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Miranda Lawson’s white catsuit has officially scared me back into the gym. 

I used to be really active and run long distance but I’ve had bad luck with sports injuries for the past two years. I stress fractured my hip badly two years ago and had surgery to put a big plate in it. After that, I spent 6 months in physical therapy and working with a trainer fighting to get back to where I had been and actually came out of it physically better than I had been prior to the injury. At least until I got another bad stress fracture in my other leg several months later. That one benched me completely for two months and really disheartened me. It’s really difficult to watch all your hard work and progress slowly disappear and to try to pep talk yourself into fighting through it all once again. Like it’s a special kind of hell to watch a year’s worth of intense fighting through recovery slip away to another injury and unlike the first time, I’ve had a really hard time getting angry and jumping back in. But I’m gonna try again. That damn catsuit has me scared enough to try again. 

So I’ll be busting my ass three or four times a week now. Mostly with strength training since apparently cardio fractures my legs. So I may occasionally scream about it here, since it’s totally cosplay related. Because right now cosplay is the only motivation I have to get back in the game. 

Mads and Hugh, didn’t you meet filming King Arthur in 2004?

Mikkelsen: We did. It was a group meeting, in the sense that we were seven knights sitting on horses. We got a horse each.
Dancy: Which was nice!
Mikkelsen: We were stuck in Ireland for six months, which is not a bad place to be if you like beer and hanging out. So the group became really solid. I made it a ritual every time I came to London after that to make sure I could see Hugh, one way or another.
Dancy: It was a great group of guys. And horses.

Mikkelsen: Actually, I just remembered, our horses had the same colour: grey and white.

Dancy: I don’t remember that.

Mikkelsen: Well, I do, vividly. And mine was a little faster than yours. (Laughs)

Fuller: King Arthur was actually one of the reasons why, after we’d cast Hugh, I really wanted to cast Mads. I’d seen them together in that movie and I knew that their friendship would come through on the screen.

Mads and Hugh horsing around in an Empire interview


30 Day Coloring Challenge- Create a coloring for gifs. Specifically file size reduction. {13/30}

Sick of all the Minions? Go watch Dreamwork’s Megamind

It’s one of my  FAVORITE dreamworks movies actually that I’ve never really talked about before somehow??? And it’s sad bc it came out the same year as Despicable Me and thus got overshadowed, which is too bad because it has so much cool stuff to offer this is just the things that immediately come to mind

  1. Everybody loves The Incredibles because of how it cleverly deconstructed superhero tropes, but Megamind also does it REALLY WELL from a super Villain perspective!  Megamind and Metroman play up Generic Superhero tropes to their laughable conclusion, complete with the overly witty and puntastic banter  that turn the Superhero/Supervillain conflict into the kind of ridiculous staged performance that it really is.
  2. Does away with the black and white Hero/Villain dichotomy completely, shows that having superpowers does NOTHING FOR YOU if you’re just a selfish jerk
  3. MAIN GIRL ROXANNE RITCHIE AAAAHHH while originally seems set up to be the “damsel in distress” sort of character she ends up being super competent and observant and sees through everyone’s crap and is also a kind and supportive person I love her ok
  4. Pretty much explains Privilege in a nutshell within the first 3 minutes
  5. There is only ONE Minion, and he’s not a disgusting yellow corn kernel creature but a thoughtful and supportive friend and side character.
  6. Also the Brainbots are just 100x more badass and cute than aforementioned disgusting yellow corn kernel creatures
  7. Overall the entire story is just super heartwarming without having to resort to forced cuteness and everyone’s character development is really interesting and if you’re complaining about that Minions movie I advise u to rent/borrow Megamind and just feel better about yourselves ok?

btw here are the brainbots if you ever get tired of Minions look at these ok

(My personal reason 8 is that Megamind is just a modern retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac and if anyone wants me to elaborate I most certainly can and will eheheheheh)

