Rune Factory 10th Anniversary Celebration Week

Day 3 - Your Favorite Rune Factory Game

Rune Factory 3 is my favorite game in the series! I remember picking this game up and being so blown away by how much it improved upon RF1 and 2. The combat system wasn’t nearly as clunky anymore, NPCs had something new to say every day, and the town felt so much livelier! I fell in love with it right away, and no matter how many times I replay it, it never gets old.

anonymous asked:

Can you do Nct Ten Taeyong Jaehyun and Johnny reaction when you were about to change clothes by lifting your shirt up and they come in see your bare back :D Johnny as your bestfriend please, thank you! & love yr blog!

Ok so let me recapitulate, your best friend is Johnny and we can say the rest are his friends. Then let’s imagine he gave you the key to his place, since you offered to help him with a get-together party and while you were busy preparing some food, you stained your shirt and you had to change, before realizing you were actually in the living room and the boys just got in and saw your bare back…(ahhah I already imagine their shocked/surprised faces in my mind :D) I hope you will like it . Don’t forget to feed back me :D


*he gets shyly surprised* “Omg Jae what is this??” he asks the younger boy who is as shocked as him…but somehow he can’t contain his “happiness” since he never saw a women in real life undressing…ok, maybe in the movies..


“Woooah, hyung who is she?? Kind of hot…” *he murmurs to himself the last sentence only to find out later you are Johnny’s best friend. Now he feels kind of guilty but somehow that image didn’t get off his mind..


“Oh my god, wrong place, should we go back?” he turns around hiding his face of embarrassment, but peeking through his fingers (well he is a man after all). He later asks for forgiveness in the name of other friends too, like a kind gentleman he is…


He is the last to enter his house after his friends just to see you undressing…at first he thinks he is dreaming, but no it’s really you! 

“Ok guys, just cover your eyes immediately!” he does it out of consideration, just to joke later about how you tried to flirt with them. Well, just to make you feel more comfortable…


how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon