There’s a single tiny fly/insect? that’s been trapped in my room for a surprisingly long period of time now (a week) and every time I try to clap it out of the air, I startle the hell out of the rats and can hear them collectively jolt in their sleeping places.

Sorry, guys. Sorry. I know you were sleeping, sorry.

One time I clapped at the fly, opened my hands, and it was sitting on my palm and flew away once it was re-exposed. This was the closest I have gotten to killing it. I wept and scolded my hands for having -one job- and failing.

one gag that never fails to make me lose my shit is when a character is shown next to a framed photograph of themselves, in the exact same pose as in the photo

it’s a mouthful to explain but god damn. that is comedy gold right there. 

Why is this short film important?

Whaddup. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time now and it’s finally here.

I wanted to make this post more serious and analytical so here it is. I’m Cloud and this is why the short film “In a Heartbeat” by Beth David and Esteban Bravo is a masterpiece and why you should care.

This short film that was released today has been through kickstarter and I know that kickstarter projects are well… Unreliable. So I was really scared for the success of this project considering that I’ve seen many other kickstarter projects have popped out sloppy, horrible, and downright awful. Yeah, talk about a waste of dough. But I’m happy to say that this wasn’t one of those fails. The creators of this short film were very determined and weren’t going to give up on this.

This short film has something we like to call good representation. Needless to say spoiler warning so I’m gonna get right into the story. The short film takes place through the eyes of Sherwin a closeted schoolboy. Who has a classic crush on another schoolboy. Enter love interest Jonathan. Just from the concept art it was established that Sherwin was head over heels for Jonathan.

That is something a lot of kids experience, crushes but not all kids have the challenge of being outed to a world and society where they could be ridiculed and possibly slaughtered for their feelings. And I know that sounds scary but it’s true some kids are just in dangerous unaccepting environments, so it’s easy to see themselves in Sherwin.

Sherwin isn’t the best at expressing his feelings and nor does he really want to because he’s closeted. But that’s not healthy at a young age to try to hide your feelings when they’re so deep. So his love is personified into this very adorable heart. This heart is Sherwin’s desire to be with who he wants even if it’s another guy and nothing’s stopping it except Sherwin. This carries the message that love is love even if it’s not from a man to a woman and vice versa.

So through the short film this heart is just going out there to be with Jonathan and Sherwin is struggling to hold it back. Suppress his feelings should I say. And it reaches this point where the cartoon heart is showing it’s affections in public in front of the school. The homophobic surroundings are then very real and puts both Sherwin and Jonathan on the spot. And this scene at 2:18 is the breaking point (pun not intended). Just this shot is showing how the two characters have this pure bond but yet everyone else sees it as a disgusting display. Now everyone can see it Sherwin isn’t in the closet anymore and put himself out there. So now that he’s out and exposed for what happens his heart breaks. Literally.

And the doors close on Jonathan with a piece of the broken heart now aware of Sherwin’s sexuality and feelings. So basically Sherwin symbolically came out to him but shrunk and ran away with his romantic feelings in shambles. And media wise that’s usually the end of it for queer characters. Nothing. No love, no affection, just a broken spirit. We see him outside the school with his broken heart.

But then Jonathan comes and fixes the broken heart. Returning his feelings and showing support and acceptance by sitting next to him with the repaired heart. And in the end both of their hearts come together. So finally the gay characters get a happy ending after years of bury your gays and homophobia. There’s happily ever after.

This film shows the struggles of real people and there’s no dialogue either so literally anyone can enjoy this without any language barriers or translation errors. That’s what makes good representation showing the struggles and themes that a group of people experience and even flipping the script and giving them a good ending.

I apologize for spelling and possibly grammatical errors but I wanted to get this out soon. Thanks for reading.

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watched the 13th warrior recently and doodled these guys.  it was fun drawing essentially the same character but adding as much variation as possible.

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Honestly gettin’ pretty sick of people coming to me to trash Joseph whenever I say he’s a complicated character with a lot of nuance, so hey, here’s my take on the whole Mary-Robert-Joseph situation.

