percico headcanons (percy jackson and nico di angelo)

  • percy calls nico his tiny boyfriend
  • nico wears percy’s stuff all the time •percy really likes to ruffle nico’s hair
  •  nico enjoys being little spoon 
  •  nico teaches percy a little italian
  •  when nico is angry he swears in italian (percy thinks it’s ultra cute)
  • sometimes percy wakes up really early in the morning just to brush his teeth so he can make out with nico in the morning without grossing himself out 
  •  nico often goes under percy’s shirt and kisses him there
  •  percy likes to make braids on nico’s hair 
  •  nico blushes every time percy kisses his cheeks 
  •  percy likes to lay on nico’s chest and listen to his heart
  •  percy sings something all the damn time hoping for nico to join him one day 
  • when nico has a nightmare percy is always there to hold his hand and listen to everything that happened is his dream

Okay but what about apartment au where, of all people, roe and guarnere are roommates like can you imagine what that would be like cuz I can

- bill is the cook because gene is so perpetually exhausted half the time he goes to start the coffee machine and he’ll forget to put water in
- bill didn’t tell gene he could cook though until he came home one day and found gene trying to cook spaghetti and it broke bills Italian heart
- doc starts out bandaging bill after his stupid shenanigans, but after the third (bill says it’s the third time really it’s the eighth time) gene makes a jar that bill has to fill with money and trinkets (scissors anyone?) that’s labeled “stupidity fund”
- everyone assumes that between the two of them bill is crankier in the morning, but luz comes swaggering in unannounced (unwelcome) and gets a med textbook to the face
- bill feels bad for making gene come home from exhausting classes and grueling shifts to loud parties and babe eating all their cereal so he makes sure to cook something Cajun once a month
- their first argument as roommates was a total disaster because neither could understand the other because their accents got thicker and thicker the angrier they got

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Not so much a question, just wondering if you have experienced this too: I am i recovery and doing really well but no matter how hard I try, I can't get myself to "like" foods that I liked in my eating disorder. I used to eat tons of spinach, greek yogurt, and oatmeal in my ED and now I hate all of those foods. Is this normal?

Oh god, yes! I can totally relate. For a while in my ED, I was drinking like 100oz+ of diet soda every day and now I only like it on occasion. I maybe have one once every 2 weeks or so but that is all I can handle without getting grossed out by it. The same goes for italian salad dressing…I used the fat-free type of course but the taste of even regular italian now just makes me go “ehhhh no thanks”…

I think it’s of course important to keep trying them though and to make sure that you aren’t developing any trauma per se around them. It is one thing to not want to eat spinach because you just got sick of it in your ED and it is another thing to not eat spinach because you can’t handle the memories. 

When in Rome, do as..

The old adage goes “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” The new one should probably go, “When in Rome, keep an eye on your belongings at all times.” Not that something happened to me; I was able to spend a week there, pay attention to my belongings only as much as I would anywhere else (which is a quick glance / check every few minutes), and was able to come out of the ordeal unscathed and unrobbed.

It did surprise me though, the amount of negative reviews the city gets online. Between the crazy cars, the crazier taxis, and buses whose drivers think they’re behind the wheel of a sports car, crossing roads can become a life-and-death battle. And we’ve not even begun to discuss the scooters yet. The maniacs who ride them somehow manage to make the impossible feat of smoking, zig-zagging through thick traffic, and uttering “ciao!” to women walking-by all at the same time look possible. These guys own the road, and you better not get in their way! The metro system is pretty good, although connectivity is an issue. Every once in a while, the project to build a new line somehow manages to get through all the bureaucracy and out of the drawing board, only to be suddenly halted because diggers would stumble upon ancient Roman ruins (do not click me). But the transport system seems to keep up with the demand, and early in the morning, it is actually a pleasure to ride on a bus from one part of the city to another.

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Hhhngh, what a day. = u=;;;

Woke up at ten to go pick up my friend for Six Flags, Mom’s car decides to smoke like crazy and just

d ie

Like she opened the hood and the part that holds the sparkplug-thing in s HOT out and oil was everywhere.

But my friend and I eventually got to Six Flags, so it was all good. We spent like half of the day in the water park. …I got a tan on back and arms. But I got sunburn on my face. ; w ;

And my friend bought me a cute plushie of the lil’ Looney Toons frog with the top hat, the one that dances and goes

‘Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal~’

yeah t hat one >u<

I also got to have some Gelati, which is Italian ice layered with soft serve ice cream. I had some watermelon Italian ice and hhhh~ it was so good. <3

So I had a good day. But my legs and feet hurt. -Flops onto floor- ; u;’‘

sorry for the long post