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So, I think you need to include "This Is My Last Breath" by FlyByNightGirl on ao3 in your masterlist. That shit had me an emotional wreck for three straight binge reading days, and is still THE fic I think of even months after I completed it . 732k masterpiece WITH A GOSH DARN SEQUEL IN THE WORKSSSS

we totally love  This Is My Last Breath by FlyByNightGirl, and it’s on our list to make a post for. like we’ve said, we’ve been super swamped lately with life and bb stuff. hopefully in the next few weeks we can get some more large recs going, but we may have to abandon all asks this weekend in favor of the bang, and won’t have time for a post.

I Was Trying to Surprise You

I wrote something else! Many of you wanted me to write another drabble, so here you guys go!  

This may be the last chance I get to write for a couple weeks because here in a few days I am moving back to school and then classes start again on Monday! :( 

I also now have a link to all my writings I’ve posted on my profile. 

Hope you guys like this one! :) 

There she was. Astrid. Astrid Hofferson. His girlfriend

Even after a year of being officially together, Hiccup still couldn’t believe him and Astrid were actually…well…a couple. Becoming boyfriend and girlfriend didn’t hurt their friendship at all either, it actually just made it stronger than it was before. The kisses, hugs, and sweet little romantic moments between the two were just added bonuses. The two always made an awesome team, whether they were on the backs of their dragons or not. 

However, being that close to Astrid meant that Hiccup missed the girl more than he used to when he would go away for a few days with his dad or his dragon. 

That’s why when Hiccup returned and saw Astrid giving Stormfly a bath, he wanted to run up to her and pull her into a giant hug. But the boy decided he would just surprise her with his early return instead. 

He told Toothless to be quiet as Hiccup walked up to the girl and her dragon as slowly and quietly as his prosthetic would let him. 

The boy was so lovestruck that he didn’t even think about the consequences that occurred when one was to sneak up on Astrid Hofferson. 

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The Prairie: Ch 20 Status & Hiatus

Hey folks – just finished outlining Chapter 20 (and possibly 21, depending on how the writing goes) and will map out the events of the last chapter to be posted before we all lose our respective minds on 4 September. Yes, that’s right: this fic will go on hiatus while season 2 of Poldark airs in the UK. I may be capable of pecking at it after things get started…..

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Oh, who am I kidding? If my reaction to a new trailer and a bunch of new, mind-bendingly drool-worthy photos of those two goofballs are any indication of how I will function once we get going on the 4th then I know myself well enough to want to keep my head open to any intriguing missing moment opportunities that might arise. And breathing. Because that has been really hard on many occasions these last twenty-four hours. 

Never fear – I WILL finish this thing (and it’s closer to being finished that I think any of you realize). Just gonna have to be a little patient. Hope you stick with me.

Snippet coming in a while. Take care!

What do you call a sequel to a sequel? I’m not sure, but here’s my third part to my post SDR2/post canon KomaHina fic (Which I’m thinking of calling Dreams of Salvation). I was planning to upload this to AO3, but i had no idea you had to wait a few days to get accepted there. And I wrote this out and had it all finished…I didn’t want to just let it sit, you know? So I figured I may as well upload it here, why not.

CW: #Suicide, #Self-Harm, #Scars, #Panic Attacks

He visits, just like he said he would. Part of him doesn’t want to. After all, the last visit with Komaeda was so damn…confusing. Aggravating. Frustrating. But, at the very least, he doesn’t think it was pointless. That look, as he left the room, that look of confusion and near awe…he had to have struck a cord somewhere, with that. It was definitely satisfying, and especially so to know he could affect Komaeda that way. Hell, even just that Komaeda could be affected that way. He’s human, after all.

Before he goes there, he heads to the library. Picks out a few books. He remembers being here with Komaeda a few times…wasn’t it here that he told him about his parents? And how he’d been kidnapped?

At the time, while he didn’t think he’d been lying, it was just so far removed from his own world that he couldn’t comprehend it. Now, though, he felt pangs of sympathy for the Super High School Level Luckster.

Should I have said something different? Should I have comforted him, or something? The way he reacted, it didn’t seem like he was expecting him too…has no one ever comforted him before?

That can’t be right. Someone must have.


