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James bragging to his mates about how hot/perfect/incredible lily is gives me life so thanks for adding that at the end

THAT WAS THE BIT I CHANGED LAST MINUTE!! (Well, not last minute. But after grappling for way too long about it.) There was originally going to be an actual scene there, post-humping, where James invites her go to hang out with his mates etc, but the transition in and out was just super awkward. I may find a little moment to fit something in next chapter alluding to it, but all in all, I think the letter did a better job. (And was more fun to write, obvs)

Gay Without the Gay Angst: 10 Books About Lesbian/Bi/Queer Girls

By Malinda Lo

Following up on my post last month, “Gay Without the Gay Angst: 12 Books About Gay/Bi/Queer Boys”, here is a list of 10 books about lesbian/bisexual/queer girls without a lot of coming-out angst.

If you’re looking for a complete lack of coming-out angst, it’s better to stick to the fantasy and science fiction; the realistic titles listed below do address coming out, though with much less angst than in some older titles. Also note that these titles are not all happily-ever-after romances; characters do face challenges and relationships may be full of conflict, but the conflicts and challenges are not primarily due to homophobia.

Admittedly, I found it more difficult to find books about queer girls that don’t contain a lot of coming-out angst. This may be because fewer books about queer girls are published in general. All I know is: We need more of them.

Fantasy and Science Fiction

  • Love in the Time of Global Warming by Francesca Lia Block — now available; also has a companion novel, The Island of Excess Love
  • Otherbound by Corinne Duyvis — now available
  • Radiant Days by Elizabeth Hand — now available
  • Huntress by Malinda Lo — now available; Lo’s other books (AshAdaptation andInheritance) also feature queer girls without the gay angst
  • Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld — now available

Realistic Fiction

  • Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan — now available
  • No One Needs to Know by Amanda Grace (Flux) — now available
  • Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour — now available
  • Lies My Girlfriend Told Me by Julie Anne Peters — now available; Peters has written many YA books about lesbian/bisexual girls with varying amounts of gay angst
  • Far From You by Tess Sharpe — now available


Hey everyone! The Art of Seeds concept art book, and Puppet Parade are now available for pre-order! I’ll be sending in the order on both of these books next week, and everyone’s pre-orders will be sent out late April / early May.

Pre-ordering The Art of Seeds gets you the special Min bonus button, and pre-ordering Puppet Parade gets you the special White Beleth bonus button! These buttons will not be available after April.

The Art of Seeds is available as a PDF currently, which was given to Kickstarter backers last year.

Puppet Parade has ~20 contributing guest artists, but I’ll wait to unveil them all until everyone’s pieces are in and I can make a cool preview compilation post for that! The pieces that are already in look stellar, and I plan to have a good 10 pages to myself, as well. I have some silly stuff in the works for it.

Anyway, thanks guys! Pre-ordering will help me carve off a chunk of the cost of ordering the batches of books early, so I can bring these to VanCAF!

Reblog before April ends for a chance to be given 2 store items – I’ll select a winner in May. Thanks guys!
Twitter Reacts to Upcoming George Zimmerman Interview - COLORLINES

The call went out on Twitter early this morning: #CancelTheInterview. Next Tuesday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo will air an interview with George Zimmerman, the man whom a Florida jury last year acquitted of killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. His death and his parents’ grief prompted demonstrations across the country. petition with more than 500 signatures so far, has also been posted. Zimmerman resurfaced in the news recently because of an on-again, off-again boxing match, originally with rapper DMX. That fight was called off via Tweet on February 8th. But conflicting reports suggest a fight, opponent and location unknown, may happen after all.

please sign the petition asking CNN to not air George Zimmerman’s interview with Chris Cuomo 

in a preview of the interview to be aired next Tuesday George Zimmerman has already admitted to feeling no remorse or guilt over murdering Trayvon Martin 

this is not an interview worth airing

black folks don’t need to keep being retraumatized just so that CNN and Zimmerman can line their profits while giving Zimmerman the boost to be a “celebrity" 

Sign the petition and signal boost! 

Alright, this is a message from the original poster of the “How to keep yourself safe during the 4chan raid” post.

Today is the supposed day the raid will happen.

I am here to safely tell you all that that entire thing is BULLSHIT.

