i don’t understand why atlantis isn’t more popular of a movie

i mean

amazing and unique art style 

spot-on humor

strong, badass female and/or POC characters

awkward but incredibly intelligent lead that isn’t conventionally attractive


history jokes that you won’t catch as a kid




did i mention




i just have a lot of feelings about atlantis and i think it needs more love than it gets

Chris Evans Imagine: His Wife is Bucky's Love Interest

Requested by Anon. Hope you enjoy Nonny!

Imagine that you are married to Chris and the announcement has just been made that you’ve signed on to play Bucky’s love interest in the next Avengers movie:

‘So, the news that your wife will be joining the cast has just dropped, but she’ll be playing the love interest of Bucky. On a scale of one to ten, how weird is that going to be?’

Chris laughs and runs his hand over his beard before answering, ‘Well, she’s amazing so it was no surprise to me at all that she got the call. And you know, it’s just part of the job so you don’t really think of that person as their actual selves, you think of them as the character. I’ve seen all her movies - she’s seriously so watchable, I love watching her act. I’m so excited to be on set with her. So… I don’t think it will be weird at all.’

‘Not even a little bit? I mean, Sebastian Stan’s going to be romancing your wife.’

‘Honestly, it’s probably going to be weirder for him. I might just give him a talking to before we start, make a few things clear from the beginning - you know, don’t look like you’re enjoying it too much, keep your tongue out of her mouth, that sort of thing,’ Chris jokes.

'And really, he can romance her all he likes on set but he knows full well who she’s going home with at the end of the day. Mrs Evans knows how good she’s got it, let me tell you,’ he nods slowly, looking extremely smug and satisfied with himself for the camera, secretly knowing full well that you’ll have something to say about this when you find out.

@onetruetea wanted AoMomo and I’m sorry it took me 80 years.

1. Who liked the other first?



Since like age 5….

Funny thing is, Satsuki ALSO liked him when they were kids…up about to the ages of 12 or so when Aomine discovered that boys his age were not supposed to hang out with girls and be friends because cooties or something.

Since then, poor Momoi thinks he actually doesn’t like her (aside from a friend ofc) and her feelings have dwindled down a bit and are currently very dormant. So Aomine has like a lot of work to do.

2. Where is their ‘special spot’?

Aomine had a tree house when they were kids and they loved to sit there and play and hide from the world of adults and mean kids from the neighborhood, but as things go they simply don’t fit there anymore lmao.

They have one cafe they like to frequent too.

3. How do they cheer one another up?

Well, Aomine tells Satsuki to stop crying bc she will become more ugly and pats her head. Yes he’s a master of cheering up *roll eyes*

It’s very hard to cheer Aomine up? I mean if he’s in one of his foul moods then Satsuki usually leaves him alone. When it’s something minor she will go out of her way to make something nice for him, like buy him pocari or a burger.

It takes them like centuries to figure out that Aomine actually likes being hugged and petted on the head and what not when he’s feelings sad or whatever bc that’s so fucking embarrassing.

4. What is their favourite movie to watch together?

ANY type of sport movies. Seriously. They love those. The more dumb the better.

Also reallllly bad rom coms that they can yell at how stupid they are.

5. When did they know that they are each other’s soul mate?

XD No.

6. Where do they primarily kiss one another out in public? Examples forehead, cheek, hand ect

Lots of cheek kisses from Satsuki, because Aomine turns purple. Yes, such Casanova he is.

7. Who goes all out for the other persons birthday?

Naaaah. They are very low key on that. They don’t expect much. Usually wishes, some cake and a very practical present (sport shoes, tablet, a book, wrist bands, water bottle etc.) are enough.

8. Who’s clothes is too big for the other, but they wear them anyway?

WELL, if only Aomine did his fucking laundry more often I’m sure Satsuki wouldn’t mind wearing his baggy t-shirts.  

9. Who is the one who stays up late baking brownies and dancing in their underwear wearing a baggy shirt, and who is the one who comes down to see the other being all cute?

nononono hahaha no. Momoi stays up late to work on stuff for school or work. Aomine will often ofc wake up and drag her to bed, but he won’t find her dancing in her undies I’m afraid. The image of Momoi bend over 3029 books and scribbling notes is I’ afraid kind of unsexy.

Also they are both not cooking people. Just no.

10. Would they cuddle even though it is super hot outside?

eeeeeeeeeh, maybe? Aomine definitely likes to put his head on Momoi’s chest, but he falls asleep and he is heavy and Momoi would probably suffocate if that happened during a heat wave haha.