He heads over to the hospital, this time wearing his contacts. With them on, the only way he looks different from how he used to is his hair; it’s darker than before. He’s struggled to get it the same length as before, too, but he’s definitely not the Super High School Level Hairdresser. It’s a little choppy, a little longer than it used to be. It’s a bit frustrating, but he supposes he has to pay some price for the choices he made.

At least, in appearance.

He’s starting to think, as he goes towards Komaeda’s room, that it was a bad idea to tell the doctors Komaeda was suicidal. He’s not allowed to leave, now, even though the others were allowed to as soon as they were deemed psychologically and physically fit to walk around the island. Since he really does have cancer, he must be used to this. He probably hates it.

He’s not even sure Komaeda is suicidal.

He already basically killed himself once, right?

And he said he didn’t want to wake up…didn’t want to be alive…

Are not wanting to be alive and wanting to be dead really the same thing…?

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Bad news...

It seems that the final episodes of The 7D won’t come out in September after all despite the original announcement made by Mr. Warburton. Usually Zap2It is the first to reveal new episode titles released by Disney ahead of time, and as of now there are posts circulating about new episodes for Star vs., Star Wars Rebels and Future-Worm! airing next month, but nothing for The 7D. Also, you may have saw a tweet from Disney TVA on Twitter saying that The 7D is on hiatus until October, but is not officially confirmed yet. The last thing I would do is to spread misleading information around.

As upsetting as this news may be, Disney XD may had told the show’s producers that it would intend to air all of Season 2 by September, however those plans could have changed. But keep in mind that Disney XD executives are the ones who make the scheduling decisions and can make changes whatever they want, even if their decisions are unpopular with the fans, and we shouldn’t be angry at The 7D staff.

So I want to give you all an update on my stories...

So after thinking long and hard…Chris and Sofia are in a permanent hiatus as of right now. No excuse, I just really lost my love and muse for it. And I feel I can do much better on it. So there may be a RE write or I may just not finish it.

We Go Forward last chapter will be up sometime this weekend or next week end.

I will be continuing Wherever You’ll Be. I have a few chapters done. Just waiting to be posted.

I have a TJ Hammondx ofc story that does need to be posted and finished that I will be posting here.

And as of last night there is a new Sebastian Stan story that I will be working on as well.

So that’s what is going on as of right now.

No more imagine requests either please. I really need to focus on these stories right now. I love writing and creating these manips for you. And I want to make them the best ways I can.

I’m sorry if I dissapointed some of you with my decision but I just need to go with my heart. And my heart right now, is not on those things.

If you would like to message me please go right ahead. I try to message back everyone that sends me something.

I love you guys!!!!

"Love to Play" - Son Hyunwoo & Lee JooHeon

Side note - I’m definitely not a writer and this was just a fun (?) attempt at writing for my wonderful best friend @dank-kpop as a surprise but I do have a part two planned for her and I may post that too, depending on the reaction of this one


You lay face down in your bedroom after a long day at college. Over the last month you’d had countless assignments and a huge workload with no time for yourself but you had finally got through it.
Your roommate and best friend, Aysha, wasn’t around either as she’d been spending more and more time at Hoseoks and Changkyuns recently which wasn’t a problem with you but you were starting to miss her and all you wanted was to cuddle with someone and forget the shitty month you’d just had.
Sighing deeply, you rolled over, facing the ceiling and closing your eyes as you slowly drifted off to sleep.

You woke up to the sound of quiet whispers and shuffling across your wooden floor but the exhaustion you felt meant that nothing would make you open your eyes.
“We know you’re awake, jagiya, don’t try to fake with us,“ a low, husky voice breathed into your ear.
Your eyes shot open and turned to see JooHeon leaning across the bed and smirking at you.
“JooHeon, what are you.." you breathed out before being interrupted by his lips pressing against yours and making you moan. You tried to move your hands to pull him closer but that’s when you realised that they were tied to the top of the bed. You pulled away from him and looked down to find yourself completely naked and spread out. You felt a blush cover your cheeks as you looked at JooHeon questioningly.
"Oppa, what is this??" you asked.
"We heard you’ve been stressed and decided to help out now that you’re free," JooHeon answered you while lightly stroking your cheek and looking down at you lovingly. You hummed and pressed your face deeper into his hand.
"Wait, who’s we?" you asked, pulling away to look at him more clearly and noticing that he was only wearing his pants. You stared at his bare chest, glistening under the light and unconsciously licked your lips as your eyes lingered particularly on his happy trail.

