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About that last post discussing May's line... I don't think anyone can accurately state the rest of the team had "solid support systems." Where was Skye's her entire life? And Fitz felt so alone after his trauma, I don't think he considered his support system rock solid either? Same with May, she pushed love away and punished herself for something out of her control. But none of them pulled an Anakin? I understand there are differences, but May's comment was a necessary reminder to Ward.

it really wasn’t. because first of all, to compare grant to anakin skywalker completely misunderstands his character. anakin had everything and he picked power.  grant had garrett and picked, well- he mostly just followed orders. grant is nothing like anakin “i was rooting for you we were all rooting for you how dare you” skywalker.

you know why may and others call grant a psychopath? because it makes them feel good. because it lets them remind grant that they are enforcing a very strict pecking order, and he is at the bottom.  and am i faulting may for doing it? no, because grant’s presence makes them all very nervous and insecure and this is a coping mechanism.

but is he a psychopath? nope. but it’s the show’s fault, not may’s, for the use of that word.  mainly b/c season 2 is the actual anakin skywalker of this discussion. it had everything and it fucking squandered it.

i was rooting for you. we were all rooting for you. how dare you???


April 30, 2015

Basking in the Marathon Afterglow

My first run, 3 Days after a successful marathon. My legs have healed up nicely and I felt ready to get back out there. Of course at super easy recovery pace. It was a beautiful cool day in Central Park. I enjoyed my time out there, taking in the sights and sounds. I just can’t stop thinking about 26.2. I’m already plotting my next training session, things I may do different. Goals I may set. Things I can do to improve. First of all I’m looking forward to working on my shirt distance speed these next two months. Racing season will be on full blast after the Brooklyn half in 3 week’s. I will be teaching virtually every week for the summer well into my marathon training. Looking forward to getting that got speed back. I’m also going back to posting on every workout. I didn’t do that for this last marathon and I definitely noticed the difference. I was accountable, but I would have been even more so if I were about it everyday. I’m also going to post more on my weightlifting and crossfit. I usually don’t mention those because to me running is the emerge my passion is, but I feel I have good things to share with other aspects of my workouts. I also gotta catch you guys up on my son’s. Lots has happened and changed and I need someone hear me out. So the pics…you have today’s run and the GPS was not they’re for that first half. Then you have the two faces of my marathon. The one on the left odd what was like for 25 miles..calm..focused…look at that face. That Blue Steel look could make Derek Zoolander himself envious. That was me most of the way. Controlled pace, breathing and pacing. Them came the last mile. You can see the veins and muscles popping out our my head and neck. And that looks like a smile and excited eyes. The finish was in sight and my goal was in the bag. 15 weeks of training for this moment ended in victory.

Sasuke May Not Be a Horrible Father After All [ Sarada's Sharingan Theories ]

Sasuke May Not Be a Horrible Father After All [ Sarada’s Sharingan Theories ]

Last Friday I wrote a first impressions post on Naruto Gaiden’s first chapter. Since then, I’ve been going through tumblr to see what others’ impressions are. There I read many theories on what exactly is going on with the Uchiha family. This post is dedicated to summarizing the theories I have found.


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I finally got my stuff and things together! I did a thing! I know it’s been a while, but man - life! I moved! I got a new job! I’m almost done with my first year of teaching 7 year olds! I’m going back to school! Hectic! Ah!

Anyway! Here is my first post in a long time! Thank you all for sticking with me through my long hiatus! This is my beautiful Ashlynn Ella! Those eyes! Those lips! I have fallen in love with painting Ever After High dolls! Seriously! This will not be the last one you see by a long shot! I have an upcoming Cedar, Cerise and Briar! I also purchased a Kitty and a cupcake Blondie Locks! Man, she’s awesome! I’m so excited! So, stay tuned! And I hope you like this Ashlynn! (Hunter may be in the works … but - seriously, boys terrify me…) 

And if you’re interested, she is here:

Day 680 - The Triumphant Return

Bet you thought you’d seen the last of me! I’m a pretty dedicated Tumblr Lurker (Tumblurker?) but I haven’t posted in nearly a year. Truth is, after about a year of almost daily updates, I kind of ran out of new and interesting stuff to say about dermatillomania. But I took a look at the state of my legs just now and simply had to share.

Guys. GUYS. This is amazing. I mean, OK I don’t have (and may never have) totally clear skin on my legs. I’ve got maybe a handful of current wounds, and the rest are all scars or freckles. Comparing this with the condition I was in on my first day of domination almost two years ago, or even my last update back in June, I’m feeling pretty goddamn victorious.

I don’t have a brilliant cure or anything; it took a hell of a lot of trial and error to find what could help me reduce my picking habit to such an extent. Mostly I just wanted to pop in and give the ol’ derma community a little love, and a little hope.

