I remember I got into some heavy stuff last year, and uhm, he [Murray] sat me down. And he was like ‘If I see you do that again, I’m walking off the tour.’ And that was kind of what you needed, you know. Having someone you care about. Cos if he walked off the tour, I’d be f- I would have no one.
—  Ed Sheeran on how he stays grounded.

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Susan please you always make the best recs- can you recommend your favorite lesser known Larry fics? Like ones that you just love so much that you wish more people/everyone knew about/would read. I feel like I've read most of the really popular ones and I need something new!


The Walking Dead Meme | 6 Quotes [2/6]
↳ “Carol, Daryl, and me, we worked it out together. Carol took three guns from the armory. I still have one, she still has one. We lied to you, because I wasn’t sure how you’d take it, what you’d do. You think I’d try to stop you? Well, you did hit me over the head… That was for you. Not them. I was afraid you’d talk me out of it. You could’ve. We don’t need them here. I don’t need my sword. I think you can find a way. We can find a way. And if we don’t… I’m still with you.


The fan-base we created for the first one will be enough, I see kids our show every night and I see how excited they are for the prospect of our band, so if I am into a  band as much as they are into our band. I’d be really excited for the next album.

But I don’t think about it as paralleling anyone’s success we just need to be as proud of our second record as much as our first, that’s the only mantra that we have or the only thing that we fear. - Matthew Healy

Hi loves, please do not remove the caption :) 


(Crystalia Amaquelin based imagines are my favorite.)

 Johnny: “So who’s it going to be y/n? Me or Mr. Speedy over here? You need to choose." 
Y/N: "Choose? You act like there’s more than one option. I don’t have to choose anyone. I’m with Pietro and I broke up with you weeks ago. There you have your answer. I choose Pietro.”
Pietro: “That’s my girl. I never had any doubts that you’d pick me." 

“My dearest – But what more is there to be said? The things one says are always inadequate: it’s the touch of live hands, of lips pressed to lips that count. I want to hold you and say nothing. I want –”

I’ve been thinking a lot about this quote and how much it makes me think of the Doctor and Rose’s relationship. The Doctor shows his love for Rose through all these small touches. It’s the stroke of his thumb against the back of her hands when their fingers are entwined. It’s the way his hand runs up and down her spine, reverently mapping and memorizing each bump and dip as he does so, giving comfort and taking it. It’s the way he cups her cheek and the gentle way he presses his lips to her forehead, to her cheek. It’s unspoken affection and love that he gives her in a thousand different ways.

He utilizes all these small touches because the three words that the English language offers, that she would understand, seem woefully inadequate. They don’t do justice to the sheer enormity of how he feels about her. Millions of languages at his disposal and none of them can offer him a way of defining the warmth and longing and desire and belonging and acceptance that he feels when he’s with her.

(There’s a reason people say love is undefinable, he muses one night when the words almost slip from his mouth anyways. They know it’s an inadequate but they use it anyways. It’s shorthand for everything he’s feeling and he knows it but he can’t bring himself to use it still.)

So he searches for a way to verbally express how he feels and just continues to show her through the touch of his hand against hers, through lingering hugs and kisses that are too few in number when she is torn away from him at Canary Wharf.

And when he finds a way to talk to her one final time, it’s salt in the wound that he can’t touch her. He can’t lean into her hand when she reaches for his cheek. He can’t take her hand and ground himself with her presence and he can’t wrap her in a hug or press his lips to hers. All the ways he’s used to express just how much he loves her have been stripped from him, the final injustice of this whole disaster.

The words are all he has left now and he’s going to say them. He’s going to say them, especially when Rose has been the brave one, like always, and said them first. 

He wants to say them but they stick in his throat for just a second too long as his brain continues to rebel against their inadequacy and he loses his last chance.

He wants to finish that sentence, wants to wipe the tears from her face and wrap her in a hug so tight that no words are necessary, wants to reassure her, wants to make sure she knows.

Oh he wants –

She was broken, so shattered that no one bothered to even try to fix her. But I saw the beauty in her broken pieces. I saw that beneath all of the shattered remnants was a woman so beautiful, so strong that all she needed was someone to help pick up one piece and she’d do the rest. So I did.
—  Oko Ninjah
I have friends who like that drama. I’m not one of those people. If you’re a suitable, positive partner, then great, I’d love to add you to my life. But I don’t need anybody to feel complete. I don’t need to be with somebody just to not be alone.
—  Shay Mitchell on Seventeen Magazine.