"Have you forgotten about me already?" you heard another familiar voice on your other side. 
You whipped your head around to see Shownu, also shirtless.
You shook your head quickly, "no oppa, of course not, I..”
“Uh, uh, uh," Shownu shook his head, 
"What are you supposed to call me, kitten??" 
"I’m sorry, daddy," you whispered, looking at him innocently, 
"It won’t happen again," you breathed out.
You heard him groan and saw his jeans tighten.
"Fuck, you’re so perfect," he said, his eyes roaming all over your naked body. 
You turned to see JooHeon doing the same, the intensity of their gazes making you squirm as you pressed your legs tightly together, feeling the familiar wetness.

"Is someone turned on?" you heard Shownu’s deep voice as he smirked at you.
"Yes, daddy," you replied as you stared at his bulging arms, wanting nothing more than to be wrapped around them.
"Well, I guess we should do something about that then, don’t you JooHeon?" Shownu asked, looking at the man that was standing beside you.
"That’s exactly what I was thinking, hyung," JooHeon replied before leaning down and pressing his lips onto yours, once more.
This time he presses harder as his hands softly cup your face. You feel him bite your bottom lip, making you moan into his mouth. He takes the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth and you start a fight of dominance, him winning easily of course. His hands slowly slip from your face, lightly grazing your breasts before lying to rest on your hips as he carefully climbs onto the bed, beside you. You feel yourself losing yourself to the feelings that JooHeon always seems to awaken inside you before being brought back to reality by another pair of hands making their way up your leg.

"It seems that you keep forgetting about me today," you hear Shownu say as you feel his rough fingers skim the insides of your thighs.
You pull slightly away from JooHeon, making him lightly feather your neck in kisses instead, to protest, before moaning out loud at the feeling of Shownu slipping his fingers into you.
"Damn, you’re so wet, baby girl," he groaned out.
"Is this all for us?”
“Yes, daddy, ugh, please," you moaned, pulling against your restraints.
"I guess I’ll just have to make you scream my name all night long so that you never forget me again," he smirked before using his other hand to grope your breast. 
The feeling of JooHeons lips marking your skin and Shownu’s fingers pinching your nipple while fingering you was too much and made you reach your first orgasm of the night as you moaned out loud, feeling a light sweat break out against your skin.
You panted as you felt Shownu’s fingers slowly slip out of you and you moaned again as he slipped them into his mouth, tasting you.
He groaned and pressed his fingers into your mouth instead. You latched onto his fingers and sucked, staring right at him as you slurped your juices off his fingers.
You two seemed to be in your own world, almost forgetting there was someone else in the room until you heard a whine.

"I want a taste too!" 
You both turned your heads to see JooHeon pouting before crawling until he was lying in between your legs.
You whimpered at the feeling of his breath on your pussy and pressed yourself deeper into the mattress.
He gripped your hips tightly, bringing your heat closer to his mouth before shoving his tongue into you, making you scream. 
JooHeon always had a way of making you cum instantly with just his tongue and you were also still really sensitive from your last orgasm so you didn’t know how long you could last.
You felt him moan into you and the vibrations sent you crazy as you arched your back and tugged harder on your restraints.
Suddenly, you felt Shownu’s rough fingers taking the silk ties that bound your hands to the bed off. You looked at him questioningly, trying to focus on what he was doing, to prolong your orgasm that was coming soon from JooHeons skilled mouth.
Your eyes widened in realisation as you saw Shownu take his pants off, his long member standing erect and throbbing.
Instantly, your hands wrapped around his dick as you started to lick him, giving him pleasure.
He groaned and gripped your hair, guiding you to where he wanted you.
You wrapped your mouth around his dick and started sucking him off, using your hands to fondle his balls, stimulating every part.
You pulled away from him to gasp for air but you moaned instead as JooHeon hit a particular spot. 
You lay back on the bed and lost yourself to the feeling of JooHeon. The sounds of him eating you out, turned you on even more. You could feel yourself on the edge and one more flick of his tongue on your clit was all it took to have you cumming on his tongue, a pornstar moan leaving your mouth.

You fell back, panting and out of breath but you knew the night wasn’t over yet; Shownu and JooHeon still hadn’t finished. 
You turned back to see JooHeon taking his boxers off and inching towards you again. You felt the pressure of his body on top of yours as he pressed his lips against yours in a sweet kiss.
He looked at you, silently asking if you were okay and you smiled in reply. JooHeon slowly pushed into you, making you both moan. He waited a second to let you adjust before slowly pulling out and then slamming into you again, hard. 
You moaned at the feeling of him completely filling you up.