I’ll put this all under a cut so here are some disclaimers; This is full of spoilers, I’m writing this under the assumption that all the cult end stuff is non-canon, and yes, this is only one possible interpretation of the information we can glean from the character interactions (also, taken from what may later prove to be incomplete information as more endings are unlocked/glitches are fixed/content is released). I like it because I think it’s the most interesting and empathetic for all of the characters involved and because I don’t think it’s the kind of situation that necessarily has to have a “villain”.

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20 things I learned at 20

1. You can have only one best friend and that best friend can only be you. Because you may come across a dozen lovely people but the only one who can keep the ‘forever’ promise is you.

2. Family is the most important. This is the only love that is truly unconditional and absolutely pure. They love you when you’re 5 and when you’re 18. They love you in your failure and your success. Their love doesn’t increase because it’s already at its maximum right from the beginning, it’s already infinite.

3. Cocktails and aerated drinks may soothe your taste buds but tea soothes your entire body. It’s warm and calming and well, healthy.

4. Your first kiss means nothing if it’s not with the right person. And the right person doesn’t mean your soulmate or someone who will never break your heart but someone who in that moment loves you as much as you love them.

5. You’ve written over 350 exams and you’ve got a perfect score in some and scored miserably in others but do you remember your 9th grade math score? Do you even remember 9th grade math? Education is so important but not the stress and competitive grading that comes along with it. If you get a low score or even fail, not much will happen – you will get a retest. But if you get ill – mentally or physically, it will have undesired long term effects.

6. In 8th grade your school psychologist told you that you’re one of the few people who walk in life with open arms loving and helping everyone, not because you haven’t bled but because you know you will heal and have the strength to do so. At that point you laughed at her but now, years later you’re loving, accepting and helping in spite of having both, actual and metaphorical scars.
You’re kind and admitting that doesn’t make you conceited.

7. Goodbyes don’t always have to be dramatic. Writing an 800 words message won’t make it hurt any less than an 8 words one. Closure usually has not much to do with the ones who wronged you but with taking your time in dealing with all the stages of grief. Some stage like anger may take only a month but acceptance may take years and that’s okay.

8. Jealousy is a basic human trait. They can be the closest to you and yet envy your happiness and life. Envy is something you too experience and you can be happy for them and be sad for yourself at the same time because so bitter it is to view happiness from someone else’s eyes. You aren’t a horrible human being if you feel like there are better shades of green your grass could be.

9. Read at your own desire and pace.
You don’t have to read particular books to qualify as a bibliophile or read a specific number of books to be a bookworm either. Read what truly interests you and take your time because reading was never a task, don’t make it one now.

10. Money is important. Money can’t buy love but it can buy happiness. But not blood money. Money honestly earned through hard work. That kind of money is good, that kind of money is required. You have a certain standard of living and if you want to maintain that after your parents stop financing you, you must make sure to earn the same. It doesn’t make you a snob or a spoiled brat, it only makes you a human aware of your wants, many of which have turned into needs by now.

11. There are somethings you just never grow out of like bubbles and glitter and your mother’s hot chocolate and hugs. Those are the kind of things that make life bearable when adulting gets too hard. Those are the little things that matter the most.

12. You cry. A lot.
But you don’t cry in front of people for their pity. You don’t cry to manipulate situations. You cry because you accept the pain. You cry because you don’t reject or lock away your emotions. You cry because your mental, emotional and physical self are in sync and that’s healthy. That’s so lovely.

13. Bake cakes. They don’t have to look pretty as long as they taste delicious. Paint canvases. They don’t have to be a master piece as long as all the paint in your hands and face and jeans makes you feel complete. Write more. It doesn’t have to a novel or even be posted online as long as it lets you breathe a little lighter and smile wider.

14. Go for walks alone, sit on the beach without your headphones, look up at the sky without a lover, buy flowers for yourself. Nature is legit free (for the most part). And it’s the richest thing that the world has. Le it bring you peace, let it help you survive.

15. Make home feel home. Sometimes you won’t have your family to make it home. Sometimes you will have to make it home by putting a part of yourself and that means investing the time, energy and money in making it feel yours, in making it feel right. It may not be your ‘dream house’, it may just be a tiny room but it’s yours. Your surroundings play a major role in affecting your mood and vibe.

