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HAPPY SHIN-gle awareness day in advance. Never confessed to anyone ever in my life and not planning to. So this is a special occasion :’D There are always these special characters in our lives that make it a bit merrier and I enjoy this short ride to fullest :’D  Take it with a grain of salt it’s rly just a joke. Maybe.

*EDIT….I rly lost all my shame huh.

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What's the thing about Laurent and Damen that makes your heart aches the most?

why are you making me thinking about them. i’m trying to regain my strength.

i think it’s the kingdom, or this. the fact, that laurent, who needs so much happiness, and who had wanted to defeat his uncle SO BADLY that he agreed to work together with his mortal enemy, who wants to prevent war and gain control - not necessarily in his kingdom, but in his life, he just wants to get his life back, is SO CLOSE to defeating the regent, for the first time in his life, he sees a faint hope - its still a mad gambit - but maybe, with the help of damen, he can win. and how he’s ready to let go of this, to forget everything he had fought for in order to save the man he loves, mainly, because he does love him, but partly because damen is what auguste could have been. and he couldnt save his brother, but he still thinks he’s never going to be as good as auguste - or damen so he’d rather die saving damen because he wouldnt be able to live with the thought that he had lived, when someone more worthy than him could not.

and damen??? let’s just mention that both of them, from the start had thought that the enemy kingdom is a bag of dicks, full of deceivers and cowards, and how in a few months everything had changed for them. i mean its always nice to realise that you were wrong about something and see everything clearly, finally. but when you have been told a lie all your life, its kind of hard to accept the truth even when it stands in front of you. and he did. he allowed himself – against the memory of his father, nikandros everyone around him – to see laurent for what he was. even in prince’s gambit, damen had this wild fantasy, that what if he stayed with laurent instead of getting his kingdom back. we knew how important his kingdom is for him, right? we knew he wouldnt have stayed. but he ASKED HIMSELF THE QUESTION, and in the end he would have sacrificed it, everything that he had been trained for ever since he was a kid, he would have thrown everything out the window, because he couldnt imagine his life without this. i just need to lie down.

I think one of the things that makes me really sad but then also makes my heart swell at Zero’s death scene is the fact that he doesn’t speak at all, he just holds her, just smiles at her and only wants to feel her one last time. The last thing he does before dying is smile, no words come from him and all of his love, his happiness; everything he felt for her he just shows through his touch, his smile and his kiss. This was how I wanted Zero to have lived his life; with happiness and he did, for that I am so grateful.

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Lexa's face in that promo looks SO devastated, like she's risked SO much to help these people who fell from the sky (and honestly fucked up a lot of things) and ~that~ is the thanks she gets. And Clarke looks like she has so much anger brewing. Like she can't leave the sky people alone without them making terrible, poorly thought out decisions.

My heart aches for Lexa, the poor girl has sacrificed so much for peace and nothing goes according to plan. I just want my smol Heda can have some happiness in this world.


Y'all needed some @jordan-gets-fast on your dashboard. She’s in Denver for literally like 24 hours and I got to steal her for several of them!! Seeing her makes my heart so happy. We realized tonight we first met three years ago. That means we were in the same state for less than seven months before I moved. I think that’s pretty awesome considering how close we’ve stayed. Such a good Thursday :)

I want everyone to know that it’s my wife’s @baggvinshield bday today. happy birthday to the baddest bitch in the game. 


You’re such a beautiful person and your heart is so big and always in the right place. You’ve been such a huge supporter of all of my decisions that I’ve made since I’ve known you and I can only hope that I am doing the same for you in return. Anytime something goes dreadfully wrong, or I’m being super fucking salty, I go to you first and you always make my shitty days better. Thank the fucking universe the cosmos aligned and brought us to each other. You make me a better person and I can’t wait to see where our friendship takes us. I love you to the moon and back. 