Two Drinks In

Prompted by onceuponaluke with “i’m at my ex’s wedding and i’m miserable idk why i came but i did and it was a bad idea so i’m dwelling at the bar in my sorrows planning on getting very drunk and u are the really good looking bartender that i end up talking to and you are really nice and it turns out the wedding wasn’t that bad after all considering once it was over you were driving me home”

Clarke was two drinks in when the bartender came back from his break, eyeing her sitting behind the bar with a raised eyebrow and a slow-stretching smirk. No one else was sitting around the bar, most of the guests out on the dance floor, and that left the two of them staring at each other, Clarke suddenly having no way of escape. Though, where she would want to escape to in the first place she couldn’t really tell you.

“What are you doing behind the bar?”

Clarke shrugged. “The bartender left and I needed to get drunk. Don’t worry, I’ve been filling in for you the whole time.”

“I’m sure you’re a great bartender,” he replied sarcastically, leaning himself against the bar after bringing himself a few steps closer.

“I tended bar during college,” she responded, narrowing her eyes.

He raised his arms up as if in surrender, the smirk never leaving his face. Clarke eyed him appreciatively, noticing the bulge of his arms underneath his collared shirt and the way his hair seemed to fly uninhibited even though he had clearly tried to tame it back. A laugh floated from the dance floor over to Clarke’s ears, clear and recognizable, and she reached for the nearest bottle of alcohol and chugged.

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Family Portrait !

Lord knows how long it took to dress all three kids, feed and make it to our appointment on time. I am sooooo happy that our family portrait was a success though. It came out everything and more. I have more pictures to show but for right now these are my favorites. I have new pictures to hang around the house! Yayyyy. I’m pretty sure this is you guys first time seeing my family and I together. Only because either one is at work or one is at school or one is taking a nap or another being cranky but today none of that happened. Everyone was good. Well, every good news have to come with bad news right? Elijah’s birthday is this week :( Like really? Where did the time go? Why is everyone growing up so fast? I wish they were all newborns again. The main reason why I wanted to do the family portrait is because he is still a toddler and I wanted to get some pictures of him while still little. I hope you guys enjoy these pictures as much as I have and I encourage you to do a family portrait only for you to see how big your kids are even when you think they are still little. Before marriage and after having D’vorah Fabian and I discussed having a good 4 to 5 kids. Well we’ll see about that because I’m satisfied with my 3 but who knows.

Okay but what about apartment au where, of all people, roe and guarnere are roommates like can you imagine what that would be like cuz I can

- bill is the cook because gene is so perpetually exhausted half the time he goes to start the coffee machine and he’ll forget to put water in
- bill didn’t tell gene he could cook though until he came home one day and found gene trying to cook spaghetti and it broke bills Italian heart
- doc starts out bandaging bill after his stupid shenanigans, but after the third (bill says it’s the third time really it’s the eighth time) gene makes a jar that bill has to fill with money and trinkets (scissors anyone?) that’s labeled “stupidity fund”
- everyone assumes that between the two of them bill is crankier in the morning, but luz comes swaggering in unannounced (unwelcome) and gets a med textbook to the face
- bill feels bad for making gene come home from exhausting classes and grueling shifts to loud parties and babe eating all their cereal so he makes sure to cook something Cajun once a month
- their first argument as roommates was a total disaster because neither could understand the other because their accents got thicker and thicker the angrier they got

So I’m babysitting my younger brother and we were flipping through the channels and I realized that TeenNick is still doing the 90s Are All That and showing nostalgic shows at midnight.

So right now we’re watching Rocket Power and…man…I forgot how diverse this show was!

Otto and Reggie were Anglo-Polynesian.

Twister was Latino.

In fact, out of the four main characters, there was only one Caucasian character!

Raymundo was a single father.

His best friend was Hawaiian. (Okay, admittedly Tito was stereotypical but I still remember that we always quoted his sayings in elementary school.)

The episode that we just watched tore apart sexism in sports by showing that she and her friends can play rugby just as well as the boys.

