staff could you listen to your users, please? For once? Just once? Do you understand how unprofessional this is? THOUSANDS of people told you to cancel the update. THOUSANDS of people TOLD YOU DIRECTLY how much they hated the format and design. THOUSANDS of people are mad at you guys.

The blockquote system was a DEFINING feature of tumblr. It was easy to follow, and easy to recognize. Now? It’s SO hard to follow conversations, it looks clunky, it makes posts LONGER, and it’s really ugly.

Did anyone even look over the new design? Or did you just hire someone to piss on a sheet of paper and you went “yep sure that’s it that’s how we’re fucking over our user base now”.

People make PETITIONS. Petitions, I might add, that reached their goal in less than 5 hours or so.

But you don’t care. You NEVER care. What’s even the point of having a way to contact you guys if you don’t FUCKING LISTEN?

I don’t even give a damn about the new interface.

What I DO give a damn about is how you guys don’t CARE. you don’t CARE about us. You don’t LISTEN. you pay JACKSHIT attention to our complaints. Hell, you MOCK US. you act like you’re in on the joke, but you aren’t. There’s no joke. Just millions of angry, frustrated, and irritated users. Who wouldn’t be irritated if you did your damn job correctly.

I was trying to take a selfie today b/c I just washed and that’s when my hair looks nicest but it started recording instead and I guess I’m sharing??

There’s no sound, just white noise. I just thought I ended up making some funny faces trying to figure out how to make it STOP recording.

Messy hair, messy life ♥

LMFAO half the tags on this post are all about what we totally can’t see in Fitz’s pants in the promo

we all need jesus

and I’m really glad I’m not the only one who noticed

social media pet peeve: people who feel the need to leave a comment on every single thing that crosses their feed/dash as if it were addressing them directly.

I don’t even want to know what their twitter account must look like, if they have one. That’s got to be exhausting. 

Over the past 12 hours, I (accidentally) fell down the rabbit hole that is the toxic, hate ridden, supremely negative part of this fandom. I won’t name names or get into specifics because it is so not worth calling attention to such things, but it made me extremely sad and angry that something I love (SPN, this fandom) could include such awful people who spew such garbage. 

But then I remembered that even though I follow over 400 people and interact with a circle of thousands of people on this site, I have never seen that kind of hate or negativity on my dash. And that made me realize that I follow some incredibly amazing awesome people and blogs who don’t subscribe to the hate and keep this fandom a positive, happy place to be. My followers (all of you fabulous people reading this) are supportive, kind, and such a pleasure to know and interact with. Thinking of you all made my fandom heart happy again because it made me remember why I started using tumblr and getting into the fandom in the first place. A fandom that has helped me learn photoshop and develop the confidence to post my writing. A fandom that has led to me forming some genuine, long lasting friendships. A fandom that has helped me create a supportive online community. 

THANK YOU to all of you for making tumblr a better place to be. For every horrible hater, there are at least ten amazing and positive people. Keep being awesome, y’all <3 

Lyrics to Ladybug Anime PV Song (2012) by Noam Kaniel

Tell me now, pretty baby

You could never stop unaware

Too gone, for don’t you get it now?

Do you know that I’m feeling down?

Every love went through your head

Giving love turned bad

Maybe love can soothe your pains

Making up, make it better

Up Ladybug, never doubt, ‘til we find one way, forever

Up Ladybug, got a goal, we’ll be fine some day, together

Did you know it couldn’t be enough?

‘Cause I need what’s stolen away

Taking all that to a better love

When you need it all the way

When you’re going through your head

Giving love turned bad

And a love can steal your pains

Making up, make it better

Up Ladybug, never doubt, ‘til we find one way, forever

Up Ladybug, got a goal, we’ll be fine some day, together

Up Ladybug, never doubt, ‘til we find one way, forever

Up Ladybug, got a goal, we’ll be fine some day, together