11 Songs That Saved My Life

I decided to write down 11 songs that, in some way or another, saved my life. Maybe I was having a really bad day and staring at sharp objects too much and one of these songs came on. Maybe I was missing someone and a lyric popped in my head. Or maybe just YouTube them and see? 

11 Songs That Unintentionally Saved My Life

11. The Sound of Silence – Simon & Garfunkel

10. Adam’s Song – Blink 182

9. Landslide – Stevie Knicks

8. To Wish Impossible Things – The Cure

7. I Can Feel A Hot One – Manchester Orchestra

6. Don’t Jump – Tokio Hotel

5. Stop Crying Your Heart Out – Oasis

4. Talk Show Host – Radiohead

3. Half A World Away – REM

2. Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve

1. Jesus Christ – Brand New

Because I think this is interesting and could be a cool little thing to pass around, I’m going to tag a few people who I think might be interested in doing it. Now, there’s absolutely no pressure. This list took me awhile to compile and I’m still feeling like I’m missing a big chunk. Anyways, here’s who I choose: (I tagged 11 ‘cuz there’s 11 songs)

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and 14000romances because I tried tagging her earlier and it wouldn’t fucking let me and it was getting me frustrated, because I always go, “Oi, she listens to cool music, she does” and I think you’d have songs I’m definitely interested in hearing.

Lullaby [Reader x Kintaro]

How it happened, you were still unsure, but all Shitenhoji regulars were having a massive sleepover, and has the team manager and unanimously-elected “BFF of everyone” it somehow became your job to host the event.

Now, attending a school that’s more comedically inclined than academic led you to feel some apprehension to having a house full of performers—and that’s a nice way to put it. But in the end it really didn’t turn out to be that bad. As one could imagine, most of the chaos came from Koharu and Yuji and their ever on-going comedic routine. But aside from them, the most eventful thing to occur all night was Kintaro’s constant whining for food, and even that was eventually appeased after a large, homemade meal and some subtle threats from Shiraishi. Movies were watched, and games were played, and everyone just generally had a good, relaxing time. But when the boys finally began to settle down for the night around ten, Kintaro tiredly clung to your arm as you attempted to ascend the stairs to your room.

“No, stay down here with us, Sis! It’s not a sleepover if you go away for the night!”

You looked down at his sparkling puppy eyes (were those tears brimming?) for a long moment while you considered. “Kin-chan, I’m not so sure the rest of the guys would feel comfortable sleeping with a girl in the room.” His bottom lip quivered at he statement and he helplessly whipped his head back to the others for support. Zaizen, who had been taking a whole slideshow worth of pictures on his phone, paused just to assure you that no one gave a flying fuck if you slept in the same room with them.

“You can take the couch,” Shiraishi added with one of his usual gentle smiles. “We’d love to have you, [Name], as long as you don’t mind us. It would certainly make the sleepover more official, don’t you think?”

You were honestly a little surprised that Shiraishi wasn’t getting onto Kintaro about being so forward and pushing you to do something you were hesitant about, but there seemed to be a knowing glance passing between the other regulars. And besides, between Kintaro’s begging eyes and the nonchalant kindness of the others, how could you refuse? You ran upstairs just long enough to change into your pajamas and grab your pillow, and when you came down Shiraishi had already relocated from the couch to the floor and was settling into his sleeping roll. Kintaro was set up next to the couch (you had to jump to get onto the couch without stepping on any of his sprawled-out limbs) and the rest of the boys all slept in a row in the middle of the living space. Everyone said their goodnights, and just before Chitose flicked the light off Kintaro shot you a grin from the floor. He didn’t actually look very tired at all, but he obediently closed his eyes.

It was probably an hour later when, being a light sleeper, you were awoken by the shuffling of someone’s sleeping roll. When you turned onto your side to check, you were greeted to Kintaro’s shadowed face leaning against the couch cushion and staring at you. You almost screamed. Almost.

“Kin-chan,” you whispered, groggy, eyes dark at half-mast. “What are you doing?”

