goal was a beauty. She cut through the Chinese defence before beating the ‘keeper for her third goal in 29 senior appearances.

“I thought (Christine) Sinclair’s goal against Costa Rica (at the CONCACAF Women’s Olympic Qualifier in February) was one of the best I’d seen for Canada but Jessie took it up a notch today,” said Herdman. “It’s the first time I’ve see a Canadian do what she did, which is to dribble past three Chinese players and just coolly slot it home.

"I’ve been waiting for a goal like that for a long time. I said that to Jessie afterwards. It sort of marks the type of player she is and the type of player Canada’s needed. And I think she can be that — a clever little magician in the midfield that can just find another gear through her technical ability

okay but can we actually see the damn goal please?


I was told that Duma was growing, that she is not getting enough food! That you can see the poor things ribcage!! That she’s caving in and STARVING!!!!! That she’s acting like she’s starving and is becoming “”“"food aggressive”“”“” by pushing into the person when she makes food, thought I’d be mad if she told Duma to go Away and go sit down like everybody else in the house does.

I then tried telling her that the vets said she was kind of overweight and needed less food because she gets a ton of treats while training. She has 1/3 a cup TWICE a day.

She then said “you can be one of those people who believes what doctors say!” :| then saying “well if you don’t feed her more than you’ll have to understand when I talk to her like a dog!”

My boyfriend had to go explain that Labradors always act hungry and eat non stop

I was told all that by a person who knows Jack shit about dogs.

So dogblr, what do you guys think? Because I don’t even see her ribs sticking out and her vet said she should be in 50 pound area and she is currently 60 and she used to be 70 pounds.

t’s been one year since I’ve been running this blog. I never thought I’d be able to keep up consistent with 2 posts a day everyday and taking quotes from youtubers and making them look aesthetically pleasing for this long. It feels longer than one year, if anything.
I’m at 8,000 amazing people following me on here and I couldn’t have done any of this blog without you all. Without the reblogs, likes, and the amazing support I get on asks and messenger from you all sending me such supportive words. I could never have gone so long without you all giving me the requests I need to make edits and all has been so helpful. Thank you so much for making this one year worth so much and so fun for me. I’m glad I’ve been able to make some of you wasting to come back to check on the blog and been able to hopefully inspire. Along with people telling me encouraging words when I’m unable to get to make posts or anything like that. Thank you everyone. Here’s to many more aesthetic edits!!

“I do not miss you when I’m happy,
when it’s nice out,
when I’m warm.

I don’t crave you when I’m hungry,
when I’m bored,
when I’m tired.

It is those nights when I toss and turn,
when I feel alone,
when it’s winter.

That is when your arms are where I want to call home.

At my best,
I know that I don’t need you.
But at my worst,
no one can compare.

When I’m not content, I’d let the whole world go.
Everyone but

And this is why I miss you today.”

-July 25th // c.b


J: “Nice spot.”
N: “It’ll keep you hidden for a while.”
J: “Here’s your gold.”
N: “No, keep it. I’d do anything to piss that jarhead off.”
J: *Snorts* Which one?“
N: "The one who won’t stop shouting pirate.”
J: That’s me.”
N: “Where were you going?”
J: “Been trying to leave the city for days, but the bloody fancies are scattered everywhere. And now that they know I’m here, they’ll double the guards.”
N: “You can stay here as long as you need to. No one ever comes up here, and the view is nice. You’re going to need food though…and water.”
J: “Is this a trick? I’m sure my capture prize just got higher.”
N: *Confused*
J: “You’re really going to help me?”
N: “Yes. Us pirates got to stick together.”
J: You’re a pirate?”
N: “Yup.”
J: *Laughs* That’s cute.“
N: “Screw you.”
J: "I’ve never met a Galaxian pirate. Ever.”
N: “There’s a first time for everything.”
J: “…I guess.”
N: “Anyways, I’m off. I’ll be back later to bring you something to eat…and new clothes, so you have a better chance at escaping.”
J: “You sure you won’t be escorted by guards?
N: “Just me.”
J: “…I think I own you a thanks.”
N: “You welcome. Oh, nice gold fang by the way.”

