Call Me A Tree, Because I Am Pining For You

Klance Fanfiction

3862 Words

Completed Oneshot 

It’s really just fluff and pining

Summary: Lance likes Keith’s abs and Keith likes Lance’s legs and they are pining fools also Good Uncle Coran makes an appearance. (also every time there is a — it switches who the main focus is)

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oscargot  asked:

DONT GET ME WRONG undertale is great tbh (and i love ur mob AU even tho its been "stolen" by other creators) i just find it funny that u get this sudden wave of popularity over hyped fandoms WHICH ISNT BAD but iwant ur wonderful ocs to get some love too anyway giv baron a smooch for me i love him and also the old fishman

Oh man frickin… I don’t know what happened to UT Mob but, I’m glad people are having fun with it! (I still get messages and pings from people crediting me with the original AU it’s crazy UT fans are so powerful??)

AND DON’T YOU WORRY!!! I always return to my children eventually…. They get so much love 24/7 until I stumble into a new fan-thing, anyway. Just think of it as some kind of… vacation? They get a bit of time-off while my brain is occupied by other people’s IP, haha! (I kinda needed a break from my original stuff anyway, I’ve been pretty burnt-out from just working on BACKLASH and commissions since last August T^T)

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could you do a head cannon with dally and she's a curtis

of course i can sweet pea! :) (lil bit of my southern personality there xD)


- wELP when darry first found out he was a lil bit upset.

- he knew dally was bad news and he didn’t want you to get into trouble

- darry would legitimately give dally speeches

- “dal, I swear if she gets put in the cooler because of you, i’ll skin you. ya hear?”

- “jesus christ, man, I know what would happen. I ain’t stupid.”

- soda would become reALLY overprotective of you

- like he would never leave you two by yourselves

- let’s be real here, pony would make fun of dally because he started dating you

- “ooh, so you’re with (Y/N) again, huh?”

- “shut your trap, pony.”

- all three of your brothers would support you

- but they never knew what you saw in dally

- soda would constantly give you dating advice

- like you wouldn’t even ask for it and he would give it to you

- “so how’d the date go?”

- “good. it was fun, I guess.”

- “okay, so next time, you really wanna get his attention…”

- they all would be really overprotective because of dal’s reputation

- darry would go full on dad-mode on date nights

- “now, I want her home by 10.”

- “maybe.”

- “nO there is no maybe. she wILL BE HOME by 10.”

- it was rly funny because it happened all the time.

- but they would never get in the way of anything because they trusted you and supported your decisions

A/N: really hoped you liked these! feel free to request anytime!! :)

Our Kind Of Love (Part 5/12)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Plus Size!Reader

Summary:  You and Steve have a special kind of love.   One that many may not understand.  After all what would a super soldier who looked like that, want with a girl who looked like you?

A/n: Saw This post and was inspired!  If you would like to be tagged please let me know!  

OKOL Masterlist

an “I noticed that you need this so I got it for you” kind of love

Steve sat in the morning room of the hospital with Charlie.  The two of them had been sitting in silence for close to thirty minutes.  Charlie had been staring at Steve for the last five wondering what the hell was going on with the man.  Steve was staring at the wall in front of him, to the untrained eye he was focused on the tv.  But to the ever observant Charlie he was no longer in the hospital, but far away in his own mind.

Charlie had half a mind to call you over thinking Steve was having some sort of PTSD episode.  He was just about to get up and pull you from your office, when Steve finally turned to face him, Steve’s face held a look of contemplation, “Do you think Y/n would move in with me?”

He had become somewhat of a father figure to Steve, even though Steve was technically older than him, so he thought carefully before answering.  “Cap, that sweet girl loves you.  If you think the both of you are ready for it then I say go for it.  I know I wouldn’t mind wake up everyday beside a girl like that.”

Steve chuckles and rubs the back of his neck. “I’m gonna ask her tonight.  I don’t like that she lives alone in that tiny apartment.”

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Marry Me, Negan - Chapter 9

Title: Marry Me, Negan

Synopsis: Being tired of constantly having to fight for your life, you decided to offer Negan a proposal. A marriage proposal.

Characters: Negan x You/OC

Warnings: SFW, swearing, eventual smut


Note: Y’all asked for it so here it is! Can’t believe it’s been a month since I last updated this lmfao.

Also, because I am disorganized AF I would like to apologize for not separating my tag list for certain fics. So if you’re not interested in this and would like to receive notifs for DDHTK, etc. instead, I’m sorry please just ignore this lol.

Chapter 9 - You Did This

The sun had just risen up when you were getting ready to leave the Sanctuary. You weren’t going to deny the fact that you were anxious— yes, you were one of Negan’s top Saviors but that didn’t mean that tasks didn’t make you nervous anymore. Besides, this was one dangerous duty that Negan gave you and even if you wanted to say no, you weren’t in the position to do so.

Once everything you needed was inside the large moving truck, you let out a deep breath. It was time to go. As you pulled down the truck door, you heard someone call for your name. Turning around you immediately saw Dwight jogging towards you.

“You sure you don’t need a hand?” he asked.

You shrugged, “Even if I wanted to I can’t. You should know that.” You told him as you hopped off from the back of the truck.

Dwight nodded in understanding, “Careful out there.” He called out as he watched you walk around the truck, towards the driver’s seat.

You stopped and turned around again, “Hey Dwight…” you called out. “Can I ask you a favor?”