I know that people always mock this show because of how stereotypically  nineties it is. (It is…it really is. It’s bad.)

But it was also a pretty diverse show!

Especially for a cartoon that came out in the nineties!

Not Leaving - Peter Pan Imagine

Rating: G

Warning: Some cute Peter, angry Peter, and stoic Felix

Summary: Requested by Anon. Peter had a really bad day, and you comfort him.

Word Count: 1068

Neverland was an interesting place. You came here… a while ago. In all honesty, you don’t really remember how long you’ve been here. It’s long enough that you have gotten used to the odd routine the Lost Boys and Peter had here. In the morning, Felix took you hunting. In the afternoon, you helped scout the island with Peter. At night, everyone celebrated what was hunted and the day’s accomplishments.

However, one day, the routine was thrown out the window. Peter Pan was not present for your daily scout or even at the night celebration. The Lost Boys continued on as usual, but you couldn’t help but feel something gnawing at you. Where was Peter? You took this to his seconcd-in-command, Felix.


“(Y/n),” he addressed, not even looking up from sharpening his spear.
You cleared your throat. “Pe, I mean, Pan wasn’t here today. Where do you think he is?”

The Lost Boy froze. Then, he continued sharpening his spear. He shrugged. “I don’t know, but you better leave it alone. You don’t want to anger Pan.”

You grit your teeth and nodded. You danced around the campfire, sharpened your weapons, and told the younger ones a bedtime story before going to bed yourself.

However, you still couldn’t sleep. You felt empty. Where was Peter? Was he hurt? Was he captured? Wait, he couldn’t be captured. He’s Peter Pan. Still, you couldn’t help but feel that there was something wrong and that you could fix it. Being the restless person you are, you decided to walk around the camp.
The campsite was empty during the night, Pan’s orders. However, that one particular night, Pan’s orders didn’t cross your mind.

You wandered around camp and found yourself in front of Pan’s private cabin. You gasped. You weren’t supposed to be here. Pan allowed no one but his shadow and on rare occasions, Felix. You? Well, you and Peter were close, but close enough to go into his quarters?

You shook your head. Peter was not at scouting, dinner, or the nightly celebration. You had to check on him.

Slowly and with a shaking hand, you pushed the door. “Pan?” The door creaked. The cabin was dark, and you couldn’t see a thing. You kept a hand on your dagger, ready if Pan got mad. “Pan?”

“What are you doing here?”

You sighed. He sounded ok, angry, but ok. “I just wanted to know if you were ok. You weren’t with me for our scouting.” Curiousity got the best of you. “Where were you?”

“Dealing with a few pirates and Indians.” Peter’s voice was so strained. Every word was laced with venom.

You smirked. “Well, they’re all idiots compared to you and us.” You laughed weakly, trying to lighten up the tension in the room. You lit a match and closed the door. You lit up a torch by the entrance. The fire illuminated the scene.

Peter Pan was standing next to his bed, his back facing you. Everything surrounding him was broken. The mirror was smashed. The dresser was in shambles. The drapes above his windows were ripped to shreds.

You inhaled sharply at the sight. You dashed over the Peter. You grabbed one of his hands, examining them. The cuts were already healing.

Peter ripped away from your grip. “What are you doing?”

“Making sure you’re ok, you idiot!” you snapped. You grabbed his other hand. Blood pooled out of a wound near his knuckles. You shook you r head. Scurrying around the cabin, you found a basin of water and a clean cloth. You dabbed his wound with a wet cloth.

“It can be fixed with magic,” Peter snapped.

You scoffed. “Yeah, sure. What about the infection, Peter?”

His eyes widened. No one called him that. However, he couldn’t bring himself to correct you. He shook his head. “What are you talking about?”

“Infection, Peter.” You ripped the cloth you were using in half and used both pieces to wrap Peter’s wound. “Look, coming from the Land without Magic has some perks. For example, wonder why your boys get sick, even without dreamshade? It’s called infection, Peter. Unseen things can get into your system-”

“I get it,” he sneered.