And before you say anything, no I’m not a liar. That is my point. The 4chan raid happened LAST year. The post was made LAST year.

Someone revived it for… Whatever reason.

And suddenly thirty thousand people are paranoid for no reason whatsoever. There is NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. There is no raid. I am checking the 4chan raid tag and it is a SHITSTORM. I want to message people to say it isn’t happening but ironically most people have their ask boxes shut because of it.


It isn’t so hard to do one quick Google to find this entire Tumblr VS 4chan Warfare happened in 2014.

Spread THIS around instead of telling people the raids are happening. They’re not.  

In comments made during a meeting at FBI headquarters, and first reported by The Washington Post, Comey said failures in the federal background check system may have allowed Dylann Roof to acquire the weapon used in the mass shooting last month.

According to the FBI, Roof’s name should have been entered into the bureau’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System after an arrest in April in which he admitted possessing illegal drugs.

Comey said the FBI background check examiner missed Roof’s arrest when she evaluated his request to purchase a gun because the wrong police agency was listed, the Associated Press reported.

“We are all sick this happened,” Comey said. “We wish we could turn back time.” [x]

Nisekoi 224 Spoilers

I cannot read Korean in the slightest but it’s pretty obvious that Marika just convinced Chitoge not to give up. BOTH MARIKA AND CHITOGE ARE SO SELFLESS BECAUSE THEY ARE BOTH WILLING TO SACRIFICE THEIR OWN LOVE FOR THE DESIRES OF OTHERS and wow i hate to draw such a rash conclusion but I really just don’t like Onedera at all anymore because she’s surrounded by such selfless people and she’s just like “oh oh we’ll SHARE the pain” while everyone else is like “dude I care about you too much so I’ll bare all of it.”
Onedera you’ve gotta step up your game, hun.

ok so last time im doing this i swear reblog if u post (one of these things or a lot of them, im ok with it!!)

  • dragon age
  • mass effect
  • discworld
  • borderlands
  • tf2
  • idk videogames??? indie videogames??? ALL VIDEOGAMES
  • lord of the rings/silmarillion/the hobbit holy fukc pls
  • like speaking about stuff/post meta/debate meta!!!!
  • post some sj things analizing media :o

im gonna check ur blog, probably follow u, may try an internet hug


 So it appears people are making plans to go to the radio station again..

This is what dan and phil posted last year.. read it and take note, they do not want people wating for them. Neither does the BBC, whose security will no doubt turn you away. That goes for Dan this week as well..


Hey everyone! (this may not apply to all of you so just keep scrolling if you’re confused ^^)

A few of you may know, after our radio shows some people usually wait outside the building for me and Dan to finish work so they can take pictures, get stuff signed and sometimes even bring us gifts! We’ve really loved this, so thank you to anyone who has come to meet us!

However over the weeks, word has spread about these ‘meet ups’ and this week over 150 people turned up to wait outside! (which was way too many for us to meet everyone)

The thing is, these aren’t official meet ups! It’s really just started as ‘saying hi to the few people waiting outside’ but now due to so many people waiting outside every week, it’s getting too big and turning into a gathering. As people heard we usually go outside there became an expectation that if people turned up and waited we would always get a photo with everyone, but sometimes we’re busy working, or we have to go somewhere quickly, and sometimes we aren’t there at all! Plus recently a lot of people have said they’ve travelled from the other side of the country and sometimes across Europe just to meet us which is lovely, but it’s clear that it’s become too much of a ‘thing’ now that some people think is guaranteed/regular and if there’s way too many people, or we’re busy, or not even there, we just don’t want people to travel far thinking they can definitely meet us.

For these reasons we are going to have to say that until further notice we will no longer be able to meet and have photos with people after we finish work at the radio show. I know understandably some of you will be disappointed and we are really sorry! It’s just gotten too big and we’d never want to disappoint anyone. 

My best advice if you want to meet us would be to come to an official YouTube event like Summer in the City in London, or Playlist Live or Vidcon in the USA! (or say hi if you happen to bump into us in the street)

But the best thing you could do for our happiness is to stay at home in the warm and watch the show! We made the whole show to be about interacting with you guys so tweeting, joining in with the liveblogging on tumblr or even making us a music video is much better than waiting for hours to get a derpy picture of us, haha.

