Had to make a new goal sheet for my long-term comic project today, which is both good and also kind of a bummer, because it means admitting that I failed at accomplishing everything on the old goal sheet. But sometimes, we just have to reframe the timeline due to unforeseen circumstances. Some were good, like a new job that takes up more of my time, but also some were bad, like a drop in productivity due to mental health/personal stuff. But it is all okay, because longer projects, especially personal ones for which you are not paid, can be produced in spurts and stutters. 

At the very least, my rejection letters have been complimentary. 

Anyone doing Patreon for comics? Do you like it? I feel like it would help keep me on a schedule. 

My wife actually came out on the last tour with me, to hang out for a few days which is always nice. I mean, it sucks being away from your loved one, especially your wife, it’s kind of a bummer. So we made a rule to each other that we wouldn’t go more than three weeks tops, two weeks if we could, without seeing each other. So yeah, I try to get her out on tour when I can just for a few days.

Also, can I just say that I don’t really want to live in a world where a man can’t grab a woman and kiss the hell out of her any more.

Seriously. I crave spontaneity like that, and it’s just really kind of a fucking bummer that you can’t have it without someone calling it something that it’s not.

I want “shut up” kisses and “I’m going to kiss you because I can’t stand NOT kissing you” kisses. I want moments where she’s turning to leave and he’s pulling her back and kissing her til she’s dizzy.  I want the cute little arguments about how much she does or does not want to be kissed that end in hot makeout sessions.

I want “make me” arguments where they try to one up each other, and more “you couldn’t handle it”, and I want people to understand what fucking flirting looks like, for the love of all that is holy.

I want it to be okay for a guy to playfully suggest a kiss in reward for a good deed, like every man I know in my actual real life does.  I want it to be okay for a guy to fucking try to break a curse on his True Love by kissing her without someone calling foul.

Like I’m not saying that strangers on the street should be doing it, but like … come on, you know what I mean.


Happy 29th Birthday Darren Criss (February 5th, 1987)

“I heard this song and said ‘That’s great! Such a bummer I’ll never be able to sing it though, because it’s a girl’s song, a very popular one at that.’ I didn’t know that fifteen years later I would be on a television show where pronouns didn’t really matter, and I could sing all kinds of female or male songs – it didn’t really matter. And I think it’s very apropos and very serendipitous of the political climate we’re in right now, socio-politically.”


Biohazard (Guide)

This was the very first guide to come out for Resident Evil way back in 96. I was very fortunate to stumble across this one in the condition it was in. This copy even has the secrets still sealed in the back! This is awesome but at the same time kind of a bummer because I am not going to be the one to cut it open after remaining sealed for so long. If I come across another copy that has them opened I will be sure to make another post for it.

More Biohazard/Resident Evil || More Game Guides
When you see my content uploaded to other places unsourced

I have just one request. Please link to this blog! All you gotta do is comment wherever it’s been posted and say, “I know that bird! That’s Pepper from!”

This little act helps me out immensely! And it really makes my day when I see people doing this. It turns what’s kind of a bummer to see into something much better. To those of you who have done this, you are my favorite followers!

Just so it’s clear, if my content is posted on other sites, I would always like it sourced.


Comic about Esfir, post-death (is that how you’d phrase it? haha) Kind of a follow up to this comic! Faas has to leave Esfir as a child and has trouble getting back into the country after the 1917 revolution, but once he shows up to help with the demon, it’s too late!! bummer. Also, hunters’ energy aren’t stable like the living, so ghosts can sap it from them if they’re not careful (harder through clothing, but still happens though). Graveyards aren’t fun. 

If anyone’s unaware, these are my characters Esfir and Faas. Please don’t repost anywhere else!


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and if you’re not into romance or sex, it can be kind of a bummer day. But Cyrus, Trickster and Xisea from Heroes of Thantopolis are here to spread some asexual/aromantic v-day cheer! I did make one with the asexual flag and one with an aromantic flag but I think the cards could work for both; you can pick which ones you prefer.

