Day 127: February 12, 2015

Embassy of Tajikistan

This 15-year-old Ex-Soviet Republic’s embassy is actually only one of 22 in the “Schneider Triangle”, a full block of 22 connected Queen Anne Revival buildings preserved from the 1880s in the triangle formed by New Hampshire Avenue, 22nd Street, and K Street. Massachusetts Avenue west of Dupont Circle is popularly known as “Embassy Row”, but it’s fairly full up these days, and several smaller nations have opened embassies in the West End neighborhood, including not only Tajikistan but Tanzania, Senegal, Bolivia, and Qatar, among others.

Washington, DC

Journey to Qatar Airways (Part 4)

A lot of people said, that the Medical Exam is the hardest process in applying for abroad. Because there are tendency that you have to repeat some test, with reasons of assurance. So repeat of medical testing, means another individual payment for exams that the doctor insisted you to repeat it.

Actually I was assigned to the Clinic, RGO Laboratory. My experience for this medical was hectic and complicated. It was far away from my home, so I have to leave my place at 5:00 am in the morning, because the clinic is somewhere near Makati. Every one knows that the way to makati is very traffic. So I have to leave early to get to the clinic in time.

The medical exam almost cost me 4,000 pesos, for the whole exams that are required by Qatar Airways. For my first visit in RGO, I was early, it was around 6:00am waiting for the clinic to open. There were a lot of people waiting in line already. Others were murmuring with an angry expression on their faces, hearing that they had complications with their results. To make the long story short. I was able to finish my exams at 5pm, I got home at 7pm… It was worst and tiring day ever. In the afternoon people flooded the clinic and the place was to small, for the number of people arriving.

As I waited for a week, for the results. I contacted the clinic to follow-up, if ever there will be exams to repeat again. I didn’t expected, that I had to repeat my X-ray, ECG and blood test. I was shocked for the reasons, for the repetition of exams. The reasons were just to make sure if the results were right, I was worrying about the payment. Because I have to play for it again….

So in total I went to the clinc almost, four times just to finish my medical. The commute was tiring, I also had a complication, because of my asthma… That made me even furious that time. Because they made me repeat all of those exams, and the results were all normal. Then the doctor will just fail me because of my asthma?? That was never found in the exams, I took again??! That was unfair! Dapat nung una palang hindi na nila ako pina take nang ibang exams. Kung sa asthma land din pala ako ma fail diba?? Unang una palang nag inform nako meron ako asthma. The agency that was handling our papers said, it would not be a problem… as long as it doesn’t bother my life in working. 

Halos awayin ko na yung doctor.. kasi parang gusto niya, babayaran ko siya…. So she will pass my results…. Buti nga honest pako na sinabi ko may asthma ako…. Next time I will never say that I have asthma….. Kasi yung ibang tao mag take advantage sayo. … Pero good thing naman nag change nang mind yung doctor….

Pero pinahirapan niya ako, kung saan saan niya pako pinapunta. For a second opinion about my asthma… But in the end I passed! Thank God!!! Kaya Never give up easily… And stand up for what you believe! Be Strong lagi, kasi once na feel nang ibang tao mahina ka! Hay nako!! Kakainin ka nila nang buhay!

As for now I’m waiting for IPAMS, next instruction. So waiting nanaman ako hahaha… lagi nalang waiting. But as my Mom said “Patience is a Virtue” and success in life means you always have to go through hard times. I can do this!!