Good news, fanfiction writers! The TPL Teen Fanfiction Writers’ Coalition is BACK and we’re better than ever! Best of all, we’re looking for new members!

After a long hiatus, the TFWC will be resuming at the Lillian H. Smith branch (located at 239 College St. near College and Spadina). Starting May 28 and happening the last Thursday of each month, meetings will run from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. on the lower level of the library. 

(Please note the May 28 meeting will actually run from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m.)

All writers age 11 to 21 are welcome (yes, that means pre-teens and post-teens), and those just looking to hang out, read fic, and gush about their favourite movie/book/TV show/game/manga/anime are invited to join too, even if they don’t write anything.

Give us a call at 416-393-7746 for more information or to sign up. Spots are limited, so don’t forget to tell your friends and your friends’ friends!

Feel free to reblog this info too, or check out the program listing here.

Hello new followers!

I’ve gained quite a bit of you after my post on Baltimore went super duper popular on Tumblr (it was a Facebook status first, btw), and I need y’all to know a few things about me:

  1. Athena Gray is an alias. 
  2. I grew up in Prince George’s County, Maryland; just graduated from the University of Alabama in December with a BA in History (and a French minor!); and now live in Salt Lake City on a gap year that may last until Agusut 2017, where I work for a national reproductive rights organization in community outreach and public affairs.
  3. I’m a 22yo queer black girl.
  4. I’m very close to my family.
  5. My politics are very radical. Pro-choice, anti-prison industrial complex, anti-capitalism, pro-destruction of white supremacist institutions, etc. etc. I do not make room for white feelings or white guilt anymore. 
  6. I’m a One Direction fan both pre- and post-Zayn’s exit. 
  7. I looove Chris Evans. He’s my straight white boy of choice.
  8. I reblog a lot of stuff related to fandom: mainly MCU, Supernatural, Jane the Virgin, How to Get Away with Murder, Downton Abbey, Avatar: the Last Airbender, and Harry Potter. 
  9. I’m into poetry, astrology, and never leaving the house with my hair looking a hot mess.
  10. I eat way too much goddamn ice cream.
  11. I have major depressive disorder and panic disorder, but I do my very best not to talk down about myself.

If you stick around, I hope to get to know you! Thanks for following. <3

//Okay, one last thing, I’m sorry. But seriously this is not drama or an attempt to start shit. You may all unfollow me after this, that is ok by me. I’m just making it aware that that jxstacomet is seriously doing questionable things and can seriously get themselves and others landed in jail for this. This is serious. I am so sorry if this upsets any of you, but this is a serious thing. I will stop making posts about it publicly, but seriously - do not rp or do sexual things on your blog if you are a minor or your rp partner is. The age of consent all across the board is 18 years old. It does not matter what your state or country is.

23:37 April 16 - Manami [G+ post]


Good evneing (*・ω・)


Thank you all very much for the stage performance!

I did TemoDemo with Emily today ★ !

After I told her “This may be our last time” and got up there on that stage, we had eye contact during times we usually don’t, she told me once it all ended that she felt like crying…

I had a lot of fun ♪


Oh and Yui called my name during Kiss shite sonshicatta \(^o^)/

When I asked her why she called me, she just replied saying, “It just came to me”, it made me so happy \(^o^)/ *laugh*


I banged my head so hard, not losing out to Harutan, during Melon Juice too,
today’s stage performance had really been a fun one ★ !

I hope that I will have yet another wonderful day come tomorrow…


You’ve all worked so hard today!
And to those of you who’re going off to work now, please work hard  (´˘`)♡

Good night…




Manachaaaan. Manachaaaan! Manachaaaan. Manami! Manahcaaaaaaaaaan!!!! Manami ( ̄ー ̄) Manami.


It’s Marika!
That’s rare! *LOL*

Good night…(。σω-。).◦*
Ciao  ( ・⊝・ )

*makes a post basically throwing shade at the fandom for reducing the last update to dave’s sexuality and romantic availability to karkat instead of talking about what a crucial milestone of development this is for him as an individual character instead of the other half of a ship, and the fact that his sexuality is STILL ambiguous regardless, that he may be avoiding labels or not sure yet and that its kind of shitty to be pushing this shit on him even after he specifically tried to tell john not to*

*all the tags are about how hes definitely pan and wow davekat is canon this is so great wow what a queer guys am i right so glad daves canon queer now*

Hey guys! I know this blog has been down for a bit…I had to focus on school, exams, and all those fun things. I made some confessions and I’ll upload them tonight as well as the Charmed Buddies (part 2) post.
My last exam is May 1. After that I’ll be more active I promise ❤️

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How did you come up with every ones names did you do it by random or do there last names have a meaning (theory that Erwin is named after bill gates; guys got like 79.3 million dollars in net worth)

Naming characters is always an interesting process. 90% of it is staring at the character and going “Yeah, you look like a [name].” The first names of pretty much all the characters was decided that way. Erwin’s was instant, the second I was done drawing him I knew – yes this guy is an Erwin!

