Getting Creative...

So it’s been a little while since I’ve had the chance to really get creative with makeup, as I’ve dedicated a lot of my time this past year to my channel - sharing with you all my professional makeup tips & techniques, more or less face-to-face rather than just on here, on Tumblr, in writing. 

One of my last posts shared a few ‘behind the scenes’ mobile images of makeup I created from last Thursdays’ shoot with photographer, Martin Higgs
But I decided to keep the last look ‘hush hush’ as I wanted you all to see the final result in it’s full HD, colourful, cracked glory!!! 

So…… Here it is!!! 

As discussed in the previous post, I have filmed a lot of the makeup in action from this shoot - so make sure you are subscribed to my channel to see when that goes live!
I will list all the products I used to create this wonderful piece of Art in the description bar of the video - on my channel. 

MakeUp - (Me) Shonagh Scott aka ShowMe MakeUp
Photography - Martin Higgs
Model - Kerry Ann
Retoucher - Stefka Pavlova 

Best Friend Starters!

{Text}: Go to bed and stop texting me. This isn’t the intended use of emojis.

“Hey, I read about this super illegal thing and I think we should do it.” 


“Do you think foods have feelings? Maybe that gumball I dropped today was sad I didn’t eat him…”

“No, we can’t buy five hundred pugs.” 

“What do you mean I’m too loud? It’s not like I’m SHOUTING IN YOUR EAR!” 

“If I go down you’re coming with me! This is a mutual effort!” 

“I’m not picking your drunk ass up at three in the morning anymore.” 

“Stop coming into my house to sleep on my couch! Someday you’re going to find the door locked.” 

“Oof, get off! You’re too heavy!” 

“I honestly think you belong in a cell, but again, I guess we’d be cellmates.” 

“Now who the fuck took my skittles? It was you, wasn’t it, you smug little-” 

“Somehow I don’t think the teacher believed our story about the sword wielding elves breaking the window…” 


“I don’t care if you didn’t wanna share, it’s mine now!” 

“YOU ARE A DICK. Also I’m at your door, let me in.” 

“C’mon, smile…I’ll tickle you if I have to!” 

“You’re sad. Don’t lie to me. I see the pouty thing you do.” 

“Do you need me to kill someone for you?” 

“You can’t even reach me to hit me, shortie-OW!!” 

genuine question, please only answer this if you’re black

it’s about the key/taemin situation, i’m genuinely wondering (if this sounds facetious i’m really really sorry that is literally not at all is my intent at all, i really want to actually know) why is what taemin said bad? from what i have gathered from the screenshots and his comment about looking like he’s from the jackson 5 and the picture of him with the afro and the afro pick, key was actually doing it with the intention that it would look like textured, black peoples’ hair, and taemin made a comment on that it looked like that. so i’m wondering in this context how is what he said bad? i don’t think it’s good, i don’t really think it’s much of anything and i’m much more disappointed in key for making his hair look like that because appropriating natural hair like that for fashion is really nasty. i could see if taemin had said it in disgust like “ew, you look like a black boy” or “why would you do that to your hair? now you look like a black boy” or something else to insinuate that it’s insulting, but i don’t really see how he was doing anything more than making a comment on what key was trying to make himself look like?

i don’t know if there’s something i’m not thinking about or seeing that other people see?


I can’t be the only one who saw the S9 trailer and thought this.


GROWING UP - seb style

As you can see, i wasn’t always this hunk of manflesh you see today. I was girly. I had long hair. I wore skirts and pink. Hell, I didn’t even start cutting my hair in a “manly” fashion until two or three years ago. That doesn’t mean I’m not “trans” enough, or not “real.” People develop throughout their lives, and they change. I always had a nagging feeling something was wrong, but I couldn’t articulate it until now, and that’s ok. Some people might not realize anything until much later than i did, and that’s also ok. What’s not ok is invalidating people because they aren’t “trans” enough.