You turned to see Shownu still erect and you wrapped your hands and mouth around him again, determined to make him finish too.
You felt him hit the back of your throat, tears forming in your eyes. Slowly, he started to fuck your mouth and took control.
Meanwhile, JooHeon was fucking you even harder, the sounds of your wetness filling the room as he easily slipped in and out of your pussy.
You could feel yourself reaching your third orgasm of the night and you knew that Shownu and JooHeon were close too.
You decided to take control again, flattening your tongue and hollowing your cheeks, making Shownu explode in your mouth.
Like the good girl you are, you swallowed every drop he had to give you, making him moan again.
Shownu moved down to suck on your breasts and rub your clit, stimulating your bundle of joy.
Suddenly, JooHeon lightly wrapped his hand around your throat, blocking your wind pipe and making it hard for you to breathe.
The added pain was what set you off the edge as you came all over his cock, screaming in ecstasy. The feeling of you squirting around him was enough to make JooHeon cum too (don’t worry, you’re on birth control!)

You felt him slowly pull out of you and move off the bed, along with Shownu. While JooHeon went to get a warm washcloth to clean you up, you felt Shownu leave a light kiss to your cheek as he smiled down at you, fondly.
"Sleep well, Katie," you heard him whisper before he left the room, letting JooHeon take his place.
JooHeon carefully stroked the washcloth over your tired form as you felt yourself falling to sleep.
"Saranghae, jagiya," you heard JooHeon say before feeling his lips press against your forehead.
You heard him leave the room, closing the door behind him. 
Your breathing got slower as you once again felt exhaustion come over you, but this time it was contentment that you felt too.
Smiling to yourself, you cuddled into your sheets, peacefully falling asleep.


You awoke again to the sound of your door opening and quiet gasps.
Slowly opening your eyes, you turned to your door to see Hyungwon and Minhyuk standing there, staring at your naked form with their eyes wide open, mouths formed in an o shape and most importantly, both sporting huge boners.
Hyungwon spoke up first, 
"We heard that Shownu hyung and JooHeon already assisted you," he started off slowly.
His voice grew huskier as he spoke, "but we were wondering if we could play too?”
You looked at him, starting to feel yourself smirk as you turned to see Minhyuk, looking eagerly at you.
You pushed yourself up until you were kneeling in front of them on the bed, 
“I’d love to play," you replied.
You saw Hyungwon turn to look at Minhyuk, both of them looking like the cat that got the cream. 
Hyungwon closed the door, turning the lock as Minhyuk slowly approached you, shedding his clothes.

Any exhaustion you felt had gone away as Minhyuk and Hyungwon came to stand in front of you.
You felt yourself grow nervous but you couldn’t deny how turned on you were as you felt yourself drip on to the sheets, thinking about the endless possibilities of how your night would turn out…

FMLS90-2016-Day 12

Day 12 – Let’s talk about snacking. Tell us what you usually snack on and when it happens. Do you have planned snacks or do you just eat when you are hungry? Are there any unique challenges you face when it comes to snacking? Are you happy with your snacking? If not, what needs to change?

The above image made the rounds on fitblr blogs some time ago; I posted it back in September of last year. At least until recently, the situation was all too true in my case. I would eat sensibly - maybe not perfectly healthy, but in moderation with what I had - for three meals a day. But then I would get a little something here, something there to tide me over, a treat here after a stressful morning, etc.

I manage a hotel with a breakfast buffet, and the rule is employees may help themselves to the food in the pantry as long as they don;t cut into the supply for the guests. I knew that cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip muffins  strawberry danish and the like were not things I should be eating, but it was all so damn available! I joke that I do not go to buffets because I am not the sort of person who can be set in a room with ten tables loaded with food, be told that I can have all of it that I want, and for me to “rise to the occasion” health-wise. The same is true on a smaller scale: maybe the hotel doesn’t have ten tables of food, but if none of the guests wanted that last waffle, well… Not to mention the snack machine and the hotel candy dish.

