You can find hexagonally-patterned rocks in Petoskey, MI, that are actually fossilized corallites. Petoskey stones were formed during a prehistoric ice age that scattered them to the shores of Lake Michigan. The dark spots were the coral’s mouths, and the tiny lines were tentacles that reached out for food. Source Source 2 Source 3

Okay a part I had to watch twice in disbelief was this part (and I shall commentate):

Okay, normal. He’s either gonna get rejected or pounced on (most likely the former).


Ford?! This little awkward nerd owl who’s last known flirtation ended with punch all over him? Dr. Stanford Filbrick “I’m married to science” Pines is actually trying to pull the moves on this lady?

Are they making separate attempts trying to win her favor one way or the other or are they trying to pull a “double the trouble” deal? Did they make a bet on what her favorite flower was?

Will she accept?! Which one would win the bet?

Nope. She’s done. They will never know her favorite flower.

Yup, there they go. Blaming each other for the failure. Should’ve just asked what her favorite flower was instead of making her choose out of those two. She knows you picked them in the middle of the park. Probably gonna attract bees. You two are gonna get attacked by bees because of-



This song is extremely strange but it’s definitely my current guilty pleasure.

You can buy an anti-zombie cabin. $113,000 gets you a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, garage, living room, TV, Xbox, rooftop deck with barbed wire, and an escape hatch. There are also extras like solar panels, water cannons, search lights, and flame throwers, but everyone gets the same 10-year guarantee: if you can prove a zombie made it past the reinforcements, you get your $$ back. Source

Shout out to the readers whose parents and/or family don’t support their reading habits. For every time you were told you are wasting your time filling your head with nonsense and you should be doing something more productive. For all those times they told you they’re not wasting any more money on books for you and for every time they told you to stop wasting your own money on books. For every time they called you weird and blamed books for giving you “ideas”. For all those whose parents wanted proof that you were reading a book for class and not for pleasure. For every time they took away your book and forced you to go do something else and for the times they threatened to throw away or burn your books. To all those whose parents strictly controlled what you read. Your interest in reading is valid. Be a rebel. Read.