“I can’t sleep, sis,” he replied in a loud whisper—you had never heard a loud whisper before, but Kintaro managed it. “So I’m watching you.”

“That’s creepy, Kin-chan. Go to sleep.” His nose was almost touching yours, but you couldn’t be bothered to mind all that much. You lifted a hand to his forehead and weakly tried to push him to lie down, but with all the white noise of late slumber still buzzing through your veins you couldn’t so much as budge him. Instead, you hand slipped, running lazily back through his tangled hair before falling limp against the nape of his neck. “Go to sleeeep.” Your eyes began to droop again. So close to sweet slumber once more.

If you had been more awake, you might have noticed the dusting of blush gathering on his cheeks when your fingertips ghosted along the curves of his scalp. It felt good, and it was relaxing, to have your skin on his skin. But you were falling asleep again. “Sis, I need to ask you something,” he spoke in a hushed hurry. He needed the syllables in your ears before the darkness took you in for the night, because knowing himself, he’d probably forget the question come morning.

The only reply you gave was another shift of your fingers, running gently through all the little hairs at the nape of his neck, and your thumb sliding up his jaw to his earlobe. That made him shiver, and if he wasn’t red before he certainly was now. He still didn’t understand why he was feeling that way, so feverish, but it was clear you were too tired to answer him. Kintaro flopped back to his bed roll with a frustrated huff.

To be honest, he couldn’t sleep because of you. He was buzzing with the elation that he was in your house, and that he got to spend the whole night with you. You had cooked for him, and played games with him. The others were there, too of course, but what was important was your presence. It made him happy to see you and he was so unsure as to why. He’d have to try extra hard to remember to ask in the morning….

Just as his eyes fluttered closed, defeated, you shifted one more time. Your hand, left hanging over the edge off the couch, found his on the floor and your fingers weaved in with his to lock your palms together. “Goodnight, Kin-chan,” your voice hummed.

It was like a lullaby, and almost instantly he was falling asleep himself, this time happy to be holding your hand in his own.


Okay, so I haven’t touched these oneshots in forever, and even when I was originally working on them, I wasn’t too knowledgeable about the Shitenhoji boys. But Kin-chan is one of my absolute FAVORITES. (I hope I didn’t make him OOC???) Anyways, if everyone likes, I still have unfinished Eiji, Fuji, Atobe, and Yukimura oneshots that I’ll also finish and submit.

Wow! Kin-chan is cute! I love your writing. I’m already looking forward to your other one-shots. Thank you so much for your submission. <33 (I hope you don’t mind me adding more tags, I haven’t had the chance to add more tags to the submit page so I’ll do it myself until I work on the submit box again)

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Did you really just find your new little birb on your doorstep after you reblogged that one post? Or did you actually go out with the intention of getting a bird and then achieved this? I've genuinely been unable to stop thinking about it for days, lol

well I actually reblogged that post and when I came home there was a little bird outside, the bird was really sick and I took it to the vet because it was really lethargic and its poop indicated it was dehydrated and the vet said the poor baby was too far along to help and it ended up dying :( and I felt really bad and we buried it then the next day I went out and bought a little bird because I had bought a cage and what not for the lil birdy who died.


i finished that fantasy life room despite playing fantasy life almost nonstop all week. i’m happy with how it came out! [there are other attempts here including one that takes less design space.] mayor luna even dressed up as one of the characters for the occasion :)

now, if only i could make my fantasy life homes in this game…

Michael: “But Y/N! He Looks So Cute!”


A/N: THIS ONE IS SO CUTE OH MY GOD BLESS YOU. Nah, but seriously, I think this is my favorite request. Please like and reblog - it would help me out a lot and I would appreciate it so much. Also, please send requests - I love writing things that you guys would actually want to read. Thank you!


“FUCK!” Michael yelled as he came around the hallway, stepping on a bunch of legos.
“Michael! The child?????”
Your son wasn’t really paying attention to his daddy but you still didn’t want him catching on to bad habits.
“Oops.” Michael said covering his mouth, giggling.

