This is cute, trust me

Jeremy: I wrote Christine a letter telling her how I feel..

Michael: That’s progress!

Jeremy: Yeah! I tore it up and flushed it.

Michael: eeehh

Jeremy: Then I wrote another one!

Michael: Really?

Jeremy: Yeah, you can proofread it.

*Jeremy hands Michael the letter*

Michael: Uh buddy, it just says look up.

*Michael looks up and Jeremy kisses him*

Jeremy: S-So, how’d I do?

Michael: I think I’m going to have to read it over a few more times, just to make sure.

Jeremy, blushing: O-Okay

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jerejean in the rain?

you come… my house….ask for rain and jerejean………….when u know FULL WELL they live in drought city, U S A … and my weakness is dampness. good god u anons are good

Jeremy is an athlete, which means he wears a watch with a timer no matter how nerdy and ugly it is; and he’s a college athlete in his senior year, which means he has a Google Calendar more packed than one of his suitcases when he needs to fly home. In other words: Jeremy keeps track of time to the minute at least. He’s not organized in other parts of his life, but in this one, knowing when and how long, he’s basically a walking bullet journal.

All of which is to say: Jean has been in L.A. for six months, fourteen days, six hours, and twenty-three minutes when Jeremy blinks during lunch with the team and realizes he’s staring. 

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Some boyf riends aus:

I’m bored so have some good™ concepts

* Jeremy and Michael work at a fancy restaurant. Jeremy is a waiter/busboy, and Michael is the entertainment (sings/plays piano). EXTREME pining Jeremy
* summer camp au where Jeremy and Michael are counsellors together at a campsite off of a lake in Maine (nooooo I’m not projecting shhhh)
* Michael and Jeremy own a bed and breakfast (slightly older in this au, probs early to mid 20s)
* Mermaid au. Michael is a lonely mermaid and Jeremy just really loves the ocean and collection sea glass
* Michael and Jeremy are strangers who become roommates through Craig’s list. Mutual pining and lots of misunderstandings
* Monster au with vampire!michael and shape shifter!jeremy
* au where Michael and Jeremy meet at a laundromat at 2am. The two then continue to run into each other in increasingly strange ways
* In drama club together, get cast as romantic leads. They’re already best friends (an oldy but a goody)
* Michael has a summer home right next to Jeremy. Every summer since the two were 6 years old, they hang out as much as they can during the 3 months before Michael has to go back home (stay in touch during the school year)
* Neighbors who lowkey REALLY hate each other because they have very different schedules and the walls in their apartment building are very thin. Get stuck in an elevator together one day when the building has a blackout (hottest day of the year).
* Michael is Jeremy’s tutor for ???? Idk maybe Spanish class?
* Sports au where the bmc kids are all on the baseball team together
* Michael and Jeremy meet and become “amusement ride” buddies for the day at Six Flags. (?? Idk how to add onto this one. You decide)
* Jeremy and Michael do horseback riding and frequently compete against each other. In the beginning, they’re convinced that they hate each other
* Michael is a prince and the two meet at a masquerade party (lowkey Cinderella au I’m sorry)
* Distant family friends who haven’t seen each other in like 7 years are suddenly the only people the same age at a very crowded and awkward Christmas party. Both find the same hiding spot in the house and end up hitting it off
* Obligatory fake dating au
* Footmen for an American estate in the 1920s (I know people are iffy abt historical fics but I really love this concept sorry, also, they’d probably be a few years older in this one)
* The bmc kids are all stuck on a deserted island together

Coming Out

Pairing: Brothers! Sam and Dean x Sister! Reader, Mutual! Castiel x Winchester! Reader
Warnings: homophobia
Note: I wrote this for Pride Month…stay safe when coming out, ok guys? (I also wrote this to take my mind off of plane turbulance but that’s unimportant)

Today was the day.
After a long time of building yourself up and working up courage, you were finally going to come out to your family. It would be nice to be yourself around Sam and Dean and Castiel, and at last, you’d be able to do just that.
You’d told them to wait in the library. That was your natural element, and it only helped your own confidence. They sat across from you with serious expressions. The only time family meetings happened was when something was wrong…they wondered what was wrong?

