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Hi there! I was just wondering if you happen to post your art elsewhere from Tumblr, specifically Instagram. I've been seeing your art floating around in the Miraculous Ladybug hashtag, and I just wanted to make sure that the user got permission, or if they had stolen it off you. Your watermark was still on the sketches, so I thought I would let you know!

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Unfortunately, I’ve never had a single soul from Instagram ask for permission to use my drawings.  ಠ╭╮ಠ  It’s a bummer, and going after them all would take a really long time.  It’s kind of a losing battle.  (ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣̣﹏ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣̣)  

If they credit me and put a link to my Tumblr it’s not as bad.  The ones that REALLY make me upset are the ones that try to crop out or erase my watermark (which is why I’ve started sticking them right in the middle of pictures, lol). 

I always appreciate when lovely folks such as yourself point me towards accounts that use my art though!  I do contact them and remind them to ask for permission next time. 

On the flip side, lots of Youtubers have contacted me whether through Tumblr or email to ask for permission to make videos or dub my comics, which is great!  So at least there’s a silver lining that 1) People are slowly becoming more conscientious of others’ artistic property, and/or 2) They’re learning that they can’t get away with stealing as easily, since artists and fans are banding together and supporting the owner.

TL;DR:  I don’t have the spare time to comb through Instagram for art thieves, so I appreciate when people give me a heads up if they happen to find my art floating around in some random account!  :D

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I mean, I'm sad that Chaol won't be in the book because he was one of the original 3 (and nostalgic junk) plus I wanted to read about AelinxDorianxChaol friendship stuff (But like I get it, his storyline wouldn't really fit into Aelin's atm)

Yeah it’s kind of a bummer, but at least we know he’s okay. :)

I get a little insecure in Ranked nowadays because I end up the one DYING the most in matches

And it’s not like I do bad EVERY match, sometimes I also get the most kills, or I’m the one who saves us (or sinks the rainmaker) or whatever, but it’s like…I feel like SUCH an easy target I guess because why do I die so much in EVERY MATCH

I know you’re gonna get splatted a lot but for me it’s like a trend and it’s just like…DANG…THAT SUCKS

This is just a very quick heads-up that Kidomomo Summer will return next week, seeing with how the blog’s schedule clashed with that of of the participants and us mods allowed it to just kind of die out. We’d like to apologize at this point. However, since it’d be a bummer to let it end after only half of the prompts, the event will return after it’s short “break” and a month after it’s intended end. We will post a new schedule later within the day, which will include the old prompts mostly, but also new ones for those who already contributed! Once again, we’re sorry about the event’s hiatus and hope everyone’s still as excited as before about participating!

- Mod Kido

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Favorite and least favorite prison recipes?

That’s actually really difficult for me to answer! Most prison recipes contain pre-packaged and processed foods, which I am unable to eat due to food allergies. So even though I try them all out, it’s just having a taste for the most part. Literally every recipe I’ve received there are ingredients which I cannot have so ….bummer. But I have two that I would consider the best tasting:

The above was one I wasn’t even going to try because it just sounded like something that would make me sick. The guy who shared it with me though (shown in the video) insisted I give it a try so I did and it was surprisingly good and I kind of ate (a more healthy version of it) daily until I got sick of it.

That one is also pretty tasty, a lot better than I thought it’d be.

The least favorite….I don’t know if it’s because I’m allergic to every single ingredient in it (aside from the optional onions) and that put me in the mindset of this isn’t worth being sick over or if it just tastes bad to me, but “the poor man’s burrito” does nothing for me. Recipe below.

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why do u bold and italicize a lot of things in ur posts? sorry im just curious bc it's a lil disorienting for me :(

i have horrible, horrible ADHD, and w/o specific words “highlighted” for me a text post won’t catch my eye.

i never knew people don’t take the time to look at all their posts individually and instead just scroll by really fast until something catches their eye. ofc, not everyone is like this, but it was kind of a bummer when i learned that, because that would mean a lot of people don’t care about what i have to say.

to me, since i’ve been silent for so much of my life, i guess i just wanted to be heard. (i’m very talkative too bc of this, spoiler alert) also i just want people to know what the post is mainly about, and not get disinterested right away. i want people to care.

it’s hard to rant when no one’s listening. y’kno?

it sounds like i’m justifying it, but i’m just explaining my reasons behind the matter. tho, if it’s disorienting for you, i learned something new!

TL;DR: not everyone has terrible ADHD + anxiety + depression like me (tho a lot of tumblr does), and i should be inclusive to people who see it as hard to read. :]  it’s nice to know that someone cares haha

i’ll try and keep my “highlighting” to a minimum!

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Love the blog! I do wish you'd more individual posts for gold medalists from other countries other than the US (there are some but then there are posts like the recent ones for badminton and sail that put all of them together and are just a list, and it's kind of a bummer. I do really love the blog though thanks for running it!

I usually do but you should understand that it’s not always easy to find photos of non-Anglo athletes considering that’s most of what English newspapers cover/I can’t Google in other languages… not saying I agree with that strategy of coverage but sadly I can’t change it haha

If you have athletes you’d like to see you can always submit the photos or post it yourself, send me a link, and I’ll happily reblog!!! 

There is an 11 page application to fill out plus provide supporting documentation so that I can possibly be allowed to use my electronic stethoscope/hearing aid on the Level 2 CE exam. 

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“Describe in detail how this impairment substantially limits your major life activity/activities.” 

I’m not sure what exactly they want me to put? It’s hearing loss, how do you think it limits my major life activities? 

Do you think I could get away with writing ‘cannot spontaneously jump into pools and/or the ocean?’ 

Because honestly that one’s always been kind of a bummer. 

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I thought NJ were having a story line in the premiere? I was so excited about it. It is kind of a bummer that it'll be a Nick/Winston story line about long distance. I can see how this might be hilarious, because I bet they both suck at it, but it is still a bummer, especially because it seems like the next ep is a Jess and Cece plot, so one more without Ness in the same plot. I'd be happy with anything at all even if it was a silly Jess+Nick+elections thing, it's always fun when theyre together

But we still know so little about the first couple of episodes. The synopses don’t always give everything away, they’re not supposed to. The way I see it, we’ve got a story with Jess trying to distract herself from her feelings for Nick, that in itself is a good story that we’ve been waiting a long time for. So far I think we have reason to be excited.

hey so this is not your responsibility at all so please feel free to ignore it but i am realizing i’m kind of uncomfy with max as my name for a lot of reasons? which is a huge bummer because it meant a lot to me (it still does) and i hope i come back to it eventually but… in the meantime it hurts way too much and if anyone wanted to call me cillian to see if that feels better or suggest a new name that would work for me i would really appreciate it. i just… have really bad associations with max i guess, even amongst all the good ones, and i can’t keep facing them every day. 

I’m a little bummed I wasn’t shocked at the big “Bojack might have a daughter” reveal in season 3. The show kind of hinted at this.

I forget which episode but awhile ago before that episode he briefly mentions knocking up a hooker. And the big “Gee I hope no one just took the money and had the baby instead of an abortion” clue from Bojack.

It’s just a bummer when everyone around you watching the show is shocked and having a nice emotional rush and I’m just “meh saw it coming”