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Since we're talking about Hideyoshi... would you be willing to meta? I want to know what you think of between how he's kind of a player and how he can be really sweet and kind because he IS but his event stories just seem to make him so different...

Sure, why not–

I guess I’d like to start off with saying that at this point, I tend to take characterizations in event stories with a grain of salt. Voltage conveniently bends their cast to their whims when they feel like it, and I feel like Hideyoshi’s… maybe had one event I liked so far. Which is a bummer, because I like him a lot. But like quite a few characters, his events just don’t add up. 

When we talk about how Hideyoshi gets around like… I like that about him? Hideyoshi plays around with girls, and that’s just another way he’s flawed. Let him be flawed. And more ideally (because we won’t get this with a character like MC), make him work for someone’s trust. Make that flaw work against him and have him realize he has to overcome it to earn something he wants. Not receive it–earn it

Plus that just says a lot about the fact that Hideyoshi is just as dangerous as the other warlords, and I mean that in the sense that he has as many ways of taking down enemies as the others do. The difference here lies in the fact that he probably gets around partly because there’s benefit in obtaining information that way–if a nice smile and some pretty words can get him essential assets, then why shouldn’t he? Saizo does it, Ieyasu does it–it’s not like Hideyoshi is completely isolated on this front. He can be manipulative when it calls for it and that is interesting to me in regards to his character.

But bringing us back to that other side of him, Hideyoshi is genuinely kind. He has his people’s best interests at heart and he does a lot to take care of them–not only that, but Hideyoshi is known for “taking in strays”. He gives people a home. And while I think his main story kind of ends up focusing quite a bit more on side characters than most others, I think that just gives such a good example of how deeply he cares for people who are close and loyal to him. In regards to MC (once again, in his main story because events are starting to blur and get on my nerves), he is patient and does his best to make her comfortable in an unfamiliar environment–and more importantly, Hideyoshi does what he can to make sure she is safe. 

What I think people have a hard time doing, for some reason, is understanding that you can mix the two. Hideyoshi can be sweet, caring, and thoughtful, but he can also be sly, cunning, and kind of loose. It’s just like any other character in this game–he has good and bad traits. 

What I do wish, as I’ve said before, is that the story would give us something more where we explore that side of Hideyoshi–I feel like he needs someone very opposite of himself to do that. 

tl;dr Hideyoshi is multi-faceted and he’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but I like him and think he has a lot of potential.


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and if you’re not into romance or sex, it can be kind of a bummer day. But Cyrus, Trickster and Xisea from Heroes of Thantopolis are here to spread some asexual/aromantic v-day cheer! I did make one with the asexual flag and one with an aromantic flag but I think the cards could work for both; you can pick which ones you prefer.

Thank you!

Hey guys! Just wanted to make this post to say a big thank you to every single one of you of the SNS fandom! You are all amazing people! And thanks to @bahare-uzuchiha for SNS week. I’ve never talked to you before but I think you’re an awesome individual and a beautiful human being. ^_^

Thank you to @rei-scarlet for talking to me and putting up with me on a daily basis. Haha. You’re such an awesome person and I love our conversations and the fact that we sync up so well.

I haven’t really contributed anything to SNS week which is kind of a bummer. Been busy with school and work. :/ so I thought I’d at least dedicate a thank you post to all of you and hope I get around to talking to more of you. Though I’m a bit shy and don’t have the easiest time reaching out to people.

Anyway, thank you again for everything and hope you all have a great day/night wherever you are!

Hi, friend 🦄

I would absolutely love to get to know my followers a little more. 

So, please comment, reblog, or send an ask with a little something about you. 

It can literally be anything. Your favourite Sailor Moon character, the area you’re from, something about your hobbies, a fact about your pet, your favourite tv show, movie, book, band, artist or song, a word you like or even one you hate. 

 It’s kind of a bummer seeing everyone’s handles pop up here and there, but know absolutely nothing about the person behind it. 

 Don’t be shy! Even if you think, ah, she wouldn’t want me to do it (because I get it, I almost always feel that way when I see things like this), I really. Really. Do. 💕 

I hope to learn something about you soon! 

PS if you are really shy, anon is on. I’d love to be able to put a fact to a name, but if you want to participate and using your username makes you squeamish, I’m still happy knowing anon who likes goldfish crackers is here. :)

The age thing comes up a lot at work too and with older people like I can meet 2 men of the exact same age and one will be like so convinced he’s young and the other one thinks he’s so old his life is over and there’s nothing he can do to make himself happy because he’s too old for that kind of thing. The first guy is annoying but the second guy is such a bummer. These aren’t 2 specific guys either it’s like all of them. It’s so ducking weird to me and interesting I feel like a scientist like studying men sometimes bc the only time I’m around them is at work