“Alright, hookay, youre probably wondering why I called you down here.” You started out. You couldn’t back out now. Confidence is key, and you had had plenty before you opened your mouth. “W-Well, I’ve got something to, uh, to tell you.”

“Obviously.” Dean snarked. Sam elbowed him in the ribs, motioning for you to continue. Meanwhile, Castiel stared expectantly.

“I-I, uh…I’m pansexual?” The three boys’ faces went blank. “I’m pansexual. I’ve been pansexual for six years. I th-thought it was time you knew.” The boys continued to stare. You waited patiently for a reaction, but the only thing you got was Dean shoving his chair out and leaving the room. Same called after him, and left you alone as he went after his brother.
Your heart pounded against your chest. Were they angry at you? John taught you long ago that you should always be honest with family. Well, look where that got you!

“Castiel?” He looked at you with confusion and rage. A mutter left his lips about hell before he, too, left. The sound of shouting and doors slamming echoed throughout the bunker. Surely they couldn’t be mad!
A disappointed looking Sam walked back into the room. He ran a hand through his hair before looking towards the ground. Had you been the reason for his sudden change in attitude? Or had it been Dean’s anger? Well, technically you were the reason for Dean’s anger, so you would still be the cause.

“Listen, kid.” He never called you anything other than your name “I think it would be best if you took on a few hunts on your own. It’ll give Dean time blah blah blah…” his words became jumbled. Took on hunts on your own? Was he suggesting you leave? You didn’t-this was not how things should’ve worked out! They were supposed to embrace you in one of their rare family hugs, tell you they loved you no matter what. Hell, Dean had both been with men and women. Who was he to discriminate?

“Ok?” Sam finished. You don’t know what he said, but you nodded anyways. He left the room, left you alone to be upset.
They hated you. You were officially an outcast in the family, another number to the list of people. Castiel, you could understand (most Christians weren’t tolerant of homosexuality), but Sam and Dean…
You didn’t even notice the tears leaking from your eyes. They rolled down your cheeks, taking your eyeliner-Stars* with them. You let out a sob, but it didn’t sound like a sob. It sounded more like…a phone ringtone?
The sound persisted until you finally opened your eyes. Sure enough, tears were really rolling down your cheeks, but only from the dream. Your fingers wrapped around the phone, and you wiped away your tears.
One message from Jeremy. Ignore. You threw your phone onto the desk and curled up into a ball. Everything had been a dream. You hadn’t been rejected by anyone (not yet at least).
Today was the day.
After a long time of building yourself up and working up courage, you were supposed to come out to your family. It would’ve been nice to be yourself around Sam and Dean and Castiel, but…coming out would have to wait for another day. After that dream, you couldn’t bring yourself to do it today.
Another few tears left your eyes and landed on your bed sheets. One day, you’d be yourself; someone with nothing to hide.
But today was not that day.

Jeremy Heere x Reader headcanons

• you and Michael being pretty close too
• Michael being the number one fan of you and Jeremy
• playing video games with Jeremy
• freaking the fuck out over the whole squip thing
• Jeremy being able to beat the squip because it told him to cheat on you
• “What the fuck, no. I’m not losing (Y/N) just to be cool.”
• instead of good morning/night texts he sends you memes
• he loves PDA but he isn’t that used to it so he still blushes whenever you tell him you love him or hold his hand
• he m e l t s if you kiss him on the cheek
• he loves cuddling because it’s warm and nice and you’re so close to each other it’s his favorite thing
• Michael has walked in on you two cuddling on his couch so he yelled “GET OUT OF MY SWAMP” and fell over laughing
• couple costumes!!!
• for example: pacman and a ghost!
• moving in together after high school
• for Valentine’s day he prints up a bunch of those funny meme cards and tapes them everywhere
• opening the fridge to see a card that says “let’s get illuminaughty” taped to the milk