It’s A Date

A Flower Shop AU where Louis needs help from Harry, the florist, to send a strong message to his overly loud roommates (based on this au)

for @louistommo-dgaf: happy birthday, petal! :)

Stumbling into the first flower shop he can find, Louis’ huff echoes around the empty store. “I don’t know where you are,” he starts, voice raising as his eyes dart around the various walls of flowers. He feels the rage working up in him again, slamming a 20 pound bill on the counter as he yells, “But I need to passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower.”

Hearing a noise in the back room that sounds like it could be footsteps, he continues angrily, “I have the absolute pleasure of having a roommate that won’t stop fucking his boyfriend in the middle of the night.” Letting out a sigh as he turns around to take a look at the various bouquets, he mumbles, as if to himself, “It’s been days since I’ve slept properly.”

“So that’s who the flowers are for?” A low voice clarifies from behind him, and the sudden sound startles Louis, causing him to almost drop the bouquet he had just picked up.

Setting down the bouquet gently before his hands betray him any further, Louis spins on his heel to face the boy before him. “Yeah, for my roommate, Zayn, and his apparently very, very loud boyfriend, Li—” He cuts off with a gulp, his gaze stopping at the soft, hazel eyes in front of him, his glance then falling to the long, brown ringlets framing the florist’s sharp jaw.

The boy doesn’t say anything, just smirks at Louis’ surprised look, chuckling lowly as he watches a slightly overwhelmed-looking Louis take in his first sight of him.

“Uhh” is all Louis can get out. At the vision in front of him, any leftover residue of anger has completely evaporated, leaving him stunned and, apparently, unable to think.

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This,” said Jack, “is one of my secrets. After what’s happened today, I want to share that secret with you. I believe it’s only fair.”
“Need to know?” Gwen asked.
Jack nodded. “Exactly that. Today has shown me I’m not omniscient.”
“I could have told you that,” muttered Owen. “And if I’d had to, that would have proved the point, kind of, wouldn’t it?”
Jack refused to be baited. “I know stuff, sometimes, and I keep it from you guys. It occurs to me I’d damn well better share, because there may come a time when one of you knows better than me. That time comes, like it nearly came today, you’d better be ready and know everything. Be ready to act, in case I can’t.”
“So what is it?” asked James.
“Well,” said Jack. “This is… frankly, I don’t know what it is.

Border Princes by Dan Abnett (Torchwood Novels #2)

Sometimes it’s amazing that this team manages to save the planet. 


R: “All should be ready for tomorrow. Once we arrive at the port, I have a meeting with one of the Pirate lords.”
N: “What is the reason behind this meeting?”
R: Personal. There is a market near by, you can wait there if you like.”
REG: “Or just stay with the ship.”
N: “…I’d rather come along, it is my home planet after all. You can stay with the ship. *grins*
REG: "The captain needs me to come.”
R: “I do? I agree with Neptune, you should stay. Twobits is going to need some help”
REG: “…Your word is my command.”
R: “Now go, you’ve got a long day tomorrow.”

If I do close my eyes, what is it that I picture years from now? Like Leon said, doesn’t one need to understand that before they’re ready to fight for their existence? How would my future fairy tale unfold? Will I finally connect with those I deeply care for? Will I reunite with old friends long gone? See the ones I love find true happiness? Maybe this future includes people I’d never dream of getting close to. Even make amends with those I have unfairly wronged. A future that’s not so lonely. A future filled with friends and family. You’d even be there. The world I’ve always wanted - and you know what?

I would like very much to fight for it.

—  Elliot Alderson, Mr. Robot

“Sometimes we need to do things we’d rather not do, in order to get the peace that we need; to look after our own well-being and to return to a healthy state. Decisions we may make may hurt others at times. Sometimes it hurts us too. I have found myself in situations like this recently. It’s a hard choice. But truly, there are times that we have to take care of ourselves. Sometimes there are no good choices, just painful ones… Sometimes that’s just how real life is.” — Jose Harris

who the fuck thought up the name banana?? Like, who went around and Was like “i want this yellow fruit to be called hmmmmm banana. and no one questioned it. they were like "yes. banana. the true name. a pure name,” and everyone just rolled with it? and why that many a’s and n’s??? no one needs that many as and ns,,, you have too much power,,, bananas need to be st o ppe d

