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(for the writing meme) Yoonmin for “This one’s on me." ty~!!

Yoongi knew it was a weird thing to enjoy, but his early morning trip to the Laundromat tended to be the highlight of his week.

Most 22 year olds would rather do anything besides laundry and would definitely not look forward to spending two hours in a dimly lit room surrounded by empty machines and crappy late night radio. Yoongi loved it though. He loved walking through the dark streets, late enough that the clubbers had already stumbled to their final destination, but early enough that the commuters had yet to take to the road. He loved pushing into the Laundromat, where the lights flickered and the radio cackled with static more often than it spouted words. He loved the symmetry of the rows upon rows of washing machines and driers. He loved that he always had the place to himself, save the worker who was usually napping anyway. He loved sinking to the floor, pressing his back against the whirling machine, and just getting lost in his thoughts as he waited for his clothes to get clean.

It was simple and easy and consistent.

Just like every Monday for the past six months, Yoongi shouldered his laundry bag and made the slow walk to the Laundromat. He hummed softly to himself as he pushed inside, nodding towards the sleepy worker.

Yoongi headed towards his normal washer, not noticing anything was amiss until he came to a halting stop in front of the machine.

For the first time in 26 Mondays, there was another customer in the room.

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i cant watch horror movies on my own because like either my brain starts to analyze everything and is like “lol dat fake” or it starts to hear every tiny noise and is like “lol u dead” either way i need someone to watch horror with me always

Call me weird but there are some characters that I absolutely *love* together but at the same time I don’t ship them romantically or platonically. I won’t even call it a POTP or a BROTP or heck whatever shipping term you use doesn’t apply.

It’s just that I love seeing the characters interacting together and crave it to a point that it can be considered shipping.

And given my tolerance, i tend to be okay if someone else ships them platonically or romantically

there’s this girl at work who I think has been hardcore flirting with me but I am literally so clueless and it just dawned on me how oblivious i’ve been 

like on my first day while I was having lunch, she stood around talking to me for forty minutes even though she had already taken her lunch break and kept dropping compliments – i thought she was just really friendly lol. then she asked me to lunch this week and i declined obviously because i’m fasting (which makes everything so much easier and i’m thankful for it tbh). now we just make awkward/smiley eye contact because we sit across from each other

this post is so extra i’m sorry goodnight

*Watches trailer of M;inecraft by TTG* Nope, still not hyped about it.