Finn Jones is really really bad in Iron Fist. Like he brings zero fun to the role. He is unconvincing in almost every way. He’s not funny, he’s not menacing, and he’s not sympathetic. Everyone else on the show is kind of acting circles around him. I can’t imagine this dude having chemistry with any of the other actual good actors in the Defenders cast. I’m on episode 8 and he has not grown into the character whatsoever. It’s very frustrating that the rest of these shows have been top notch for me and this one is kind of a bummer. The fighting isn’t even that fun to watch.

here i am, gently clasping my hands together and asking hey mutuals,

if you’d be so kind, maybe please don’t reblog too many botw posts? i really wanna get through the game at my own pace but for a game like this, spoilers (even ‘small’ ones) are a huge bummer to catch online

tagging spoilers helps but i use mobile a lot sO just aaaah

i guess all i’m asking is if you reblog stuff please keep it to small early-game or basic mechanic spoiler kinda things. when it comes to 'small but hidden and fun to find on your own’ content… p-please, i’m having so much fun discovering things on my own and it’s a huge downer to have even the smallest character or action spoiled for me

i don’t wanna unfollow people, especially mutual, so i figured i’d go ahead and ask//

Marvel Generations revealed

So these are the 10 legacy characters that we will be seeing take place in the Marvel Comics universe while the Secret Empire is in effect. They have made mention that this is not a time travel story or an alternate reality story either. These characters, some of who are dead, will be teaming up for special One-shot issues focusing on the dynamic between the two characters.

I am a bit happy by this and also sad about it. I am happy to see that Marvel is FINALLY embracing legacy in a well thought out manor but the mere fact that it is simply only a 10 issue collection is kind of a bummer, This not being a more line wide relaunch post Secret Empire where you have the elements of these characters be placed into two distinct time frames, one set in an older decade while another set in the modern day with the legacy characters living on as they should be properly. 

The one I am looking heavily forward to reading is the Ms Marvel issue so that we will finally see Kamala and Carol reconciling from the events of Civil War II. 

So I am very curious will more than likely pick up all these individual issues or wait for trade, not really sure just yet but always trying to be hopeful that Marvel will get back on the right track

aracney  asked:

I never knew how much I needed to hear that about my sexuality. It felt amazing, the raw power in your words, I felt anger rise in myself. Thank you, for putting words on something I never could or even knew I needed to.

<3 I’ll admit that I had to take a few breaks writing that post because I could feel an onslaught of tears on the horizon.

The emotion behind those words…. it’s been building up for a long time. It’s stuff that I’ve been thinking about for at least a couple of years and to be honest with myself, I didn’t even realise how much it all bothered me until I watched /That/ episode of Riverdale. The one where Bughead (and what the hell kind of ship name is Bughead anyway) became a thing. I mean.. at first I didn’t think I cared. Sure it was a bummer but whatever. I had known before that Juggy wasn’t going to be aroace in riverdale so it wasn’t like it was such a big deal to me (hello repressed emotions). And then I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. 

That post was initially just a way for me to bemoan the way riverdale handled Jughead and the more i wrote, the angrier I got. Everything that I had hidden away came spilling out.

Anyway, the point of this is, I too had no idea that I needed to say it until it was already on the page. And the amount of support I’ve received for doing so has honestly made me so happy and glad that I did. I’ve seen in the tags just how this post has resonated with everyone and I’m glad to know that I’m not alone.

Ah would you look at that? I’m almost in tears again. I’m gonna post this before I get too mushy. Send a message anytime <3 <3

@emperorperpetua replied to your post “@emperorperpetua replied to your post “why do ppl STILL use 8tracks” …”

that is such a bummer!!!!! no equivalent’s really quite the same, but i’d rather be somewhat limited on playmoss than get like, listen to 8 free songs a week

im just glad people found some kind of replacement so quickly!!! though, theres still not many playlists up on playmoss yet. but i do really like that i can actually see whats in a playlist, instead of getting halfway thru one and realizing that i hated every song and just wasted half an hour on Bad Tunes

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[1/2] i've been thinking about your request for m/m webcomics or books not been written by women since u posted it a couple days ago and the only thing i can think of is aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe. which is a bummer realisation. i love aristotle and dante but it's only one, just one book

[2/2] and it’s a disheartening realization to come to as a gay trans man who wants to make a career out of fiction that the vast majority of m/m stories i know are by women. like i’m not as welcome to tell stories about my experiences/desires as people who don’t share them & it also manages to be kind of a screwy dsyphoria thing

yeah… it’s a bad situation where you end up with lot of young queer men whov’ve only ever seen their sexuality through a straight woman’s gaze which… i really do believe can be harmful. it’s distressing that ownership of queer men’s stories seems to have been allotted to cishet women as far as fiction goes, particularly within webcomic spaces, because frankly m/m is nothing more than a fetish to a lot of them, and it is dangerous to treat fetishistic content as good representation. 

the only m/m stuff i know of that’s by actual gay men is… mostly erotica. which isn’t bad in and of itself, i’m glad that at least there’s porn by us for us out there, even if the quality is maybe not great always (shoutout to my man chuck tingle, you do you). it’s just depressing that telling m/m stories that go beyond the bedroom kind of… isn’t something you see anyone other than women being successful with. 

