Alright, minions, while I’m editing, I figured I’d start-up a sweet little contest to keep you all occupied. 

I was inspired by this quote sent in by a reader to start this little competition. All you need to do is send in your favourite quote from any of my imagines via a quote-post, leave the imagine in quotations, write me in as the person being quoted, and tag me. I’ll be reblogging each quote I see pop up in my activity, and the one with the most notes by tomorrow will be contacted. I’ll drop their URL into a text post so you all know that the contest is over.


So, once more, the submissions should look like this:

“He was the energizer bunny on crack.”
- “Prayer And Promise” by whispersofwinchesters

And be sure to tag me, or I won’t be notified that you’ve entered the contest!

These should all be created as quote posts. Have fun, minions!

Quote inspired doodle 3 : Anders (part 1) - rough sketch version

A sad man, one lonely mage…..I think DA 2 Anders was a very lonely man. Even if he had a romantic relationship with Hawke, he would still feel lonely all the time.  He would feel lonely even in the company of others.  (T_T) [this is just my interpretation! :) ]

I will need to spend some time fixing this one up.  Another line art exercise then ! :D

Bonus: Here is the first draft! (I actually like this one better….It looks like I also need to spend some time learning how to “paint” properly… >_<)

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What would be a good gift or present for each member???

For Jin, i’m thinking something Mario related, seeing as he needs to  have the fastest growing mario merch collection in the world!

For Taehyung…I’m thinking something weird..something quirky that at first he’d be kind of like ‘um what’ but then proceed to annoy the rest of the members with it for the rest of his life. 

For Jimin, a weird accesory, so like cat ears or a hat with ears or something on it, something cute so he can do aegyo huehue.

For Jungkook: I’m thinking food, he needs to eat well because he’s still growing and he needs to be healthy !! 

For Rap monster: A book full of deep quotes, you could either get him this as a joke or something deadly serious, he might pretend to find it funny but no doubt he’d be found later reading it  and thinking deeply about it and saying one or two out loud to his hyungs. 

for Sugaaaa…. a cool article of clothing, a hat, a cool tshirt, or maybe even a cute friendship bracelett, something he’d appreciate and wear, maybe add something personal to it letting him know that his hard work pays off and how much you appreciate him. 

for J Hope… something similar to V, something that he’s probably going to annoy the hell out of the other members with, maybe a dog toy, i think he’d find that very strange but then proceed to squeak it in the other members ears. 


“An idol needs to smile.”

2015.07.22 happy birthday nico!!

Hi everyone! :D This is my beautiful girlfriend Aurora, known on tumblr as aurorasunrisesunset. She’s one of the sweetest and most wonderful people I know, and the love we feel for each-other is as boundless as the stars. When most people rush around like ants, Aurora will be watching sunrises and sunsets, and appreciating the beauty in small things. She is also an amazing writer and you can read some of her poetry here. (Also, here’s a quote from her that showcases her personality more.)

Aurora needs, desperately, to get out of an abusive living situation. She feels suicidal a lot of the time, and does not have anyone to turn to for help outside the internet. Her family members minimize her disabilities (both physical and mental) and often treat her as if she is worthless. Outside her home she constantly faces slurs and verbal abuse, and she has also been a victim of sexual assault and a death threat. She is wanting to move to where I am living, which would be a much better environment for her. It will also be absolutely wonderful if we could see each-other in real life; so far, our relationship, while full of passion and devotion, has only been long-distance.

Please note that this is a life or death situation, considering both her suicidal ideation and the physical danger she is in right now. If you have ever donated or considered donating to a fundraiser that was not life or death, please consider donating to this one.

She also really needs $120, like, now, to be able to get her smartphone back; it had been taken away because the loan had only been partially paid off. It will give her a lot more freedom to communicate with myself and her other friends who she knows online. (Right now she only has limited access to a computer she shares with the family members who abuse her.) If that money can be raised in the next couple weeks so she can get her phone before the deadline (august 9th), that would be awesome. If not, keep reblogging this post and donating, because she still needs money to get out of her situation. Every donation helps.

If all my followers donated $5 to Aurora’s fundraiser, she would have all the money she needs. Please donate; it really will help. If you can spare $5 for a starbucks drink or macdonalds burger, you can definitely spare $5 to help save a life and bring two lovers together.

Here’s the link to her fundraiser. (There’s also more info in the description if you want to know more specifics.)