I think one of the reason my weight loss was stymied over the past year and a half or so was that, more out of boredom than anything else, I would snack on whatever struck my fancy. I would even justify it for health reasons: Blueberries are supposed to be good for you, so I guess I;ll have one of these Otis Spunkmeyer Blueberry Muffins. And dark chocolate is high in antioxidants and other good things and–OH LOOK! The snack machine has Dove Dark Chocolate again! (A rule of thumb for you: Good though dark chocolate is, the products from the “major” brands - Hershey, Nestle, M&M/Mars, etc. - are pretty inferior to the lesser known brands like Ghirardelli.)

Of recent, I have taken to a reasonable helping of roasted salted almonds, perhaps 6-12, with every meal, and if I snack I have some of those too. I have gotten back on track with the weight loss in the past month, and I think that is helping me keep on the straight and narrow. The idea of “Maybe this week is the one I get below 220″ seems to be enough to keep the muffins and pastries at bay.

I gained a bunch of new followers last night after that penny oleksiak post exploded and I want to apologize for a few things because a) that post was incomplete and missing some of the best info because I was too excited and not thinking when I made it, b) I’m always team canada af during the olympics but c) I can almost guarantee this blog is probably not what you’re expecting. but that all said feel free to send me a message and say hi anytime and I hope you enjoy your stay however long or short it may be!

Manchester United 2-0 Southampton: Premier League - as it happened

Full-time: Manchester United 2-0 Southampton

  • A goal in each half from Zlatan Ibrahimovic gives Jose Mourinho a victory in his first competitive home match since succeeding Louis van Gaal in May
  • £89m midfielder Paul Pogba plays the full 90 minutes of his second debut after serving a one-match suspension carried over from last season
  • Ibrahimovic has now scored four goals in his first three appearances for Manchester United
  • Having already powered home Wayne Rooney’s cross with a bullet header, the confident Swede notched his second from the penalty spot after Luke Shaw was tripped by Jordy Clasie
  • Southampton lost Oriol Romeu to injury after just 10 minutes at Old Trafford

That is all for this particular live text, but stay tuned to IBTimes UK for post-match reaction and the latest from the Rio Olympics.

We will also be back tomorrow to bring you live coverage of a host of games including Tottenham vs Crystal Palace, Watford vs Chelsea, Burnley vs Liverpool and Leicester vs Arsenal.

Goodbye for now.

A comfortable win for United to maintain their 100% start to Mourinho’s tenure. The manager will be delighted with Ibrahimovic, while Pogba really grew into the game after that shocking first touch.

The early signs look very positive at Old Trafford. Next up is a trip to newly-promoted Hull City and the small matter of the first Manchester derby of the season against Pep Guardiola’s City.

As for Southampton, they host Sunderland next Saturday. It certainly wasn’t all doom and gloom for the Saints tonight, but Puel will be acutely aware that their final ball/finishing has to improve.


Manchester United 2-0 Southampton

Mkhitaryan has looked sharp since coming on. He tees up Pogba after a useful decoy run from Ibrahimovic, but the shot whistles wide of Forster’s left-hand post.

That should be that.

After something of a hairy moment for De Gea, the fourth official signals three minutes of added time. Can toothless Southampton salvage even a consolation goal?

A spot of late showboating from Pogba is well received by the home crowd. So much for the £89m man not being able to last 90 minutes.

Redmond exchanges passes with Targett and Tadic attempts to wrap a first-time shot around Daley Blind and into the bottom corner. The ball sails wide.

A final throw of the dice from Puel. Jay Rodriguez replaces Long, who does not look at all happy with the decision. It’s been a frustrating night for the affable Irishman.

Mourinho withdraws Martial in favour of Herrera. Pogba may well last the distance here. No obvious lack of fitness on his part.

Southampton win a free-kick in the United half, from which Van Dijk can only head well over. No lack of effort from the Saints here, but a comeback looks beyond them.

A difficult half-chance for Long from Cedric’s cross as he tries to guide a near-post header on target but can only send it wide.

Mourino makes his first substitution with 15 minutes to go. Mata makes way for Mkhitaryan.

A second change from Puel sees Austin replace Davis.

Valencia then skips past Targett in style before standing the ball up for Ibrahimovic at the back post. He mistimes his header this time, however, and Rooney is flagged for offside as he attempts to turn in the loose ball.

Martial utilises his considerable pace to leave Fonte behind and advance into the Southampton box. Only a crucial late block Van Dijk stops him from extending United’s lead even further.

He is then set up nicely by Ibrahimovic but the ball just runs away from him. Mourinho’s side have looked every inch the title contenders during the last few minutes at Old Trafford.

