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I'm the student tech director at my college, we have a very small department so techies are few and far between. We had just moved into a new, state of the art fine arts building and I designed our lights for the very first show in the building without a base light plot or any outside help. After months of work, the Dean finally called in "professionals" a day before we opened. These guys completely destroyed everything I had worked on, giving me less than 8 hours to fix it before curtain

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i just wanna talk about jikook 25/8 because they're so in love it makes me want to sob? like they just drop so many hints and i just think jungkook has just grown to love jimin so much? in 2013-2014 he was scared shitless of him, like of how much jimin showed his affection. and then he just gave in. he has a soft spot for jimin for sure. jungkook is dominant af but goes soft for jimin when he needs to. that spank was so much more than just for the skit tbh. u don't just do that to your hyung.

I feel like Jungkook has always appreciated and been fond of Jimin, but definitely back in the day he struggled. He was a bit shy, a little introverted and he said himself that he struggled with expressing his emotions and saying what he feels. He was really upset about his inability to be open about his feelings back in the day, if you’ll remember, when talking to/about ARMYs. I’m sure that carried to all of his relationships. As much as he struggled with interacting to and talking to ARMYs, it was probably that way with Jimin too.

That’s why he ended up just kind of freezing up or running away or teasing Jimin when Jimin was cute @ him. But ya know, he doesn’t struggle nearly as much now. Barely at all actually.

Jeongguk has really grown into himself. He’s a confident, affectionate, respectful and loving man these days. He still doesn’t speak his emotions much, because he’s a very action oriented man. That means he tends to speak through glances, through attention and touches. He’s a physically grounded man and I think more than anything, you can tell that Jeongguk is affectionate towards Jimin.

To me it seems like, over time Jeongguk learned that if he isn’t good at speaking his thoughts very much, he would just show them. And I think around that time he started growing up, stopped being quite so shy, learned how to express himself better, was the time you can see a difference in the way he responds to Jimin.

It was never about Jeongguk not liking Jimin back, it was always about him not knowing how to deal with their relationship, and how to express himself well about it either.

He definitely has no issue now. Between touches, stares, unspoken things literally EVERYWHERE, and even occasionally voicing his thoughts, or at least, expressing his fondness through teasing, he clearly has gotten used to both Jimin’s presence and their dynamic, as well as expressing himself to Jimin .

Jikook has the best dynamic in BTS when it comes to unspoken agreements and understanding each other.

ALSO, abt the a$$ slap that changed the world, Jeongguk took the MOST enjoyment out of that it was fkn WILD. I will nEVER be over it. It was 100% more than just a skit slap, anyone with EYES should be able to see that tbh.

Also can we talk about Jikook’s chemistry because???? 👀👀👀

My personal favorite lyrics from each DEH song

Does anybody have a map: no specific line but Rachel Bay Jones is a Queen and kills it through out the entire show.

Waving through a window:

For Forever:
Basically all of it from when Evan climbs up and then falls out of the tree to the end of the song but mostly
-I’m on the ground
My arm goes numb
I look around
And I see him come to get me
He comes to get me
And everything’s okay

Sincerely me (aka the only song that doesn’t make me want to scream or sob):
-Smoking drugs
-The only man that I love is my dad

-I gave you the world and you threw it away
-Cause when the villains fall the kingdoms never weep
-that YOU WERE NOT THE MONSTER that I knew

If I could tell her:
-He thought you looked really pretty er-
You looked pretty cool when you put indigo streaks in your hair
-I love youu I LoVe YoUuuuuu I LOVE YOUUUUU

-Make me more that just an abandoned memory
-No one should flicker out
-All you need is for somebody to find you

You will be found:
-Let that lonely feeling wash away
-There’s a place where you don’t have to feel alone
And every time you call out you’re a little less unknown
-When you’re broken on the ground
You will be found

To break in a glove:
-Or you’re just trying to do what’s best for a kid who’s lost control
(This isn’t that emotional of a song but this single phrase breaks my heart every god damn time)

Only us:
-I don’t need you to sell me on reasons to want you
-Try to quiet the noises in your head
We can’t compete with all that
-If you like me for me and nothing else

Good for you
-well I’m sorry you had it rough and I’m sorry I’m not enough
-(JARED!!!!)and if somebody’s in your way crush them and leave them behind
-(EVANNNN) like a train coming off the track cause the rails and my bones all crack I’ve got to find a way to StOp iT sToP It JUST LET ME OOOOOFFF
(this is probably one of my top 5 moments in the show I love Ben platt so much how does he have so much talent)