If you can’t donate, please spread the word. Don’t “like” this post because it just makes it look like it’s getting more attention than it’s actually getting, but reblogs are helpful. Also feel free to share this with family and friends.

Thank you!

BTS Reaction: They want to have sex but don’t know how to tell you

This reaction isn’t a problem! I love it! 

-Admin N

Jungkook: *since he’s a little baby he’d be too nervous to say anything so he’d just kiss you until it gets hot and heavy* *but he’ll do that lil eyebrow thing and UGHHHH*

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V: “Do you want to… you know?”

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Jimin: *rips his shirt off once he see’s you do something attractive, hoping you’ll get the hint*

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Rap Monster: “Jagi, don’t make me say it!” *shy little dude*

Originally posted by rninjoon

J-Hope: *gif* (aka, no words would be needed with him)

Originally posted by vhyung

Suga: “To quote The NeighbourhoodOne love, one house, no shirt, no blouse. Just us, you find out” *smirks*

Originally posted by vmiin

Jin: “Can we…?”

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Living with 5sos would include:
  • Grocery shopping every other day
  • “Can I please touch your hair?”
  • “Sure, but why does your hand have dye on it?" 
  • Constant flirting because they’d fuck anything with legs. 
  • "Pretty please with a vanilla swirl and cherry on top?”
  • “Stop abusing him." 
  • Having an emergency code name but it’s mostly used when a spider is present.
  • Calum sending you the ‘Need help’ text but he only needed more toilet paper. 
  • "4/4 would bang you if you asked, just saying." 
  • Being the one to drag everyone together for a groUP THERAPY because they manage to piss each other off entirely. 
  • "Say you’re sorry." 
  • "Fuck you, Luke." 
  • Movie night with the boys where they sandwiched you into the sofa because they all want cuddles and do not want to wait turns to do so
  • Group chatting because actually socializing with one another is “too mainstream.” - Michael
  • “It’s my birthday, I DEMAND KISSES.”
  • Attempting to prank them but they’d start whining because they can’t find you, so you’d just give up.
  • “Do you know what I ship?”
  • “What?”
  • “US.”

I’m back and I’m so happy that the queued things went well. Anyway

1. Please, please, please, help Kaitlyn meet 5sos

2. Julia is bae af so here’s her Watty & Tumbz

preference three; soulmates (cashton)

ashton / countdown
       you knew you had to stick to your plans and let fate take it’s course. it happened naturally.. well, of course accompanied with a looming time limit that plagued you every second of the day. as nice as the idea was, those childhood dreams of a romantic meeting had disappeared the moment your timer had hit one month away. it all became real. you were going to meet the person you were born to be with. you were meant to be with no one but them. now all you cared about was not throwing up on their shoes when you finally met.
       "remember, y/n, you need to take your brother to football practice in ten.“ your mum calls. she doesn’t know what’s happening today, and you’re glad she doesn’t. she’d insist on coming with you, plus you’d rather no one know you were going to meet your soulmate at your brother’s damned, muddy football field.
       "sure,” you mumble. usually you’d just roll out of bed, shove on some clothes and go, that’s why your mum was reminding you so late, but today you’d been up since around eight to make sure you didn’t look as morbid as usual. well, okay, not just less morbid, you wanted to look your best. not that that was anything to be ashamed of - you were sure everyone did it.
       you usher your brother into the car as quickly as you can, jittering nervously on the steering wheel as you go. when you pull up, you check your lipgloss one more time, and your brother frowns at you.
       "who’re you dressing up for?“ he demands. "don’t tell me you think coach johnson is hot?!”
       "ew, god, no!“ you protest. "he’s like seventy and always has crumbs in his beard.”
       "then why?“ he asks, nosily.
       "it’s a secret.” you reply. “can you keep it until i tell mum and dad?”
       "sure! sure!“ he bounces back excitedly.
       you flick up your sleeve to reveal your timer. you had five minutes thirty-two seconds left. your brother gapes at you.
       "no way!” he exclaims.
       "let’s hope it’s not coach johnson, right?“ you joke, pushing open the car door and jumping out.
       your brother soon forgets what’s going on when he goes rushing into the gaggle of boys gathered on the pitch. you drift off into your own world when the whistle blows, tapping your foot nervously. you try to stop thinking about the time ticking in your wrist, but it’s not working.
       "shit, harry, we’re late.” you hear a boy’s voice groan. “i’m sorry, i know it’s your first time playing, i got other things on my mind.”
       "what, like your timer?“ a younger boy’s voice jokes. the source of the voice sits next to you on the bench, lacing up his football boots. he’s about your brother’s age.
       your eyes widen and your heart starts to pound. he’s literally behind you. you lift your sleeve up lightly and you’re right - you have approximately five seconds. a broad figure sits next to you, with sandy blond curls tucked into a bun and a bit of scruff around his chin. he lets out a light chuckle.
       "i’m really hoping it’s you, and not the middle-aged dad on my right,” he jokes. you grin.
       "i guess it’s your lucky day.“

