About #savekizana

Firstly, let me explain the reasons why I started all of this. 
I’m not doing it to offend YandereDev or his work, because I truly respect it. I do not support YS haters. 
I’m doing it because I care about this character. Ever since The Rival Introduction came out, I fell in love with Kizana Sunobu deeply. The reasons why I do love her so much are way above to tell, and this post is not about it. 

So let me get this straight. Why do I want her old design back? 

Well, the most predictable reason is the color scheme. I have a strong feel of color, so I know what I’m saying - these colors are beautiful. The tones are amazingly pleasant and calm, and they fit together. The artist used different colors - silver and watermelon-ish pink. It’s much better than using tones of one single color, like it is in new one. Plus, silver fits Kizana’s personality much more. I see her as a workaholic pedant, who needs everything to be perfect, and silver, a tone of white, is a perfect desire for a character like this. She looks neat and tidy. Speaking of the design itself, I think jabot fits way better than a choker with rose. Not only because it makes Kizana fancy, but because jabot is an accessory of the drama club. She’s a president of it, why should she make an exception for herself? 

I also have to mention that silvery white hair and reddish eyes makes her look like an albino. It would make a great concept! If she would be a real albino, it would turn Kizana to really interesting and unique character, because this disease would create tons of problems for an actress, and would show her as a determinative, tough girl, who will follow her dreams no matter what. It would also create some sad moments about her, since I’m sure people would make laugh of her appearence. 

The thing is, she doesn’t even have to be the REAL albino. People would make jokes anyway. 

I also need to refer to the resemblance of new Kizana to Kokona. I’m SICK of hearing stupid stuff like “Kokona wannabe”, “Kokona number 2″, “She’s Kokona anyways” (especially the last one, because it’s OBVIOUSLY clear they are NOT the same person). I was meh to Kokona, I started to like her when her full storyline came out, but NOW I HATE HER WITH ALL MY SOUL! I just can’t stand her idiotic fans protecting her from nothing. It is pretty clear Kizana DOES NOT replace your precious Kokona, but you STILL CONTINUE to hate Kizana for nothing! I’m sure - if the old design would stay, such people would turn to zero, or at least, close to it. 

But what about Megami? - you’d ask. 
This problem is not a big deal. Megami had black hair and white stockings from the start. Personally, I like this version of her more, since black hair was making her mysterious and frightening. She is the final and the most hard rival, so these characteristics would fit her perfectly. 

In the end, I’d like to say that I’m not trying to offend anyone. I’m not forcing anyone to take part in #savekizana. All of the art people provide is made by their own choise - they support me. I’m not trying to start a civil war or anything like this. If YandereDev doesn’t want to change this character, even if people prefer her old design - it’s fine. This is his game and his choise. I’m not going to write any hate posts about him if he keeps the curent design (tho I’ll be very depressed to be honest). 

I just care about this character and its destiny.

Day 2: Two Favorite MVs/Two Favorite Songs (part 1)

Nothing’s Over

Oh my god. Here we go. Day 2.

The reason why I chose Nothing’s Over is mainly because of how imperfectly perfect it is. I’ll elaborate.

Everyone knows the basic storyline: There’s a guy jamming out to his favorite song when suddenly, someone out of view throws a ring at him, which hits his head and manages to fall onto the spinning record. Cue the sadness that overwhelms our poor main character. He’s moping around, because this was probably the person of his dreams! You saw how happy he was, you saw his excited smile, the way he was bopping along to the music as if everything was right in the world…. until his dreams were crushed. As the music video goes on, there’s always some other person with our main character, trying to comfort him. 

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25 days - Claire outfit

I have never been attached to outfits as described in the books and, frankly, think that they serve little to the story telling within the visual medium of TV (case in point being the fact that Claire goes through in a different outfit, but one that looks much better than the book).  I have enjoyed the discussions on the costumes as an extension of the wider storytelling and when I saw this photo I near squealed with joy over the beauty of it.

The Dior.

The meta reference to 1947, to its reference to 18th century.  The simple lines being so Claire. Placing her so clearly out of sync and in her time as well as this.  I thought it was fantastic.

(can I also give an honourable mention to this glorious look?)

Anybody have a good antojito recipe?

I looked at a bunch and made some based on those, but they were nowhere near as good as the ones I’ve had at restaurants and even house parties.  They were missing something serious, or I fucked something up, I can’t tell.  So now I’m curious.

“Not all endings are sad, horrible and heart breaking. The sunset is beautiful so is the sunrise so why focus on the previous relationship that ended bad when you can start with a new one that might turn so much better” (at Lille Lungegårdsvannet)

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ash---tree  asked:

I agree with your lgbt post btw. Fandoms go to absolute hell when people think they can police who gets to enjoy the show. You just have to view them as few in the many,consider the larger portion of the fandom doesn't care if you gay or straight, just if your passionate about the show. YOI is a normalized gay relationship meant to be enjoyed by everyone, the whole point is that its non fetished and shows everyone love and beautiful healthy relationship.

Yep, that’s true, I completely agree! There will be terrible people in every fandom, and at least the YOI fandom is much better than many other ones I’ve seen and experienced on here. Fortunately most of us agree that it’s a great show which we all enjoy and just like to share our thoughts and memes and metas and fanworks and I do really enjoy that. I won’t let a few bad apples ruin the experience for us~

Weigh in Monday!! 31 weeks post op from vsg surgery 🔹 Highest weight: 330, preop start weight 292.8, day of surgery 275 🔸Today’s weight: 183lbs!!!! That’s 92 pounds down from surgery - holy CRAP!! That’s also a 5.4 lb loss from last week.. crazy. Been awhile since I had such a high loss in one week. My eating has been on point every day this week, and I’m getting better at not eating too much in one sitting and getting sick. Hoping to stay this consistent all the time!! It’s nuts to think I’m only 33lbs away from my lifetime goal weight.. wow. Hope you guys have a good Monday!! 💖 #vsg #wlscommunity #vsgfamily #verticalsleeve #weighin

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anonymous asked:

3D stocking models would literally be such an easy resolution to yandevs stocking problem like it'd look so much better than the ones that look like they're painted onto the npcs legs. like I don't know much about game making but I'm sure it's fully possible to just make like 3 stocking length models that he could just recolor and put on the peopl ekdksj

that requires effort tho and would add 3 years to development time :/

- jess

rex6565  asked:

What are your thoughts on Aster and Noelle pairing?

I think my only problem with this ship is how Asta is in-love with Sister Lily, that relationship isn’t going to happen - so I just want Asta to move on from that one first. 

I just love how Asta has helped Noelle become so much stronger and a much better person - so admittedly, this would be one of my OTP’s for this series. 


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Walk the Walk

The ducklings trying to match their mentors’ strides. (Damn those long legs!)

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That’s it. That’s literally all it could have been