Michael made many slip ups throughout the day. To be honest, he just had a bad habit of swearing, and it wasn’t something that was going to break easily. You hadn’t been worried too much about it before, but your son was reaching the age where he was starting to pick up on new words. Your son was very smart as well, he could speak in broken sentences, so of course you were more alert now.

You were standing in the kitchen cooking dinner when little baby Clifford accidentally dropped a bunch of his toy trucks on the floor, followed by, “Shit!”
Your jaw dropped. Michael on the other hand, was laughing his ass off.
“Aw, c’mon Y/N, that was cute.”
“No, it wasn’t.” You argued (even though you actually thought it kinda was).

A few more minutes had passed and baby Clifford repeated himself, Michael once again laughing. You got on to Michael - telling him that his laughter was only encouraging the baby.

After several times of your son swearing, Michael finally gave him a stern look, “Okay now little dude, that’s not a nice word and you can’t say that or else Mommy will be really sad. You don’t want to make Mommy sad, right?” Little baby Clifford shook his head and crawled up onto Michael’s lap, “No, Daddy. I’m sorry.”

Michael looked over at you, mouthing “Aww!” before kissing little Clifford on the head. You couldn’t help but smile as well.


yesterday we went to New York City and it was so so nice, we went to the MOMA and to Central Park and more places and here are two pictures we took at monet’s water lilies, i’m incredibly bad at posing for pictures (i was so embarrassed!!) so we decided to take selfies instead and the only half decent one that came out is this one above haha oh well it was really nice and i’ll probably post more pictures here!!

Finally I finished.

So after NG chapter 10 came out, and we discover that Sasuke and Sakura traveled together, a lot of ideas come to my mind, and I really wanted to draw it so bad.
So at the end this is the result, expect more, I don’t know how many pages I will do yet. All is made with my touchpad and a little mouse, so takes me a complete day to finish one page.


       What was this red stuff coming out of Malachite’s face where Mom had slashed something sharp across it? The one-year-old didn’t really know. What she did recognize was that it hurt really, really bad, and she couldn’t open her eyes because the pain was right across them. The salt from the fat tears running down her pudgy cheeks was only making it worse, but she couldn’t stop.

        Mama was at work. She usually came home around the four. Most days, Mala would be in daycare right now, but Mom had picked her up early. She’d said a lot of things about losing her job suddenly, how the education system was ‘shit’ (whatever that meant). She’d drunk some of that funny-smelling stuff that made her hurt Mama, and then grabbed one of the sharp things and slashed Mala with it when the poor kid had asked for a juice box.

         She was locked in her room. She heard Mom’s car suddenly skid down the driveway, the sound of the tires fading.

         For the first time in her life, Malachite was all alone in the house.

         Alone and scared.
Piece By Piece - Galaxy_Ghost - JackSepticEye (YouTube RPF), Markiplier (YouTube RPF) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

AU. A story about a family of two, then three, then two again, told in all the wrong order. But hey, it ends alright.


Kid!Fic? Kid!Fic.

It’s my first one ever, actually. And I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m not sure what really spurred me to write this, I was just hanging out this morning and suddenly, suddenly this idea came to me, and I wanted to try and tackle it. If nothing else, it shows me what I’m good at and what I’m bad at, pfft.

But yeah. I’ve written in this style before, not for this fandom, and I personally like it. But it’s really weird and non-linear at times so I won’t be surprised if you guys don’t like it. I’ll keep writing in this style at a minimum–save it for special occasions like this fic :P


Grow Up #R5Family!