Prompt: “can you please make a fic where eleanor gets in a car accident and is in a coma and jasper never leaves her side and confesses his love for her and doesn’t know she’s awake when he says so?? Also quote continuing from 1x10: “I lost you once…I can’t lose you again…” thank you omg;;” 

He’d trusted one of his peers with her life. Biggest. Mistake. Ever. Today was supposed to be his day off, it was Sunday and the Royal family didn’t have any plans, so he took a well-needed day off. He didn’t think that something like this would happen.

He was cooking himself lunch when his cell phone rang. Nothing unusual, right? Wrong.

The words were on replay in his mind as he ran to the hospital.

“Eleanor…car accident…coma.”

As he slowed to a brisk walk at the entrance of the hospital, he reminded himself that he needed to calm down. Jasper tried, he really did, but he couldn’t do it. He’d just been told that the one person he cared about was involved in a car accident and was placed into a coma. How the hell could he calm down?

So, with shaking hands, he jogged up to the front desk and asked to see her. Of course, the woman looked at him like he was absolutely crazy. He looked like a complete idiot asking to see the Princess.

“I’m her bodyguard.” He showed the older lady his “badge”, so to speak, and she sighed, looking through piles and piles of paperwork.

“Sixth floor, room thirteen,” she pointed towards the elevators. He said a brief ‘thank you’ and jogged towards the elevator. He waited for the doors to open for what seemed like hours. Eventually, the doors opened to reveal Ted Pryce, one of his bosses and Ophelia’s father.

“Is she okay? Breathing?” His voice cracked, he didn’t want to think about her dying. It was too much.

“Get in.” Ted waved a hand, motioning for him to step into the elevator. “The accident was bad, car totaled. Justin didn’t make it; he sacrificed himself for Eleanor. He jumped into the backseat and blanketed her body to save her. When they found her, she wasn’t breathing. There’s a machine breathing for her now. The doctors put her in an induced coma to reduce the swelling in her brain,” the elevator doors opened, “Go see her.”

The information was almost too much to handle at once. She had died. Even if it was only for a couple of minutes, she still died. He wasn’t there to protect her and shield her from the world. That was his job. The whole reason he was here was to protect her; and he hadn’t done that. He hadn’t been there to save her and it killed him.

He turned the silver door knob and walked in. The beeping of her heart monitor was the first thing he heard, along with the oxygen machine that was breathing for her. Her dark hair surrounded her face, her eyes closed and makeup free. She had a gash in her forehead that was wrapped in gauze, her leg propped up on a pillow and her left wrist wrapped in bandages. The white covers reflecting off of her pale skin, giving the allusion that she was glowing.

He pulled up a chair from the corner, placing it so that he was facing her right side. Jasper intertwined their hands, feeling her cold, nimble fingers. He couldn’t believe this was happening. His Eleanor, who wasn’t technically his, couldn’t breathe on her own.

For once, she was completely silent and it freaked him the hell out. She was constantly talking, constantly pushing his limits and saying things she wasn’t supposed to. It was strange see her so silent.

He’d lost her before; and he wasn’t about to lose her again.


Within a couple of days, Eleanor had started to breathe on her own and the swelling in her brain had gone down tremendously. It was time for her to wake up. But she didn’t. The doctors didn’t understand why she wouldn’t wake up. They blamed it on a simple case of exhaustion and that all they could do was wait.

So, he waited. He waited for four days, six hours, and twenty-one minutes for her to wake up. No matter who came in, not even the Queen, he never left her bedside. Jasper never let her hand fall from his grasp.

But, after four days, six hours, and twenty-one minutes of waiting, he started to lose hope. The gash in her forehead had healed and she was breathing on her own, but she still wasn’t Eleanor.

He thought it was time to say his final words,

“I’ve lost you once…I’m not sure I can lose you again,” he paused and felt tears spring to his eyes. “but I’m going to have to if it means that you’re in a better place. I love you, Eleanor. I want you to know that it’s okay to let go if you’re done fighting.” He stood to leave, squeezing her hand one last time and starting towards the hospital room door. His throat constricted as his hand made contact with the cold metal doorknob. He fought back tears, knowing that this might very well be the last time he would ever see her.

He stopped when he heard a murmur come from the woman behind him, a waking sound that he’d heard so many times before.