16. Energy is real.
You may not know much about Science beyond 10th grade but you do know this, e=mc ²  which means everything is energy, you are energy and there is positive and negative energy and you can feel it and you experience it in every person you meet, every place you visit, every room you step inside. You can and you must choose to surround yourself with positive energy. What you attract, you do get; what you attract you become.

17. Spend time with yourself. It’s some of the best time you will have. You need to unwind, you need it to re-energize, you need it to focus and you need it for peace. You can go to a cafe by yourself, write, read, meditate, talk to yourself out loud, dance in your underwear, cook and just be.

18.  Take care of yourself- no one else can, no one else will. Drink loads of water, there’s a reason why more than half your body is made up of water. Sleep well because staying up all night isn’t something to be proud of, it’s stupid. Don’t skip breakfast because skipping breakfast makes you crave fatty foods for the rest of the day. Stay healthy not because you want to look a certain way but because you want to feel strong and energetic and have an active mind, body and heart. Staying healthy emotionally and mentally is just as important. So let those who want to go, go and never say yes to something your gut wants to scream ‘NO’ to.

19. Love yourself. If you don’t love yourself you will look for other people to love you. If you don’t accept yourself, you will keep seeking other people’s validation and the moment they withdraw it or walk away, you will crumble. And you don’t want to crumble. You want to enjoy the one person’s company you have to live with forever – yourself. Work on being a person you’d love to spend your life with because let’s face it, you don’t have a choice. It’s a long term investment and the only one that will never fail you.

20. In Shakespeare’s words, “To thine own self be true”. In order to love yourself, knowing yourself is very important.  And knowing yourself doesn’t mean the adjectives that people use for you or what your zodiac sign says about you. It means what you know in your heart to be your truth.

One more for good luck?

21. You laughed and thought it was very witty when you came across the quote, ‘Don’t take life too seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.’
but god. Can it be any truer? Most things you’re stressing over now won’t even matter 3 years from now. But good days will turn into heart-warming memories that will stay with you even 2 decades later.
Happiness and success are two different things but remember, they aren’t mutually exclusive. At least they don’t have to be.

Not to be all “read Settlers” but a lot of white leftists are going at some point, to need to wrangle with the fact that white supremacy does have a lot to offer poor whites (not just material benefits like being called before black people for a job offer, but the social benefit of having a people to which you belong, the emotional benefit of having someone to see yourself as better than and of ignoring that people with their boots on your neck look like you, the ability to leverage at least one thing when you have no other leverage) and the material reality that a lot of the standard of living in the West is the result of ongoing imperial domination and mineral/labor/resource exploitation of some countries by imperialist powers like the US, and that no socialist revolution could take place and encourage internationalism without wrangling with that/without eradicating that relationship. You can call it Third Worldist and turn your nose up at it but these are practical concerns, and you see in many organizing models around white supremacy in particular this absolute refusal to acknowledge that all white people do benefit from white supremacy, even the ones who don’t want to, even the ones harmed in other ways by capital, even the nice ones, not just rich white people. And frankly, I think the refusal to acknowledge that is racist. It doesn’t mean that building class consciousness isn’t useful, but it means acknowledging that a lot of the people all of us are advocating for still hate black and brown people and will need to be dealt with accordingly, not pitied as fools fallen to false consciousness. This whole “white supremacy doesn’t really benefit you if you’re poor” shit has got to go. I’m not saying we give people a racial politics test, line the ones who fail against a wall, and shoot them, but you can’t just ignore this.

most powerful moments in musicals

-the NO ONE in words fail
-we are powerless
-the transition from carnival del barrio to attencion
-she used to be mine
-‘the only place where heathers and martha’s can get along is in heaven’
-fuck you evan, asshole!
-when mendel says homosexuals for the second time
-when marvin is singing to whizzers ghost
-some girls were just meant to smiLE
-in no one else when natasha sings you and i three times
feel free to add more

star crossed rivals

this post is not only about princess allura and prince lotor being foils, but also keith and acxa being set up as rivals season 3

for related tweets, check out these threads !!   

