gremlin daughter here to take all your blood and call you nothing more than a drink

this is the funniest post in my high school’s class of 2017 facebook group like god he really felt the need to make an entire new post just to let everyone know that he in particular was not going to be skipping school as if this was something u rsvp to like god.. i wish i could have that amount of confidence

Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon

I was blown away by the level of interest I received for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon, so it’s happening! And I’m so excited!

The rules are simple:

  • Every Wednesday I will post a new writing prompt.
  • You will have a week to write, beta, completely rework after a crisis of self-confidence, re-beta, and post your interpretation of the prompt the following Wednesday. (Yes, I’m a writer myself and am aware of the process we go through.)
  • Tag your response #OlicityHiatusFic or #OlicityHiatusFic-A-Thon (or both for you overachievers out there).
  • Look for the next prompt.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

There is meant to be zero stress involved with this.  If you can’t do it every week, that’s fine.  Prompt just not working for you? Skip it.  Need to post late?  That’s perfectly okay!

This is just meant to be fun, get some creative juices flowing, and fulfill our desperate need for an Olicity fix on Wednesday nights until our favorite couple magically reappears on our screens in the fall.  The final posting date will be the Wednesday just before Arrow returns to our screens in its new time slot on Thursdays.

There is no length requirement, no ratings requirement, no timeline requirement.  It can be canon, AU, crossover, anything you want as long as it involves Olicity and incorporates the prompt.


In honor of the season finale that aired tonight, the prompt for this week is:

Summer vacation.

Thanks go to @missyriver for the assist in coming up with a great first prompt to tie-in with this season of Arrow!

Tagging those people who reblogged the original post or messaged me to let me know they wanted to be involved.  If you want to join in on the fun, send me a message letting me know and I’ll get you added!


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*gasp* What about Tony with 12A?????! :D

Oh gosh hahaha I wasnt actually going to draw right now - I need to go find that post ! But I guess I wanna try if you’re askin ;)


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I wasn’t supposed to do this but flower crowns were around so I took advantage lol

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Whom are your favorite mutuals? I need people who post the same content as you

oh shit, this is about to be long and i’m about to forget ppl (sorry if getting @‘ed annoys any of u)
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Sorry I feel really dim not being able to find this information online, but I've Googled and had no luck. Has there been any information about a DVD of the restored Maurice? I'm dying to see and own it...

Hi! Not DVD – Blu-ray – the first-ever Blu-ray of Maurice in 30 years.

I’ve been posting every new bit of news I find about the 30th-anniversary restoration and re-release of Maurice (1987) – and rest assured I’ll keep doing that. (It’s under my ‘maurice 1987’ + ‘4K restoration’ tags. I’m also using ‘maurice 30’, but at present that last tag needs some wrangling!)

As I posted at the start of Apr (but I think only a few people noticed!), IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED that there will be ‘home video and on-demand releases’ of the restored Maurice once its current limited cinema release in selected US and Canadian cities has run its course (schedule here).

BUT, frustratingly, we don’t yet have a release date for the (US/Region 1) Blu-ray (or any other formats/platforms) firmer than ‘late 2017’.

This will explain why you couldn’t find any concrete info online – all we can do for now is ‘watch this space’.

As the Maurice restoration is on release in US cinemas until late Jul, my prediction is that ‘late 2017’ means Aug or Sep onwards.

Of course, fans outside the US are also praying that the cinema re-release will roll out to other territories. These wider unknowns (or unknown negotiations) may add to the reasons why a Blu-ray release date hasn’t yet been announced.

For info, what the distributor (the Cohen Media Group) did last year with their restoration of Ivory’s Howard’s End (1992) was premiere it at Cannes (May 2016), followed by a short US cinema release (Aug 2016), then the Blu-ray in Dec 2016. So the good news re. Maurice in 2017 is that, so far, everything’s been happening a few months earlier than that! But with (already) a longer US cinema-release window that makes the eventual Blu-ray release date trickier to predict.

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Oh no! Please don't take a break! I love your tumblr. I'm here practically everyday.... I'm also sorry about the Reddit shit. Ignore them. Your posts are very well written, very polite, shows how patient and tolerant you are with your answers (even when someone says Addison is AD!!) and very informative and fun to read. You help me put the show into perspective and erase many confusions I have. Also I am so impressed with your FINAL THEORIES. Bless u love u babe tc :)

Thank you 💙 I was being 100% serious about a break though. I thought that I needed to stop posting since apparently all I do is reject people. But when people started messaging me that I don’t do that and I shouldn’t be listening to the minority (who I thought was the majority!!)… I had to come back, or else the Reddit losers win. 5 more weeks oh my god 😢


Hey y’all.

I’ve been having pain in my shoulder for close to two months, and found out today it’s because I’ve partially dislocated my rib somehow. Until everything relaxes enough for the rib to slip back into place, I’m going to be really slow posting potentially. I’m still here if anyone needs anything, but posts may stop showing up for a small bit.