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I'm not the one who asked, but the headcanons for young Graves are sweet! It's just, I wonder wether you are aware that Graves went MIA like a week before the movie and simply prefer the longer version? I'm really curious because there are many works with a lengthy abduction and I maybe a handful of canonical week. Btw, your blog and writing are awesome!

I actually wasn’t aware that it’s canon that Graves was only gone for a week. I didn’t notice that detail in the movie (and if its info from pottermore, I definitely wouldn’t catch it because I hardly ever research things there). Truly I feel they dropped the ball, not developing a lot of this in the movie proper… One week canon is kind of a bummer, because that means he was probably just an asshole, since no one noticed…. I still maintain, even with one week, that maybe no one noticed the behavioral changes because they assume its stress and the aurors themselves are also stressed. 


BUT I personally just enjoy writing him with a lengthy abduction. I’ve done both, I think (I thiiiink) - but my personal fav is lengthy.  

And thank you so much, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the headcanons and fics and such here on the blog! It truly means a lot! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

My wife actually came out on the last tour with me, to hang out for a few days which is always nice. I mean, it sucks being away from your loved one, especially your wife, it’s kind of a bummer. So we made a rule to each other that we wouldn’t go more than three weeks tops, two weeks if we could, without seeing each other. So yeah, I try to get her out on tour when I can just for a few days.

Chatfic: In Which Sam Kane becomes business partners with one R. Wirtz and hates on TSegs

Somehow in chat, ninjaboots and I got started on the idea that Rocky Wirtz and Sammy Kane would make fine business partners. You see, Patrick broke the news that Sam doesn’t have money: his parents have money, and Sam’s gonna have to work on getting some of his own. Sam is appalled, but intrigued by this notion. (And at one point in the sequels, I’m gonna make Sammy Kane the new Joey the Jr. Reporter, leaving the Hawks dressing room dazed and Sammy Kaned, basically. But it’s a good source of revenue for him and he gets to ask questions about dogs sometimes, so it works out.)

I tried looking for how the idea originated, but we’re almost sure it came along, um, “organically”. 

Anyway! So this was the first bit of Mr. Wirtz and Sammy Kane, and here is uh, 9K more. Posting today because one of the snippets features Sammy Kane basically being ruined for Christmas forEVER. 

at one point, a rookie tells another team member about his scoring woes
Sam, overhearing, ponders this
then offers advice
have you tried being more like his daddy? he asks politely
his daddy wouldn’t miss the net.
*cracks up * yes.
watch his daddy.
then do the Same Things.
Sam pats his hand.
don’t fall down so much though.
Sam wanders away, content with a good deed well done
they should pay him
for his ‘sulting work
he brings this up to Mr. Wirtz.
his allowance is good.
he’s not saying otherwise.
does he offer this particular experience as an example of his qualifications?
but if he’s doing other things
then he’ll have more in his savings.
he explains seriously that he could have told the rookie to be like his mother
are you with me so far, Mr. Wirtz? Sam asks.
but his daddy says that his mom is ONCE IN A LIFETIME
and he’s already here in this lifetime.
*wheezes *
and coach always yells at guys
to stop trying to be like Kaner
none of you are Kaner!
don’t get CUTE, coach says
Sam’s mom is cute.
they’re not cute.

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