They don’t really cuddle that often and not like full body contact. Momoi doesn’t mind it though she’s not very fixated on it, Aomine is definitely more into it but he’d very say it bc like I said earlier EMBARRASING.

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Is Strange Magic seriously your favorite movie? It's the only movie I've ever walked out on in the theater

Considering how this is…you know…a fan-blog for the movie, I should think that’d be fairly obvious, but sure, I’m happy to clear up any remaining confusion!

Funny story, the first time I saw Strange Magic, I was cringing and sinking down in my seat.  But the parts I did like from the start, I liked enough to give it another chance.  It grew on me and the rest is history!

So yes, this is my favorite movie.  Seriously.  I love it very much, flaws and all.  In fact, I’d say one of the major reasons why I love it is because it’s so flawed.  And I’m not the only one, either!  Can I get an Amen!, fandom?  

Unpopular opinion

Many of you probably won’t agree with me, I know, but it’s just my opinion on the movie Nowhere Boy. Well, the first movie I watched about The Beatles was In His Life: The John Lennon Story, when I barely knew their story. I was 13 years old, and I was still discovering their music and didn’t know too much on their story/personal lives, just that they were a band from the 60′s, they broke up around 1970 and that two of them had died. So when I watched that movie, I loved John. Seriously, I was fascinated by his character, he was so crazy and funny, and until then my fav Beatle was Paul, but now I was obsessed with John because of that movie. 

I started to read some books, magazines and blogs about The Beatles, then I watched Nowhere Boy - actually, I bought the DVD cause everybody was saying it was great. Okay, I put the DVD to watch with my family and my first thought when I saw Aaron Johnson was: ‘Is this Ringo? Who is him? He’s blue-eyed.’ Then minutes later, ‘Wait. He’s John. Uh. Okay. Why no one gave him some darker contact-lenses?’.

Then there was a scene with Julia, which she lied on John, then the next scene was some sexual moans, appeared John’s legs and apparently he was fucking a girl, and I was like ‘IS HE FUCKING HIS MOTHER?’ AND I WAS WITH MY MOM, LIKE, DYING, but it was a school girl, when in fact John lost his virginity with his then girlfriend Barbara Baker, when he was already in Art College. John was still a virgin. But ‘the scene is great for a movie, isn’t it?’, more interesting than the reality. Okay. Then he meets Paul. I was like, ‘IS THAT GUY PAUL? BUT… HE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PAUL???? HE WAS A CHUBBY SCHOOL BOY, WHILE THIS GUY IS SUPER THIN…’, but it was to show that John was the tall one, the big one, the hot one, while Paul was just a second character, after all, ‘it works better in a movie, doesn’t it?’. 

Now let’s talk about Mimi. She was basically portrayed like a witch. And when I watched the other movie about John, she was just a serious woman trying to raise John. In Nowhere Boy she even sold John’s guitar to add some drama, when IT NEVER HAPPENED? Mimi was against John being a musician just because she was reasonable, she wanted John to have a good future, because apparently it was impossible in her point of view to become rich performing in pubs. Yes, John became rich being a musician, but it was not the usual. In the movie, when uncle George dies, John hugs Mimi, and she like, he died ‘—’ , go to your bedroom John, when actually John saw Mimi crying when uncle George died. But it’s a good scene, better than the reality. The cliche plot of heroes and villains work better, human beings with virtues and flaws is not interesting.  

My opinion on Nowhere Boy is: I don’t hate the movie at all, but it’s like, it’s not about John, you know? I didnd’t see John there. It was like a story about another person, not about John Lennon’s life. If it was original characters, maybe I liked it more. The point is: some people take this movie too serious, believing  that John punched Paul when his mother died, when in fact it never happened, and that Mimi was a mean woman, when she wasn’t. And if you believe John’s real life isn’t interesting enough to make a movie and you prefer him in a made up character, well…

Extremely loud & Incredibly Close

For a while, i didn’t know if i wanted to see this movie. I was a bit annoyed to watch again a movie about an autistic white little boy, i want to see different characters, i want to see diversity and real representation. But damn, this movie hits me right in the feels. And Oskar is such a good representation, i think if i had seen this movie when it came out, i would have self-diagnosed way early.

Extremely loud & Incredibly close is the story of a little boy named Oskar, whose father died during 9/11. His father used to send him in some kind of treasure hunt, where he would have to talk to people to find what he wants. While looking in his father’s stuff, Oskar find a key, but not the lock where it’s supposed to fit in. So, Oskar is ready for meeting lots and lots of people, in order to feel close to his father one last time.