Thanks guys <3  

The cast of Denis Ten's show!

Shows in Almaty from May 29-30 and Astana on June 1st (not sure if this is the entire cast) Denis Ten Mao Asada Daisuke Takahashi Carolina Kostner Evan Lysacek Stephane Lambiel Tatiana Totmianina/Maxim Marinin Tatiana Volosozhar/Maxim Trankov Mirai Nagasu Nathalie Pechalat/Fabian Bourzat Joannie Rochette Elladj Balde Brian Joubert (full cast announced on d10’s twitter)


Okay so this MAY be my last post about the shit storm that was PLL. Then again I might make 1000 more posts. So as most of you know Marlene has been doing interviews and giving answers to questions we all had. (Which was so dumb why not give these answers in the actual show) anyways I’ve read interview after interview and I was Soooo annoyed. Okay so the first pick shows Marlene being asked if Jason saw Bethany that night instead of Cece talking to Melissa. Marlene says “most likely”. Then when asked about the flashback with Toby and Ali. It’s obvious there why its so annoying ? I mean really perspective ? Thats one of the dumbest excuses. We would have understood just the same if she would have made that scene with a younger Toby& younger Ali. (With different dialogue of course lol) now for what pissed me off the most about the interview. When asked about Leslie. MARLENE FUCKIN ADMITS SHE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING!!!. what the actual fuck. And then for Marlene to answer “ I don’t think she did” Marlene did you create this show or not? Do you have any idea what’s going on in the PLL world??? “Most likely, I don’t think so, maybe, I would think so” these are not answers that a creator, someone so involved in the show, should be giving. Not only us fans deserve better but the whole damn entertainment industry deserves better. Now for the last thing that just really pissed me off beyond measure. Was a tweet from none other then Norman Buckley. The PLL director. He said “it is not the responsibility of the artist to please you” . Are you kidding me guy? Your making a television show, shown on one of the biggest television networks and you have a HUGE following for this show and its not your job to keep us as the consumer satisfied? I understand things not always going the viewers way but you guys dropped the ball BIG TIME. & then you basically respond with “well were not making this show for you anyways, you don’t have to like it”. It’s shit like that, that’s giving you negative backlash and a 5.2 rating for this trash of an episode on IMDB. Just like he said “plot holes are not my concern”. Ummm are you kidding me . because the whole point of a show or any movie is that there’s a conclusion to satisfy the viewer and the creators can feel, complete, for lack of a better word. And again not all viewers will be happy but they’ll be satisfied to know the conclusion. But this PLL reveal was SOOOOOOO poorly thought out (or not thought out at all) that no one is happy. Now we get to hate this episode and YOU (Marlene, Norman, writers) get to sit there and feel completely uncomfortable, because you know your “loyal” fans are outraged. Liking a book or a movie is different then a liking a TV show. You WANT people to like your show you want to keep them involved and keep them interested , you want them to keep tuning in every week. And after a while you gain a following who, yes Norman, you have to please our curiosity in some kind of way. But a movie is a one shot thing you make it you put it out and if people like great if not okay that’s fine. They don’t have to go to the movie theater and watch part 2. The same with books you read a book you either like it or you dont and if a part 2comes out you don’t HAVE to read it & the author doesn’t have to care. But a show? You need to keep the audience interested if you want views and don’t wanna be canceled ?? You feel me norm? I think that’s the end of my rant. Lol I’m sorry so many PLL posts guys its just that I love movies, shows and entertainment period. & I’m currently going to school for writing and soon enough screen writing and its stuff like this that makes me feel some kind of way because its like if you love something and your really passionate about it why would you half ass it? And on such a big scale. Like PLL is on the forefront of television its big, everyone knows the name whether they’ve seen the show or not and then to really just mess up this big? It’s just unbelievably disappointing. And the last thing I wanna comment on is how Marlene and everyone in her camp were lying to us over and over again . and they would always say the same thing “we had to keep it a secret so we had to lie about it”. NO its called “ no comment” or “you’ll have to wait and see” or “we cover that later in the season” ANYTHING, but to lie to the people that are making you money with all these views and merch purchases ? Yo get real. (With this article I’m referring to the countless plot holes, not so much Cece being a, even tho that was just as stupid but, that’s a whole other post)

How Do You Feel?