calum / colour blind
       you knew no different. you had been given a little laminated card when you were about two to learn which shade of grey resembled which colour. now you were eighteen, you were barely interested. the world of tone and shade you’d grown up in was normal to you and you had quickly learned that you couldn’t miss something you’d never experienced. it still didn’t stop you feeling upset when your parents absentmindedly commented on the vibrant, fresh flowers in the florist or the lovely shade of red your lips were, when you’d actually thought you’d selected a subtle beige.
       it was all down to soulmates. your destined other half, the person who would complete you. the closer you got to your soulmate, the more the colours would appear. your mum had told you she’d woke up for work one day with hints of colour that she put down to her eyes being strange, but the closer she got to her office, the brighter they became. she was meant to interview a potential assistant manager for her company and ended up meeting her soulmate.
       you woke up, as usual, to a plain room. it was meant to be violet - your mum’s favourite colour. she said they were the colour of the flowers in her office, where she first met your dad. you followed your usual morning routine; showering, doing your hair and makeup, asking your mum whether you’d chosen clashing colours or not. you would stop at the same coffee shop without fail before college - only caffeine could get you through your first class.
       the middle of town is busy at the time you stop by; morning rush. you weave through the crowds and as you pass by a young woman wearing a seemingly black hat, you suddenly jolt to a stop on the sidewalk. was that a glimpse of red you saw, or just a trick of the eye? you stare after the woman helplessly, her hat suddenly the same black, and start walking again.
       the next thing you see is the menu of a restaurant you are passing. the lettering wasn’t just a dark grey, no, it was purple. next a man’s briefcase - it’s a smart navy blue. and cars, they aren’t black or white. they are faded gold, silver, red, blue, green, you name it. you scramble to walk faster, pushing through the crowds at top speed, trying to take in the washed out colours that are slowly becoming more vibrant as you continue your journey. a woman’s lipstick - bright pink. a man’s hair - rich chestnut brown. then you reach the florist next door to the coffee shop, and you are completely overwhelmed.
       everything is bright with colour, bursting with every shade of the rainbow. red, pink and white roses, purple lilies, yellow sunflowers climbing high, all with rich green stems and forest green leaves. the old woman in the shop beams at you, but you are too involved in the sight to notice. actually, you are too involved in the sight to even notice the boy a few steps down. he’s swallowed in the bustling, oblivious crowd, but he’s gazing at you like you’re the most brilliant thing he’s ever seen.
       "honey,” the shopkeeper nudges you softly. she points to the young boy holding a coffee cup in his hand.
       he’s tall and well-built, with tanned skin littered with beautiful tattoos. his hair is tousled and curly, falling over his forehead and slightly over big brown eyes, and his pink lips are slightly parted as he watches you. you tug at your shirt nervously as you approach him, hoping your lipstick was in fact the subtle pink your mum had told you it was.
       "you know,“ he mumbles, staring down at you happily. "i always thought these coffee cups were red.” you smile widely, grateful you didn’t have to manage through small talk.
       "i thought they were green, so i guess we were both wrong.“ you reply, eyeing the blue writing in annoyance.

New Priorities

Words: 1,574

Prompt: Imagine you’re the handler for the baby dinos when I-Rex escapes and Owen is trying to get to you to make sure you’re safe and all kinds of fluffy stuff.

Pairing: OwenxReader


“We have an asset out of containment, put ACU on alert, this is not a drill!” You heard the frantic voice of Claire, the operations manager, blaring through your radio. 

 You were currently sat on one of the mini lookout towers in the petting zoo where kids got to ride some of the triceratops. You’d only been in your new department for a year, but you were educated enough to know that this was bad. Claire herself had hired you to oversee the entire petting zoo and the raising of the baby dinosaurs before they were moved to bigger enclosures. Quickly assembling the other handlers in the zoo, you went over safety precautions and what needed to be done if the asset wasn’t contained. 