She was waking up.

In two strides, he crossed the room and stood above her, watching for any alarming signs, mentally checking for signs of anything fatal. Her eyes fluttered open and her hand stretched for his. He could barely hide his excitement.

“Good morning, Princess,” he smiled for the first time in days, a wide smile that felt like it spread from ear-to-ear. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. He walked over to the pitcher of water sitting on the other side of her hospital bed, pouring her half a glass of water. She sipped before gulping it down, handing the glass back to him.

“I love you too,” she whispered.

Going away- Freechamp one-shot

A freechamp one-shot inspired by otpprompts. Enjoy xxx


Rita pulled up outside the airport, sighing heavily.

“Do you really have to go?"she asked, turning to Connie.

"It’s for three days Rita, you’ll barely even notice I’m gone.”

The blonde pouted, batting her eyelashes at her.

“Can’t I come with you?”

“To a cardiotharasic semonar in Switzerland? You’d be bored senseless! Besides, I need someone to make sure the ED doesn’t burn down while I’m away.”


“No. Stay here. I’ll be back soon I promise.”

Connie lent in close and kissed her deeply, mustering up all the passion and desire she could.

“That should keep you going for three days.” she whispered pulling away.

“I’m gonna miss you Con.”

“I’ll miss you too Reets.”

Connie elegantly climbed from the car and collected her bag from the boot. As she walked past the driver side window, Rita rolled it down.



“… Nevermind, it can wait three days.”

“Okay, see you soon.”

“Yeah, see you later.”

Rita watched as Connie strutted through the depature doors, sighing heavily. She thumped her head against the steering wheel in fustration. Why couldn’t she say it? It was three words, how hard could it be? Growling in frustration, she turned on the ignition and pulled away.


Three hours later, Rita was curled up in her stripey onesie with a cup of hot chocolate, watching Supernatural when her phone rang. It was Connie.

“Hey, aren’t you supposed to refrain from calling people midflight?”

“I’m calling to say goodbye Rita.”

Connie’s voice was thick with fear and sadness.

“Woah, Connie, what’s going on?”

“W-we’ve been hijacked and… and… we’re minutes away from crashing. I’m not going to make it Reets.”

Rita sat in stunned silence tears pouring down her cheeks. She couldn’t believe this was happening.


“I’m still here Connie.”

“There’s so much left to say Reets.”

“Look, I wanted to say this before but I was too nervous. Connie… I love you.”

“I love you too.” Connie whispered, her voice barely audible.

“I should have said something earlier.”

Rita could hear Connie crying on the other end of the phone.

“Hey, don’t cry honey. I’m right here for you.”

“I’m scared.”

“I know, but it’ll be fine. I’m not going anywhere.”

“Will you do me a favour?”


“When… when I’m gone… tell Grace I love her.”

“I promise.”

Connie let out a sharp gasp.

“Connie. Connie? Con are you still there? CONNIE?”

Rita let out a sob, pressing her phone close to her ear.

“Connie? Please answer me.”

A quiet groan sounded from the other end.

“R-Rita?” she heard scrambling sounds on the other end of the phone.

“Connie? Connie can you hear me?”

“Reets, the plane… it crashed, my ribs feel broken, my head throbs but… but I’m still here.”

“Hang tight Connie, there’ll be help on the way.”

“I-I’m tired Rita.”

“Hey, come on. You need to stay awake for me.”

Rita continued to talk to Connie, desperately trying to keep her awake. She heard the sound of sirens in the background.

“The- the ambulance is here…”

“See, I told you things would be okay.”

“I’ll- call you back- later.”

“Okay, don’t leave me worrying yeah.”


The phone went dead, and Rita broke down completely. She had come so close to losing her. She couldn’t go through that again. She vowed to never let Connie travel on her own again.

The Signs as Steven Universe Quotes

Note: Literally from Steven.

Aries: “Let’s get beefy!”

Taurus: “But if it were me, I’d really want to be a giant woman.”

Gemini: “Sleep is a curse, and yet a curse I need to live.”

Cancer:  “No prob, Bob”

Leo:  “I learned to stay true to myself by watching myself die.”

Virgo:  “Just punch and you’ll be fine.”

Libra:  “…if you think we can’t, we’ll, always find a way.”

Scorpio: “None of you are the handsome one! I’M the handsome one!” 

Sagittarius:  “Is that gonna hurt?”