United win a corner that Mata guides towards Pogba. The Frenchman beats Hojbjerg in the air but his header flies over the crossbar. How he would love to notch a debut goal here.

After an error from Ibrahimovic, Van Dijk burrows to the byline and manages to pull the ball back for Redmond. He tees up Clasie in space, but the Dutch midfielder’s strike is wild and hurtles into the crowd.

30 minutes left for Southampton to try and get back into this game.

Southampton look to reduce the deficit, but Fonte cannot quite make contact with a header in the box and Redmond is unable to make his effort count at the back post.

Clumsy from Clasie as a trip on Shaw leads to referee Taylor pointing to the spot. Ibrahimovic then steps up to confidently dispatch his penalty into the bottom corner of the net.

Four goals and counting for the serial title winner. Southampton have a mountain to climb now.

Goal: Manchester United 2-0 Southampton (Zlatan Ibrahimovic)

Anthony Martial has not been overly involved in this game so far but he cuts inside Cedric and fires a warning shot that is saved by Forster.

Southampton probe patiently under little pressure and an incisive passing move leads to Tadic heading past De Gea from close range. Unfortunately for him, the assistant referee’s flag is quickly raised.

An early second-half attempt from Mata fails to threaten Forster’s goal.

The teams have re-emerged from the tunnel and the second 45 is off and running. No changes from either side at half-time.

Puel and Southampton will not be too discouraged, however. Their performance thus far has been an obvious improvement on last weekend’s draw with Watford, although they still lack cutting edge with Redmond supporting Long up front.

That is perhaps to be expected with Mane and Pelle now gone. How long before we see Austin after the break?

So Ibrahimovic’s third consecutive scoring turn has given United a narrow half-time lead. Mourinho will be massively encouraged by his form, while some of the passing patterns featuring the likes of Pogba and Mata have been very nice to watch.


Manchester United 1-0 Southampton

Two minutes of added time to be played at the end of the first half.

Southampton looked to hit back quickly through Long and Davis has just fired harmlessly over De Gea’s crossbar.

Fine work from Pogba to retain possession under difficult circumstances.

With that bullet header, Ibrahimovic is the 20th player to score on his Old Trafford debut in the Premier League era.

It’s still early days, but those that never thought him capable of transferring his European success onto these shores are being made to look a little foolish. If this is to be his final year in the limelight, then he is determined to make the most of it.

Valencia’s pass down the right is stopped from going out of play by Rooney, who is given ample time and space by a lacklustre Davis to pick out his cross.

He aims for Ibrahimovic and the confident Swede soars above Fonte to power a header past Forster. That’s his third goal in as many games for his new club. What a start.

Goal: Manchester United 1-0 Southampton (Zlatan Ibrahimovic)

Southampton look to set Redmond clear but David de Gea comes racing off his line to collect.

A sloppy pass on the halfway line is then seized upon by the Saints and Tadic releases Long. With the imposing figure of Bailly bearing down quickly, he shoots tamely straight at the goalkeeper.

Mata sends a lovely lofted ball towards Ibrahimovic that an awkwardly positioned Van Dijk is unable to intercept.

Luckily for Southampton, the Dutch centre-back recovers to block the ensuing cross.

A lovely passage of play from United. Pogba’s inventive chip intended for Mata is headed across goal to Ibrahimovic, who turns the ball wide. That would probably not have counted anyway given the high foot on Virgil van Dijk.

United fail to clear a Southampton free-kick and almost pay the price when Long lashes a shot narrowly wide. The away fans thought that was in.

It’s Luke Shaw’s turn to get forward now and United almost create an opening of their own but Rooney’s floated ball towards Mata is cut out easily by Forster.

A real chance for Southampton as Davis picks out the dangerous run of Redmond. Behind United’s back four, the speedy winger tries to find Tadic at the back post but overhits his cross and the opportunity goes begging.

Had that ball been better, then the Serbian would surely have scored.

Slightly sluggish defending from United. Targett makes inroads down that left-hand flank and his cross is laid off by Shane Long towards Tadic, who blazes the ball high and wide.

After being shepherded out of the box by Fonte, Ibrahimovic plays a good low pass to Pogba. The man of the moment, never normally one to lack confidence in his own abilities, wraps a decent shot that is held by towering goalkeeper Fraser Forster.

