[ Muslim Women struggling with the Hijab / Modesty ]

Make the internal changes before you make the external. If you change the outside before you change the inside, you’re doing it backwards.

Some ladies get a rush of fear, guilt or excitement and make changes because of that momentary feeling - which is not a bad thing Alhamdulilah it’s still progress. But there is a difference when a change is made from fear, and when it’s made from love.

If you do something out of fear, eventually that fear will wear off and if you’ve taken three steps forward, it is too easy to take two steps back. Sometimes even three or more.

If you do something out of love of Allah, fear will follow regardless. The one who loves Allah, Knows Allah, therefore without a doubt will fear Him. So if that person takes three steps forward, when their fear wears off - their love will prevent them from taking more then one step back. Becomes Imaan does have its highs and lows. We all try, fail, walk, fall and try again.

Learn, and learn properly. Love your religion, love your God, love your prophet, and hold the religion in your heart. You will be too proud not to want to show who you are. When you’ve internalised modesty, when you’re character is more Muslim then the way you look, it becomes easy to start showing your insides on the outside.

Too many ladies cover the outside and are still acting immodestly. Too many ladies wear the Hijab but the dress code is contradicting the cloth on their head. Don’t let it just be material, let It be the tool of your self expression. Let it be one of the most powerful things you do for the sake of Allah, the way you show who you are and what is dear to your heart. Be proud to be a Muslim, be proud to be the slave of Allah Almighty.     

if im honest i feel like a god damn coward about this whole situation like, 90% of the fucking time because im so quiet about it

truth is im fucking petrified of tucker. i know hes played plenty role in defamation of my own self, much less other (good) people?? and thanks to my paranoid ass its only about 50 times worse up in the shitty noggin to the point of hearing voices in many triplicates about the whole ordeal saying WATCH OUT, OVER YOUR FUCKING SHOULDER, KID.

its not fair to marissa to be the hub of all of this and to be the forefront and i feel like a fuckin tool for the fact that literally all of the momentary courage ive gained to speak snippets about it is mostly due to the fact that ive latched onto marissas bravery because i am too much of a coward to have my own legs to stand on with this affair despite what i used to do with it in the past what with trying to warn people rather unsuccessfully, but that doesnt matter now

im a fucking twisted up mess of paralyising terror and agonizing rage over the whole situation and by golly it makes me super fucking aggressive and vindictive to the point of wanting nothing better than to throttle tuckers neck with my tiny little icon clamp fingers and oops! i guess im showing aggressive tendencies and desires towards an abuser! i suppose this irrationality is just further proof that people like myself are the insane ones or something. i dont fucking know

leave me alone, leave marissa alone. by god especially marissa. leave everyone the fuck alone you vile hack of sputum and scum because eventually youre going to set on fire from all of this and no one will save you because you will never fucking deserve that and i hope you fucking see this and see the scrunching twisted venom of my anger that you caused and know that people KNOW you are a vile, remorseless sack of shit with nothing better to do with your pathetic life than prey on other people, and know that MORE people will learn about you

fuck you

fuck you

“I think it’s so foolish for people to want to be happy. Happy is so momentary–you’re happy for an instant and then you start thinking again. Interest is the most important thing in life; happiness is temporary, but interest is continuous.”
— Georgia O'Keeffe

My sacred space is in a bookstore. The quiet and piecefulnes of a neighborhood bookstore it’s like a momentary escape from reality. I love the thrill of stumbling across a wonderful story, but I’m also just happy with the seeking, the hours of looking through hundreds of books.

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I do not like the idea of happiness — it is too momentary — I would say that I was always busy and interested in something — interest has more meaning to me than the idea of happiness
—  ms o’keefe
We all need to better ourselves

Not so late night thoughts

“ I just realized that every time we breathe, we die a little more.”

Oh, how this mindset will make you move mountains my love. These negative reflections of the things regarding spectacular traits to be grateful for, will not get you far.

Endeavor the fact of taking breaths of oxygen is undergoing preservation of your existence. The essence we have here so momentary we all need to improve on adoring this oh so precious thing called life. From minimal aspects keeping your heart content. To the downturn of pain, grief and melancholy. It’s so small and it all passes with time. Let’s all be kind to others and ourselves. It’ll be all good.


As a parent what do you do when your children have argued and fought so much that they now hate each other? This is the dilemna that face Ziare and Odelia. The momentary age gap between Regina and Ahmad did nothing to improve their relationship.

Regina and Ahmad’s mutual disdain has reached the critical point. It’s hard to believe that it all began when they were toddlers fighting over the rocking horse. Regina always won because she was stronger. Ahmad regrets starting the fight with Regina and has tried to stay out of her way, but she won’t let it go. Regina has now become the agressor and a bully. Her temper and pride won’t allow her to forgive and forget.

Ahmad had enough, he was tired of fighting - especially since he couldn’t win … so he moved out.

I think it’s foolish for people to want to be happy. Happy is so momentary—you’re happy for an instant and then you start thinking again. Interest is the most important thing in life. Happiness is temporary, but interest is continuous.
—  Georgia O’Keeffe
I still remember when we first met. How wonderfully mad we were for each other. All the passion, mayhem and wild adventure. But somewhere along the way we lost all that. Looking back, what we called love was just an infatuation. A marvellous connection, but a momentary one.
—  Beau Taplin // F l e e t i n g  I n f a t u a t i o n 

anonymous asked:

Yeah Pratchett was so fatphobic that both Agnes and Nanny Ogg, two amazing main characters, are both fat

Ahahahaha this so sarcastic oh my god I love it. Also, um, I don’t wanna hate on your hate or anything, but you totally forgot Sybil.

However, one can both have amazing fat characters and make fatphobic remarks. Likewise, Pratchett’s use of the dwarves breaking out of their gender binary uni-nary doesn’t negate his transphobic remarks. You see?

I think perhaps the issue here is the dual, nuanced meanings of words like fatphobic. One can be fatphobic, in a momentary sense, without being a fatphobic person, in the continual, constant, consistent sense. You’ve understood it to mean he was a consistently fatphobic person, whose fatphobia influenced every choice relating to fat people and characters that he made. However, the point that was being made was that he made fatphobic remarks, and, therefore, in those various, numerous moments, he was fatphobic (momentary use of the adjective).

Arguing over whether the positive depictions of fat characters and the negative, fatphobic remarks balance out, or make Pratchett fatphobic overall (which he might be - I’m not qualified to decide) seems to me to be much less important than acknowledging that while Agnes and Nanny and Sybil are wonderful, he did undeniably make fatphobic remarks, he was fatphobic, and the presence of the former doesn’t mean discussion of the latter isn’t crucial and important.