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moonbelowsea  asked:

prompt, for Viktuuri: unusual inheritances. someone died and left character X a fanatically loyal warrior order.

The doorbell drags Viktor’s attention from his coffee in an unsettling way, and with a small groan, he stumbles through the apartment to the door. He peeks through the spy hole and frowns upon seeing what appears to be an attractive young Asian man standing at attention, shoulders stiff with the posture of a soldier.

A little worried, Viktor opens the door slowly and stares at the man. Dark eyes sweep up to meet his gaze, and the man bows.

“Good morning, Master Nikiforov. I am Yuuri, also known as KD40XJ9, your Martial Assisted Living Servant. I am pleased to make your acquaintance,” the man tells him, and Viktor feels the hairs on the back of his neck raise.

“What?” he asks, unable to process anything. He hasn’t even finished his coffee.

The man slowly straightens, eyebrows furrowing slightly. “I am Yuuri, also known as KD40XJ9, your Martial Assisted Living Servant. I have been ordered by the High Courts to serve you in any capacity you deem acceptable from this day forward.”

“Um,” Viktor replies, clutching his coffee close.

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Continued from HERE: Part 1 

I shared this on my patreon about two weeks ago but I thought it was time to post the whole thing. As always this is for @shoegazerx who inspires me  so often that her art seems to be catnip to my muses. 


The puzzle box was one of those pieces that were well known but not known at all.

Will had walked into shops where people offered him plenty of money for the piece but no concrete answers and even the Internet was a bust. Though every previous owner had been brutally murdered or disappeared, just like Will’s mother.

His father had always insisted the box belonged to her, a priceless heirloom that wasn’t to be touched. Most of his mother’s past was just that: not to be touched. He hardly remembered her, vague images of a smile just for him.

If the box had been hers, would the pin faced man know what happened to her? He’d made her scream, Will knew that, but had he killed her as well?

What was behind the portal?

He wanted to know what was beyond the light and not just because he worried for his father.

After days of looking for answers to explain the box, the pin faced man, and the blood, Will decided to start looking through his father’s things.

Robert Graham had never been very open or affectionate a father, though Will wasn’t one to beg for anyone’s attention even now. But he’d drilled into Will the need to keep the right path, the good path, leading Will into his teaching profession and even the need to rescue strays.

After Will found the safe in his father’s closet and began reading the journals, he knew that Robert Graham was not the man he had grown up thinking he was. The very first line he read said it all:

Blood looks black in the moonlight.

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You’re It (Chapter Two)

Pairing: Peter Parker/Reader 

Synopsis: You finally talk to Peter after figuring out that he’s Spider-Man.

Warnings: Mention of death.

Word Count: 2,523

Tags: @thisisthelilith, @team-fiction, @flossorz, @booksyoutubelife, @justa-ordinarygirl 

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A/N: I just wanted to take some time to thank everyone that read the first chapter and said such kind things about it! I was so surprised that people appreciated it and were excited for a second part. So, here it is! Hope you guys like it :)

This scene was way too familiar. Peter was across the school’s courtyard, taking photographs of the debate team for the yearbook. You were on the opposite side, taking mental photographs of him. It was all so pathetic. But this time would be different. This time you made a promise to yourself that you would talk to him. There was no avoiding it now, since you knew his secret.

Peter Parker was Spider-Man. Spider-Man was Peter Parker. End of story. Now you just had to figure out how to confront him about it without seeming threatening.

You were thinking of just casually sitting next to him in silence as he read or did his homework, then asking him about what he was doing. That was a good icebreaker before making someone reveal their secret superhero identity to you, right?

This was so crazy. How did you even know it was him? What evidence did you have? The only thing you could think of so far was that you had never seen Spider-Man and Peter Parker in the same room together. How lame was that?

But you just knew. Just feeling his fingertips brush against yours was confirmation enough. So you waited until he finished taking pictures and sat down at a table, opening up his notebook to start his homework. You took a deep breath, stood up, then immediately sat back down. You tried one more time and successfully strode over to his table.

“Ex-excuse me?” you stuttered. “Is it okay if I sit here?”

Peter looked up at you in shock. You stared at him and furrowed your eyebrows after a few seconds had gone by without an answer. He pulled himself out of his trance and nodded excessively.

“Oh, uh, yeah… sorry. Sure,” he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand and quickly looked back down at his homework.

You swallowed hard and sat across from him, silently pleading with yourself, asking what the hell you were doing. You shook your head as if to shake all of your doubts out of your brain and sat up straight, trying to give off the false impression that you were confident enough to have a conversation with a cute boy.

“What, uh, what are you working on?” You stuttered.

He looked back up at you like you had asked him what the meaning of life was.

“Just…homework,” he said, and looked right back down.

“…Cool.” You mumbled.

Okay, so this was going terribly so far. You closed your eyes and exhaled sharply, then grabbed your backpack so you could make a quick escape.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you. I’ll just leave you alo-”

“No! I-I’m sorry, you’re not bothering me,” he interrupted with urgency, looking directly into your eyes this time. His cheeks were beginning to turn a magnificent shade of bright red.

You raised your eyebrows and nodded.

“Okay…” you said, unsure of how to react. You let go of your backpack and folded your arms slowly on top of the table.

Peter pretended to do his homework for another minute as you both sat in awkward silence. You bit your lip nervously, trying to keep yourself from blurting out the secret, but you couldn’t take it anymore. It felt like you were about to explode. You opened your mouth to speak.