Shoshanna’s homecoming look is a custom job, so if you had your eye on that “Je Ne Sais Blah” top, sorry! It’s one of a kind. Girls Costume designer Jenn Rogien and her team created the custom graphic and had it embroidered just for Zosia.

As for Shosh’s glorious trinket-filled platforms, Rogien and her team embarked on a New York City-wide scavenger hunt to fill them. “We used a combination of sequins and fruit and dessert erasers,” Rogien reveals. “It was really fun!”

While cheery on the surface, the look has a dark side. “As saccharine and poppy as it is, this outfit’s a bit of a bummer,” Rogien says of the look’s wild contrast with JFK airport. “It offers a nice visual reflection on where Shoshanna is emotionally.” —Diana Band

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[Very random] So I left Israel recently to study abroad, and it's Purim-time right now, at least, my baby sister sent a photograph of her dressed up as Elsa from Frozen, and I felt nostalgic (even though I hated Purim and how empty it seems back home) and decided to make Oznei Haman, but they failed (I didn't close them properly) and I brought them to class to pass around and now someone wants the recipe and I can't stop laughing. I don't know what to do with his request.

That’s really funny! I’d give them the recipe, because why not. Have you noticed how weird Oznei Haman are outside Israel? Especially in the States. They fill them with jam. (preferable to the date filled ones you get here sometimes, but inferior to poppy seed.)
Honesty, unless you’re a kid and dressing up, Purim is kind of a bummer holiday. Living vicariously through cute little siblings is the best way to embrace the joy of your childhood memories without sinking into the void of adult existence!
Happy Purim!

30 Rock 30 Rock 30 Rock

I went on a tour through NBC Studios today with some members of the Film Club at my school and we got to see the SNL set while the actors were rehearsing. *Spoiler alert* They were doing a “Stranger Things” sketch and Lin Manuel-Miranda and Sasheer Zamata saw us looking through the glass and waved. I also saw Keenan, Leslie, Beck, and Kate McKinnon (who was playing Eleven and looked damn funny).

Twenty One Pilot’s gear was set up on the music stage (which looks a lot smaller in real life, along with the rest of the studio cuz they be usin that wide-angle camera lens) and we saw some more of it on another floor of 30 Rock. Didn’t see Tyler or Josh though, so that was kind of a bummer, but the whole thing was super fun. Everyone should do it if they get the chance.

So, long story short, there may or may not be a “Stranger Things” skit tonight. That’s all.

Finally got to see Filmage: The Story of Descendents/ALL, and as expected, it was fantastic. I feel like they kind of breezed through the ALL era, which was a bummer, but very appropriate considering how they have always played second fiddle to Descendents. But it was still very informative and super entertaining. Plus it was really neat to see some of my buddies in the movie.

At one point in the movie, Fat Mike says something like “there’s not a single person out there that would ever say they liked ALL more than Descendents.” Well, he’s wrong. I say it. A lot. ALL is way better than Descendents, though both bands are amazing, so it’s really neither here nor there.

Anyways, the movie is streaming for free on Amazon if you have Amazon Prime. Or you can rent it for $1.99. I highly recommend you do.

What about you? Do you like Descendents or ALL better?

The ads for Amazon’s Echo rub me the wrong way, which is a bummer because I’d actually been considering buying an Echo before I started seeing these awful ads. 

If you haven’t seen the ad, it’s basically just a demonstration of the kind of questions you might ask Echo/Alexa . So this guy asks Alexa a series of questions and as Alexa answers each one, he cuts her* off, interrupts, and asks a new question. 

*I use “her” because Alexa has a feminine voice and that’s relevant to my feelings about this. I know Echo/Alexa is a genderless object, but it is presented with a feminine voice. 

Anyway, it really irritates me when the guy interrupts Alexa. I know it’s just a computer program and computer programs have no sense of what is or isn’t “rude”. But the whole ad tries to make it sound like this guy is having a conversation with Alexa, and it’s the rudest fucking conversation I’ve ever heard.

There’s just sort of a misogynistic tone to the ad. It’s a subtle, between the lines sort of thing, but the message I get from the ad is “Here’s a woman who will obey your orders, give you what you want, and not talk back to you. Go ahead and be rude as fuck, Alexa will still answer you in the same sweet, submissive tone.” 

I know I am overthinking this advertisement. 

But I also know there is a good chance that the tone of this ad was a deliberate choice by the marketing team. 

Creating an ad that centers around a powerful, authoritative male voice giving commands to an obedient female voice is bound to speak to a lot of men. 

It’s probably not a terrible marketing choice since Amazon likely sees men as the primary target market for Echo. 

Unfortunately, the ads have really put me off. I think I’ll stick with “Okay Google”. It’s free anyway.