Words fail: (I have a love hate relationship with this song because it is hands down my favorite song but it makes me sob uncontrollably 10/10 times. The way that Ben platt can be sobbing and still sing so flawlessly wows me to no end)
-I never had that perfect girl who somehow could see the good parts of me
-nothing can make sense of all these things I’ve done
-cause if I just believe then I don’t have to see what’s really there
-I’d rather pretend something other than these broken parts, pretend I’m something other than this mess that I am (THIS IS THE LINE THAT GETS ME AGGSGHHKK IM AN EMOTIONAL WRECK)
-how do I step into the sun

So big So small:
-I knew I’d come up short a million different ways
And I did
And I do
And I will
-your mom isn’t going anywhere your mom is staying right here

-today at least you’re you and thats
-we could be alright for forever this way

I live in Phoenix, Arizona and there is a
.0001% chance that I will ever get to see DEH in New York bc I can’t afford to travel across the country, but tbh I would probably drive everyone out of the theater with the amount of crying that would occur if I ever saw the musical on broadway. So I send my love and thanks from a distance. This musical has had such an impact on my life this year. I’ve never connected to something more in my life and sometimes I get so emotional while I’m listening to the sound track that have to take a break for like a week so I can take a rest from crying. Thank you Pasek and Paul. Thank you Steven Levenson. Thank you Ben Platt. Thank you to the rest of the cast for touching my heart so deeply. You have all made me feel so understood and you’re doing so much more for people than you’re probably ever going to be aware of. Thank you all so much.

Things about Don’t Wanna Cry that make me emotional
  • Vernon’s super-soft singing at the beginning like wow his rapping voice is usually scratchy (?) and teenager-y but he did a whole 180 with this
  • Also the really subtle choreography while he sings
  • When the instrumental builds up and Woozi starts singing angelically while dancing like he’s a literal river
  • Seokmin’s last note and the music fading out right before the chorus
  • The walking-under-street-lamps choreography
  • Joshua hitting higher notes than ever before with really cool choreography with arms and stuff that I still don’t understand how they did
  • Seungkwan’s emotional somewhat husky voice <3
  • That entire emotional build-up of the bridge that end’s with Wonwoo’s deep voice literally gives me goosebumps every single time
  • S.Coups’s last line when he sings “When we see each other again” which is pleasant and unexpected deviation from the repetitive “Don’t wanna cry” and his voice and the way he sings it makes me want to sob for some reason??? Idk but it does???
  • Saddest dab in history finale

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I love all your doma and orichalcos stuff even if it makes me want to violently sob. Hope to see more in the future!

How can I resist such a painful request?

TTC DOMA Masterlist, sad edition:

Part 1: [X]

Part 2: [X]

Part 3: [X]

Part 4: [X]

And here’s Part 5! Something even I didn’t expect to make! :D

Part 6: [X]

(this is after the duel)

Part 7 : [X

Part 8: [X]

Part 9: [X- added 4/20/2017

Part 10: [X]

Part 11: [X]

Part 12: [X]

Part 13: [X]

I’ll just constantly update this as you guys ask for more pain.

Home Again| 14

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Finally! Able to move! It felt like heaven being able to move again. It felt like it’s been years but it’s been like a day or so, at least that’s what Soyoung told me. She explained to me what happened and why I was in the hospital. And of course I forgave her for hitting me. It gave me a wake up call to get my shit together. I introduced Seulgi and Soyoung. She took to her almost immediately. She calls her Aunt Soyoung. It’s adorable the way she says her name. Seulgi’s pronunciation isn’t that great. If I was to rate her pronunciation 1 to 10, it would be about a 7. And that’s kinda my fault for being lazy when teaching her. 

I was still in a little pain and a little stiff. I sat up and groaned out in at the pain. “You good?” Soyoung asked. “I’m fine.” I lied. Seulgi sat in my lap and I played with her hair. “Aunt Soyoung!” “Yes Seulgi?” “Do you know my dad?” Seulgi asked. My eyes widened as Soyoung’s. We both looked at each other. “No. Never met him.” “But you said you were always hanging out with my mom. Did you see him at least once? Please tell me.” Seulgi begged. “Stop begging! She’s never met your father! Don’t beg! I didn’t teach you to do that!” I scolded. 

She folded her arms and pouted. I sighed and wrapped my arms around her little body. “Mommy’s sorry for yelling. There’s just something about your dad, I can’t let you know right now.” I admitted. “What’s so bad about my dad that I can’t know who he is?” She asked. “Seulgi, don’t upset your mother. She and your father share a dark chapter and she doesn’t wish to talk about it.” I heard my phone go off. Good to know it wasn’t damaged in the accident. It was on the nightstand next to the bed. I picked up the phoone and answered it without looking at it. 


“Y/N! Where in the hell have you been?! I’ve been calling you all night?” 

Speak of the devil. 

“Jay can we talk about this later? I don’t really have the time to talk.” 

“Bullshit! Right now! Where are you?! You’re not at Stephanie’s! You’re not with any of your friends! You’re not even at Sunghwa’s!” 

