That moment when you’re watching/ reading a book/show/movie and see a popular ship and wonder “why does tumblr ship this?” Until something happens to Person A and Person B becomes devastated/desperate or they are determined to save them and suddenly it just clicks like

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nct as texts in my class chat
  • Taeil:#whyareyouallsogay
  • Hansol:that was my plan and if you steal it i will break a coconut with your head
  • Johnny:*at 1am* what was the homework and did anyone do it and can you send it to me. *1:50am* please?
  • Taeyong:you all should be studying instead of writing here
  • Yuta:*only ever writes happy birthday and happy new year*
  • Kun:oops sorry, wrong chat
  • Doyoung:wow! great! i would've never! ever! thought of that!! you! deserve! a medal!!!!
  • Ten:*only ever sends dog pics captioned 'look how cute, just like me'*
  • Jaehyun:i just met my old teacher, should i fuck him?
  • WinWin:why did i even get up
  • Mark:i'll explain the homework to you but you gotta do it yourself i'm not THAT nice
  • Renjun:*the one who always sends the material*
  • Jeno:*uses fish and noodle as insults*
  • Haechan:Guys…I have to tell you something…IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW YOU BETTER NOT FORGET IT
  • Jaemin:Shirts do weird things sometimes, you never know what they’re up to in your closet
  • Chenle:i'll bring watermelon. or some other fruit. fruits are great.
  • Jisung:*8pm* good night, i'm going to sleep