You sighed. “Done. What happened anyway?”

“Hook. He threatened us again.”

“Nothing you can’t handle. Remember, Pan never-”

“What if I do?”

You stiffened. “What?”

Peter ran a hand through his hair. He grit his teeth. “(Y/n), what if I do fail? I might not be prepared. That blasted pirate said he’d do anything to-” Peter stopped and looked at the ground. He averted your gaze.

“Peter,” you started slowly, “what did he say he’ll do?”

“He said he’ll take you away from me,” he mumbled. The Lost Boy stared at you. “I can’t let that happen. Hook threatened me, the boys, Felix, even my own son. What if I can’t do it?”

You’ve never seen him so worried, so vulnerable. Your heart ached for him. You placed a hand on his shoulder. “Hey, I’m not going anywhere, Peter. Especially not with that codfish of a man.” You smiled at him. “I’m staying with you. So that first threat is nothing to worry about. As for the boys, you’ve trained us for a long time. We will fight back if he dares take one. And we will win. Felix can handle himself. I mean have you seen him. He will never back down and he will never be taken by Hook. Your son, well, he’s like you isn’t he? If that’s so, then- then he’ll survive. Just like his father.”

Peter Pan smirked. “I wish it were that simple.” He held the hand you had on his shoulder. His smirk turned into a smile. “Can you… Can you stay with me? Just for the night.”

You licked your lips. “Of course.”

Peter and you laid on the bed. You attempted to be far from him, not wanting to make him feel uncomfortable. However, Peter had another idea. He pulled you close, so your back was pressed against his chest. You could feel his heartbeat on your back and his breathing in your hair. His warmth spread throughout your body, and his scent filled the air around you. He wrapped his arms around your stomach.

Peter whispered, right in your ear, “You’re not leaving Neverland. You hear me, (Y/n).”

You smiled. “I don’t plan to.”

Heyo! I hope it’s too your liking! Sorry, it took me such a long time. I had a hard time trying to make Peter in a cuddly mood, while trying my best to make Peter still in character. I hope it seems that way. And THANK YOU FOR THE REQUEST ANON!!!

Anyway, I am still taking requests! Since there are none so far, later tonight, there will be my first Barry Allen imagine! So excited!!!

Seventeen Reaction: You cosplay

This came out a bit differently than your initial request. I’m not all too familiar with cosplaying, so apologies if this is bad ttmlar

-Admin N

Dino: *gif*

Originally posted by vernonstop

Vernon: “Are you going to a Soul Eater convention or something? Can I join you if I dress up?”

Originally posted by americanhyung

Seungkwan: “I like the real you, under all that makeup and that wig”

Originally posted by 17sucks

The8: “You look great jagiya, really”

Originally posted by itseventeen

Mingyu: *gif*

Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

Dk: “Why are you dressed up like one of the girls from Sailor Moon? Not that I don’t like it, I love it, but why?”

Originally posted by j1nwoo

Woozi: “I don’t get it, but if you’re into it, I’m into it”

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

Wonwoo: “That’s not very emo of you, but you look cute” *because emo Wonwoo makes my heart flutter*

Originally posted by cosmic--confetti

Hoshi: “While we’re talking about cosplay… do you think this outfit makes me look like the guy from Bleach?”

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

Jun: *when you make him dress up with you*

Originally posted by seventns

Joshua: “Can we dress up like the characters from One Piece?”

Originally posted by jisood

Jeonghan: “That’s a cute outfit jagi” (okay but does anyone think he could be Hagi from Blood+ (Blood Plus) or is it just me? Please tell me you know what anime this is!)

Originally posted by sventeens

S.Coups: *when you ask him if he thinks it’s weird*

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This is actually the first FR pattern I did. It’s really a modification of this pattern by the amazing IsisMasshiro , who also has this very helpful sheet for making your own patterns! Check out her stuff!