Capricorn: “I can’t even open the fridge!”

Aquarius: “I just turned all my fingers into cats!”

Pisces:  “ I have to protect you, what if somehow you get hurt? What do I do? I don’t want that for you.”

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fs headcanon!! what do you think the conversation of jemma convincing fitz to go into the field was like?

I have it from a very reliable source that she said (and I quote):

“Oh, Fitz. It’s the most perfect opportunity for us to see the world. We’d be fools to pass this one up!” 

Who? - C.H

A/N: Please send in any requests! This is based off one of my favorite books on Wattpad ;) it’s linked below, read it you won’t regret it! Credit goes to her for the idea!  

Inspired by “Wattpad - Schizophrenia"

If you love me, you’d do it

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No one seemed to understand me like he did, that is if anyone understood my thoughts. He didn’t judge me and he was always there like a plan B. I could count on Calum to back me up, he was there at the right times whenever I need support. I remember the time he showed up at my window at three in the morning when I was baling my eyes out over the horrid day I just had. He would show up after terrifying fights with my parents and he would always come to the therapist with me. Often times he told me not to take the medication subscribed, he said it didn’t do anything but make me tired and less like me. I agreed because whenever I did take it Calum wasn’t around as often.

It was another day of sitting in the waiting room praying for my named to be called so I could just leave.

“I hate this!” I said reaching over and grabbing Calum’s hand.

“I know Y/N, do you remember what I told you to say when they ask about how you are doing?” He said squishing my hand between his.

“Yes, but maybe I should just tell the truth Cal. I stated feeling a bit unsure about telling the doctors about the absent of myself taking medication.

“No! Don’t Y/N they will only make you take more, possibly take you away from me!” Cal said a bit more aggressive.


“It’s better if you just don’t ask questions.”

I sighed and rested my head on his shoulder, after ten more minutes I was called back. I jointed up and pulled Calum along with me.

” Ms. Y/N, how are you today? “ Dr. Larsen asked

“Okay” I said while looking at Calum

“Have you been taking your medication alright?”

“Uhh…y-yes” Calum glared at me with a painful stare

“Okay great, and any problems that have been occurring?”

Doctor Larsen continued asking me endless questions but all I was focused on was Calum. He sat beside me examining the doctor and whispering the answer to me.

“Well you seem swell Y/N, I would like to see you back in a week.”

Calum walked me back to my house. When we got there we walked up to my room and I watched as Cal flopped down on my bed.

I fumbled with the pills in my hand

“Cal…I think I should…t-take them…” I said emptying out two small capsules.

“Y/N, do you love me?” Calum said gripping my hand.

“Y-yes, of course, but I…”

“If you did you wouldn’t be holding those.”

I looked down than looked back up at Calum dropping the pills to the floor and climbing into his arms.

“Good” he said pushing his head into the crook of my neck.

Weeks pasted of me not taking my pills and painfully lying at every doctors visit.

For some reason I didn’t like what I was turning into. Calum convinced me to do bad things now, using the “if you love me you will do it” card, he told me it was all going to be alright.

It started off as simple little things like cheating in school when Calum knew the teacher would give me a bad grade, or stealing out of my dad’s wallet when he refused to buy me that new shirt.

It escalated pretty quickly to Calum telling me to hurt other kids who he thought posed a threat to me or even so gave me the slightest weird look. I didn’t like hurting others but Calum seemed to have the strongest effect on me.

It wasn’t until Calum told me I had to kill the boy who sits behind me in math that I began to worry.

“No Calum, I won’t he didn’t do anything !”

“Y/N I heard him talking about you to his friends. He called you pathetic!”

“That’s okay, I don’t care what people think, I only need you…I have you!” I cried

“You won’t have me unless you do this.” Calum said with a straight face.

I sniffed and curled up into a ball against the wall. Calum slid down next to me and embraced me in his arms.

“Shhh, it’s okay baby, you’ll be alright. I just want to protect you. I love you.”

I looked up at him with glossed eyes and winced when I saw him grin an evil smile. He kissed my forehead and I spoke up.