“Y/N, I,” you said at the exact same time.

You both leaned back in shock, your eyes opening a little bit wider.

“Sorry, you go,” he said, finally pushing his homework aside.

You were about to continue when you realized that he had used your name. This completely made you forget about Spider-Man. Now all you could think about was how much you missed hearing your name on his lips.

“Wait, you remember my name?” You asked in surprise.

He gave you a smile and scoffed. “Of course I remember your name. We used to be best friends, remember?”

“I do remember. I just…didn’t know you did. That’s all.”

Peter looked down at the table and smiled shyly. “I do.”

Another awkward silence began until Peter spoke again.

“So…what did you want to say to me?”

You squinted at him and cocked your head.

“What did you want to say to me?” You asked playfully. All of the sudden you felt like whatever Peter wanted to tell you was more important than him being Spider-Man.

He chuckled and rubbed the palm of his right hand with his left thumb nervously. “You haven’t really changed at all, have you? You still get a kick out of teasing me.”

You pushed your hair behind your ears anxiously. The fact that he was studying you made you feel uneasy. You couldn’t help getting a tiny bit defensive about this.

“I have changed. A lot. So have you,” You said, unintentionally sounding a bit agitated. You wanted to shove these words back into your mouth as soon as you let them out, but it was too late. You could see Peter noticed that he had upset you.

He nodded solemnly. “Yeah. I guess so. Well, that’s kinda what I wanted to talk to you about.”

You raised an eyebrow. He wanted to talk about change? Like an I’m-a-superhero-now kind of change? Was he about to tell you about Spider-Man himself? Did he know that you knew? These questions swirled around in your brain and your heart began to pound in your chest.

“You wanted to talk to me about what?” You asked tentatively.

“I don’t know,” He paused and you held your breath. “Not being around for the past eight years. I should have been there for you. I guess I’m just trying to say I’m sorry for being a horrible friend. I never meant to push you away.”

He was so distraught that he couldn’t look you in the eyes when he said this. You were completely shocked. Was that really how he felt?

“Are you crazy?” You blurted. “Peter, I’m the one that should be sorry. I was the one that wasn’t there for you when I should have been. You were the one that needed a friend, not me.”

He still couldn’t look you in the eyes. “Well…I didn’t exactly make it easy for you…” He mumbled to the table.

You placed your hand on top of his to get him to stop talking.

“Peter, we were kids. How were we supposed to know how to handle everything that happened?”

He shrugged. “We still are kids.”

You nodded. He was right. You were still kids, and there were still a lot of things in your life that you couldn’t handle. You wondered if Peter was talking about himself, too. Was he still struggling with Ben’s death, or his powers? You desperately wanted to know what was going on in his brain. You weren’t there for him at Ben’s funeral, but you could be there for him now.

“How are you handling things, Peter?” You asked.

“Wh-what do you mean?” He stuttered. 

“I mean…It hasn’t been that long since…you know.” You trailed off. Obviously, talking about death was one of the things that you still couldn’t navigate. “I’ve been worried about you, that’s all.”

You looked down and realized your hand was still on top of his. You pulled it away quickly and swallowed, then looked back up at him and found a strange expression on his face.

“You have?” He asked with a voice that sounded half-confused and half-thrilled. “I didn’t even think you noticed me.”

“You’re kidding, right?” You scoffed.

He just stared at you and shook his head. Your smirk faded instantly and you started to feel a pang of anxiety in the pit of your stomach.

“Well…have you noticed me?” You asked, but you honestly didn’t know if you wanted to hear the answer.

He blushed again and avoided your gaze, nodding swiftly. A smile began to fight its way to your lips.

“Do you want to walk home with me, Parker?”

He lifted his head up and beamed back at you. 

“Yeah. Yeah, okay.”

The walk was awkward at first. You two had nearly eight years to catch up on, but you weren’t sure where to start. However, after a while the two of you started to warm up to each other again. It was almost like no time had passed at all. At one point, you were so deep in conversation that you didn’t even realize where you were walking. When you looked up and saw where you were, you remembered the whole reason why you were going to talk to Peter in the first place. Now was your chance to get him to admit that he was Spider-Man.

“You know what happened to me yesterday?” You asked, changing the subject.

“Hm?” Peter mumbled without looking at you.

“I almost got mugged.”

He tried his best to feign surprise and concern. “Wh-what? Really?”

You raised an eyebrow, gauging his unconvincing reaction. “Yeah, almost.”

“Well, what happened?”

“Spider-Man saved me.”

He raised his eyebrows comically, although he was trying to seem genuinely stunned. “Whaaaaat? No way…”

You shook your head in frustration and stopped walking.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, stopping and facing you.

You thought for a moment before speaking, trying to decide whether you should out him now or give him one more chance to admit the truth. You decided on the latter.

“Peter, what do you think about Spider-Man?”

“I, uh… I think he’s pretty cool. I think he’s doing a good thing, you know? Trying to save the people who need it most.”

“And you think I need saving the most?”

He was taken aback by this and was clearly starting to feel anxious. “What? I don’t know…that’s…that’s up to him.”

You tilted your head in a state of annoyance. He obviously wasn’t going to give this up. It was time to out him yourself.

“Peter. Come on,” you lowered your voice to a whisper. “I know you’re Spider-Man.”

“No. What are you…why would you…okay,” he said, beginning to panic. He pushed you into an alley and looked around to make sure no one was listening. He put both of his hands on your shoulders and whispered, “May doesn’t even know. Please, please, don’t tell anyone, Y/N.”