Let’s begin with this. I joined the #R5Family back in March of 2013. Everything was happy, the Loud EP had been recently released, and online you would come across few members of the #R5Family. But, the one thing you would find a lot were Raura shippers and Rossian’s. They weren’t that bad back then, the only annoying thing was when they claimed to be in the family but knew nothing about R5. Everything was fine, and if you came across drama, it was resolved quickly. I wasn’t really around for the Kellington and Rydellington drama, but from what I’ve read, it was over quickly enough. But recently, when Ross and Riker were both rumored to have a girlfriend, everything was brought out of hand. Yes, when celebrities get girlfriends, this is bound to happen, but the people who claim they’re ‘true fans’ wouldn’t say these things. Savannah and Courtney are people. Yeah, there is a certain hatred you may have for them because there’s a chance they’re in a relationship with your fantasy boyfriend or whatever you feel like calling Riker or Ross, but get over it. People who say these things are the reason someone commits suicide every 12.8 minutes. If you truly were a fan of Riker or Ross, you would support what makes them happy instead of bringing someone that makes them happy down, which I don’t know if you know this, but being surrounded by negativity can also make you feel down. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of the situation, still support your idols. Did you ever think about when you post a hate comment, it might also bring someone besides the person it is directed at down? Think before you type, speak, or even release your thoughts. Think about the consequences this may have. Yeah, a lot of people will probably just continue scrolling, but if you sat through this speech, re blog to support the #R5Family and stop the hate. Remember when the smallest drama was getting into a small argument with another family member? I remember those days too, so let’s try to achieve that again by spreading the word!

Tom Parker understands Zayn Malik's departure

Tom Parker “totally understands” why Zayn Malik quit One Direction.

The former Wanted singer found life in the band very “tough” and can sympathize with his old chart rival, who left the ‘Steal My Girl’ group in March, for making the decision to walk away from his grueling schedule.

He said: ’'I don’t think anyone realises how tough it is being in a manufactured boy band.

When Zayn left 1D I totally understood why he couldn’t handle it any more.

At the height of their fame, the 'Glad You Came’ hitmakers were pitched as a bad boy alternative to One Direction but Tom insists it was hard trying to live up to their reputation.

He said: “It was quite a reputation to live up to. We did go out and drink in pubs.

’'But the truth is, none of us was really wild - more a bunch of geeks.

’'I’m fascinated by history, politics, food, that sort of thing, but we had an image to live up to.”


USJ Announcement

Okay guys and gals, we’ve been discussing this issue for a bit because we keep getting so many of them.  We will no longer respond to asks such as “what do you think of (blog)”.  Here’s why, from a few various mods:

  • We can’t really say whether a particular blog is good or bad.
  • A concern that came up a few times is that, with so many followers, what one of us could say about a blog could potentially ruin that blog.
  • At times it seems like when someone sends us a similar ask it’s really to incite some kind of witch hunt against it.  Or that the asker just wants validation that what they think about the blog is correct.

So from here on out, we’re just going to delete asks of that nature.  Thanks for understanding.


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Hey. I know that it's not a bad thing to not have any sexual experience, but I'm 19 and I've never even kissed anyone. I'm not super unattractive but I'm not particularly pretty, and no one has ever been interested in me. I don't really know why I'm telling you this, I just really want to be kissed I guess. I only came out (gay English gal here, hi!) this year, but I'd really really love to have the closeness of a relationship. I worry that it will never happen though. Any advice? xx

Come to london pride and I will kiss you


“According to this, you’re slated to be the next vault…chaplain. God help us all.”

While clumsily poking around the menus, I accidentally put my suit into a locker, figured I wouldn’t need it, came to class, then realized there was a third person mode. 

I’m either really bad at this game or really good at it. Time will tell.


Hey guys!
So on the way home today, my mom and I got in a bad car accident, and everyone came out okay (except the poor cars), but this came at the exact wrong time considering we now have to pay for car repair and we need to take our (temporary) pet iguana to the vet, as well as one of our turtles and a dog (to see if he has cancer) to the vet.

My mom and dad don’t make enough money to pay for all this over the summer, so I really need to put what I can into the money pot, so I’m have a commission sale!

Even if you can’t purchase anything, donations or even just spreading this around would really help, thank you!

SHADED BUST PIECE OR CHARACTER BASE (no color, no major articles of clothing, hair optional) - $5

If you want to help by purchase or donation, please send a private ask and I’ll give you my email / paypal!