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Werewolf!jeremy x reader...where the pack finds out about the reader and leads to some tension and either angry sex or fluff...or both please and thank you

A/N - Hoo boy. This prompt was a real dream, since it came just around the time that I’d been thinking a lot about this Werewolf!J AU and about what exactly would prompt the pack to find out about her and Jeremy, so this was some real crazy timing! And holy hell, did this end up being long! Chalk that up to me being way too invested in this AU. I hope this entertains you, buddy! I went more of the fluff route, seeing as I always pictured the day they were found out as more sweet than angry, so I hope that isn’t a problem! Oh, and a huge thank you to my best gurl, @mandywritesrtthings for listening to this idea before it was even a prompt, and for basically creating this whole crazy AU with me all that time ago!

Pairing - Jeremy x Reader

Warnings - General Werewolf AU schtuff, violence, blood, minor injuries, swearing, nudity - awkward, awkward nudity…

Word Count - 6, 245

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Fights - Jeremy Gilbert.

Based on: Can you make a one shot where you and Jeremy get into a argument but it works out and you two make up .                        
Author: Laurianne

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Đó là trận chiến khốc liệt giữa hai con sói.

Một con là kẻ ác. 

  • Bên trong nó là sự giận giữ, tính đố kỵ, nỗi buồn rầu, tiếc nuối, sự tham lam, vô tâm, kiêu ngạo, tự ca thán, mặc cảm tội lỗi, sự phẫn uất, sự thấp kém, sự dối trá, tính hư danh, sự kiêu kỳ
  • … và cái tôi.

Một con sói tượng trưng cho tính thiện.

  • Bên trong nó là niềm vui, sự bình yên, tình yêu, hy vọng, thanh thản, sự khiêm tốn, lòng tốt, lòng nhân từ, sự thông cảm, tính rộng rãi, niềm tin, lòng trắc ẩn
  • … và niềm tin.

Một cuộc chiến tương tự đang diễn ra bên trong con người con.

Và trong mỗi tất cả chúng ta.

Vậy con sói nào sẽ chiến thắng?

Đó là con sói mà con nuôi dưỡng.


“A fight is going on inside me,“ said an old man to his son. "It is a terrible fight between two wolves. One wolf is evil. He is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other wolf is good. he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you.”

The son thought about it for a minute and then asked, “Which wolf will win?”

The old man replied simply, “The one you feed.”
― Wendy Mass, Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life

for @dannwiilds for the @aftgexchange

When Jean dreamed, he dreamed of the sky. Sometimes, he dreamed of the make-shift Exy court next to his elementary school in Marseille. In those dreams, it was nighttime, and bright court lights illuminated only the bright green of his little league uniform and the white of his breath in the cold. 

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Anon asked: 

Headcanon that Ray comes off as the most passive member, never really doing crazy stuff. But it’s a little known fact that he is the one who provokes the others to do the crazy. He gives the idea and watches as they do it, works every time

Ray wants to watch TV but the others are hogging it. “Dude, sweet headshot. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could do that stunt in real life?” “Of course you can’t fucking do this shit in real life, Ray.” “I don’t know, Michool, you probably could.” “No you fucking can’t! That’s not how physics works!” the next thing you know money is getting bet, supplies are gathered, Geoff’s getting drunk enough to watch this shit, and in the span of fifteen or twenty minutes everyone’s out the door and Ray has the TV all to himself.

Ray’s bored and nobody is willing to get their asses handed to them in CoD. “Hey, Michael, what would even happen if you hit one of those smoke bombs you made with a baseball bat?” “Why would you ask that?” “Wait, no, now I’m curious.” “Ryan, you’re not hitting one of my smoke bombs with a baseball bat!” “Not without getting filmed he’s not.” “Jack, no!” “Jack yes!” “Are you saying a baseball bat is going to wreck your bomb?” “Fuck you, Ray, I’m saying the bat will probably break.” “So there’s no real problem because it won’t even go off?” “We’re not hitting it with a bat!” “If it won’t break, I don’t see why not. Unless it will break.” “Fuck you, Ramsey, I know how to make bombs, it won’t fucking break and I’ll prove it to you!” and now he’s entertained.