Oskar’s world is bright, loud, intense, fast. And sometimes, it’s slow, beautiful and unique. Oskar is allowed to be noisy, to stim, to feel like a real little boy, a real autistic boy. I felt really close to him and i could put myself in his shoes very easily.

I won’t say this movie is for everyone because it made me cried quite a lot and i can’t imagine what it might feel like for someone who has experienced loss during 9/11. I’m french, i can’t even comprehend what this event might have been like. But there’s a real message of hope in this movie and such a good representation of autism that i have to recommand it.

I have to say, though, that Oskar mentioned Aspergers and that he was tested for it, but his answer is vague about it. I think that his parents didn’t want to talk about it to him straight away, so they stayed vague themselves.

My mom did the same thing for me : a psychiatrist actually told her that i might be autistic when i was one year old (and in a non-verbal state due to a trauma), but she didn’t follow through and didn’t tell me until very recently.

It’s such a beautiful movie. Seriously, i loved it. Oskar is an incredible kid. Very relatable.

[gif of Oskar telling “People tell me i’m very odd all the time”.]

[gif of Oskar telling “I think a lot of things are odd.”]

Trigger warning for the use of the word “r*tard”, though. It’s only said once and it’s not about Oskar and his autism.

After reading the Cursed Child: Jo, you need to stop. Harry Potter is great, but this is just too far. Harry Potter is over.

After seeing Fantastic Beasts: HARRY POTTER HAS RISEN AGAIN. WE WILL NEVER DIE. BOW TO YOUR QUEEN, J. K. ROWLING. *Hedwig’s theme plays*

Just a reminder to everyone, The Nightmare Before Christmas is NOT a Tim Burton movie. Yes, the initial idea was his, but it was not made by him. In fact he had very little to do with it.

Henry Selick directed Nighmare; the same man who directed Coraline, James and the Giant Peach, and Monkeybone. (A few other movies that I LOVE!)

Seriously, if you haven’t seen anything else by Henry Selick, you’re missing out. Go watch these movies!


So the Great Eagles were devised/made/sung into being/whatever by Manwë, King of Valar, lord of the mountains or whatever. They were his messengers. They spied on the exiled Noldor and also Morgoth (aka the Ultimate Big Bad aka Sauron’s boss).

While they certainly seem to be Tolkien’s ‘shitfuck I can’t think of a way out for my heros BRING FORTH THE GIANT EAGLES’ (which the movie did not help seriously I love those movies but come on guys), in reality these are a separate sentient species with separate needs and wants and shit.

Did you catch that word? Sentient? Not only are they GIANT CLAWED DEATH FROM ABOVE, they are also SUPER INTELLIGENT. They have their own society. They have their own lands. They have their own borders to defend. And on top of that they run messages to and from Manwë about the Ultimate Big Bad and sometimes probably eat orcs for shits and giggles, idk, the Eagles are badass.

(Look, okay, they are nearly singlehandedly (singleclawedly?) the reason there are so few dragons in Middle Earth as of the Hobbit. These motherfuckers took on dragons. Probably for fun. Probably because the dragons tried to roost on one of their mountains or something. Also probably because dragons like to eat people and steal stuff, but yeah)

(Also Thorondor helped rescue Maedhros, who I will forever maintain should get the silver star for ‘least terrible of Feanor’s sons’)(Gold star of ‘least terrible of Feanor’s sons’ goes to Amrod for being burned alive by his father with the Teleri swan ships after voicing doubts about the whole kinslaying venture, because I have taken those particular notes on that particular version to heart)

So why weren’t the Eagles helping as of the Lord of the Rings? Simple. They had other shit to do. (I mean also there was a whole thing over them sort of having a feud on with the folks around Mirkwood because oops giant predators like sheep and the people who own the sheep do not like it when giant predators like their sheep)(also they are kind of afraid of bows, which, while you can take on a dragon, I can understand why a wave of flying death from below would be disconcerting when you are used to being flying death from above no contest)

Other shit involving fighting the Nazgul, which we didn’t see because our POV characters weren’t AT most of those battles. Because yes, while Aragorn was at several battles, there were battles happening all over the place. This was literally a fight for the continued existence of the free peoples of Middle Earth, including the eagles. I feel like sometimes people don’t acknowledge the full scope of what was going on here: Galadriel and Celeborn and Thranduil were over at Dol Goldur fighting a bunch of Nazgul and other nasty things, for instance, but nobody says ‘gee what if GALADRIEL had walked the ring into Mordor?’ (nobody mentions Celeborn either, but in fairness, a lot of people forget about Celeborn too. Also in fairness, Celeborn is sort of forgettable when not immediately referred to in relation to the women in his life)(I’m totally okay with that)