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Context: We had just finish a fight with a Ghoul where a member of our party, a gnomish sorceror Adva, had fallen to 0 hitpoints. We finished the fight and he was still on the ground. Our Tiefling Bard Vimlish attempted to mending his tattered clothing.

Vimlish: I cast mending to fix his clothes

Dm: Roll to see if you can

Vimlish: You dont have to roll for that.

Dm: Well i just wanted to see if you rolled a one and you fail terribly

Vimlish: Sure i mean. Why not.

*rolls a nat 1*

Dm: Oh my god. You literally. Turn his clothes back into cloth. And they all fall off of his body.

Vimlish: NO WAY

After this we decided to put clothes on the gnome that we had found in the room.

Vimlish: Ok. I roll to convince him that it was not me who obliterated his clothes.

Dm: theres no possible way he’s going to believe you.

Vimlish: Im still gonna try

*rolls a nat 20*

Dm: oh my fucking god. You weave an amazing story of how this monster hit him so hard that his clothes were destroyed completely and he has no idea that you obliterated his clothes.

Everyone in the party is in hysterics laughing on the ground.

deakvalid  asked:

How do you deal with players succeeding on checks they would obviously fail? One of my players characters has never met an orc but happened to roll a nat 20 on a really obscure orc related history check and it just doesn't make any sort of sense for them to have this knowledge.

This is a topic I’ve wanted to touch on for awhile, so thanks for your timely question!

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In the Rules As Written for the RPGs I’ve played, the only context in which rolling a 20 means an automatic success is when you’re attacking someone.  And even then, all it means is that you definitely hit them.  Some opponents can’t even be criticaled, so it doesn’t necessarily even mean you did anything dramatic. That being said, I do enjoy letting people also get criticals on their skill checks, because I think it’s interesting.  It’s a house rule I always play with.  Rather than thinking of 20s and 1s as automatic successes and failures, though, I think of it as an opportunity for something interesting to happen.  The degree to which the player actually succeeds still depends on how difficult the thing they are trying to accomplish is.

If a player rolls a 20 on a skill check they’d reasonably be able to do, they succeed admirably.  The result is above and beyond what you’d normally expect.  It’s a standard Critical Success.  If they roll a 1 on something you’d expect them to be able to succeed, they fail (even if the total result of their roll plus their skill points would normally allow them to succeed).  I often use Nat 1s as an opportunity for some slapstick comedy.  So, the druid rolling a 20 on their perception check not only spots the approaching griffins, they notice the signs that the griffins are a mating pair, and thus there should be eggs near by.  That same sharp-eyed druid rolls a 1, and is so absorbed by the sight of a majestic butterfly that they trip over some tree roots right before the battle begins.

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Now, some things the players attempt won’t be things you’d reasonably expect them to be able to succeed.  Hell, sometimes they’ll try something that in your mind is downright impossible.  In these cases, rolling a 20 doesn’t mean they succeed, but it should still mean something interesting happens.  In the example you gave, maybe the player suddenly remembers a rumor or a random factoid someone else told them about orcs during their travels.  If it would actually be impossible for them to know the fact, than maybe instead they get a helpful hunch. Like, maybe they remember the lines of some obscure childhood rhyme that give them some insight, or they’re able to get a clue from some minor detail.  
Sometimes, when a player rolls a 20 on something that should be impossible, it just means they don’t fail as hard as they absolutely should.  Like, if they try to hide somewhere with literally no cover, they obviously can’t.  But maybe, they roll a 20, and the sight of them trying so earnestly to be invisible when they clearly are not is amusing to their opponent.  It’s not a success, but it’s a slim possible advantage over a complete failure.  

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Your players may sometimes try to argue with your decisions about the outcome, but they don’t have a leg to stand on.  According to the rules, skills aren’t critable, so anything you give them is a bonus.  Use your judgment, try and think of something interesting, and make the call.  As you get better at improvising, these moments will probably become some of the most memorable parts of your sessions.  Thanks for the question, and good luck!

BTS Reaction to Another Member Hitting On Their Secret GF

Requested by Anonymous, “Bts reaction to a member hitting on their gf but didn’t know y'all were dating cause y'all kept it as a secret?”