Last names were different though. You’re right, Erwin’s last name is a reference to Bill Gates. (Both the richest men alive in their worlds. [we even like double checked at some point that Gates was currently still richest. anyway])

Gunn’s name is a play on Guns’n’Roses. (It was Rach’s idea to put the second n in his first name. Originally it was just Gun!) I liked the name because it says a lot about his character. The music reference - and the combination of something like a gun and a rose fits him well.

Embers — well. That one is obvious. We named Gabby first and Blake Embers was because they are related. (Blake’s just a cute name! The prophecy including a son with flame hair was an attempt to connect him to the Embers part of his name a bit more.)

As for Kent. Kent… I wrote it down and we laughed forever and the deed was done, Kent Kentson son of Kent was official.

Rach named Foxy :) Her creativity is boundless.

April Fools’ full name should be obvious. May as the default name is because May comes after April.

The location names in the game were all pathetic as a joke. (Though I contest that River Bank is a very clever name for a bank located by the river!! Branches Forest is by far the most pathetic name in the entire game.)

Rough draft of Mythal is ready to go (did the full face in separate parts, so it should be easy to just dismantle it to do all 4 variations) but I can’t test the placement and get it into my game until the tools are updated. Of course the game would have a mandatory update when I’m on the last Vallaslin. *grumbles*

Also! My plan if I manage to rise above being a lazy and fickle lump of human is to do a male version, as well. I will probably do those all at once and then release one master post of all finished Vallaslin (including a merged package of all of them).

After that, I may tackle npc vallaslin or an entirely new project. I haven’t decided yet.

Quick announcement...

((Hey guys, so yesterday my laptop decided to shut itself down for good. For the past few weeks, whenever I was on it for more than 2 hours, it would heat up and shut itself down, but I could always turn it back on almost immediately afterwards. Last night it heated up and shut down and I wasn’t able to turn it back on, even after waiting over night for it to cool down. 

Now that my laptops dead, this means a couple of things:

1. I’ve lost all my icons, and I’ll have to make new ones if I can’t recover the old ones

2. Answering asks may take some time, as now I’ll be using my sister’s computer to post stuff, and usually she’s on it 24/7

3. I’ll also have to get her to color my art answers, as I can no longer just do them by myself on my old computer (and yes, I recently learned how to…sort of)

4. This will have to continue until I get myself a new laptop or something. 

Continue to send me asks, and I’ll get to them as soon as I can. :):) Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.


Today’s Updates (Apr. 20, 2015)

Bonjour and hello to today’s BenNews daily.

1. just because it’s so mind bogglingly fun to look at, can you post a timeline of SH’s bumps to see? I need a good laugh .

2. Quoted in the may edition of InStyle “One of the last stars standing was Benedict Cumberbatch, who, after swaying to David Bowie hits, passionately kissed his wife, Sophie Hunter, and then headed mysteriously off into the night, empty martini glass in hand." 

3. Anon Highlights: 

4. Psueds Corner mention of SH in Brits mag Private Eye. I guess they think she’s fake too

5. Am I the only one that though BC would be one of the types fathers who would do something similar (not exactly compose a song and do a video montage but maybe take week by week pictures or something like that) when his babeBatch was on the way? Because maybe it was just the way he went about talking about children in his 32-34 saying his biggest accomplishment would be his children if he had any that lead me to that belief….

6. Isn’t it amazing how BC wasn’t papped in the way home from Shanghai ;)   //   He must’ve…I don’t know, not have called the paps, taken celebrity exits, and stayed to himself considering there was a tweet of him hopping on a plane to Heathrow from Shanghai. Or he teleported.

7. Meet 13 straight male actors who played gay characters in film and TV!
There has been a trend of straight male actors playing gay characters
for film and TV lately However, top male actors have been accepting such roles since way back and most of them have received accolades for portraying characters that are way out of their comfort zones.

8. If the royal cumberbirth is on IoW, then there might be a town crier making an announcement, hear ye hear ye!! Followed by the toll of bells and fireworks   //   And the sniffer dogs hollowing Ave Maria to the rising moon whilst everyone in the Isle gets a pint of lemon sorbet delivered to their house personally by the happy couple + BabeBatch.

9. Good ole Joe showing off his work. And by work I mean, stealing the nans hearts telling them where the dresses/suits are from for extra pocket coverage.

10. OMG! Look at the small mention!!1! I had no idea she was anything but the pregnant wife of BC cause that goes right after they mention she’s a theater director about 7 times in a row. 