Love your wife, 

I just have to share an experience I had last night. While driving home with @briannahopeblanch we were listening to Harry’s alleged Spotify playlist. Then we noticed that he had just created a new one called “V Day/Night” and the first song that comes on is Strong. Larry is so alive its outrageous. Also Harry has been so active these last few days and it makes my heart happy. :)

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im literally just so in love with n
im pretty sure n was my first love
like no joke
he was my first fictional crush
and i thought he was the most beautiful man id ever seen
i was in fourth grade
and the ferris wheel scene was… it w..holy shit little 10 year old me could not handle it at all
im pretty sure that scene changed my life
i strive to be a better person because of n
because that ferris wheel scene
showed me that even the supposed “bad guys” could have a heart and might not ve so bad after all
and when i defeated ghetsis
i was so happy
“be free, n, be free to live your dream”

“just make sure to come back to me bc were hopelessly in love with each other”

and i have never met anybody in real life who will ever live up to Natural Harmonia Gropius, despite his embarrassing af name
he was my first love i loved him so much
im pretty sure i even kissed the screen once when he was on it lol 4th grade me had issues

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This isn't much of a ask more of a statement I've been reading your blog for a time and I really like it I love the art style and the friendliness that comes from here please keep doing this it makes me and a lot of people enjoy life because of you:D

this is… what the fuck this is one of the nicest things anyone’s ever said to me jeez. honestly being able to give you this feeling gives me so much happiness i can’t even explain it, thank you so much for this!

Peanut Butter

I admitted my secret shame a few months ago. I don’t like peanut butter. In theory, I like the flavour of peanuts. But I like sweet peanut flavour and the sheer fucking volume of sugar in the kind of peanut butter I like is offensive to me, so I just don’t bother. But I like reece’s pieces and cups, and peanut M&Ms and stuff. I just really hate old fashioned peanut butter.

The smell of good peanut butter makes my heart happy and then I’m completely disappointed because it doesn’t taste like a peanut butter and honey sandwich because it’s not sweet.

Anyhow, I was at GNC yesterday grabbing quest bars and the girl and I started talking about protein powders and stuff. I don’t really use protein powder either because it’s kinda fartassy.

But I just got a magic bullet because my immersion blender actually exploded, and so maybe I might use it? Except the containers were so huge I could fit Tadpole Jones in them. What if I hated it? And I’d spent $50 on a huge ass tub of protein powder! Nope.

We started talking about my thing about peanut butter and she assured me that peanut butter flavoured protein powders are awesome, but maybe I should try PB2 instead. And just kinda flavour up other things with it.

I just had peanut butter chocolate PB2 on my bagel. JFC I’m in love. I’m totally planning on adding some to my protein pancakes next time I make them.

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I've become so insanely obsessed with Haikyuu cecause of seeing your really amazing and cute art! I love seeing your drawings it warms my heart :3

OH Thank you !! thank you!! dear anon you’re so lovely ♡ thank you so much for your nice words //holds your hand// (つ///﹏///<)・゚。 your message makes me very happy! ♡ ゜.(つ///x////・。`*)゜.・

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Okay so drunk headcanon: Yugi's one of those drunks that gets really talkative, but he also likes to just feel things because textures, so he'll just whip off his clothes and lean/lay on things. Yami on the other hand gets emotional, whether it's sad or happy, and has no concept of space boundaries. So if the two end up drunk together there's lots of cuddling and heart to heart talks. Unfortunately if they're both drunk enough, neither of them remember.

For some reason “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” started playing in my head and I am more okay with this than I anticipated.

Omg yes though for Yugi being a touchy feely drunk, I love this, I support this, Yugi laying on his stomach on the dining room table and stroking it like “It feels so nice” and Yami walks in and sees him and starts to gently talk to him and trying to convince him to go sit with him on the couch but Yugi doesn’t want to leave because “but, it’s so smooth, and cool, and you can feel the grain in the wood, and the way it shines”, but Yami gets this sad, kicked- puppy look on his face and sits on the edge of the table and takes one of Yugi’s hands and drunkenly mumbles “but i’m smooth, and warm, and soft” quietly but Yugi hears him and he rolls over from his stomach to his side and pulls Yami to him and starts comforting him, and just starts feeling him everywhere, gently kissing him wherever he can, while responding to each of Yami’s emotions with words of his own, and this is how you end up with two grown ass men cuddling on a table.