30 Rock 30 Rock 30 Rock

I went on a tour through NBC Studios today with some members of the Film Club at my school and we got to see the SNL set while the actors were rehearsing. *Spoiler alert* They were doing a “Stranger Things” sketch and Lin Manuel-Miranda and Sasheer Zamata saw us looking through the glass and waved. I also saw Keenan, Leslie, Beck, and Kate McKinnon (who was playing Eleven and looked damn funny).

Twenty One Pilot’s gear was set up on the music stage (which looks a lot smaller in real life, along with the rest of the studio cuz they be usin that wide-angle camera lens) and we saw some more of it on another floor of 30 Rock. Didn’t see Tyler or Josh though, so that was kind of a bummer, but the whole thing was super fun. Everyone should do it if they get the chance.

So, long story short, there may or may not be a “Stranger Things” skit tonight. That’s all.

The Looking Wrap-Up Movie Will Film This Fall

Still crushed about the cancellation of HBO’s gay dramedy Looking after two short seasons? So is Frankie Alvarez, whom Vulture caught up with last night at the premiere for the new season of Veep. “You know, it was sad,” said Alvarez, who played Agustín on the show. “We all got together, we had dinner. We kind of poured liquor out for our gay homies. It was a bummer.” Still, there’s a little more Looking on the horizon, thanks to HBO’s decision to green-light one last wrap-up movie. “It’s a feature-length film that doesn’t adhere to an episodic structure,” said Alvarez. “So I think a lot of fans who wanted a longer episode are going to get one long, two-hour episode. I think that will be [a] blessing in a lot of ways: We’ll get to close it out the way everyone wants to close it out, and then, hopefully, we’ll continue to be friends … supporting each other in future projects.” Alvarez hasn’t heard any story details about the movie, but he says it’s planned to shoot in September, so “the writers have the whole summer to really make it the best possible thing.” (x)

OlliOlli will offer 3DS/Wii U cross-buy ⊟

It’s kind of a bummer that we’re just now getting ports for this awesome 2D trick-skateboarding game on Nintendo platforms when the sequel is hitting PSN next week, but Curve Digital adding cross-buy is nice!

This is actually the first third-party game to feature cross-buy (meaning if you buy one version on 3DS or Wii U’s eShop, you’ll get a copy for the other console for free) in North America – Squids Odyssey received similar treatment in Europe. OlliOlli hits Wii U and 3DS’s eShops for $9.99 on March 5.


alright kiddos, uh, how’d you all get here? i don’t know but i’m so glad oof! so i'ma make this quick: you’re all freaking awesome and i want to do things for/with you (not dirty things get your mind out the gutter or is that me i’m sorry). seriously though, i’m so thankful for each and every one of you and if it were humanly possible i’d write with all of you! 


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Warpaint’s Jenny Lee Lindberg: Getting to know you « Loud And Quiet
The Warpaint bass player has answered our Getting To Know You questionnaire

It’s always been hard to pinpoint the most striking element of Warpaint’s music. Jenny Lee Lindberg releases ‘Right On!’, her debut solo album, and puts forward a legitimate case for it having been her semi-doomed bass guitar all along…

The best piece of advice you’ve been given
Here’s a couple… Be yourself. Be kind. Be your own best friend. And strive for excellence.

Your favourite word
2 words… “Right on.”

Your pet-hate
Judgmental people.

If you could only eat one food forever, it would be…

The worst job you’ve had
I was an extra, more than a few times when I moved to LA. I got treated like such crap. It was a bummer.

The film you can quote the most of
It’s a tie between Muriel’s Wedding and Ghost.

Your favourite place in the world
I really loved Istanbul, Turkey. It was gorgeous, and the people were gorgeous. An extremely sexy city!!!! Made me feel alive!!

Your style icon
Punky Brewster.

