Survival Pods

Forget about duck and cover, if you truly want to make it through a major disaster the survival pods are your golden ticket. Safely shielded from any danger lurking outside, you’ll be able to gaze out through a reinforced window that lets you know when it’s safe to come out.


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Remember Me + Sterek

There are things you never forget in your life; places, people, objects, scents. Not even when you try so hard to forget them.

Derek has been living in San Francisco for almost ten years now; happily working as a writer and picking up his niece at school every day, while Cora and Isaac are still at work. Amy just turned six and she’s the joy of Derek’s life.

Derek tells her stories about the Hales, the ones before the fire. The ones he didn’t use to care about, but now he never wants to forget. Cora is always telling her the story of when Derek gave away his alpha powers to save mommy. When she was three, Isaac told her about how Derek saved him from a monster who kept him in a dark prison away from everyone.

The story reminds him of Erica and Boyd. The ones he tried so hard to save and lost forever. From there on, Derek decides to stay away from listening those twisted stories about his past and lets himself forget.

He’s cooking dinner when Amy rushes to the kitchen to ask him for help with her homework.

“I can’t understand this book, uncle Derek.”

Derek hums, “Did you read the whole book?”

“Yes,” she replies annoyed.

“What is the book about?”

“It’s about a wolf who lives alone, but then he meets Spark and they become friends. And then I think the wolf gets lost,” Amy replies like she’s not entirely sure.

“What else?”

“That’s the problem, uncle Derek! There’s nothing else. It’s like the book doesn’t have an ending! It’s stupid.”

Derek turns around to frown at her, “What does it say on the last page?”

She flips the book until the end and shows it to him, “Spark can’t find the wolf, so he writes a message on a paper airplane and throws it away to the forest.” Derek looks at the illustration of a tiny boy dressed in red, throwing a white paper airplane to the big trees in front of him. The next page shows the paper airplane on a bigger scale where it reads— You need me to survive, which is why you are not letting me go.

Derek freezes.

“How does he know the wolf will get the message?” Amy asks him.

“I don’t know,” Derek tells her, mind still spinning.

Amy stares at the illustrations again. “Then what’s the point, uncle Derek?”

“Maybe the author wants to continue the story in another book.”

“Do you think the wolf will remember him?”

Derek grabs the book as carefully as possible, as if it’s going to disappear at any moment. With a shaky hand he turns the pages to look at the cover; it shows the face of a big black wolf with blue eyes, titled as Abomination by Stiles Stilinski.

“Some things you can’t forget.”

  • normally:*is real*
  • normally:*actually married*
  • normally:*cant stop touching and complimenting each other*
  • normally:*blesses us daily*
  • camren:*just friends*
  • camren:*maybe look at each other once a month*
  • y'all:camren is the realest

Billie Joe: *takes a selfie*

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