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"Try not to look so sad; it’ll all seem better in the morning." with DexNursey please!

One sentence prompts #6: Try not to look so sad; it’ll all seem better in the morning.

As with the last one of these I did, I modified it.  These one sentence prompts are a good way to get me started, but rarely do they ever seem to work in my writing without seeming stilted or awkward.

So instead of the original sentence, instead I have: “Please try to not be so upset and don’t beat yourself up about it; it won’t seem quite so bad in the morning.”  I feel that worked much better.

Also, these one sentence prompts are turning into longer fics than I meant for them to be?  So like, they’re going to take more time to finish than I thought whoops.  I’ll get them all done at some point lol

Anyway, enough of my blabbing, onto the fic!

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After Jack graduated, nobody thought much of Samwell’s hockey team anymore.  Dex knows this because, against his better judgment, he read a number of articles before the start of his sophomore season.

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finished drawing that one magic kid

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I did much better than I expected tbh! I’m very glad I brought my girls home ;u;

Did you guys watch Michelle’s speech on the DNC tonight? It was amazing and beautiful and literally one of the best speeches I’ve heard in my life and I was actually tearing up at the end. Like, there’s a reason everyone likes Michelle so much. This had better be one of those speeches that goes down in history, cause it was honestly so good….

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In response to an NRA ad you had a discussion about guns as defense weapons in personal attacks. Why don't you think things like pepper spray and tasers are sufficient in these situations? Just curious.

There are a lot of reasons. 

  • They are just not nearly as effective as stopping someone. 
  • People would be quicker to use force. 
  • Some people are not affected by either.
  • Some people that are affected, are just slowed down, not stopped.
  • Tasers are single shot.
  • Pepper spray you have to be within a couple feet.
  • If there is a fight, spraying someone’s stomach does nothing. 
  • People don’t take training serious with them due to the one-time usage.

Don’t get me wrong, they are much better than nothing. But they are far from being nearly as effective as a firearm. 

I personally carry a defense pen and firearm. Because sometimes you can’t take a firearm or mace everywhere. Hopefully, liberals never outlaw pens.

The biggest issue I have is the misconception that using a firearm is “murder” or “vigilantism.” Yes, it’s lethal force. But you have the right to defend your life. It’s not taking someone else’s life. It’s defending yours.

You don’t have the right to defend property or revenge. You only have the right to stop a crime where great bodily harm can is a threat. 

When someone threatens others with great bodily harm and the liberals say that the attacker should never have great bodily harm used against them is just ridiculous. It’s literally giving criminals more protection. 

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help...goro akechi is too cute...i really hope they don't make him secretly evil like adachi

Okay honestly???? I don’t think they will. I’m 110% positive that he’s meant to be a red herring. I mean, to have two villains who are detectives one right after the other? It’s just…lazy.

Also, considering Persona 5 is meant to be a game about fighting corruption, a detective realizing the police are corrupt, and turning against them would be a much better character than one who blindly follows orders.

But yes, Goro is adorable as hell.

Please let me date him Atlus.


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So I use one called my fitness pal and another called lose it! They both work really well but I found lose it more customizable! They're not cute or anything but they are encouraging about goals and they have restaurant and brand name foods and looking up meals and whatnot is super easy! So I'd definitely recommend those two! Hope this helps!

I think I tried the first one… I’m not sure… I’m gonna try the second one later, all those apps are good to see which one I’ll feel better with

thank you very much anon!!

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You say you like, even love DC. Okay, prove it. Say something good about DC and something bad about Marvel.

That’s easy. Marvel has, prior to Civil War, SUCKED at advertising their female and minority heroes that aren’t Nick Fury, and the fact they’re thirteen movies in and they only just now announced who the fuck’s playing Captain Marvel is pretty damn insulting. And Christ, do I even need to bring up the Black Widow thing? Or the lack of badass female characters in general? How come fan-favorites like She-Hulk, White Tiger, Spider-Woman, Tigress, Valkyrie, Misty Knight, Squirrel Girl, and the recently acquired Angela all have yet to make guest appearances yet nobody’s favorite Avenger fucking Ant-Man just got his own whole movie and is lined up for another one?

As for DC, that’s also easy. They make much better animated movies and cartoons than Marvel. Granted, they lean way too damn hard on Batman and Justice League, but they’re still good movies and blow Marvel’s animated movies right out of the water. Seriously, Marvel’s made several animated direct-to-DVD movies and only like three, arguably four of them are any good. Not the case with DC. They’ve have some clunkers, sure, but the vast majority of them are very good.

…that gives me an idea.

Next post. Top Ten DC Comics That SHOULD Be Animated Movies.

setito-gatito said: Used to do the food thing as a little kid. I remember when my parents put everything under lock at night I would take Equal packets and suck on them. I know, gross. Looking back I’m sure it was trauma based food hoarding/attention seeking. The good news is that I eventually stopped.

Thank you for sharing this! I’m hoping Juni stops soon. She’s had various food issues since coming into care, and most are so much better. But this one is lingering, I think because there’s such a strong control aspect to it. If we’re sleeping she has full run of the house, and we can’t stop her- which I don’t mean to sound like a complaint on her, really, I think it’s just her thought process. We’re getting better at remembering to put up anything we absolutely don’t want her to have (putting up as in, high in a cabinet she can’t possibly reach).  

Looking back more closely, this particular issue has flared since New Baby has come into the picture- she’s having a really hard time incorporating that.

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What sites would you normally recommend for a sugar baby to first start? Other than craigslist.. On Craigslist in my area could be nothing but a bad thing. Thank you Xo

I understand your concern about Craigs List, and, quite frankly, I agree! However, many sugar babies have had success using Craigs List.  

Sugar websites are not necessarily much better, to be honest, but they are one of the main “shows” in town, so, if you want to try your luck at sugaring, I think you are going to have to sign up for one at some point.

The only one that I have used is Seeking Arrangements, and I have met with success.  That’s not saying too much because I think it is easier to find a good sugar baby using SA or other sites than it is to find a good sugar daddy.  

I did a post that contained some of my thoughts about SA and other sugar sites, so it may be worth reading that for a little more “background”. I’ve just joined SA not too long ago and … these men are very clingy and demanding. It gets irritating to try keeping in touch with them.