Note: Here ya go! ~

Jin ➳ And it was when he got the chance to finally see you at the party, trying to subtly hold your hand as he tried his hardest to imprint your beauty into his mind when Jimin sat at the barstool beside yours — sitting quietly as he watched the both of you interact. “What?” You snapped, annoyed after he had drilled his eyes towards your form for some time, and the boy only smiled.

“You have sparkles in your eyes..” He mumbled, his hand reaching the one Seokjin failed to grab as he eyed you in pure adoration — and Seokjin rolled his eyes but didn’t have the courage to tell the younger that your were him.

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Suga ➳ He didn’t mind having Hoseok tag along with you both down the snowy streets and to a restaurant you loved with all your heart. It was freezing, and the older was quiet as Hoseok did everything in his power to keep you laughing from his bright smiles and humorous jokes. “How does it feel?” Hoseok asks through the serenity of the night, and somehow, Yoongi’s heart instantly darkens as you tilted your head in question. “Knowing you stole my heart?”

“Not now,” Yoongi mostly says to himself as he feels his anger boiling in jealousy within him, the younger frowning at the suddenly talking blond.

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J-Hope ➳ The way Jungkook had very anxiously plopped himself onto the couch while throwing his hand over your shoulders had Hoseok’s eyes blasting open in question, wondering how and why the boy became brave all of a sudden. “So,” the maknae says, pulling you closer to his side with a smile, “when do I get a chance?”

Hoseok was shooketh, watching you stutter as you flushed while your eyes begged for your boyfriend to help you, but he only sighed, lips pressing together in a way to calm himself. “She seems uncomfortable,” he mutters, and the younger apologizes to you shyly as he walks away.

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RapMonster ➳ “(y/n),” Yoongi murmurs, face monotone but cheeks flushed in a way that had caught you off guard, “you want to go get coffee with me?” And the room is filled with silence.

He is never one to invite anyone to accompany him, but before you could even open your mouth in answer, Namjoon is the one who pierces the air with his laughter. “Bro,” he starts, “I hope you don’t mind taking my girlfriend with you.” And Yoongi pales, looking to the ground before he leaves without sparing a secind glance.

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Jimin ➳ He usually isn’t one to become angry unless you were in a situation which you felt threatened, but Taehyung wasn’t a threat in the least. “You’re beautiful, you know that?” The boy tells you, to which you smile in gratitude, but when he begins to pester on and ask you out on a date — Jimin became worried.

“Sorry,” you apologize, and he could faintly see Taehyung’s expression lower to sadness, and when you tell him you “already have a boyfriend”, Jimin smiles to himself as he tries to burry the smile away.

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V ➳ He was stepping close to you as your eyes darted around in search of your boyfriend, and once his hand pressed gently against your shoulder to pull you in for a hug, he says “Come with me, like old times.”

“I’m,” you quickly cut in, pushing yourself away from the devastated Seokjin as you try to find your words. “I can’t,” you whisper, and the new but familiar arm slithering around your waist has you tensing immediately.

“Maybe some other time, hyung,” Taehyung grins, taking you away from the older man and hoping to anything Seokjin got the point.

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Jungkook ➳ “So, baby,” and Jungkook’s ears immediately perk up as the words slip Namjoon’s lips — a pet name that is directed towards you.

The young man knew he didn’t have the right to be angry since no one knew about your relationship, but his usual fluffy composure morphed into ice as you become a flushing mess from suddenly being hit on. “Sorry Joonie, but please don’t call me that.” And Jungkook is trying his hardest not to laugh, his lips quirking up as Namjoon sighs in defeat.

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Klance is so good??? Like???

They started out, not as enemies, but as rivals. And that difference means everything. They build each other up, their rivalry is a competition that encourages improvement. They are both better for it.

They’re a team. One that’s rough at its edges and one that’s complicated. But they’re a team. Despite their bickering, they work together seamlessly when they put their minds to it. Where one fails, the other is there to succeed.

They are far from the strangers they were at the Garrison. They are rivals. They are friends. They are teammates. They are so much more than that.