The heist is actually going well for once. “Dude, this is so smooth I bet I could do this all one handed.” “Ray, please don’t finish the heist one handed.” “Yes, Mom.” “I don’t know, I think Ray can do it.” “What? No, Gavin shut up, I’m not going one handsy. Gatta jerk myself off with something at the end of the day.” “Well I bet I could do it.” “Gavin, don’t be an idiot.” “Yeah, no, that’s a really dumb idea.” “No! I think I can really do it!” “I’m with Gavin on this one,” “Jeremy, why?” “You going one handed with me, Lil’ J?” “Hell yeah, Gav.” Ray groans. Why does he have to open his fucking mouth?

Date, Maybe?

Imagine: Jeremy being extremely protective over you.

“Please, just leave me alone,” you whimper, looking up at a girl named Crystal. She hated you. Why? No one knows, but she is adamant to making your life miserable. Sure, you know many vampires who would love to take care of your little ugly duckling problem, but you couldn’t bare the thought of being responsible for someone’s death, despite how much crap she has put you through. “Why do you even hate me? I have never done anything to you!” you shout, scooting back into a tree. Crystal bends down slightly, looking you over with disgust.

“Because you’re an ugly, fat, little pig who thinks she’s so cool! Just because you’re friends with Elena Gilbert and her little crew doesn’t mean you’re all that. And Jeremy, you know, her incredibly hot younger brother, will never like you,” Crystal laughs.

“J-Jeremy?” you question, completely confused. Well, at least, that’s what you want to make her think you are. You know you’ve liked him the second you met him. Sure, he did all of those bad things, but he still cared about people. You couldn’t help but like him, he rescued you from the vampire that killed Vicki.

“You know, the pot head?” she cackles, “even he wouldn’t screw you. He screws anyone with boobs,” Crystal laughs.

You ignore the last part of her sentence, rolling your eyes and speaking up, “he’s not a pot head anymore.”

“So? With or without his cigarettes and pills and alcohol, he wouldn’t touch you with a ten-foot pole. We all can see how you feel about him. And soon, he will see it, too, after he watches the video I got of you telling the blonde barbie that you loved him. He’ll never come near you again!” Crystal laughs.

“W-What?” you cry, mouth agape.

“That’s right. He knows that a slimy, flea-infested, ugly pig like you likes him,” Crystal smirks.

“What did I ever do to you?” you shake your head, tears cascading down your cheeks.

“You existed,” Crystal spits, “and no one wants you here. Certainly not Jeremy. He is mine, you got that? I’ve liked him ever since I saw him, smoking pot in the back of the school. He offered me some and we got high together. We really hit it off,” Crystal smiles, knowing that the sentence would irk you.

“Really? Doesn’t seem like he’s chasing after you. Clearly, he doesn’t like you either. And, you know what? Sure, I love Jeremy Gilbert!” you scream at the top of your lungs, not caring who could overhear, “but i’d rather be known as the girl who loved too much than the girl who brought people down. You think you know Jeremy, but you only know him as who he was when he lost his parents and lost his way, when he smoked pot. I know him as the boy who saved my life, and grew out of his bad habits and now makes it his duty to do the right thing. I see him every day, and you only see him during school. Go ahead, tell Jeremy that I am in love with him, because I at least know him, and he wouldn’t like some girl who lies to bring people down and idolizes the old, bad side of him. So, go ahead… tell him,” you growl angrily, completely fed up with Crystal.

Excuse you?” Crystal gasps, smacking you hard across the face and shoving you to the ground. You let out a groan, holding your stinging cheek, “Jeremy wouldn’t like a pig-faced nobody who-” Crystal stops as the sound of metal clanking to the ground crashes in the background. Both of us turn to see Jeremy, standing there fuming.

“J-Jeremy!” Crystal stands up straight, fixing her short skirt to become even shorter.

“Um… how much did you hear?” you ask him, biting down on your lip.