 "Listen up,“ you commanded, “if things go south and they can’t get that thing under control then your main priority will be getting everyone out of here and getting the dinos to safety, got it?" 

They nodded their assent and got back to work. You could only imagine how Owen, your boyfriend of nine months, was handling the situation. He was as passionate about these creatures as you were which is why he was so drawn to you. 

 Speaking of the devil he was ringing your phone when you were getting back to your watch tower. 

 "Hey babe is everything ok?” You tried not to sound worried, but you couldn’t help it. 

 "Y/N! Thank god you’re ok!“ Your heart fluttered at the tone of relief in his voice. You had only been dating for a few months, but it already felt like you’d known each other for years. 

 "I’m fine, but what’s happening? I heard the park manager say something about an escaped dinosaur?”

“One of the —- got out —- we can’t find —- its still on the —- you need to get ——— now.”

 On a good day you could make a phone call across the island without too much interference, but you could barely make out what Owen was trying to tell you. Nonetheless you got the gist of what he was saying. 

 "I’m not leaving them, not until I know they’ll be fine without me.“ That’s when the call cut out. 

 Your heart dropped into your stomach as you pictured the worst case scenario. Owen loved the animals more than even you did and you couldn’t help but picture him in dangerous situations, trying to save everyone he could. You made numerous calls to Owen, hoping to hear his voice again and reassure yourself that he was still alive, but to avail.

You tried to distract yourself by occupying your thoughts with your favorite memories of him like when you first became close. There were special residencies located outside the park for the employees that stayed there year around. Yours was located on the eastern side of the island with few neighbors. It was a short drive from the raptor enclosure and you would often visit on your days off. Owen started to notice your periodic trips and would let you walk over the paddock with him.

 "They like you,” he said, “they get a little more restless until you show up." 

"It’s probably because I sneak them extra mice when you’re not looking.” You said jokingly.

“No its because they know you respect them and you respect our bond.”

“It’s not a competition, it’s a relationship between you and them.”

“What about a relationship between you and me?”


“On what?”

“Whether you respect me." 

After that you were inseparable, always spending your free time together exploring the island or just being near each other. You were sprawled on his bed when you spotted Claire drive up to see him while he worked on his motorcycle through the window. She said something about Masrani wanting Owen to inspect the paddock for the new "asset” and diets not allowing for tequila, which is absolutely ridiculous. He was in a huff after she got back in her car while she waited for him.

“What was that about?” You asked.

“Masrani sent her out here to ask me to inspect one of the enclosures.”

“That’s not what I meant. Why didn’t you tell me you dated?” He heaved a heavy sigh as he changed his shirt and grabbed his leather vest

“It was one date and it was awful, she didn’t even take a shot, much less chug half the bottle like you did on our first date. It didn’t mean anything.”

“I was thirsty and you didn’t have any water, but that’s not the point.”

“Then what is the point, Y/N?”

“The point is if it didn’t mean anything then why are you changing your shirt?”

“Because I wanted to give you a show before I left.” Owen did a shirtless dance with a little hip swivel at the end. You got up to wrap your arms around his neck, laughing hysterically before he kissed you passionately.

“There was no second date because I had a first date with you.”

That’s why you loved him, because he was silly and ridiculous and affectionate. The rest of the day was spent drenched in anxiety and panic, waiting for the worst to come and finally it did when one of the children began to get fussy with the handler.

“No I don’t want to ride the twicewatops,” he said with a sticky voice, “I want to ride one of those!”

He pointed a chubby finger to the sky as a fleet of black flying creatures came soaring towards the main part of the island. Instantly, you recognized them as a large group of pterosaurs charging for the visitors. Knowing how they were raised in captivity it was most likely this was the first time they’ve flown without the confines of the aviary. You could already see them targeting the people and plucking them out of the crowd as they flew rampant through the park.

Instantly you started ushering people and their children out of the enclosure and into the closest building that was still at least a meter up the path leading to the main entrance of the park. Screams pierced the air as you saw people being lifted into the sky and carried away to god only knew where. Everyone was out and scrambling to safety by the time they came upon the petting zoo. All the other handlers had gone after you insisted they help lead the others to sanctuary leaving you to herd the dinosaurs to their indoor pens.

