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*looks around* Imagine Yuu walking up behind Mika while he's sitting down reading a book. Then Yuu leans close & blows into Mika's ear, Mika gets startled & slightly flustered. Before he can say/do anything Yuu just hugs him from behind & says "Just when I thought it wasn't possible to love you any more than I already do, I end up finding out more cute things about you". Mika just sighs & says "Baka Yuu-chan", a faint smile on his face. The Squad+Narumi are shocked by this display of affection.

You have no idea how many cute headcanons I have about Yuu complimenting Mika’s ears. You just added another one to my list and I hope, like I seriously hope, the manga addresses it. I want Mika’s ears to be shown, by like the wind moving his hair or something, and he gets all embarrassed and ashamed cause it makes him feel like more of a monster but Yuu, being the sweetie he is, compliments him and tells him how he looks cool as fuck and how they can be awesome monsters together. Mika would be pissed that Yuu would joke about being a demon of course, but he would also be relieved that his favorite person doesn’t see him any differently.

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your vmin isac post made me smile so much :') jimin always the one to talk about his drama and giving him so much support..updating him on everything also T T I just


do you by chance know how much filming v has left for hwarang?

i thought they all had finished last week but apparently not, so I’m not sure :( I heard production should come to an end by the end of August (so.. now) or i guess early September!

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Thank u bc of that best fiends comment. It was ok when some people got sponsored, but now everybody gets and it's not a that great game anyway...

yeah those kinds of promos are a little annoying sometimes, since they’re very random and have nothing to do with the video itself D: 

 like dodie said in one of her vids talking about sponsorships, that sponsors are much better when they’re used creatively and still related

i know some ppl need the money! but best fiends needs to calm down omg

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Vriska took little time to arrive, looking much better than one might expect. Sure, she was in sweats and a loose tank top; but her hair was well brushed and her makeup was on point. The only fault was her pale complexion and the storm that was in those eyes of hers.

The pain was written clearly only in the sea blues of what usually held such a spunk, you could see the mischief from miles away. Regardless, she offered a smile upon seeing the other and rubbed the back of her neck.

“Hey there, how are you doing…?”

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I was tagged by the wonderful @nevercomestheday (thank you!) to post your lock screen background, last selfie taken, and last song you listened to

lock screen background: Unfortunately, I no longer have a phone so here’s my computer lock screen background

last selfie: I’m pretty ugly and people know me here so I don’t take selfies often but here’s one from last year

Trust me, I’ll be much better looking in the future. Hopefully.

last song I’ve listened to: “Do I Wanna Know” by Arctic Monkeys

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That’s it. That’s literally all it could have been

  • Me before Stranger Things:I literally do not have a single maternal bone in my body *sees a child* oh gross
  • Me after Stranger Things:This is my beloved daughter, Eleven, blood of my blood and light of my life. I've enrolled her in the best school in our district, I make sure she eats three wholesome meals a day, she's always in bed before 10, with the door left ajar, the hall light on, and a nightlight on by the bed and if you so much as breathe in her direction I will FUCKING END YOU.

but do aliens believe in us? [prints]


What’d you tell him? The truth. That I believe in you. That if anybody deserves a second chance its Jim Kirk