Fanfiction writers: if you need some inspiration heres some quotes for your summaries or whatever
“I thought I loved you, it was just how you looked in the light”
“Best friends, exes till the end, better of as lovers and not the other way around”
“I swear I’d burn the city down to show you the lights”
“Sickeningly sweet like honey, don’t need money, all I need is you”
“ we make little homes out of three star hotels”
“I used to obsess over loving, now I only ones over you”
“I used to waist my time dreaming of living, now I only waist it dreaming of you”
Mike Pence's Comical Attempt To Turn Trump's Flailings Into Great 'Leadership'

Last night’s 60 Minutes interview on CBS with the Trump/Pence ticket was filled with moments of discomfort, narcissism and pettiness as longtime host Leslie Stahl admirably kept a straight face.

One of the strangest displays came when Stahl was trying to figure out what Donald Trump meant when he said after the Nice attack in France, that he’d declare war. “You said you would declare war against…Declare war,” do you want to send American troops in there? Is that what you mean?“ She continued, "With troops on the ground?”

Trump answered in typical fashion, “I am going to have very few troops on the ground. We’re going to have unbelievable intelligence, which we need; which, right now, we don’t have. We don’t have the people over there. We are going to use–”

Just repeating over and over again that we’re going to have “unbelievable intelligence” once he’s president is dangerous at worst and sophomoric at best.

The CBS interviewer had no idea what Trump meant because he mostly uses declarative and exclamatory sentences when being asked for specifics and this is where Gov. Pence awkwardly stepped in to try and save Trump, but made himself look very weak-kneed in the process.

Lesley Stahl: You want to send Americans–

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Selena Gomez Tweets And Deletes Shocking Reason For Not Supporting #BlackLivesMatter


Selena Gomez was among the first of Taylor Swift’s few remaining squad members to take to social media to defend the star after Kim Kardashian exposed her for lying and playing the victim last night.

However, things took a slightly sinister turn when the singer found herself at the centre of her own controversy after tweeting her truly shocking reason for not supporting #BlackLivesMatter.

And although she has since deleted the tweet, she’d probably be disappointed to know that screenshots last a lifetime.

It all started when Selena tweeted: “There are more important things to talk about… Why can’t people use their voice for something that f*cking matters?

"Truth is last thing we need right now is hate, in any form.”

One of Selena’s followers couldn’t agree with her sentiment more, taking the opportunity to ask why, on that note, Selena and Taylor hadn’t tweeted about #BlackLivesMatter in the past week.

Twitter user @Prasejeebus responded: “Good question! Why haven’t your or Taylor said a thing about #BlackLivesMatter or police brutality?”

To which Selena replied: “Oh lol, so that means if I hashtag something I save lives?

"No - I could give two f*cks aout ‘sides’. You don’t know what I do.”


Originally posted by selgomezgifs

Unsurprisingly, the response provoked a huge backlash and it wasn’t long before #SelenaIsOver party was trending right beneath the #KimExposedTaylorParty.

Ooft, there sure were a lot of parties for a Sunday night…

FINALLY… I’ve been waiting on y'all to join me since 2008… #KimExposedTaylorParty #SelenaIsOverParty

— Z. Christina (@lilzayjr)

July 18, 2016

when I was heading home from the #KimExposedTaylorParty and found out about the #SelenaIsOverParty

— Rø-zah-lee-ah. (@CristianoStan_)

July 18, 2016

Selena is 6 ft under, right next to her vocals. #selenaisoverparty

— have reciepts (@ARIANASTWAT)

July 18, 2016

Running in between parties like #SelenaIsOverParty #KimExposedTaylorParty

— Lilliana (@xxxitslillyxxx)

July 18, 2016

LMAOO what a night. Kim ended Taylor. Selena ended herself. And Chloe never started #SelenaIsOverParty #KimExposedTaylorParty

— #BuyMakeMeOniTunes (@DngerousShwdown)

July 18, 2016

I left the #SelenaIsOverParty and went back to the #TaylorIsOverParty and they playing 'Famous’

— P A N D A (@KatalinaVU)

July 18, 2016

So much shade going around right now, might never see the sun again. #kimexposedtaylorparty #selenaisoverparty

— ThatGirlNamedVee (@GirlNamedVee)

July 18, 2016

Selena hasn’t commented on the now-deleted tweet since, but did write: “This industry is so disappointing yet the most influential smh”.