You used food and any other means you could to get them back into their cages. Thankfully you were able to get them all into their enclosures with few casualties. The pterosaurs were swooping in on you and all you had was a really big stick that was used for decoration to fend them off.

From your vantage point you could see one of the dinosaurs launch itself on Owen. You were swinging your stick furiously at the them, but you couldn’t tear your eyes away from Owen as he fought off the dimorphodon. Relief swept through you as you watched Claire fight that thing off with a gun which was quickly replaced with fear as a pteradon swiped the stick from your grasp.

“OWEN” You screamed at the top of your lungs hoping he’d hear you. The dinosaur snapped at your head as you fought with everything you had left. Its claws scraped at your skin as it struggled to get a good hold to take you away. Suddenly its lifeless body collapsed on yours as Owen lifted it off of you and pulled you to your feet.

“Why didn’t you listen to me,” he yelled as he shook you by your shoulders, “why didn’t you get somewhere safe when I told you to?!”

Tears rimmed your eyes and he crashed his mouth into yours to kiss you harder than ever before. You took a handful of his shirt as you tried to make that kiss last forever because for a second it felt like you’d never get to feel his arms around you again.

“What would I have done without your H/C clogging my drain and your clothes making everything smell like you huh?” He said a little softer as he pressed his forehead to yours, forgetting the impending doom in the form of an escaped dinosaur that loomed above your heads.

“I’m sorry, they’re my first priority, I need to keep them safe.”

“Well you’re my new priority and I need you to get away from here. Take these,” he pressed a set of keys into your hand, “and head west. I left a bike near paddock six, use it and wait for me at the bungalow. If you go now there shouldn’t be anyone left guarding that section of the island to keep you from leaving, got it?”

The thought of leaving Owen made you physically ill, but you couldn’t be the cause of any more stress to him so you said yes. One hasty kiss later and you ran in the direction he pointed to. You looked back in time to see him run in the opposite direction with Claire and two young boys. Nothing was certain anymore, but as you rode for all you were worth you thought about what you would do with him when he got back because that was an absolute you weren’t willing to give up yet.


A/N: I watched Jurassic World like a million times today and accomplished none of the goals I set for the day so here’s an imagine

Also anyone who requests an imagine in the next two days gets an automatic follow and a link to their blog in my description for a month

Sometimes we need to do things we’d rather not do, in order to get the peace that we need; to look after our own well-being and to return to a healthy state. Decisions we may make may hurt others at times. Sometimes it hurts us too. I have found myself in situations like this recently. It’s a hard choice. But truly, there are times that we have to take care of ourselves. Sometimes there are no good choices, just painful ones… Sometimes that’s just how real life is.
—  Jose Harris

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12 calum thanks !! :-))))))))) 😘

(#12: “I think we need to talk”)

WC: 1008 / Masterlist

Excerpt: "You figured that was the closest you’d ever get to Calum stating you guys were the real deal. Though he wrote amazingly beautiful songs and had quite a way with words on paper, your boyfriend was not one to verbally share his emotions and thoughts. He was a man of actions, and you supposed him inviting you along was a big enough one to tell you that, hey, you know this thing we have going on? if it’s okay with you, I’d like it to be a forever-thing?”

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I can see it! The overarching plot in SvtFoE! How awesome was Toffee?!? You know, it doesn’t need the overarching plot, but I think that the show will benefit from one, and if Toffee remains the kind of antagonist I think he’s going to be, I see this turning out really good.

Also, “I don’t need a hero, I need a friend.”- Star Butterfly

Where was this when I needed a yearbook quote in high school?!

I really, really like this show, I’d go as far as to say that at the moment, it’s my favorite airing cartoon, and there are a lot of good ones at the moment.

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We need a fic with Deeks and Sam watching Kensi playing with Kam!

“Ah.” Sam held out a hand as they walked into the house. “Inspection.“ 

"Seriously? It was one time.” Kensi held out her bag, opening it so Sam could peer inside. 

“Junk food isn’t allowed, Kensi.” Sam said seriously, giving her bag the okay and letting her stride past him rolling her eyes. 

Turning towards Deeks, Sam rose an eyebrow. “Do I need to inspect you?" 

"I dunno.” Deeks shrugged. “Want me to give you a strip tease?”

Scoffing, Sam twisted to watch Kensi walk through the open french doors in his living room and find to Kam playing on the swing set he’d built years ago. “She’s got them in her jacket pockets, doesn’t she?”

