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Hello and this is what happens when I experiment with thumbnails and dynamics they “Magically” turn into space dad… yeah ‘magic’


Red, brown, black or “gold”?



D&D inspired eyeshadow palettes

I really like the leather + gold + touches of color idea of this line, so I continued it in these eyeshadows. Colors are picked and named from spells that each class has available to them. They were selected due to name length (or how well they work as cosmetic names), if they were exclusive to the class, or if the spell fit that palette more than another. A lot of classes share spells, after all. If your fave spell isn’t on here, sorry, I really tried the best I could! There’s a LOT to potentially pick from.
These include palettes for Wizard, Warlock, Bard, Paladin, Cleric, and Druid. I may do the rest at a later point!

Colors for these palettes were selected based on the perfumes that started everything.

(This isn’t a real product, just an art project for fun.)

Harry James Potter never got to crawl into his parents’ bed to be cuddled and comforted after a nightmare. 

So, naturally, he was a little confused when his own children began to seek comfort from him and Ginny in the night, but she seemed comfortable enough with blankets and lullabies and sweet words that Harry never asked if it was out of the ordinary or not. 

today I had an accidental nap and I had this super vivid dream that there was a GMMore where Rhett was ranting about public displays of affection and how unnecessary they are and how there’s something weird about couples wanting everyone to watch them make out, and mid-sentence, Link leaned over and planted a big, wet smooch on the corner of Rhett’s mouth. and Rhett tried to keep on going with his rant as if nothing had happened, but Link was sitting there staring at him all smug and smirking, and Rhett just couldn’t control those traitorous, happy little cheekies, and he started to turn bright red, and then he started stuttering, and finally he just cast a sidelong look at Link with a little secret smile and just muttered “Okay, we gotta cut here.” and the episode just ended, and then we as a fandom collectively crashed tumblr’s servers the end


I’m sorry I can’t stop laughing here. The above is the entirety of donations one can find, coming from the Nnobody to anyone, per FEC. This is serious and VERY official stuff, it’s the FEC.

The reason why I can’t stop laughing? You see that 2016 donation to Kaine? You see how in previous years he declared himself “self employed”? 2016, donation to Kaine, the Nnobody himself is telling you he is UNEMPLOYED.
Just in case his fan club insists. Mind you, there’s no LYING about this because taxes are a very serious thing.