11. SomebodyBatch name idea of the day! And today’s suggestion is from a nonny inspired by SH’s art of the garde avant tendencies.

12. (½) from latest celebitchy article comments: "I think we should also move on from women having to support other women only because of their gender. I have not heard of any one working in theatre have anything good to say about SH.

13. Since I can’t find BC’s wifey yet…SH. Is this your hubby? It’s gots to be I mean…

14. BC. 2014. BC. April, 2015.What a difference a year makes.

15. Today’s monsterific Benny CBatch of the day! Enjoy a creature inspired BC for the NTL production of Frankenstein also staring Johnny Lee Miller where they alternated between the Creature and Dr. Frankenstein.

And that’s about it my dears. Have a nice day! -TFOE<3

Porchfest NDG transforms neighbourhood's front porches into stages

Montreal’s first Porchfest coming to Notre-Dame-de-Grâce May 2

By Jeanette Kelly, CBC News Posted: Mar 23, 2015 11:02 AM ET Last Updated: Mar 23, 2015 1:34 PM ET

Aurora Robinson moved back to Montreal recently after several years in the Boston area with memories of local musicians playing on their front porch and families strolling the streets at the local Porchfest.

“I lived in Somerville, Massachusetts for a number of years after I graduated from Concordia,“ she said.

"It kind of is to Boston what NDG is to Montreal, and they had one there. I thought it was fantastic! Laid-back, not commercial at all, not over-crowded and messy. Just fun and easygoing, and a great way to feel like you’re a real part of your neighbourhood.”

Robinson decided she wanted to set up an NDG version of that event.

“When I moved back to NDG, it just occurred to me that this would be the perfect place to hold a Porchfest. I take a lot of walks in the ‘hood. There are so many nice, tree-lines streets and so many balconies and porches. Lots of musicians live around here. It just felt right.”

So she’s been posting flyers and putting the word out to invite local musicians to sign up.

Robinson thought perhaps she’d get 20 bands for the first event, set to take place May 2.  

Now, just a week after she put out her Facebook notice and started putting flyers in local venues, she’s already got half a dozen bands eager to take part.

“It’s a bit overwhelming really,” she said. “I didn’t expect such a fast and enthusiastic response”.

Mike Clay from Clay and Friends plans to perform from a porch on Old Orchard Avenue, where one of his band members lives.

“I think it’s a great idea— having people from the neighbourhood realize there are musicians there,” he said.

“It’s great to get out of the house and see what the neighbours are up to.”

A small idea that spread

The Porchfest concept was born in 2007 in Ithaca, N.Y. while Lesley Greene was playing the ukulele on her front porch with her husband.

“A neighbour came by and said how nice it is to hear music outside,” she said

Greene says the first Porchfest attracted 20 bands. Last year, 161 bands signed up.

“There’s no way to really count the people, but thousands show up,“ she said.

"It’s a really fun, easygoing, social afternoon that people love.”

That Porchfest has spawned several other events in the U.S., and one Canadian Porchfest in Belleville, Ont.  

Porchfest NDG will be the first one in Quebec.

Musicians have until April 6 to sign up by going to the Porchfest/Balconfête website.

NDG has sturdy, wooden porches — perfect for a live music performances. (Jeanette Kelly/CBC)

So proud of my neighbourhood….

20:16 May 5 - Asuka [G+ post]



Please watch
Cap’s 755!!!!!!


Every household needs
a copy of Cap’s photo book (;_;)


Please!! Watch it!!! We want to achieve this!!!!

Please help us out!!


Thank you all very much for the 2-shot event

It was a lot of fun \(^o^)/ ♡


Feeling good about myself
after a lot of people told me
that I was cute *laugh*

Felt the way I did from back before
so I wore a dress that I liked a lot. ☆

Since it’s been a long time since the last
event, I had my hair made. Ahhh

I’m relying on all of you (to come again) tomorrow!!


After the 2-shot event,
Iichan and I had an interview!

We talked about the
sousenkyo ( ^ω^ )

It’s right around the corner, isn’t it. So exciting

Sooooo I deleted the last reblog because after some digging I discovered that ‘PK’ is 'purplekecleon’ and that someone made a callout post calling them an abuser but then there was a huge rebuttal post about how pretty much all of that was super out of context and misleading so? I don’t know. The whole situation is weird, but I’m not comfortable condemning someone who may very well be the victim of libel.


These are the all the Disney Channel Movies I grew up watching and loved! Some aren’t listed cause I didn’t like them or didn’t watch them. After the last movie I have on here, Get a Clue, Disney Channel just wasn’t the same anymore and I mainly got hooked on anime lol. I lasted until after the TV show Phil of the Future and anime and the otaku life became me and I never looked back lol except to rewatch some of these rad gems. ;) I may post a TV show one too..