Romeu’s face is a picture of disappointment and frustration as he is helped off the field by Southampton’s medical staff. Jordy Clasie jogs on in his place.

Not the start that Puel would have wanted.

Valencia and Mata combine to good effect until the latter’s clever return ball down the right channel is cleared for a corner by Steven Davis.

Romeu is experiencing further discomfort and will need to come off after just 10 minutes.

United retaining lots of possession now as Oriol Romeu sinks to the turf and requires medical treatment. We’ll have a bit of a break in play here.

Good build-up play from United as they work the ball out wide for Valencia, who incidentally is the only player to start for the club during both of Pogba’s debuts. His attempted cross is turned behind by young left-back Matt Targett.

Evidence of some understandable early anxiety there from Pogba as a miskick allows Hojbjerg to swiftly counter.

Southampton win a free-kick in a useful position to the left-hand side of the United box but Tadic drives straight into the wall.

The Saints are seeing plenty of the ball in the opening exchanges.

Referee Anthony Taylor gets us underway. United, wearing red shirts, white shorts and black socks, are kicking from right to left.

Southampton’s black and grey away strip is something of a gem, it has to be said. Not quite sold on the Where’s Wally socks, mind.

Less than five minutes remaining until kick-off.

Mourinho was certainly not afraid to criticise Chelsea’s support when he saw fit during his second stint at Stamford Bridge, and this week he spoke of the importance of the Old Trafford crowd to his team’s potential success..

Everything starts there: the relationship between the team and the fans. If a couple of thousand away supporters can be more noisy than 70,000, then we are in trouble. This would mean that there is no connection between the team and the supporters. If there is connection, then I think the factor of being really strong at home has to back.

Everything starts on the connection between the team and the fans. The way the team plays, the way they behave, the mental approach and, if the fans play [their part], there will be no chance for the opponent.

Plenty of attention focused upon this man during the warm-ups. How quickly can the world’s most-expensive footballer make his mark after that painful Euro 2016 final defeat on home soil and a protracted transfer saga that seemed as if it would never end?

Here is what Puel has had to say ahead of his third visit to the Theatre of Dreams on this warm summer evening….

It’s the third time for me that I have gone to Old Trafford. When I was manager of Lille, we played against United two times in the Champions League. One time we can eliminate Manchester in the group stage, and they finished fourth and us third.

It was a good memory, and the second time it was a bad memory, because we lost in the round of 16, 1-0 at home and 0-0 at Manchester, but it was a very good game and interesting for us, and we will see for this time. They have many, many players with great quality, to make the difference every time. We know this and it’s important to see our play, and to give a good answer with our collective is the most important.

We have prepared with good training sessions for this game. It is just the second game of the season and it will be interesting to see my team against a very good team with great players and I think we can make a good game and perhaps take one or three points.

Although United obviously go into this game as favourites, it is worth noting that Southampton have won each of their last two visits to Old Trafford by a scoreline of 1-0. Debutant Austin notched just seven minutes after coming off the bench in January, while Tadic struck one year earlier to end the home side’s 10-match unbeaten run.

As per the BBC, only Manchester City have won three consecutive away matches at United in the Premier League. The Red Devils also proved frugal on their own patch under Van Gaal and did not lose another home match in any competition after that.

Puel makes two alterations, with influential captain Fonte replacing Maya Yoshida. James Ward-Prowse also makes way for ex-Bayern Munich midfielder Hojbjerg.

No prizes for guessing the main headline from those lineups. Despite Mourinho’s initial caution, Pogba starts to make his second United debut. Ander Herrera drops to the bench in the hosts’ only change.

Still no place in the first XI for Mkhitaryan as Marouane Fellaini remains in favour. Smalling and Ashley Young are listed among the substitutes, although Lingard is still absent. Marcos Rojo, Michael Carrick and Memphis Depay are not included in the matchday squad at all.

Rooney makes his 600th appearance at club level.

Southampton: Forster, Cedric, van Dijk, Fonte, Targett, Romeu, Hojbjerg, Davis, Tadic, Long, Redmond

Subs: McCarthy, Yoshida, Pied, Clasie, Ward-Prowse, Rodriguez, Austin

Manchester United: De Gea, Valencia, Bailly, Blind, Shaw, Pogba, Fellaini, Mata, Rooney, Martial, Ibrahimovic

Subs: Romero, Smalling, Schneiderlin, Herrera, Young, Mkhitaryan, Rashford

The teams are in…

As for Saints casualties, left-back Ryan Bertrand is still recovering from a knee injury and Florin Gardos remains out. Jose Fonte, left on the bench against Watford after winning Euro 2016 with Portugal, will look to prove that recent links with a move to Manchester United are justified.

