Beatles Fans I’ve Met in My Life

1. The Standard Fan: A human. Knows songs ranging from Let It Be and I Want to Hold Your Hand to In My Life to Hello, Goodbye. Probably knows more songs than you (and they) realize.

2. The “I liked the Yellow Submarine movie as a child” Fan: Doesn’t act like they know a lot of songs, but they do. You could listen to Magical Mystery Tour with them, and they’d very probably sing along. Asks you to play Eight Days A Week in the car. May or may not also like the A Hard Day’s Night and Help! movies.

3. The “I Don’t Like The Beatles” Fan: Says they don’t like The Beatles, sang along to Revolution 1 with you that one time.

4. The Across the Universe Fan: REALLY likes While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Helter Skelter. Was probably once a Yellow Submarine kid. Insists that the Across the Universe version of Strawberry Fields Forever is better.

5. The Deep Fan: Likes What’s the New Mary Jane and Not Guilty. Prefers the anthology versions of And Your Bird Can Sing and I’m Looking Through You. Knows all the reasons Paul is dead. Doesn’t skip Wild Honey Pie. Really wants an official version of Carnival of Light. 

6. The Deeper Fan: Wants to know why they cut to the album version for the solo in A Hard Day’s Night on Live at the BBC. Can’t decide whether or not the Mamas and the Papas’ version of I Call Your Name is better. Might not ship McLennon, but knows the truth is out there. Forgets every ten minutes Past Masters isn’t common knowledge.

“I look at my surroundings with sincerity of a child who doesn’t wish to break into someone’s intimate moment but rather be embraced by it. It’s like capturing frames of a life long movie, the frames that beat along with my heart. Every picture of mine has a piece of my soul in it. That’s why I do it, it’s my way of absorbing this world with all its beauty and flaws and give back a part of myself.”

A special second chance by Harald Claessen (4/4)


American animated series by Yoh Yoshinari (吉成 曜) 

Fanart illustrations by Little Witch Academia director and key-animator in: Gurren Lagann, Evangelion, FLCL, KILL la KILL, One Piece, P&SWG, etc. Including Teen Titans, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Lab, Kim Possible and more (classics). Search! 


I watched Disney’s Hercules and this happened…

I need a Disney!TSoA AU that has an end like Hercules…. Achilles brings back Patroclus’ soul, becomes a true hero and thus a god, but decides to live a mortal life with Pat. And they live happily ever after. That’s all I need.