if you think all straight ships are boring then buddy let me introduce you to noragami


Even more townie makeovers!

Dina Caliente & Johnny Zest / Zoe Patel & J Huntington III

Valentines Messages Translation

MangaONE has a new Valentines event! Character’s from Mob Psycho 100 have some Valentines lines~ Me, @hikapoi, and her friend Kaga worked together to translate all the lines. Here you go!

Mob: “Chocolates…?! For me? You’re giving them to me?!”

Reigen: “Man~ I sure do feel like eating something sweet right now~ No… I’m totally not trying to imply anything”

Ritsu: “Eh? You’re giving me chocolate? Thank you, but I wonder if Nii-san will be able to eat this much.”

Teru: “You’re really brave, giving me chocolate directly, aren’t you? Thank you!”

Shou: “Oh you’re giving chocolate to me? You’re awesome!”

Musashi: “There’s something about eating chocolates and doing squats that’s extraordinary, isn’t there! …Well I guess it’s time to continue [practice]… Muscle~ improvement!!!”

Tokugawa: “You’re giving me, Tokugawa, some [chocolates]? … I suppose it’s not a school violation”

Kamuro: “I don’t see why not? Valentine’s day… Shall we have it every month of the year in Salt Mid?”

Dimple: “You’re giving chocolate to me? Heh! If you want to give it to me, I don’t see why not! Eh…? It’s from the heart? Are you serious!!?”

View the images under the cut. If there is something we got wrong, please tell us, and we’ll make corrections!!

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I know I’m not the only one who headcanons that phichit x yuuri might have been a thing when they were in detroit?? Like I’m in victuuri hell too but man im feeling some phichuuri……. Give me the fluff of their firsts. Maybe not all the way, but figuring out how to kiss, sleeping wrapped in someone elses arms, holding hands on the couch….. *softly* hep pls

i…finished clockwork angel….it was,,,amazing

me:  hello yes 911 i need to report something missing
911:  what is it?
me:  all of the overdue tasha zapata scenes–––


I don’t know if I m the only one who noticed that but jackson lately is not his usual self , I mean ok he is human being he can have bad days too, but lately mayby from few weeks I see diferent Jackson , its not the same we used to know, I don’t know its like his last smiles,/ actions are more like acting for fans but natural ones, and he looks sad really sad and tired and not only phisically tired but mentally ,I really want him rest for month from all projects, from all trips, just give him free days to spend with his fam, mayby go to Australlia and visit his bro , I just want see him again smiling , full of energy and healthy in 2017