“Okay, I will”

What is your name: Jaleel

When is your birthday: May 18th

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Nickname: jay, jj, sekari, sek, sora, and salt (dont ask)

Where are you from: Kissimmee, Fl :I

Have a crush: currently? aaronsgift

Favorite Anime: Kekkaishi, wolf’s rain, SAO, and Akame ga kill

What’s your favorite color(s): Green and Blue :D

Write something in capitalized letters: QUACK

Favorite Artist(s) or Band(s): Demi Lovato, Utada Hikaru, ONE OK ROCK, P!nk

Favorite Quote: “I don’t need a weapon, my friends are my power!”- Sora (corny as fuck but i love it)

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Number: 6

Movies I am waiting for: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’..thats about it lol

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Parent-teacher verse so far...maybe I need a title for this...any ideas?

First Meeting
Prompt:  Regina takes pity on Robin who is dropping off his 5 year old, who suddenly has a meltdown about the first day of school. 

Second Meeting
Prompt: “Do I know you from somewhere?” 

Third Meeting
Prompt: “Hi, I tried to send a drink over to your table, but the bartender took it to the wrong person, so I thought I’d bring this one over in person." 

Parent-Teacher conference : Established
Can my prompt be to ask for the parent-teacher conference in the teacher au?

Future: Established
Prompt:After taking an exaggerated breathe and offering up a wink, Regina rushed out "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck If a woodchuck could chuck wood?”

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Although he has no children of his own, Jennifer Garner said she amazed at how quickly Joel and young CJ Adams bonded on the set of “The Odd Life of Timothy Green."  She had assumed that she might have to give Joel some pointers on how to relate to children, but she admitted that “I really didn’t need to help Joel. Joel was so gifted with CJ right from the beginning that they had their own relationship before CJ and I did.”

CJ was continually delighted with the funny jokes and magic tricks that Joel would do for him, and appreciated how Joel tried to make the filming fun:

“There was one scene where he would do a long monologue,” CJ recalled. "It was getting late and we were tired. He would make me laugh. Instead of doing the lines about all the things that I (Timothy) wanted to build, he’d say it was all the things I wanted to burn down with fireworks. Everyone started laughing on set.“

For his part, Joel says that CJ "really liked me because I was another guy in his life: just a big dude who would throw him around and stuff – we’d joke around and get physical with each other.”

Photo: Joel on the set, with CJ happily clinging to Joel’s back

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Okay, okay I'm a bit slow and need clarification. In the recent Token and Dezzi art (btw very pretty) is it Token saying that quote to Dezzi? Is Token officially giving Dezzi the "It's never gonna happen" talk? (Its a ship I've liked ever since you first posted them together and though I know it's been mostly one-sided I didn't quite expect that cannonball) And if it is that talk...I guess I didn't think it'll go that way. You don't deserve it sounds a lot like you don't deserve love...

Oh, no. It was just a description of what Dezzi was feeling in that moment. 

But it’s just Token giving Dezzi a stern talking to to avoid any goofball flirty none sense Dezzi tends to cook up and he’s kinda confused with Dezzi’s demeanor in that moment as well. Token’s oblivious to Dezzi’s true feelings. It’s not quite a never-gonna-happen talk, more of a get-your-shit-together/what-is-your-deal talk.

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You're in London right? Have you noticed any weird differences between where you live in Australia and London? (I hope you're having a great time!)

Well I was in London but now I’m in Santorini but here is an incomplete list of shit that’s different in the land of my forefathers

1. Everyone looks rich af

2. The tube is great and you don’t need to wait 20 minutes for a train if you miss  one looking at you MELBOURNE METRO and yes I am aware that it’s only really in London that the public transport is good but let me dream

3. So many accents

4. Was shopping at primark and before I spoke to the cashier he said, “"are you travelling” and I was like “"yeah how’d you know?” And he said, “"because you smiled at me” so holy fuck y'all need to treat your cashiers bette

5. You hire deck chairs it’s so British just sit on the grass don’t pay 80p or whatever the grass doesn’t hurt you

6. Australians are an endemic plague on the city

7. So many war memorials and statues my friend had to drag me away from them

8. It’s like 20 pounds to get into Westminster abbey so much for religion being for the poor churches in Aussies are free (museums aren’t though)

9. Why is there a statue of Lincoln near westminster

10. Was at the British museum and it was free and glorious and they had an exhibit on indigenous art and the guard basically told me not to go in bless his cotton socks because he seemed to think Australia was all about promoting indigeneity and that I’d know all about what they were exhibiting

11. Stations are not all disabled access plus fix this London Underground

12. London though is seriously such a vibrant multicultural dynamic city and if I didn’t have to sell my own organs to afford to live there, I would so live there