This girl is Ripple/Speckle/Underbelly. I’m not 100% happy with how she came out, but she was the first dragon I made so it wasn’t a bad try! She’s a little smaller and simpler than the others, but this one is a great plush to start with if you’re a sewing beginner. Each page is sized for printing on standard printer paper. Happy sewing!

Coatl Pattern | Imperial Pattern | Wildclaw Pattern | More Plushies

FNaF 4 Trailer Theory. “What have you brought home?”

This theory has a lot of speculation. Also, this theory might turn out to be false. 

Well, Trailer came out just like yesterday, and it looked awesome! I can’t really say anything bad about it. But, I have a theory about the sentences, that we seen in the trailer.

First off, this theory this time also will be about Purple Guy….so yeah.

Well, first one:

“What is it that you think you see?” Well, people may say it is about nightmare animatronics. But, let’s stop thinking about FNaF 4 for now, in this theory.

Let’s get back to FNaF 3 minigame, where Purple Guy died in Spring Bonnie’s suit.

Remember that he got scared basically when the ghost, as who we played in final minigame, came to saferoom? Because he seen the ghosts, no matter if you believe he saw actual ghosts or nightmare animatronics, before he died.

Also, it might be reffering to his perspective of the murders, like he would only see, like he did nothing wrong…

Alright, second one:

“What game do you think you are playing?” This one rather is fitting about ‘variation’ with Purple Guy’s perspective.

This one is basically questioning Purple Guy’s thinking about that, the consequences of the his murders won’t reach him.

And last one:

“What have you brought home?” That’s good question. What he brought home? No hope for better tomorrow? Cries and death? Or maybe Spring Bonnie’s suit, which Plushtrap resembles?

Well, I stick with last option.

But, let’s back actually to FNaF 4. Were in a house, probably as child. All alone, trying to survive. And you know what?

I believe, it’s actually nightmare, not only animatronics, but, the whole house. I can bravely say, it is Purple Guy’s nightmare. It haunts him every night, since the day he killed those children.

He’s aware of children possessing the suits, he know they would kill him, if they had chance! So, that’s why animatronics are haunting him. Plushtrap symbolizes Spring Bonnie suit. But, why it is in nightmare? Because, Purple Guy knows ghost could possess that one too. What also foreshadows his death.

Why “foreshadows”?

Because, it takes place before he came back to Freddy’s for last time. To destroy animatronics, leave Spring Suit inside saferoom, and make sure he never will go near this forsaken place never again.

But, we know what happened.

Also, I think the Nightmare Animatronics are itself entire part of nightmare. The house might be linked to some event that occured in Purple Guy’s past. Hard to say.

However, we should think, if this those animatronics are actually symbolizing the five children. Then, what happened to the other five? Or if there actually is other five ghosts…

But, we should also think, if those animatronic are resembling actual animatronic, like past generation about which we didn’t seen yet? Since, those animatronics looks old, and also that we might see Fredbear, makes me think they actually might be the first ever generation of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza crew. Psst, if you wanna read something more about it, go here.

And that’s actually all what I got so far, I can’t wait for the game to came out! Hopefully, I’ll be able to buy it, when it come.

But, hey.

It’s just a theory.

Dank’s Theory!


that-one-fangirl-that-one-time asked:

You are effectively an expert on asoiaf and from what I have seen never fail to provide wise and insightful judgments so I would like to say 2 things: 1you are awesome 2what is your view on sansan?

Hi that-one-fangirl-that-one-time, thank you, I don’t think I’m an expert but you’re very kind to say so! 

I guess I would describe myself as a sansan fan in certain situations, under very specific circumstances, but it’s complicated? tbh this is more about my personal relationship with sansan because … well, like I said, it’s complicated?

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Craig was fluttering in and out of consciousness. He got into a really bad fight with some thugs at a club. Accidentally, hit on one of their girls and stared to fuck his shit up. He was doing well until a knives came in the picture. Some of them knicked him before running away.

“I’m tired…”