Furthermore, while the Eagles all seemed to be Noble of Spirit and other things, there’s nothing saying they couldn’t have been corrupted by the ring just as badly as anybody else. And nobody wants evil giant clawed death from above, they just got rid of that giant dragon in Erebor like sixty years ago. EVEN furthermore, it’s not like Sauron didn’t have flying evil creatures hanging around Mordor, and I would assume that snatching a small hobbit from Eagleback with nowhere to run or hide would be… kind of easy.

In short, I will forever argue that this particular plothole isn’t actually a plothole, and also that the Eagles are fucking awesome and deserved better treatment than they got in the movies.

We Got Married with Jinyoung

Mark / JB / Jackson / Jinyoung / Youngjae / Bambam / Yugyeom

  • Being greeted by the most welcoming smile and gentlemanly bow
  • Expect heavy eye contact
  • He’ll peer into your soul as you talk and even when you try to break eye contact, he won’t– he wants you to know he’s wholeheartedly listening
  • gifting you a book he thinks you’ll enjoy
  • taking you to his favorite bookstore
  • bookstore dates!!!!!!!
  • sitting between aisles, reading to your hearts’ content
  • reciting his screaming solo in My Love Eun Dong but replacing it with your name, at the members suggestion to you
  • Intellectual conversations
  • Jinyoung likes being alone, so you’d naturally respect that
  • But when you give him too much space, he might start getting clingy because he’s worried you’re not interested in him anymore
  • Cutesy skinship
  • Hands brushing against each others while you walk
  • Teaching him to cook
  • Spending a day with a married couple’s kids and finding how good he is with kids
  • You know it’s real when he asks you to watch a movie with him (he seriously loves watching them alone)
  • Park dates
  • Walking along the Han River
  • Shopping together
  • The most photogenic wedding pictures you’d ever imagine
  • Him throwing shade at the members in case they piss him off in front of you
  • Blindfolded surprises for your dates
  • Matching striped couple sweaters!!!!!!
  • Him staring at you when you start talking about something you love
  • Cutesy, endearing pet names
  • Strong proponent of “yobo” (wife/honey in Korean) rather than “jagi”
  • Using aegyo against you when you don’t want to do something
  • Purposely refusing (tbh) so he’ll do more aegyo

Even though the Kili/Tauriel/Legolas love triangle is my least favorite addition to the Hobbit movies, I really admire the way Legolas handles it. Instead of throwing a hissy fit once he realizes she loves another, he refuses to go back home without her after she’s banished, stops his father from hurting her, and even goes so far as to help her fight off orcs to protect the guy she does

love. Not something you often see in a movie. Seriously, I love it. If you get rejected, be like Legolas.

Movies That Make Me Happy

↳ The Glass Slipper (1955)

Why I Love It (And Why You Should Watch It)

There have been countless adaptations of the classic fairytale Cinderella, but this is one of my favorites; probably because it’s so unlike the others. Gone is the Cinderella of angelic goodness and endless forbearance. This ‘Ella’ is shaped by the abusive home she was raised in, becoming sharp-tongued, wild, and unrefined;, a deviation from the traditional story that I find fantastically intriguing. Not only does she rebel against the traditional Cinderella characterization with her tomboy, rough-around-the-edges personality, but she rebels against the traditional physical personification of the classic fairy tale heroine as well. Cinderella is usually portrayed as fair-haired and feminine; here she is dark-haired with a boy-short cut (which she confesses to having cut off in a fit of anger) and hidden behind soot-stains.

There are many other aspects of the movie to enjoy. The fairy-godmother is a nutty old spinster who steals from the villager ladies, Cinderella wears one of the most opulent ball-gowns of all time, and there are beautiful ballet sequences interwoven throughout the film..

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Tonks and Remus?

vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying /i will ship them in hell

Because I certainly couldn’t ship them in the movies!

In all seriousness, I loved that they got married and I was so upset that Rowling killed them off before they could raise their son (I know, I know, Harry and Teddy parallels, I know). I liked how Tonks’ personality mixed with Remus’s, and that there was an adult ship, in contrast to the teenage drama going on in Hogwarts. Very nice to see.