After rewiring my SQ strat yet again today I think we can finally get along. This is all partially because all I really want is a fender lead ii but really don’t need another guitar…
New solid shaft pots - 250k for the volume and neck tone / 250k no load for the bridge tone. This is the only combination that I’ve found to sound balanced for the humbucker/single coil set up without having the single coil sound super bright or the humbucker sound muddy/dark.
I also added a baseplate to the neck pickup which definitely adds some low end depth.
Then since I’ve permanently ditched the middle pickup I threw in a Gibson style toggle and a momentary kill switch because why not?
I know strats aren’t “cool” or whatever but this thing has some really great tones my other guitars don’t even come close to.

So I went into the chelsea tag to see more pictures of the parade, and what do I see? Lo and behold, a bitter arsenal fan. 

So there’s two pictures comparing arsenals’ parade and ours. And they’re comparing a picture outside the emirates (where a lot of fans can congregate at one time, and where they did their main presentation) to a momentary picture of our parade bus going through a street. See, that’s the thing about pedestrian pavements, they don’t hold a lot of people. You’d find the same pictures of the arsenal bus going through the streets of london if you just googled it, but no that’s a hard job for someone without common sense to do. I mean 100,000s of people turned up for the parade, but lets not show that. Or even where our players did their presentations and speeches….because evidently there’s too many people for your liking. Lets have a stupid dig at chelsea fans which doesn’t even make sense. Well done. 3rd place in the premier league and people get so cheeky. 

i’m so sad about how much my ptsd has been affecting me lately - i get flooded with momentary fear when someone enters the room and makes a noise or says something to me, even if i am expecting them, my muscles start to ache and i am just overall mortified when someone touches me if i’m not necessarily expecting it (even if it’s a person i’m comfortable), door knocking nausea and petrification is at an all time high 

After Muu had moved into his apartment in California, he had to settle for small jobs here and there before creating the funds to move his business with him. When he needed a new momentary hobby, and wondered if it would encourage him to speak like everyone else, he decided to make a Youtube channel. There he could discuss his modeling tips, the work he did before hiring a photographer, fashion hauls, and his adventures to new places. He was so used to being behind a camera before, it was proven to be something he was really good at.

He eventually decided to do a major vlog about taking a trip to Japan to visit old friends, and to see how everyone was doing. He was a little afraid of what he’d see, but the idea of documenting his presence in some of his favorite shops made him feel a lot better. On his way to one in particular, he caught sight of a very familiar boy that had been one of the  last people he talked to before he left.

“Oh, Aura-boy, I see you!”

  • Drag Race Rules:You have to dress up LIKE A WOMAN I.E. "SNATCHHHHH game"
  • Kennedy:lol no imma be a man
  • RuPaul:Well it's okay if you do it Kennedy lol I love you
  • Kennedy:lol no imma do what I want
  • Rupaul:Anything you say Kennedy lol I love you lololol you are gonna win this thing
  • #JusticeforKatya

What does Garfield adore in Stone? The moment the question leaves my lips, Garfield’s smile suddenly drops and his eyebrows knit into a scowl. “What can I say? How about: ‘Fuck off you fucking…’” Cue momentary alarm before, thankfully, his face relaxes and he laughs out loud. “No, I’m able to talk about her, but I want to protect something that I respect in my life,” he says. “I don’t feel the need to speak publicly about my private life. And on a professional level I don’t want people watching me on screen to know about my dirty laundry.”

Because it is occasionally possible, just for brief moments, to find the words that will unlock the doors of all those many mansions inside the head and express something - perhaps not much, just something - of the crush of information that presses in on us from the way a crow flies over and the way a man walks and the look of a street and from what we did one day a dozen years ago. Words that will express something of the deep complexity that makes us precisely the way we are, from the momentary effect of the barometer to the force that created men distinct from trees. Something of the inaudible music that moves us along in our bodies from moment to moment like water in a river. Something of the spirit of the snowflake in the water of the river. Something of the duplicity and the relativity and the merely fleeting quality of all this. Something of the almighty importance of it and something of the utter meaninglessness. And when words can manage something of this, and manage it in a moment, of time, and in that same moment, make out of it all the vital signature of a human being - not of an atom, or of a geometrical diagram, or of a heap of lenses - but a human being, we call it poetry.
—  Ted Hughes

Michael Cook: Majority Rules

Michael Cook’s series Majority Rule asks the question: “What if Indigenous people were 96 percent of the Australian population and non-Indigenous people defined as the four percent?” With a single Indigenous subject multiplied many times in each shot, these photographs place an unfamiliar face square in the territory of white men. The photographs cast the momentary illusion, with visual order and symmetry, that the minority is the majority.

“You won’t forget me,” you said.

I won’t, and you’re right.
And I don’t have to forget.

I don’t have to erase you,
or the memories we’ve made.

But don’t get me wrong, 
I know it’s tough to admit it 

but I’m fine. 

I’ve been fine before you, 
I’ll be fine again after you. 

This momentary pain?
It’s all temporary. 

I may miss you now, 
I may still miss you later on. 

But I was fine before you
And I have faith I’ll be okay again, 

even without you.

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i dont hate ashton for dating bryana. i just dont like how everytime he's with her he gets aggravated really quickly. like he knows there are going to be lots of girls and he knows that theyre going to talk shit. but he continues to sound rude when he's with her. like i get it he gets angry bc he wants to have a nice day w her, he could at least pretend to be nice instead of getting angry. like he has the right to be angry but he shouldnt show it bc us fans r shit and talk shit

ok honestly like what is ashton?? is he like just a prop for people’s selfies??? a momentary figment of entertainment?? i dont care if hes super famous he is still a human being with a life and feelings, if hes on a date fans should use their brains and leave him the hell alone?? obviously i would be pissed too if someone bothered me on my date, its annoying af to have someone come interrupt ur date to talk to u and wanna take selfies?? its invasive and rude?? ashton puts up with constant shit from fans and im not surprised hes being a little assertive and snappy, i would be too, he was every right to be after how shitty ½ the fans have been