Six Things I'm Currently In Love With

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One song: A Time To Say Goodbye (due to Downton Abbey trailer obsession)

Two movies: The Woman in Gold and The Age of Adaline

Three shows: The Blacklist, Downton Abbey, Sherlock

Four people: Raymond Reddington, Alan Shore, Robert California and maybe James Spader

Five Foods: Dr Pepper, Reese’s cup, ice cream, Doritos, and yogurt. (This is crazy. Even I realize that)

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In The Celebrity magazine July 2015 issue, Girls’ Generation made a huge feature in it with the theme, “SNSD’s Utopia”. Each member had their individual photos taken representing the kind of lives they want to live.

See Also: Yoona at DMZ Peace Concert

Yoona looks like a movie star wearing a gold sequin evening dress by Jenny Packham (sold out).

im starting a tag thing!

Have you ever:

1. Skipped class? → yes
2. Done drugs? → yes
3. Self harmed? → yes
4. Drank? → no
5. Shoplifted? → yes
6. Gotten a tattoo? → no
7. Broken up with someone? → no

What’s your favorite:

8. Show? → X Files or AHS
9. Movie? → Guardians of the Galaxy or Totoro
10. Song? → The Shipped (Gold) Standard 
11. Tumblr? → mine lmao
12. Singer/Band? → i cant chose lmao
13. Memory? → back when I was in Tanana with my grandpa Paul, fishing and cutting fish done on the bank, singing Bob Marley.
14. Book? → BFG

This or that:

15. Invisibility or Ability to fly?  → invisibility
16. Cookies or Cake? → cookies
17. Twitter or Facebook? → twitter
18. Movies or Books? → movies
19. Coke or Sprite? → neither lmao
20. Blind or Deaf? → blind
21. Tea or Coffee? → both

What’s your:

22. Age? → 15
23. Sign? → Scorpio
24. Height? → 5′3″
25. Sexual orientation? → pansexual
26. Shoe size? → 10-11
27. Religion? → none
28. Longest relationship? → none

Opinion on:

29. Gay rights? → heLL FUCKIN YEAHHHHH
30. Second chances? → depends on what that person did???
31. Long distance relationships? → if it works for you!!
32. Abortion? → it’s the carrier’s choice
33. The death penalty? → depends on what the person did
34. Marijuana ? → i’ve smoked it and it’s ok??
35. Love? → ???

Do you:

36. Believe in ghosts? → hell yeah
37. Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it? → facing it
38. Sleep with the door opened or closed? → C L O S E D
39. Love someone? → ye
40. Still watch cartoons? → hell yeah
41. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? → nope lmao
42. Like yourself? → kinda?? sometimes??

you don’t have to do this if you dont want to! i tag: trans-dan, swaghowell, arigatophan, dokidan, phanthusiast, starlighthowell, japanphan, llsters, phantasticalities, dantiloquent, spiritedlester, lesterish, sarcasticphan, phangenue, atouchofnonbinary, galaxyhowlter, ghostboyhowell and anyone who wants to do it!

eddie redmayne spends 99% of his time in jupiter ascending using this strangely monotone yet seductive whisper, like someone who just had sex and sort of wants some more but for some reason is also really bored, and 1% screaming like a roman emperor who just watched the christian climb on the lion and ride it out of the coliseum

all the awards

Reasons why you should see Jupiter Ascending:

- Female gaze
- High brow space fashion
- Low brow space humor
- Space werewolf angel boyfriends on space ice skates
- Bee people
- A loving pan of Eddie Redmayne’s naked ass while he sails into a supernova and violins swell
- Antigrav space orgy
- Mary Sue-age the likes of which your 13 year old self could never dream of
- Creepy pseudoincestual comeons
- Giant ridiculous space cities
- Russian cleaning girl is a space princess
- Aliens killed the dinosaurs
- An elephant alien whose sole job is to trumpet when the ship accelerates
- Flying killer space dinosaurs
- Eddie Redmayne doing a laryngotomy impression
- A very short supply of shirts for a very large cast of buff dudes
- A very large supply of attractive outfits for a very attractive Mila Kunis
- Bees can sense royalty
- Space bureaucrats
- Glowy space tattoos
- Soylent green is people
- Mila Kunis sticking a pad onto her space werewolf angel boyfriend’s bleeding, naked chest
- Angry large dysfunctional family
- Intro class to space BDSM; Course 101: Titles
- Dramatic angel terror choir breaks out in the very first car chase
- Complete fuck-all towards plot holes
- Illogically shiny space explosions
- The girl gets the guy
- The girl also gets the planet