A positive impression on Mourinho could make all the difference.

Chris Smalling is also available once again following suspension, while Jesse Lingard is said to have recovered from a foot problem sustained during the Community Shield that ruled him out of that victory over Bournemouth. Henrikh Mkhitaryan will also be pushing to start having only featured as a late substitute in both of those matches.

Tonight’s match is an 20.00 BST kick-off, so team news should begin to filter through shortly.

Mourinho has already hinted strongly that Pogba, prevented from playing any part last weekend due to a suspension carried over from the 2015/16 Coppa Italia that only seemed to become public knowledge in the days before the opener, is likely to begin on the bench having only trained for 10 days after his exertions for France at Euro 2016.

“Paul Pogba has been here more than a week. He has been here 10/11 days, he knows the club so the adaptation really easy,” the Portuguese said at his pre-match press conference. “He knows everybody so no time is needed to adapt. Yes, he is ready to play. 90 minutes? I don’t believe. Super performance? I don’t believe. But he can play.”

Eager to get started, Pogba himself has said: “You have to ask the manager, but I feel very good and have been training for 10 days. I am okay. I am quite used to this. I played the World Cup two years ago when at Juve and three years ago I was at the U20 World Cup as well. So I am okay. It is about your body and I have been training on my holidays.”

While much of the pre-match narrative tonight has inevitably focused upon United, Mourinho and prodigal son Pogba, it’s been another summer of change at Southampton brought about by a latest managerial poaching.

Seeking to recover quickly from Ronald Koeman’s disappointing defection to newly-minted Everton, the Saints turned to Frenchman Claude Puel on a three-year deal after links to the likes of Manuel Pellegrini and Rudi Garcia.

The former Monaco, Lille, Lyon and Nice boss got off to a rather inauspicious against 10-man Watford at St Mary’s last weekend, with debutant Nathan Redmond volleying home a Dusan Tadic corner to secure a 1-1 draw after the unlikely figure of Etienne Capoue had given the visitors an early lead. Ben Watson was dismissed for hauling down Shane Long in the second half as he looked to burst through on goal.

The Saints, who have also signed midfielder Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, full-back Jeremy Pied and goalkeeper Alex McCarthy after bidding farewell to Victor Wanyama, Graziano Pelle, Sadio Mane, Juanmi and Gaston Ramirez, notably lacked a cutting edge. Could Charlie Austin be the answer?

It’s been a case of so far so good for Mourinho at United, with a late Community Shield victory over reigning Premier League champions Leicester City followed by a comfortable 3-1 triumph at Bournemouth last Sunday.

Juan Mata, who was expected to leave the club before this month’s transfer deadline following the humiliation of being substituted at Wembley less than half an hour after being introduced himself, both started and opened the scoring following two hapless errors from Simon Francis at Dean Court to prove that he is capable of playing a significant part under the new regime.

Another player with a big point to prove, captain Wayne Rooney, notched a header shortly before the hour mark and summer signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic made it two goals in as many games four minutes later with an impressive long-range strike. With Eric Bailly proving dominant once again at centre-back, Adam Smith’s goal proved nothing more than a consolation for the Cherries.

As if typically dominating the sporting agenda on Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights in addition to the occasional smattering of midweek fixtures was not quite enough for the Premier League, Manchester United host Southampton tonight in the first of 10 Friday night games to be contested this season.

The decision to stage matches on the eve of the weekend has not proved universally popular, with loyal match-going supporters facing no end of logistical problems. People have been quick to point out, for example, that the last train back for away fans departs Manchester Piccadilly before the game has actually finished at 21.15 BST. Traffic delays on the M6, M62 and M60 have provoked further fears on social media that many will not be present for kick-off.

Putting those concerns to the side for one moment, tonight’s clash holds a lot of intrigue. In addition to the likely second debut of Paul Pogba following his £89m world-record return from Juventus, it also marks Jose Mourinho’s first competitive home match at Old Trafford since succeeding Louis van Gaal in May. Wayne Rooney’s testimonial stalemate against Everton definitely does not count.

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