He looked frightened, and for a moment you felt guilty.

“Peter, I would never do that,” You reassured him.

He let out a sigh of relief and removed his hands from your shoulders. You leaned against the wall and relaxed them, his new feeling of ease rubbing off on you.

“I knew you recognized me,” He said, running a hand through his hair in disbelief. “I could see it in your eyes when I handed you your bag. How did you figure it out?”

So he did know that you knew about Spider-Man’s secret identity the whole time. You shrugged. You really didn’t have a good answer for him. “I don’t know. I just knew. It’s like, when I touched your hand…” You trailed off, blushing.

Peter gazed down at your hands as you nervously fidgeted with your fingers. He took a step closer to you like he was about to share an intimate thought that he didn’t want anyone else to hear.

“Do you remember when we were little, how you used to hold my hand whenever something bad happened?” He asked quietly.

You nodded slowly. This was all you had thought about for the past eight years. You were surprised that this was on his mind, too.

“You’ll never know how much that meant to me,” He continued. “I don’t know what I would have done without you. At Ben’s funeral…” he trailed off, locking his jaw. “At Ben’s funeral, all I wanted to do was hold your hand again. I just want you to know that.”

You didn’t even know what to say. You had no idea how much you had helped him. All these years, you regretted not being able to say something comforting when Peter needed it most, but little did you know that just holding his hand was enough. Simply being there for him was all he ever needed from you.

“Oh, Pete. I wanted that, too. I just thought you didn’t need me anymore.”

“I’ve always needed you. I’m so sorry, I don’t know why I pushed you away. I just…”

He trailed off again and rubbed the back of his neck. You could tell he was having a hard time talking about the pain he had been through.

“It’s okay, Peter,” You said gently. “I understand. I’m sorry, too.”

He smiled sheepishly and you suddenly realized how closely you were standing. It was like you were two little kids trying to comfort each other again. But the weight of those lost eight years was so heavy that you could feel it crushing you, making all of the longing you felt for him for all of those years bubble in the pit of your stomach. You tried unsuccessfully to push these feelings away, then brushed his chest with your fingertips. He grabbed your hand and held it against his heart. You couldn’t believe your hand was in his again after all of this time. 

You were still leaning against the wall, and he let go of your hand to place both of his palms against it on either side of your body. It seemed like he was trying to keep you from running away. He paused for a moment, analyzing your reaction to this. You gave him a look to let him know that you weren’t going anywhere, then put your hands on his waist as if you were trying to contain him as well. Neither of you wanted to let the other get away ever again. He began to lean forward and you closed your eyes, then you felt his lips press gently against yours. The kiss was slow and a little bit clumsy, but perfect at the same time. When you finally broke away, you beamed up at him and tapped him playfully on the shoulder.

“What was that for?” He asked with a little smile, tilting his head slightly.

“Tag, you’re it,” You whispered with a childish giggle and ducked out from under his arm, running down the sidewalk.

“Hey, Y/N, wait up!” Peter yelled after you. You could practically hear the wide grin in his voice.

He chased you all the way to your home, bumping into strangers and tripping over curbs as he ran. When he finally caught you, he wrapped his arms around you and spun you around, the both of you laughing hysterically. As you twirled, your mind went back to the day you found out Peter’s parents were never coming home. The memory of everything that happened after he tackled you to the ground in fits of laughter started to fade. This moment was almost like a do-over for that fateful day. This time, there would be no grief strong enough to tear the two of you apart. Neither of you would ever let that happen again.

No, this time around, you would never stop laughing.

imagine : take care (TOU)

imagine running to Buck’s to see your ex-boyfriend, Dallas, after your abusive boyfriend has his way with you and you need somewhere to stay — he cleans you up, and you force him to cuddle.

Warnings — blonde!dallas, mentions of abuse, alcohol, swearing, but pure

 f l u f f.


Keeping the secret was hard, but remaining cool and composed was even harder. It was easy to lie now, because I’d isolated myself so much.

I don’t think they believed my lies at first but, damn, we were telling them good towards the end.

It was raining real hard. That only made a mess of the blood caked on my skin. If I stayed in one place too long, I could create a blood puddle. Crimson blood from various wounds swirled with said water, looking sophisticated against the ebony, cracked cement of the lonely, dreary street. I sort of wanted to take a picture.

I tried to count the number of friends I had and came up blank. My new friends needed just as much shelter as I did. But when we’re all together, it’s a gas. Why’s it like that? Why’s it like that if none of us are truly happy?

Dallas Winston was bound to be at Buck Merril’s. I hoped to Hell he wasn’t at Tim Shepard’s, even if it was unlikely, because then I’d know pain a lot better than I did now.

It was Angela’s fault that I got tied up with that loser. A prey in his silk spider web. How was this my fault, all of a sudden? Tim couldn’t stand the sight of me now because he knew it was his sister who did it. Most of it, anyway. Destroyed a good, quiet kid.

“I need to see Dallas,” my voice was barely above a whisper. Not because it hurt to speak, I was just so goddamn ashamed. I was wearing Pony’s navy zip-up sweater. It was huge on me, now. It used to be my size. What happened to me?

He was right when he said it was my fault, wasn’t he? Not Tim, but Him.

I knew that tonight would mean nothing in the means of escaping, because once the prey is captured it’s already dead.

Doesn’t help that my brothers can’t stand me, either.