The one song you wished you’d written
Donna Summers’ ‘Love to Love You Baby’.

The most famous person you’ve met
I would have to say Leonardo Dicaprio. I met him when I was 15 and at that time he was everywhere… super famous. It was at his house for new years – he was sweet.

The thing you’d rescue from a burning building
I don’t think I would risk my life for anything other than animals or people.

The worst date you’ve been on
I haven’t been on one.

Your guilty pleasure
Crappy TV and trash magazines.

Your first big extravagance
A car.

The worst present you’ve received
Nothing! Haha.

The characteristic you most like about yourself
My sense of humour.

Your hidden talent

Your favourite item of clothing
My overalls.

Your biggest disappointment
Quitting dance classes when I was little.

Your biggest fear

The best book in the world
The Twilight series.. ha!!! I never read so quickly in my whole life – a page-turner.

People’s biggest misconception about yourself
That I have it so good, and that I am living it up 24/7.

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Emmy Rossum.

What is success to you?
Being grateful.

What talent do you wish you had?
Culinary talent!

How would you choose to die?
Something instant… preferably in my sleep.

What is the most overrated thing in the world?

What would you change about your physical appearance?
My hair!! I wish I had big, curly, large-and-in-charge hair!

What’s your biggest turn-off?
Bad breath.

What would you tell your 15-year-old self?
Everything is here to help you!!! (Matt Kahn)

Your best piece of advice for others
Everything is here to help you!!! (Matt Kahn)

im super pumped for bvs but its kind of a bummer that we probably wont see many friendship-y interactions between Bruce and Clark bc what i really want tbh is to watch them slowly become friends. I wanna see it so much like

Bruce’s offbeat cynical humour and sense of irony paired with Clark’s razor sharp wit and sincerity. 

Bruce searching for dishonesty in Clark’s openness bc time has taught him that no one can be that trusting but finding none. 

Clark not entirely understanding why Bruce is brooding all the time but accepting it as part of who he is - but also challenging Bruce’s pessimistic view of mankind.

Clark making Bruce smile.

Bruce teasing Clark at the daily planet bc he’s his ‘boss’ and then being counter-trolled as payback by Superman.

And there’s more but you get the picture. i just want this soooo badly

KYLE: Dude, holy shit.
KYLE: A lot of people are asking about the Goth Kids.
STAN: Dude, fuck the Goth Kids. They’re all assholes, anyway.
STAN: All they do is sit around and complain about how shitty everything is.
STAN: They’re just huge bummers to be around, y'know?
STAN: It was kind of cool to be a part of it for like, three days, but it just gets old.
KYLE: To be fair, you were kinda a huge douche when you were a goth, though.
KYLE: They have a point, man.
STAN: I know, dude.
STAN: I just wish Butters would have talked me out of it before I got into that shit.

STAN: Also, before they pierced my ear.
KYLE: You know those things just heal over if you take the piercing out, right?
KYLE: It’s not permanent or anything.
STAN: I know, but. Now that I have it, I kinda like it.
STAN: Besides, I doubt they would let me join again even if I wanted.
STAN: Goth Kids don’t take betrayal well.
KYLE: They don’t take anything well.

Emily VanCamp interview on Revenge ending and future.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was it like filming your final scene? Did you know by then that it would be your last one for the show?
EMILY VANCAMP: My last scene was with Gabriel [Mann] and Nick [Wechsler], and they’re two of my very, very close friends. At that point we weren’t completely sure, which is kind of a bummer because it would have been nice to know that we were playing these characters for the last time—they’re so special to us. But at the same time, it’s almost nice that we didn’t know because it would have been almost unbearable to get through.

What were your thoughts when you heard this would be the series finale?
Well, it had been talked about a lot over the course of this season because we all knew, at a certain point, [Emily] has to get her revenge. So it was always a discussion as to how many episodes we could actually draw out of this story without disrespecting the fans and drawing it out so long that it becomes uninteresting, you know?