[Once you read, keep reading. Do not stop and do not assume. This is not a hate post but rather a demonstration of some sort using fake posts. Contains spoilers. I actually made this some time ago, but haven’t posted it yet because I have many posts in queue.]

After you finish reading one of your favorite character’s paragraph/all of them, scroll down to see the last few paragraphs.

Fans of Seven, read this

Fans of Yoosung, read this

Fans of Jaehee, read this

Fans of Zen, read this

Fans of V, read this

Now that you’re finished reading, please tell me, how do you feel? How do you feel if I or anyone else were to post things like that? They may just be fictional characters, but doesn’t it make you feel anything at all (even if it’s just for a bit) seeing people shittalk about them so seriously? If you completely feel nothing, then probably it’s just me being sensitive over these posts, but I just want to prove a point.

See, these are the kinds of posts I encounter about Jumin at least once a day. My eyes are a quick-reader, just a glimpse and I’ll see what the post talks about, so even while scrolling, I’ll still be able to read it. No matter how much I ignore it or just try to treat it like wind passing by, it’s not pleasing to the eyes to see people shittalk about something you like so much. It’s a mix of feelings like : “you don’t understand” and “why would you hate them that much”. Even if you can’t understand the character like how people who love them do, at least understand that they have their own reasons and perspective.

And if I still can’t get people to understand that through showing hate posts about Jumin, I figured I’d demonstrate it by trying to make them feel what I feel seeing these kinds of posts, that’s why I made this. It’s kind of hard to come up with things like these to say, but mostly I just use what could be used against the characters and imitate the language these people use.


“unpredictable” - theme 02

preview 1 // preview 2 // code

so after the really awesome response on my last theme i decided to make another one on impulse so the coding may not be perfect but yeah !!

here are all the features:

  • upload a sidebar image & a background
  • up to 3 custom links (you could add more by copy + pasting code tho)
  • change text, link, and link hover colors
  • change post and sidebar colors
  • change the border color
  • and a few other minor things

one more thing please like/reblog this post if youre using the theme

thanks for reading !!

MITAM Sponsorships Update

Under the cut, you’ll find the latest numbers of copies available and sponsors needed for each country.

These are the numbers after all matches have been made. In some countries, the waiting list is quite long so sponsees may feel disheartened. The best thing you can do is spread the word however you can. Reblog, tweet the link, post on facebook, text your friends, whatever - the wider the reach, the more sponsors we’ll get, and the better chance you have of being sponsored.

For more details and to sign up, check the original post

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I just hit 1k followers! And to celebrate, I decided to do a little tumblr awards for all of you :)


Must be following me, because this is for my lovely followers

Must reblog this post, likes won’t count

Doesn’t have to be a Disney blog, but posting at least a bit of Disney is essential

Must reach at least 50 notes

Ends May 4th, winners will be announced during the week after.

There will be one winner and one runner up per category



ELSA AWARD: Best Theme







ANNA AWARD: Nicest Blogger

AURORA AWARD: Special Mention

JASMINE AWARD: Best Multifandom


MICKEY AWARD: Best Overall

B O N U S:

SNOW WHITE AWARD: Mariana’s Favorite


A follow back (if I’m not following you already)

A place in my updates tab for the rest of the month (May)

5 promos to use whenever you want during May

A gifset to your preference (favorite film, favorite character, parallels, various characters, with a quote/lyric of your choosing, with a coloring of your choosing, basically anything you want)


A follow back

5 promos to use whenever you want during May

A picspam to your preference

So, reblog away, and have fun!

Have you been thinking about watching The 100? Maybe you’re on the fence? This is a post all about why you should watch The 100. It’s not too long, but I’m keeping it under a cut, so as not to clog your dashes. 

I’m not going to say anything too spoilery for those who may decide to watch it. Just covering some basics and pointing out some good stuff!

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Hey guys! I’m back with a September blog of the month! I was going to do something else, but decided that a botm with be easier ^^ hope you guys participate~


  • mbf (must be following) me
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  • 2 blogs will be handpicked and 3 will be from
  • the poll will last from 8/24/14 - 8/30/14
  • I will followback all of the blogs nominated for the poll
  • the blog with the most votes after a week is my botm!