“Ho Hos and Twinkies. I just bought ‘em this morning.” Deeks stepped up beside Sam. “And in my defense she made me help her hide them." 

“She’s gonna give Kam a sugar addiction.” Sam grunted disprovingly, shaking his head. 

“Nah, Kens wouldn’t share her sweets." 

"She’s good with Kam.” Sam noted as Kensi plopped down in the swing beside Kam, crazily laughing about something that had a huge grin on the little girl’s face.

“She is, has been since she realized she could be.” Deeks commented. “I’m just the guy they give makeovers too and occasionally I get to play hair stylist." 

"Not with me, you’re not.” Sam turned his head, glaring at the younger man.

“Not much for me to work with in the hair department. You wanna give me a makeover, Sam?” Deeks cocked his head, smirking boldly. 

“You need one, but not from me..” Sam headed towards the master bedroom. “I’m going to see if Michelle is ready." 

"Have fun.” Deeks trilled. 

“Sure.” Sam paused. “And thanks Deeks.”  

The pose of your’s is very apropos, Dear,
There’s not a doubt your place in the sun,
And more than half a million of us know, Dear,
That solar spot is now securely won;
We see you on a calendar that graces
The rumpus room of laymen, sports and bards,
And, once again we know you’re going places
For now, as Queen of Hearts, you’re in the cards!

You never will be lost in any shuffle,
For who’d renege the chance to play with you?
And though our male composure you may ruffle
A deal like this was really overdue;
For when this world of ours is torn and troubled,
Our need for you is doubled and redoubled!“Verse by Phil Stack One for the late day! Alberto Vargas - "Curves and Trumps” - July 1941 Esquire Magazine Gatefold


What is love? 

Loving someone earnestly!  Definitely.. Yes!

To love someone is to desire that person’s good. Certainly!

Her smile leaves you in a good mood - even in the worst days. Absolutely!!! This reaction is normal, Because its good.

Your heart beats quickly for someone like her!

You wake up thinking only of one thing, “I need to hear a song or that song." Yeah, who never?

And because she is simply the best! And everybody knows.

Well, these are a few reasons that she deserves to be loved!

Do not forget, all her talent, her beauty, her happiness and all his humility.

She is the most pure and kind-hearted person who can know!

What we feel for her, this is love!

Thank Florence Welch for existing!

She is amazing! Speechless.

Hi! Since my computer is broken I need $400 (NZD) to get the parts I need to get the damn thing working again. As such, I’m taking web dev and graphic design commissions, payment in advance. Donations are welcome but I’d much rather provide services to earn the money.

My rates are $20 / hour for services like graphic design and web design. If you need me to have a look at your theme and help customize it, or write you a custom one, I’d love for you to book me for that. I’m a web developer of 5 years and graphic designer of about 6 years, so you can rest assured the work you’re getting is quality, and I’m offering $10 / hour off my usual. Flat rate work also available if you want to get a quote on that, heavily discounted.

Get in touch at if you’re interested, or send me an ask for more details.

<3 y'all

A rant.

All of the men who are angry about the all female reboot of Ghostbusters​ remind me of a Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote. “I’m sometimes asked when will there be enough [women on the supreme court]? And I say ‘When there are nine.’ People are shocked. But there’d been nine men, and nobody’s ever raised a question about that.”  

No one ever batted an eye when the ghostbusters were only men.  So many films are male centric. I’ve seen so many movies with an unrealistic amount of women and nobody cares about that.  Women are often just accessories and it’s annoying and unrealistic.  Women are strong, powerful, and every bit as capable as men.
There will be men in this version of Ghostbusters, and they probably won’t just be a secretary and Bill Murray’s possessed love interest.

The argument that women aren’t interested in these kinds of movies is beyond absurd.  Just go to SDCC or DragonCon.  Women love nerdy films.  Women enjoy comedies.  These women are basically an untapped market. Paul Feig sees this.

Dan Aykroyd is more than okay with this reboot.  Possibly because the women cast are some of the funniest people in the entertainment business today!

So the question is, why are bunch of grown men complaining?  Probably because they have no real lives and have far too much time on their hands.  Or because, it’s nice being a man.  It’s nice having films where every thing is centered around you.  Perhaps they are getting a tiny glimpse of what it’s like being a woman going to see a movie, and they don’t like it.

That’s it. Rant over.  Sorry not sorry.