Two of my oldest nieces and nephews (ages 7 and 6) admitted to me and their parents that they don’t see me like an aunt - they see me like a sister. And omg that makes me so happy. Like my heart is all warm and fuzzy and oh man.


i love you so much. i am so fucking happy, you make me so happy. you make me feel complete. you make my body feel balanced. you make my heart so happy, and when i say my heart beats for you it honestly does, you make me feel like i was put on this earth for a reason and that reason is to love you and be there for you 24/7 (((even if i get annoying and clingy))). i could write a book on how much i love you. i love you so much baby, you are my everything. @nenextra (((these are my fav pics from today they all make me smile so fucking much)))


Inspiration: random!! Orihime’s happy pose when she cheeked sweetly @ Kurosaki-kun’s fun landing pose in the SS arc. & the Sakura gif in part one anime filler when she had hearts in her eyes for Sasuke-kun. this one’s simply Orihime being super thrilled about something<3

THANK YOU: I didn’t have time to type this in earlier, but I went to the Krita website and downloaded a free drawing program that some lovely person suggested in their blog a couple of days ago & I’m sorry I wish I could remember what blog it was but T-T..THANK YOU anyway!.  

 I’m not really passionate about digital drawing, so even if photoshop, sai or gimp are not all that expensive for me, I really really didn’t want to buy them. not to mention I did have photoshop before, but lost it when my laptop crashed, and I just didn’t want to purchase it. and i’m not that awesome an artist anyway,. painting comes easy for me and its fun to once in a while [to be honest, I pretty much just paint for my friends on their B'days or special occasions or when I need to relieve some stress- and since i’m a very random and whimsical person, im not awfully consistent with what I love to do unless its a responsibility and involves other people] but anyways, actual sketching and art classes are something I’ve never really taken or practiced much with so XD..

I also want to say I appreciate all the wonderful tutorials on drawing and sketching that artists generously put up and recently ,I stumbled on the one posted by ‘Arriku' [and I love her SS art- oHgod, I have so many artist crushes I cant even begin to know where to start to say anything to any of them so I mostly  refrain, unless its a really new piece or the timing’s right or selfishly, I want something from them T-T. but yeah, i’m not a bad person or don’t mean to seem like the only looking to get something out of it type of person on purpose.]  and the one by gabzilla-s [I hope I got the name right]  …  

Still, I’m a noob, and awesome as the tutorials are, I probably cant make the most of them, but I still wanted to scribble a rambly thank you post, because i’m afraid i’ll end up not saying anything ever if I don’t just say it now.  I always knew sketching would be easier if you drew lines and followed the lines while drawing but i’m ashamed to admit, I was always too impatient with this practice and always tended to jump right into it, because I don’t know how long it will take for me to get the art of drawing linesssssss and while i’m still not fully getting it, its okay because I can now admit that it is easier to draw with the lines as a measure haha. period. and its going to be hell of slow process, but I’ve decided to be fine with that, so im not going to hurry t-too much to get better either XD. Besides, I think, i’m kinda alright with just doodling.. 

Anddd, Why don’t my tags show uppp? They don’t really show up for some reason T-T…… I not tagging them properly?… I think I am though. so i’m gonna reblog this with all the rambly text & hope it shows up on the tags this time!!

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I don't even plan to apply for the RP but I honestly enjoy seeing your posts about Valerius, the way you write, the passion you put into him - I don't get why that makes someone mad. You're awesome!

OH MY GOODNESS, I’m speechless. I wish I could hug you or do something for you. It’s so kind of you to send me this. I’m really touched by your message! My heart is literally singing with joy. Thank you so much! You can’t imagine how happy this message made me.

I’m going to pop 3.33 in, drink my whiskey I poured before I went out, draw some Ovid concepts and go to bed so I can get up tomorrow and maybe finish Trigun with Majin and start inking my Princess piece.

I need to get my art back on track. My heart. My soul. My everything. I need to reconnect with what makes me happy and just…. ignore everything else.

If all the messages in my inbox are to be believed; I deserve nothing but happiness and love honestly. And I do. I’ve busted my ass so much and so far in my life and I need to fight for my right to happiness.