Some shitposting I did with @luvislee at school that includes OCs, anime characters, memes, Goat mum and Snas.

Her tumblr had problems again so I’m posting this for her

So hope you like it I guess??

Weird oc confession stuff

I feel so uncomfy drawing ocs interacting with canon characters for some reason, like i think its neat when others draw it for their own ocs but when it comes to mine im like “no one is gonna like this” or “this is silly af what am i doing” and i get weird unwelcoming feeling in my stomach. I can barely do it and when i do it and post it i absolutely immediate regret for 1000 miles.

I find it funny when I see those “what do girls do at sleepovers” “Oh we watch movies and chat about boys”

Hell no

When I was a kid sleepovers included:
-Draco Malfoy themed dance routines
-Downloading viruses
-Jumping into gutters
-Pain contests that end with one girl cutting the others arm open
-Weird accidental lesbian shit
-Freaking out at 2am and deciding to barricade all exits for safety because you’re 100% sure a dead man is at the window
-Purposefully inflicting allergic reactions
-Sharing one slice of pizza
-Drawing gay couples on sugar cookies
-Making weird Harry Potter OCs named after types of Pants
-Wrestling on gymnastic matts
-Drinking toothpaste
-More wrestling
-Putting on a puppet show
-Eating an entire lime
-Listening to an entire Beatles album backwards
-Accidentally making paper in a blender
-That one kid who’s trying to kill everyone
-Screaming and hopping fences and running for your life from that one kid who is trying to break your fingers
-Seeing supernatural beings over a lake

Like???? Did not everyone have this childhood???