“Glory, girl, he’s upstairs — I’ll go ‘n get him.”

I waited by the door like the stupid girl I was. I had no where else to go, and coming to Dallas Winston had become a daydream and not a nightmare. I remembered how he used to scare me with his rings and cigarettes. Then I remembered how he used to hold me.  

He came down looking annoyed. His blonde hair was sticking to his forehead but I knew better than to assume. He was sleeping, of course. Wasn’t he?

He didn’t have a shirt on — not that the foolish teenage girl in me minded — he was wearing a pair of his favorite low-cut jeans. They had a rip in the knee.

“He hit me,” it spilled from my lips. Everything was spilling and I couldn’t keep it back. “He hit me and it hurt this time —”

“The fuck do you mean ‘it hurt this time’? What the fuck is wrong with you, you dumb broad?” He ran a hand through his long hair and grabbed my arm.

I hissed, but he didn’t notice.

“You were right, okay?” I yelled, ready to fight. Not even a second ago I was crying, now I was daring Dally to try and take a swing at me. I yanked my arm from his grasp as we headed up the stairs. “What’re you gonna do, huh? Call my brothers?”

“Maybe I will!” He snapped, whipping open the door to his bedroom. I expected to see some girl, but the bed was empty.

I didn’t know what I wanted. I just wanted somewhere to stay, not to be criticized. It was funny, because Dallas of all people would know what being hurt then insulted would feel like. Didn’t he know I couldn’t take this anymore?

I stood, leaning against the wall. There was a puddle forming on the ground, my hair was dripping. Dallas sat on the corner of his bed with his head in his hands. “What's your problem, man? You want me to leave and I will, okay? I just wanted somewhere to stay.”

“Stop fucking talking,” he demanded with a groan.

“Just call my brothers, then, Dallas. See if they care.” I started walking towards the bathroom attached to his room. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it worked. I opened a few drawers looking for the first aid kits Dally collected.  

“What’re you doing, kid?” He called, getting up and coming into the tiny bathroom behind me. It was small and beige-colored with tile floors and a cheap marmoleum countertop around the sink.

I didn’t bother turning on the light, so it was kind of eerie when I could feel his warm breath against my neck. For the first time in a long while, it didn’t reek of beer or cigarettes. Where was this Dally when I was still around? “I’m getting the first aid kit. Figured I should probably treat these things ‘fore they get infected.”

“No,” he says. “What are you doing here?”

I turned to face him with the first aid kit being the only thing between us. “I had nowhere else to go. Brothers hate me… I don’t have many reliable friends anymore, I guess.”

“You’re making a mess of the floors.”

“Stop fucking doing that! Stop asking me questions and ignoring me. If you don’t want me here I’ll go to Evie’s!”

“You hate Evie.”

I didn’t have anything to say to that, so I cracked my knuckles. I had to stop because I was reminded of the raw cuts on them. I hissed, and this time Dally heard me.

“What the fuck happened?” He breathed, tugging at his hair as leaned against the counter of the sink.

“I don’t wanna talk about it,” I said.

He shook his head, rolling his eyes. “I mean what happened to you. You were always such a wimp. Never did drugs, never drank. Now you’re coming to me with bruises 'n you don’t talk to your fucking brothers no more.” It was silent until he said real softly, “I never touched you like that.”

I shrug off the damp, heavy sweatshirt. It falls to the ground with a wet slosh that we both ignore. “Please help me,” I whimpered. I’m not sure if I’m talking about my wounds or my situation.

He gets the bandages out of the box and cuts some off the little roll. I hop onto the counter and use both hands to rid myself of my shirt. There was a cut along my collarbone. My stomach was red and purple and sore. There was a spider-like design of red somethings.

Dally puts both hands on my stomach. It’s strange because it hurts, but feels like safety. It feels good. But it doesn’t feel electric. Electric was ruined for me. “You’re so skinny, doll.”

I swallow hard as he starts cleaning my cuts and bruises, not just the ones on my stomach.

“He did this to you, didn’t he? I could fucking kill him…”

“I guess you were right. Remember when you told me that? When I first started going with him. You said he was a loser and I didn’t listen. Then I started doing all those bad things, remember? Well, I’m still doing them.”

His eyes are shielded black crystals.  “Yeah. You know your brothers miss you, right? They don’t where the fuck you’ve been, girl. I don’t either. I told 'em 'around’, 'cause they thought I knew. But I didn’t know, man.”

“What happened to us?” I knew I didn’t want the answer to that. “Where’s your little girls, Dal? You still running around with Sylvia and all the others girls too drunk to now what’s right and wrong?”

He wraps my wrist with a bandage and puts plasters on my middle. Every now and then he looks at me to see if it hurts when he dabs my cuts with alcohol, but it doesn’t.

“Man, I haven’t been with no one in forever. I keep thinking about you and that guy. How’d he do all this shit to you, baby?” He asks me, and then it hits me  that we’re both without shirts. He isn’t like how used to be. I like that we can be like this without anything being awkward or tense.

“With his fist and his legs,” I smile grimly. “Might of been a switch involved. I don’t know.”

He finished not long after that. He leaves the bathroom and I’m afraid he’ll go, but he comes back with a pair of pajama pants. I know they’re probably Darry’s, but they smell like Dallas and that’s enough for me.

I think he was waiting for me to go somewhere or something, but I shed my bottoms right then and there. I think Dally wanted to mention the bruises on my legs that I neglected to mention, but then he’d be telling me that he was watching me change.