I think we did a really fantastic job of wrapping up the story within four seasons, and it just sort of felt like, well, if we come back, it’s going to have to be something totally different. I’m kind of happy that ABC allowed us to end this thing without keeping us in limbo. It’s a much nicer way to end.

So four seasons felt like enough?
Four years is a wonderful amount of time to do a TV show. Four’s been my lucky number: [I did] four seasons of Everwood, of Brothers & Sisters, of Revenge. You don’t have time to get sick of it, but you get to really flesh out these characters and develop them over a long period of time. I was always really happy with four.

What did you and the cast do when you found out? Did you call up Gabriel and Nick?
Oh yeah, we have several group feeds going, so you know, sending pictures of seasons 1, 2, and 3 back and forth. I think Gabriel sent 20 pictures to us. [Laughs] We were definitely going through the emotions of it all, but I think it’s bittersweet.

Do you think the finale will provide closure for fans?
Yeah, I do. I’ll put it this way: I think they’ll be satisfied. I think a couple of things happen that they’ve been waiting for for a long time. In the grand scheme of Revenge, I feel like we exhausted all of the different story possibilties. I think we’re ending in a good place, and I think it’s time to move on, as sad as that is.

A lot of story has been packed into four seasons. Do you have a favorite plot twist?
[Emily’s] dad returning was one of the fun ones. She’s been fighting to avenge her father’s death for all of these years, and then there he is, so navigating that relationship was very tricky but really fun. I was really inspired by James Tupper, who plays my father, because he brought this new energy, and we talked at length about what that relationship means.

What about a favourite memory from set?
We had some really fun beach days. When it was still kind of like the original core group, I remember I felt like a kid again. Like, how lucky am I to show up to work and have it feel so great and have so much fun? To this day, I feel so grateful, too, I love every day. But I remember that first season, it was so exciting, you know? The show was very well-received, we were super energized, and there were some days from that season I will especially look back on probably forever. They were just “pinch me” moments.

Did you take any souvenirs?
You know what I think I would take, now that I know it’s done, is the infinity carving on the porch. I don’t want to take anything huge, but that to me was very symbolic of the show, and what it was all about.

What are you working on next?
I’m actually heading to start filming [Captain America: Civil War] next week. I can’t tell you where, when, how—I don’t want to get in trouble! [Laughs] But I’m really excited about it. It’s going to be fun, it’s gonna be pretty epic.

Speaking of epic, I hope you’re still okay with going to the Hamptons after shooting four years of Revenge.
I know, right? To this day, I’ve only been to the Hamptons once, for one day, which is hilarious to me, because we film in LA. So yeah, I’m definitely going to always have a different perspective of what the Hamptons is than anybody else, I think.

Right, I’m just imagining you going there and immediately being on your guard.
I know, I feel like inevitably I’m going to have to watch my back.

Emily VanCamp’s sweet Revenge - Entertainment Weekly 

a few updates, cuz I’ve been kinda mergh quiet

-these past few months have been kind of solidifying the fact that illustration/art/comics is what I want to do for the rest of my life- a kind of settled “this is it and I have to work hard for it and kick my own ass” kind of mentality

-I was in my first exhibition at my university’s art museum woo yeah

-also scored a scholarship which is crazy and my chest feels weird every time I think about it (I have a lot to thank for my illustration professor this year)

-tabled at my first arts fest with one of my best friends

-moved out of my first apartment- cathartic

-I’m working on a bummer minicomic with Chris who wrote WITB so get pumped for that B) B) B)

-it’s summer now, finally, and I’ve started going to the park in the evenings with my little sister practicing cartwheels. It’s fun. Try a cartwheel some time if you can.

-I’m trying to be less afraid, less toxicly serious about the grand scheme of what I say or do. Don’t ever be too serious about yourself. Being serious about yourself sux cow ass

Now that’s over with let’s have a pool party