Just watched this guy tie his gf’s white Yeezys for her. Then he got up and dusted off his own black Yeezys and I stg this is modern romance at its finest.

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my personal life is kinda shit currently but your modern romance ficlets made me v happy for the first time in a little while and I'm v grateful to you ps - pls write more

My life has been a constant shitstorm too and your message has just made it a billion times better. Thank you so much. If you were here, I’d give you a long, clingy hug till you forgot all sad things; but since you’re not here, 

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I am not a writer, as much as I try to pretend to be. I can only write once in a very long time and I will always hate it, no matter what, so I will try my best to write more, but don’t take my word for it. Hope things get better for you <3


we visited two art galleries and a museum in one day, sat for coffee then went to the cinema. it was the loveliest date I’ve ever had ✨🌿

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