A rec list of general Solangelo cuteness, as you have wished @thatoneimpala



  • As If Hands Were Enough (to Hold an Avalanche Off) - okay. so this is a college AU. and just even thinking about it makes me so emotional. Gg, I’m begging you. please read this. (honestly, just read anything by theroyalsavage because they’re my god.) (22 chapters,  44,937 words)
  • Kitchen Nightmares - this is also by theroyalsavage, but it’s my favorite fanfic of their’s (definitely one of my favorite Solangelo fics ever). It’s that one AU I was telling you about where Nico owns this really fancy Italian restaurant and Will parks his ugly taco truck out front and Nico get’s all pissy and goes over there and everyone is like “oh shit whaddup” and idek man…. I’m just so emo it’s so good. (13 chapters,  43,067 words)
  • Just linking you to their Solangelo on Ao3  because, otherwise, this is going to be a long list of their fanfic…..
  • Asymptotes -  an adorable college AU featuring punk!Nico and nerd!Will. Read it. It’s so cute it melted my heart. And my heart is barely existent. (4 chapters, 17,790 words)
  • Try to Leave a Light On - Nico is distant, Will hardly ever sees him, and it’s starting to hurt. This is “porn with feelings” as stated by the tags. It’s angsty, but there’s a happy ending!!  (one shot, 3,710 words)
  • Redamancy - Nico ends up in the hospital too often, but it turns out that it’s not so bad after all. (one shot, 3,034 words)
  • With the Lights On - also one of my favorite Solangelo fics ever. They have a one night stand and then they keep seeing each other everywhere and one thing leads to another…. Agh. Doing this is bringing back so many emotions. (21 chapters,  47,686 words)


  • @theroyalsavage has some great fics on here too. They might all be on Ao3 but… just to be safe. (You may have to do some searching under their “my writing” tag, but it’s so worth it.)
  • honestly, anything by @warmestbloggerever too. (found here) Liv’s fics are the epitome of happiness and. kill me. So lovely.
  • Melting Sugar - cute fic where Will goes out of his way to get Nico’s favorite cookies from his childhood, basically. 
  • The “Straight” Roomate AU - I think the title is pretty self-explanatory…. this fic is just. agh.
  • Your Wish Is My Command - Solangelo Genie AU. SO GOOD.
  • idk man. If you need more fics, I have read so many it’s actually insane.
  • also, there are my fics *wink wink nudge nudge*


I’m just going to link you to some amazing blogs

(also, just kind of realizing after doing all of this that you can go to @solangelo and find everything you could ever dream of)

Okay but what about apartment au where, of all people, roe and guarnere are roommates like can you imagine what that would be like cuz I can

- bill is the cook because gene is so perpetually exhausted half the time he goes to start the coffee machine and he’ll forget to put water in
- bill didn’t tell gene he could cook though until he came home one day and found gene trying to cook spaghetti and it broke bills Italian heart
- doc starts out bandaging bill after his stupid shenanigans, but after the third (bill says it’s the third time really it’s the eighth time) gene makes a jar that bill has to fill with money and trinkets (scissors anyone?) that’s labeled “stupidity fund”
- everyone assumes that between the two of them bill is crankier in the morning, but luz comes swaggering in unannounced (unwelcome) and gets a med textbook to the face
- bill feels bad for making gene come home from exhausting classes and grueling shifts to loud parties and babe eating all their cereal so he makes sure to cook something Cajun once a month
- their first argument as roommates was a total disaster because neither could understand the other because their accents got thicker and thicker the angrier they got


So awesome to see Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoferetti (@AstroSamantha) teaming up with Smarter Every Day to teach us about some very, very, very important pieces of rubber on the International Space Station. You’d never believe that something so small could be so crucial to the astronauts’ survival. This one goes out to all the engineers!

Samantha heads back home this week after spending six months in forever-fall around Earth, but before she left she kindly gave us a tour of how the toilets work on the ISS. Check out how to do ones and twos in orbit via this video from the ESA:

Разве это не сказка?

Okay, so, according to the subtitles (from both my memory of the English ones and looking at the Italian ones from the bootleg), Aleksa and Maximillian’s first conversation goes like this:

What the hell are you doing?
Isn’t it wonderful? Tonight the sky is completely full of miracles.”

But I was messing around with Google Translate earlier, trying to find out how to spell “Что, черт возьми, ты делаешь?” for fic purposes, and it turns out that the subtitles aren’t strictly accurate. Aleksa does say “What the hell are you doing?”, but Max actually says something else.

Full disclaimer: I don’t speak Russian at all. I think I know like two words in Russian. But I can tell the difference between замечательно (sounds like zamechatel'no) and сказка (sounds like skazka). “замечательно” means “wonderful,” and that’s not what he’s saying at all.

What he’s actually asking is “Isn’t it a fairy tale?”

I can’t find the meta right now, but there was one that pointed out that Jupiter Ascending is ultimately a fairy tale. It’s more overt in some places than others (the allusion to Cinderella when she’s with Catherine, for example), but the structure is also not the hero’s journey, but the fairy tale. The three Abrasax siblings, the magical quality of the technology, the seriousness with which it handles its fantastic plot: all of that is more fairy tale than standard story structure. 

Jupiter Ascending has been criticized for, essentially, not poking fun at itself - how dare people put weird things in a movie and not spend half of the movie pointing out how weird everything is? But it’s not that Jupiter Ascending isn’t self-aware, it’s just not self-critical. We know it’s a fairy tale, but isn’t it awesome?


If you haven’t read carpedm87 solangelo band au called ON TOUR  then you should, because you need to. i read it in one sitting because i couldn’t put it down. its amazing. like seriously your missing out.

I had to draw Nico in a Henley tee because Carpe spent almost 2 hours talking about it today haha. 

So if you haven’t guessed this is a flyer/promo poster that goes along with the story. 4 places relate to the fic, 3 places relate to the books and the last 3 are places that i feel like that Percy, Jason and Nico would go. 

The word tattoo say “to Hell and Back” in Italian  (i hope, google translate and all). i feel like Nico would have sparrows on his neck idk. 

anonymous asked:

but how do u guys know floriana doesnt identify as a poc lol she literally plays characters of color all the time which is gross IF she is white but u cant trust one random family member?

I think honestly that because so many even brown Italians identify as white and get all of the white privilege that goes with that I want her to come out and say she’s a PoC for me to stop being mad about her taking PoC roles.  And remember even if she does that she’s still stealing Latinx roles.

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