“Thank you, Dally, for everything.” I sit on the side of his bed. “Hey, can I have a shirt?”

I laughed a little. He’d blush and tell me he forgot sometime soon. But he didn’t. “I don’t got any others,” he grinned. “Just the dirty one from earlier. Was gonna put on those pants, too, but you’re kinda wearing 'em, doll. Left my shit at your brother’s.”

I rolled my eyes. I don’t feel uncomfortable or anything. I mean, I’d grown more comfortable with my body than I was when we were going together. I don’t know how he can remain cocky like that, like he thinks I’m cute.

Covered in bruises and bandages, I was a beauty, wasn’t I? Wearing his/my older brother’s PJ pants and a pretty lacy bra. God, we were sick.

“Can you cuddle with me, Dallas?“ I sound timid. How’re you supposed to sound when you’re asking some tough gang member to cuddle with you? I could feel myself morphing back into the girl I used to be. Shy and all that shit.

"I don’t 'cuddle’, Y/N. You know that.”

“First off, that’s a lie. I remember a few occasions. Hope you know cuddling is the maximum of anything that could happen here.”

“Yeah, don’t fucking remind me, man.”

I slither under the covers and he follows suit, wrapping his around my middle. It’s not electrifying, but it’s love, I think. I scooted in towards his body so I could feel his bare chest against my back.

I try to match my breathing to his. “You’re taking me to my old house tomorrow, aren’t you?”

“It still is your house,” he mumbles into my hair. “After I do that, I’m gonna bop that fucking loser some, Y/N. Put him into the hospital or maybe worse, man. I’m not sure yet.”

I shift us and Dally groans. He stops when I lay my head on his chest and tangle our legs together. His rough hands stroke my head and my hair. “Say it.”

“Say what, doll?”

“Say what you’ve been wanting to ask me, Dallas.”

He moans when I reach up and run my hands through his hair. He’s always been so obsessed with that. “Be my girl again, baby. I missed you so fuckin’ much, Y/N. You won’t ever leave again, I'll make sure of it, babe.”

And suddenly, everything felt okay again.

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Listen... Lisent..... The next gorillaz video will be gay..... Jaime told me...

don’t trust the rat man we know what happened to the rhinestone eyes music video

I’ve had girlfriends, but I wouldn’t wish to say ’I am this or I am that’, because at some time in my life I might fall in love with a man. I hope that I am the type of person who would fall in love with another person, as opposed to a sex. Most of my life to date has been as a straight man, but who knows what will happen next?
—  Freddie Fox
Void (Barry Allen x Reader)

A/N: Another original idea! Hope you like it! Requests are still open so send them my way! I love you guys! <3

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Warnings: torture and kidnapping

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             She was taken, that was all he knew. That one thought was the only thing that kept him going. He was beaten down, injured and he felt the sorrow enveloping him, sorrow and guilt. He sat on the bed in med bay and looked absently at the floor, while Caitlin was tending to his wounds. He felt the panic and pain squeezing his battered heart and he wasn’t sure what came next.

             They have just finished taking down a meta human. They were both tired, but they were more or less fine. They met in the alley after the fight to make sure that everything was okay. And that was when the shit hit the proverbial fan.

‘Y/N’ They heard male voice, he sounded so pleased with himself ‘Long time, no see’

             Barry looked at Y/N and the sudden fear in her expression confused him. She took few steps back, still maintaining her position before him. She was protecting him. He didn’t really understand.

‘Run, Flash, run’ she said towards him, her voice seeping with panic. ‘Please, run.’


             He didn’t listen. Why didn’t he grab her and just run right then? Why didn’t he save her, knowing well how terrified she really was. He knew her for quite long time and he loved her for just as long, and he knew that she wasn’t scared easily. Hell, there was nothing he could think of that scared her. But then. She was scared, she was so scared, her whole body was trembling.

             The man appeared from the shadows. Middle-aged man, with eyes so bright that they could lighten up the alley. Barry froze. He couldn’t move at all. He could only stare at the man. He didn’t know what was happening to his body. He saw tears running down Y/N’s face and felt his heart drop.

‘We can have some fun with the Flash as well.’ The man smirked in her direction.            

             Y/N stepped in front of him, covering her with her body. She was trying to save him, but Barry had no idea from what.

‘Leave him out of this’ she said. ‘Take me if you want, but leave him out of this.’

             Barry would protest but his mouth was frozen.

‘As you wish, Y/N’ the man said, grabbing her and vanishing into the shadows.

             Barry got the feeling in his body back and screamed.


‘We’ll find her’ Caitlin said dabbing the wound on his forehead.

‘She was terrified, Cait.’ He said, shaking his head ‘I’ve never seen her like this…’

             Caitlin looked at Cisco who was frantically running face recognition on both Y/N and the man, from Barry’s description.


             Y/N woke up, feeling the metal shackles on her wrists and ankles. She opened her eyes trying to remember what was the last thing she saw. It came back to her pretty quickly, her heart pounding from the adrenaline she suddenly felt.

‘So I see, you remember me’ the voice of the man sounded

             It was the voice she tried to forget for so long. It still visited her in nightmares from time to time.

             She was laying on the table, her legs and hands painfully tied on all sides of it. She tried struggling, but she didn’t have any strength left. She wasn’t sure if that was because of all different drugs circulating in her veins or she was just giving up all hope and will to live. He was testing everything he could on her, trying to expose her hypnotic abilities.

