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ohmygod, I CAN NOT thank you enough for following me!! All of your art is simply stunning, and your Ruby art makes my heart so so so so happy!! Also about the gemsona posting shyness, SAME. I have concepts of my rubysona and I love her so much but... do I have the confidence to share her? Definitely not. However I'm sure your gems are as lovely as you are and I look forward to seeing them sometime soon!!

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Thank you the compliments and you’re totally welcome for the follow!

And oh gosh, when in doubt about sharing your rubysona, rest assured in the knowledge that I’m going to instantly love her! I love Rubies and there will never be enough of them. NOT FOR ME.


And I’m glad that you mentioned gemsonas because I almost forgot to share a few of mine! I’ll put together a post for them later, or at the very least tomorrow! Thanks so much for taking interest in them!

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Adding to the anon's ask. They both had exes who were ambivalent about spending time together and they did their own thing and got used to that sort of life. Imagine having someone now who actually wants to and enjoy being with you, who is interested in your career and projects, who, rather than compete for the limelight, is supportive and happy to play second fiddle. I can't get over what a different experience they are having. It must blow their minds.

It’s crazy now similar their exes were! Their relationship now is the complete opposite and it makes my heart so happy for them!! They are finally experiencing what true love is and it’s so beautiful to watch ❤️


Just Right


Requested. No. I just really wanted to do something fluffy about Shawn admitting his feelings for you. Kinda sucks but who cares 

Word count: 2,016

She was so insanely beautiful. The kind of beautiful people write songs about, the kind of beautiful I want to write songs about.

Even when sleeping deeply with her messy hair in a bun. Even with her mascara smashed out under eyes. Even when she laid here in my lap and those cute, little snoring noises slipped out of her unflawed rosy lips.

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FEMSLASH BOOK CHALLENGE: a trope you love dating sarah cooper by siera maley (friends to lovers and fake dating)

“I’m a better person. Before I fell for Katie, I thought the same way I’m sure plenty of you all do. I thought gay guys were shopping buddies and I thought gay girls had it easy. But I happen to know that my friend Jake hates shopping, and these past few months have been the hardest of my life. Being gay isn’t easy. Being bi isn’t easy. I wasn’t exactly loved by everyone before I came out, but I didn’t know that I could be hated by as many people as I’ve felt hated by since. And I didn’t do anything! I just loved another girl”

Rocky feeding Moonbin (my heart)

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A long time ago I sent an ask about how I'm scared about applying to colleges... Just wanted to update that I've been accepted to several colleges and one is willing to pay over half the tuition for financial aid. I'm getting emails left and right. Thank you for being so nice when I was anxious! ❤

I’m so happy for you!!! Congrats, anon, that is such wonderful news!


This comic was originally inspired by the promo of star fighting the rats while wearing Marco’s hoodie, but after the latest promo (BLESS MY SOUL) I guess its in more than just that one scene and it makes my starco heart so happy! Either way, I am SUUPER pumped for the movie! So much information was revealed in the latest promo!!!

but Kirk/Spock/McCoy being silly about being together like

“Tell your boyfriend I don’t need a physical.”

“Tell your t'hy'la to get his green-blooded ass into my lap before I put him across it.”

“Inform your partner that it would be most prudent for us to sleep at an early hour tonight.”

“Grab your fiance, Spock, and you grab yours, Bones–I hear there’s gonna be a wedding today.”