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au where everythings the same but one of alternias weird laws is "you eat a lusus you become a lusus" like, because of nepetas hunting shes the mom of like 50 grubs, feferis got a million sister

Hopy shit

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Do you think that there willbe a love-making scene between hilal and leon?

Well, I really think it will be. *lol* Okay, I know I am a hopeless fan girl but let’s take a look what we have seen so far.

First of all I want to talk about the great chemistry between the actors. Did you see their last photoshoot? Did you notice the concept? They could have showed us a more innocent couple but they didn’t. (Remember Episode Magazine Photoshoot was like this.) But ranini tv is different, because their writers and team have been working for years and they have a good eye when it comes to chemistry. So even they chose a concept to show their burning chemistry and no one found this weird. This means even though Boran and Miray are still inexperienced in this industry they can easily create an intense chemistry.

I mean look at this… 

Before Hileon couple existed Defne and Omer was the most popular and hot couple in Turkish drama world but I have never seen the actors like this. (And given that Kiralik Ask was a romantic comedy, they instead should have been like this!)  

In short, everyone already sees them as a hot couple now. Probably the writers too.

Secondly, we already saw their interaction on a physical level, and not just one time, so many times. And those scenes were detailed. Yes, this couple has everything, but when it comes to passion, the writers don’t hold themselves back. But this doesn’t mean that they saw how much popular the couple became and abruptly said “hey, we should write more passion because sex always sells”. No. I don’t think so. Because if we take a look at their first real interaction, we can see that the writers planned their chemistry with this way from the very start. I mean if you didn’t want to show how beautiful their intimacy and skinship would be, you wouldn’t write a dressing scene and absolutely wouldn’t put them so close to each other. (Like why did Hilal look at his lips or why didn’t she look at his body since she was a nurse and saw naked bodies before? Were these necessary?)

(Actually the writers planned this also for Ali Kemal and Yildiz but interestingly nothing happened. They aren’t a couple and somehow they can’t be either. Also I don’t feel any chemistry between them.)

Thirdly, maybe the most important one, the characteristics of Hilal and Leon make me believe that. Hilal is a passionate girl. About anything she loves or hates. So when she loves, she goes until the end. I don’t see any expectation when it comes to Leon. I know sometimes she can be too harsh to him but still she loves him to the moon and back. The same goes for Leon. Also he has a bit flirtatious side and this makes him more daring. For instance, in the last episode, only he could be that daring to kiss her in her backyard. *lol* And he doesn’t hesitate to touch her, because he expresses his feelings with this way. So when the time comes, they can’t stop, won’t stop, without thinking, without considering the consequences of it, they will make love. I believe so.

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hello hey hi ive only heard a few songs from the used and ive always meant to get into them and u said ppl could msg u for song recs,,,,, so here i am thank u👽

Yes of course omg !!! but okay my fave songs are:

-Bird and the Worm
-Liar Liar
-Back of Your Mouth
-Choke Me (this ones gay)
-Slit Your Own Throat
-Iddy Biddy
-The Ocean of the Sky (probs shouldn’t start w this one cause it gets Weird and has like 4 minutes of weird shit after the like song portion of it but its still a good song so im adding it)
-Sound Effects and Over Dramatics (this ones also gay)
-Hard to Say
-Poetic Tragedy
-I Caught Fire
-I Come Alive
-Hands and Faces
-Pretty Handsome Awkward (first song i ever heard by them!!)
-Make Believe
-Generation Throwaway
-A Song to Stifle Imperial Progression
-Force Without Violence

okay thats. A lot of songs and u dont have to listen to all them immediately but those r just (some of) my faves

also if u like listening to full albums pls listen to Lies for the Liars its SO good omg (like half of that album is already listed tbh i just love it so much)

  • Joey: "what the hell is with all these sad frog pictures in this mansion?"
  • Trizza: "--E < His name is Pepe, you uncultured piece of garbage.
  • Trizza: "--E < The wall you see in front of you, plastered with pictures of his face, is the quintessential representation of reality - the inexplicability of these frowning frogs having any importance in the world is congruent with the chaos of the universe."
  • Joey: "okay, you lost me in all those long smart show-off words."
  • Joey: "this wall still doesn't make any sense."
  • Trizza: "--E < Exactly. These frog pictures don't make sense. Neither does anything, really."
  • Trizza: "--E < What I'm saying is that the universe is just one big sad frog."
  • Joey: "weird."

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Am I the only one who finds it weird that Emily told Paige about the texts happening again and Paige has never brought it back up or even sympathised with Emily or asked is she okay?

Oh yeah! That is very strange now you mention it.

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Wait! Dont open that picture folder! With Roman please

“Okay here you can have my phone too now let me look at your photos!” she literally begged her boyfriend roman whose lap she was laying on to.

“You never take a no for an answer, do you?” he sighed and handed her his phone. He watched her scrolling through his photos until he noticed she was about to open the whatsapp photo album. “No! Do not open that photo album!”

“Why not?” she looked up at him all confused.

“Just look at something else please.”

“No. Why shouldn’t I look at it? What’s in there? Are you cheating?”

“What? No! Of course no! God why does it always have to be me cheating?” he saif and threw his arms up in the air.

“Because you are the one acting weird! Why would you not want me to look at it then?”

“Because there are things in there you are not supposed to look at! There are photos of me and my friends all drunk and I hate that I have to say it but there are even photos from the locker rooms where half the team is naked, I don’t think this is something you would like to look at!”

“Well if that’s the case..”

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Do you know when you'll post that bday fic? I'm just asking because I'm not from the US and I'd like to know if I should stay up or if you're gonna post it very late at night 🙈😂 thank you!!

I’m planning to finish it tomorrow night in the early evening my time (US Eastern), hopefully about 6pm-7pm. Glad you’re looking forward to it! It’s not so much a birthday fic thematically (though I might work something in there) as a ‘all my current Hux preoccupations rolled into one weird domestic drama aboard the Finalizer’ fic. I like it so far, excited to post!! 

another useful thing about “restroom” is that bathroom/washroom are apparently specific to canada and the united states and i cannot for the life of me remember which is which BUT if i use the wrong one americans get like really weirded out

Is it weird one of my favorite things about Soulsborne is the boss names? They are always so grandiose. Like, it’s not “Lord Gwyn,” it’s “GWYN, LORD OF CINDER.” It’s not “Lady Maria,” it’s “LADY MARIA OF THE ASTRAL CLOCKTOWER.” It’s not “Queen Mytha” or even “Wicked Queen Mytha,” it’s “MYTHA, THE BANEFUL QUEEN.”

And then there’s motherfucking “Pinwheel.”