             So far she was fighting him off, but she knew that sooner or later, he would break her and she would be used as a weapon. She shut her eyes firmly, trying to contain the pain and the fear. The fear that he would make her do things she would never do. Things that could hurt innocent people.

‘You will break eventually, Y/N’ he whispered to her ear ‘I will break you’

             She felt the needle piercing her arm and felt the pain enveloping her. She screamed.


‘I was pretty bummed out, when you left me’ he said calmly, needle in his hand ‘After all, I was the one that gave you this gift. And you just left. Without saying goodbye.’

             The translucent substance from the needle made its way into her system and she felt the beginning of the pain that was to come. She gulped and felt the tears appearing in the corners of her eyes. At least Barry was safe. At least he was safe and the man couldn’t hurt him, like he did her.

‘And then I found out about the new hero in Central City’ he whispered, touching her hair lovingly ‘And I just knew that my sweet Y/N, had to be mysterious Hypno, saving people along the Scarlet Speedster’

             She trembled under his touch feeling sick to her stomach. She could not let him talk about Barry, because sooner or later he would notice how much she cared about him. She knew that once he did, he would do everything to do to get a hold of him and torture him, just to hurt her.

             The thought of Barry was the only thing keeping her sane. She would lose it by now, but she knew he was safe. He was the love of her life and he brought warmth to her heart on the coldest of nights. And now her biggest nightmare came true and she would probably never see him again. The tears rolled down her cheeks at this revelation and she felt her heart squeezing painfully.

‘Hello, beautiful!’ Barry said, leaving a sweet kiss on her forehead.

             She looked at him, smiling brightly. She felt loved. She felt safe whenever he was around. And she liked that feeling. She never wanted to let him go. Her dark past was trying to prevent her from being happy, but Barry fought so hard. He fought every day to make her forget, he didn’t really know what about, but he did regardless. He loved her, he held her in his arms whenever the panic came, he sung her sweet sounds whenever the nightmare appeared. He knew some things that she went through, but he never realised how badly that messed her up.

‘Hi handsome’ she kissed him deeply, sighing in content.

             She was happy.


             She didn’t know how much of the time has passed. It could be days, months or maybe hours. The pain never stopped, his taunting never stopped…

             It would never stop.

             The tears were constantly flowing down her cheeks, until they dried completely and she had nothing left. He found new ways to make her do things she didn’t want. The new solutions that hurt more than before. The pain was unbearable and she welcomed the minutes of darkness accepting her into its open arms.

‘Y/N…’ the familiar voice made her open her tired eyes.

             She looked at Barry, standing in the middle of the empty room. He looked awful, his eyes red and tired. He looked at her and felt sick. She looked beaten, her face was stained with blood, multiple red dots on her forearms signalled nothing good. Her eyes were full of pain and panic.

‘Barry…’ she whispered weakly, her voice raspy from screaming.

             He flinched at her voice and felt the guilt welling up in his gut. It was his fault that he didn’t get to her sooner. It was his fault that it took him weeks to track her down.

‘Barry, run’ she whispered again, trying to save him again ‘Please… he can’t find you here. He can’t find you…’

             The tears appeared in her eyes and she was begging him with them to go. She was conflicted, on one side she was so happy to see him, she felt a spark of hope, on the other side she was terrified that he would be used against her.

‘I came for you’ he said, taking step towards her ‘You are safe now’

‘I wouldn’t be so sure’ another voice sounded.

             Before she could do anything, the dart latched itself in Barry’s neck. He looked at her, panic in his eyes and few seconds later his body hit the floor.

‘No!’ she screamed, struggling to get out of her restraints. ‘Please… no…’

‘I love you’ he said one day, looking into her beautiful eyes ‘I love you so much Y/N, that it’s the only thing that always makes sense.’

             She smiled kissing the tip of his nose. The warm feeling never leaving her chest. He was there and nothing else mattered.

‘I love you too, Barry’ she said, snuggling into his chest ‘Please never leave.’

‘Never.’ He embraced her in a hug and didn’t let go.


             He woke up, his brain hazed. He couldn’t remember what happened. He remembered finding her strapped to the chair and hurt. He remembered her telling him to run and him telling her she was safe.

             He opened his eyes to see he was in some kind containment cell. He touched the glass and realised that it wasn’t it. This was especially built to contain a speedster. He cursed knowing in how much trouble he just found himself in.

‘Barry?’ he heard her voice and looked up.

             His cell was positioned right in front of her. He took a closer look and he saw the red marks on her wrists and ankles. The scarlet blood seeping through her white t-shirt and the black jeans sticking to her legs. Her arms were slumped in defeat, but her eyes were the worst. They were their usual colour, but the amount of pain and panic behind them was higher than ever.

‘Why are you here?’ she whispered ‘You shouldn’t be here.’

‘I love you, Y/N. You didn’t think I was going to leave you on some maniac’s mercy’ he scoffed.

             He looked for her, for so many weeks and now that he was here he didn’t really have a plan.

‘It’s him’ she said ‘He’s going to hurt you and I can’t… I can’t do anything about it.’

             He saw the fear in her eyes and he wanted to do anything he could, to take it away. He couldn’t phase through the wall. He couldn’t do anything. He would just have to wing it.

‘It’s going to be alright’ Barry assured. ‘I’m gonna get us out of here’

             She shook her head, few tears sliding down her cheeks. She knew better, she knew the man and she knew that there was no way to leave.