Benefits on being my botm:

  • a followback if I’m not already ^^
  • a month full of promos (double promos, screenies, full blog rates, anything we can negotiate about!)
  • a spot on my botm page
  • my love c: and friendship! we could become good friends!
  • proof from my last botm


  • I will tag all asks or posts with #septemberbotm
  • if you have any other questions, message me! (if you want the answer private.. please but that on your ask as well ^^)
  • thanks for reading!! and good luck!

photo credit: [ x ] the picture doesn’t really match with September.. but oh well ^-^

 ONE BIG WEIRD HAPPY FAMILY - because sometimes a family is you, your twin sibiling, your great-uncle, your /other/ great-uncle you didn’t even know existed until he escaped another dimension like last week, and the other employees of the tourist trap that somehow, over the course of a summer, became home

so i know we’re all in a state of emotional distress at the moment but. the pines family is very important. hence this assembly of songs about, home, family, mystery, recklessly caring about each other, and the occasional reference to the fact that, when everything goes horribly wrong, those things actually can get you through an apocalypse

home - phillip phillips // you told the drunks i knew karate - zoey van goey // sticking with you - addison road // try to believe - oingo boingo // here’s to us - halestorm // gone, gone, gone - phillip phillips // GF DANCE EURO POP - bradbreeck // odds are - barenaked ladies // last party - MIKA // embers - owl city // taking over midnight - love patrol alpha (cover)


Free! Voyage of the Magic Six - Book 3: Eternal Promise - Master Post - (COMPLETED)

The ALL OUT Thrilling Sequel to the Previous Fanfiction Saga, the Iwatobi Suiei Gods!

Free! Voyage of the Magic Six

~Master Link Post of Book 1 and Book 2

~Book 3: Eternal Promise (COMPLETED!)

The Chiropteran War has ended and a new beginning dawns on Planet Duniya. Meanwhile, Anastasia learns the origin about the Magic Six and their life on Earth which may have clues to her past! Finally, discover the legend BEYOND the DEFINITIVE FINALE of the Original Suiei Gods Saga with the exclusive interlude chapters! What happened after the thrilling story of “The Last Legend”?

As promised, this story will become more like the Free! that YOU AND I KNOW AND LOVE! <333

Prologue: Memorial to the Honored

Episode 1: Starting Block of Happiness!

Interlude 1: Starting Block of Mysteries!

Episode 2: Memories in Drama!

Interlude 2: Memories in the Reasoning!

Episode 3: One Style Relay!

Interlude 3: Captive History!

Episode 4: Undead of Farewell!

Interlude 4: Shocking of Memories!

Episode 5: Reunited in the Medley!

Interlude 5: A Journey without End!

Epilogue: Distant Farewell!

~Other Links:

Books 1 & 2 (The World of Isolation & Fellowship of the Magic Six)
Book 4: Mirrored Voyage

~BOOK 5: Heroes of the Gods! (THE FINALE!)

                    Lilo's Ohana Network

Tumblr’s first 100% Lilo and Stitch network! A free environment to talk about Lilo and Stitch and Nani and David and Jumba and Pleakley and the other beautiful characters in this series. Plus!!!!! You’ll make friends, get reblogs on things you post (Lilo and Stitch things or selfies because you’re beautiful) and help with whatever you need help with!

Rules to join:

  • Must be following the one and only Lilo Pelekai.
  • Reblog to be considered! Liking doesn’t count, sorry.
  • Must love this stupid movie about cute Hawaiian girls and crazy aliens
  • (Optional) Fill out this really really short form

What I’m looking for in members:

  • Nice blogger!!!!
  • Quality posts
  • Maybe make gifs/graphics but doesn’t matter
  • All I care about is that you love Lilo and Stitch tbh

Other stuff:

  • I’ll be choosing 6-8 members after my last AP exam is done (May 13th)
  • Make sure you track the tag #lilosohana to get updates and stuff!!!
  • If you don’t have a skype you should get one!!! I’d like to do group chats on skype from time to time (but if you’re not comfortable sharing yours we could always use tinychat or something idk I haven’t really thought all of this through)
  • Aloha friends 。◕ ‿ ◕。