“Everything. You see, I had a very bad feeling when I saw Crystal shoving you towards the back of the school, and decided to come protect (Y/N). I may have been interested in your choice of topic, so I listened in a bit, but i’m glad I did,” Jeremy crosses his arms, walking closer to the two of you. Since becoming a lot buffer because of training to be a vampire hunter, his muscles bulge as he crosses his arms. You have to force yourself not to look and make a big deal out of it. Once he stands between the two of you, he helps you up and looks directly at Crystal.

“The whole time? Crap, that means that you…” you trail off, biting down on your lip again.

“I didn’t realize that I wasn’t allowed to choose for myself, Crystal. Maybe I like pig-faced nobodies,” Jeremy states. A small smirk makes it way to your mouth.

“Not that I like being called that, but thanks, Jer, I appreciate it,” you laugh lightly.

“But… she’s so-” Crystal starts.

“Beautiful, gorgeous, nice, talented, and sweet? She was right, I wouldn’t like a girl who has to bring others down to make herself feel good. Besides, I’ve liked (Y/N) the second I saw her. I saved her life, and I’m glad I did because she’s someone I love. So, I guess (Y/N) wins. If I ever hear you talking to someone like that again, you’ll regret it, Crystal. Now get out of here and get back to your prissy little friends. I have a date to prepare for… hopefully,” Jeremy grins, turning to you.

“Ugh!” Crystal screams, stalking away.

“Oh, and just because you smoked with him, doesn’t make you connected. He was high and was so chill that he didn’t see the monster he was sitting with!” you shout after her, grinning triumphantly. Jeremy looks at you, laughing.

“I’ve dealt with worse monsters than her,” Jeremy shrugs, “she’s… she’s a Care Bear compared to the monsters we deal with.”

“Cute. And, uh, thanks for sticking up for me. She’s bullied me for forever, and I think I finally know why. I liked someone she claimed.”

“I’m not claimed… yet. However, i’m okay with changing that if you’d go on a date with me. With no monsters,” Jeremy smiles hopefully.

“Mm… I’d love that.”

Who Do You Think You Are?

Characters: Dean x Reader x Sam (siblings)
Words:  1263
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: When the reader brings her new boyfriend to meet her brothers, Dean and Sam, the negative relationship is revealed and the Winchester’s take care of their sister.

Originally posted by seksiuzaylilaraskina

          You were actually feeling sick as it started to get closer to the time your boyfriend was coming over for dinner to meet your brothers. Sam and Dean insisted they meet him. You knew that was inevitable. They were pretty protective.

           “Smells good, Dean,” Sam said as the two of you walked into the kitchen to find Dean cooking the spaghetti.”

           “Thanks,” Dean smiled proudly, “Y/N, you look a little pale.”

           “Just nervous,” you admitted.

           “If he’s good to you, there shouldn’t be any reason to be nervous,” Sam said, shrugging his shoulders.

           You nodded, walking out of the kitchen, “That’s what I’m afraid of,” you mumbled under your breath.

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*Requested* Imagine being nervous telling your best friend Jeremy Gilbert, about your relationship with Kol

Word count: 542

Your name: submit What is this?

You are pacing up and down in your room, nervously waiting for your best friend Jeremy to arrive. You called him and invited him to chill at your place. But what he doesn´t know is you will seize the opportunity and finally tell him about your relationship with Kol. You are nervous about his reaction, because Jeremy and Kol are not really fond of each other, and that is putting it lightly.

Your thoughts get interrupted by the doorbell. You walk towards it, feeling a little sick out of nervousness as you turn the doorknob. You greet him with a small smile. He smiles back and comes near you and hugs you tight. You invite him in and you get comfortable on the couch. You decide to watch a new movie, which he brought with him.

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“i think ultimately to remain curious about the things in life is what drives me … we all have those things that make us want to be curious. often fear gets in the way. or we’re programmed to think: ‘i’ve got to go to school to study this so i can do that for a living’. well, that doesn’t mean that only one thing is best for you.”

 - jeremy renner