‘I don’t think so…’ said the man, entering the room with a tray full of needles with colourful liquids in each.

             Barry looked at Y/N, who was quietly singing under her breath and preparing some solutions in the med bay. Few weeks after they first met, she was becoming irreplaceable addition to the team. With her abilities and expertise, she was on a good way to be a new hero of Central City. Barry knew there is more to her that meets the eye, her darker moments when she wasn’t her everyday happy self pointing to that. But he was aware that one day, she’ll share it with him and he would do anything to make her trust him.

‘Hey, Y/N’ he said quietly.

             She jumped a little scared, but once she saw it’s him she calmed down.

‘Hi, Barry… I’m just…’

‘Would you have dinner with me?’ he asked before he could change his mind.

             She looked a little startled at first, but that expression was quickly replaced by the most beautiful smile.

‘Thought you’ll never ask.’


             Barry was laying on the cold floor unconscious. She looked at him through tears. The cell he was in was equipped in the electromagnetic lasers, which was something she didn’t know before. It was only when it was electrocuting him whenever the man wanted, she found out. Whenever she misbehaved, he would shock Barry, eventually leading him into this state.

‘Please’ she whispered, not looking at the man ‘Please let him go.’

‘See beautiful, I can’t do that. One, I don’t want to. Two he would come back for you again and again. And three he is perfect at keeping you in check.’ He said smiling, bringing her chin up.

             The tears appeared in her eyes and she knew what she had to do. Barry would hate her for it, but she loved him too much to watch him in so much pain. She wanted him to be happy, even if it meant that he’ll do it without her.

‘I’ll make him forget me. I’ll make him forget me and I swear I will do anything you want’ she said, her heart breaking ‘Just… let him go’

             Barry looked at the girl, taking her whole appearance in. He’s never seen such beauty in one person. She stood in front of him, her hand outstretched towards the meta human. She seemed determined to keep him there using her abilities.

             Barry was laying down on the grass, trying to get up after the beating he received. He could say with all certainty, she saved him. Whoever that girl was, she was just saving his life. Few seconds after that thought, meta human went down and she turned to him, giving him her hand. He took it without hesitation and she helped him out.

‘Hello Flash’ she said smiling widely. ‘I might need your help’

             That was the first time he met Y/N Y/L/N and the first time she saved his life and the first time he’s fallen for her.


             She looked at him, her eyes welling up again. She didn’t want to do this. But that was their deal. She would get rid of all the memories they shared and he will be safe. As much as she wanted to be selfish, she knew she couldn’t. Barry was in this situation because of her. Because of her past he was hurt. And she would do everything she could to get him out of it. Even if it meant letting go of her heart.

             She stood on wobbly legs above him and waited few seconds. The man was standing nearby watching her carefully, to make sure she’ll hold up her part of the bargain.

‘Y/N?’ Barry asked looking up at her.

‘Yeah… Barry you are going to be okay’ she whispered, touching his face gently, feeling the sobs coming ‘You are going to be okay and you are going to be happy.’

             Barry looked at her confused. She looked so sad. He embraced her in the hug, trying to avoid causing her more pain.

‘What are you talking about?’ he asked, touching her face gently and forcing her to look into his eyes.

‘I love you too damn much, silly’ she laughed ‘You are going to go home, you are going to forget me and be happy.’

             Understanding flashed in his eyes and he shook his head. Y/N was the best thing that has ever happened to him and now she wanted to disappear. She wanted to take away all the memories and all the moments that they shared. He couldn’t allow that. They were theirs, he loved her so much and she couldn’t just not be there anymore.

‘Don’t do this, Y/N’ he begged ‘Please don’t do this. We can get out of here, we can…’

             She shook her head, her eyes begging him to understand.

‘It’s the only way, Barry… He’ll let you go and you will be safe again.’ She sobbed ‘And I’m going with him…’

‘You can’t do this… You can’t do this to me!’ he said ‘I love you, Y/N, you can never change that!’

             She crushed him in a hug, sobbing violently. She kissed his forehead.

‘I love you so much and I’ll never forget what we had’ she whispered laying her forehead on his.

             He crushed his lips into hers in his final attempt to convince her. Their salty tears were mixing and their tongues danced together for the last time. He looked into her eyes and they were brighter than before. He knew what was happening and as much as he wanted he couldn’t close his eyes. That was her power, she would keep him in place and take away everything they had ever shared.

             He felt the push of her powers and he felt himself slipping away. All the moments slowly fading away along with his consciousness. Her abilities enveloped him in the blanket, leaving the void in the place of their memories.

‘Goodbye Barry’ she whispered, feeling her heart breaking.


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“aces aren’t oppressed or in danger!”

i was in very much real danger for the past couple of years by a man who thought he had to “fix” asexuals like me, that i was “broken” and “repressed” who has a history of abuse and assault. 

if i hadn’t listened to my gut and told myself “i should never be alone with this man” who knows what could have happened?

if you don’t think aces/aros are “really queer” or “don’t face any problems the rest of the queer community face!” then unfollow me right now. I fucking mean it.

I don’t need people to invalidate my very real fear at realizing what could have happened to me, or my friends.

i bought a recent joan of arc biography via amazon prime and it’s in otherwise new condition and the packaging was fine but it’s covered in tiny rips and weird punctures and the edges are badly wrinkled..i hate having to return a package and ask for a new item but man i want to know what happened to this thing