“Wait. You checked to see if I was with Sunghwa?”

It became clear. Why I was here? I was looking for Sunghwa. He’s the reason why I’m in this fucking hospital. I was fucking looking for Sunghwa! I hung up and put my phone on back on the nightstand. “Fucking asshole.” I said under my breath. “What happened?” Soyoung asked. “Nothing. Don’t worry about it. When do I get out of here again?” “Tomorrow. They just have to run a few more tests and you’ll be free to go.” She answered. I only frowned and looked down. What the hell am I going to do with Seulgi and her desire to know her father? Oh shit! I still haven’t told Ye Eun aboout Seulgi! There goes another person who I have to tell.


I woke up to the shaking of my shoulders. I opened my eyes and saw Soyoung. I stayed over her apartment because I didn’t want to see Jay’s face right now after my accident. “Morning kid.” “You’re like a couple of weeks older than me. Don’t call me kid.” She only smiled. “Get up.” I slowly arose for the mattress trying not to hurt myself. Moving too fast hurts. I stood up even slower. “Hey, my cousin is coming over for a bit. I haven’t seen him in awhile.” She said. “Of course. I get it. I’ll just be quiet and probably go to a park with Seulgi.” I gathered some clothes I brought from Steph’s. I took a hot shower, dried off my body slowly trying not to affect any of my wounds or stitches. And put on the clothes as slowly as a person could. I put a new bandage over the terrible wound on my forehead. I wrapped my left arm with the bandage to cover the marks that the road did to my arm that still haven’t really healed up. I heard the front door open and closed. I walked out ready to meet her cousin. She he seemed to be her favorite. She loved to talk about him. I still don’t know his name. “Hyukwoo!” I heard her shouted. Wait a minute. I saw her hugging someone. When she left go, he stared directly at me. “Y/N?” “Hyukwoo?” “You two know each other?” Soyoung asked. He didn’t answer he just walked closer to me. “What the hell happened to you?!” He asked almost yelling. He pulled out his phone, dialed a number and put his phone to his ear. “Who are you calling?!” I asked. 

“Yeah! I found her. She’s at my cousin Soyoung’s apartment-” He was talking to Jay. I grabbed his phone, hung up, and threw on the ground. “Yah! What the hell is your problem?!” “Mommy. Who’s the man yelling? He’s scaring me.” I heard Seulgi’s faint voice. “Mommy?” Hyukwoo repeated. She rushed over and hid behind my legs. “You have a kid?” Hyukwoo asked. “Please don’t tell Jay! I’m begging you! Please don’t tell!” I begged rubbing my hands together. My knees hurt too much to get down on them. “How can you hide a human life from both Sunghwa and Jay when they are both so in love with you?!” Hyukwoo shouted. Tears of guilt were forming. There was a knock at the door. Does Jay know her address? What the fuck? “Seulgi-ah, go in the guest room. Please. Don’t make a sound. Don’t you dare come out of that room until I say so. Okay? And lock the door, okay?” She nodded and rushed into the bedroom, locking the door behind her. 

Soyoung opened the door and in walked both Jay and Sunghwa. Sunghwa looked terrible. He looked like he had a rough night which consists of alcohol. “Y/N!” Jay shouted running over to me. He hugged me tightly, hurting me. I yelped out in pain. He let go and took a good look at me. “What the hell happened? Are you okay? Tell me who did this!” “Jay, I’m fine. Please don’t worry.” I looked over to Hyukwoo who looked disappointed in me. He walked out of the apartment. “What’s his problem?” Sunghwa questioned. Jay put his hand on my jawline to force me to look at him. “Don’t run away from me anymore. Please don’t. Okay?” I looked behind him and saw Sunghwa looking down. I pulled away from Jay and turned around. I couldn’t face either one of them. It was killing me just to see them in the same room. “Can you guys leave? I don’t feel comfortable with either one of you right now. Please leave.” I explained. “Okay. Please let me know when it’s an okay time to hang out with you again.” Jay said walking out with Sunghwa. I dropped on my knees ignoring the pain tears falling. Soyoung rushed to my side and helped me over to the sofa. 

“Mom?” I looked over at the guest room door and saw Seulgi staring at me. “Was that daddy?” I could only nod. She walked over and hugged me tightly. I cried on her shoulder. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. She was going to find out soon anyway. “Be strong mommy. Just like you have always been.” To hear those words come out of her mouth made me cry even more. To hear her say say something so damn motivation and being so young makes me want to sob. I let go of her and wiped my eyes. “Whatever happens. I love you, Seulgi.” “I love you too mommy.” I pulled her into my lap and held her as tightly as I possibly could. I kissed her forehead and turned on the TV. We watch a TV show that came on. Soyoung had to leave for work. I promised to look over her place for her. 

-Jay’s POV-

She’s hiding something. Why was she so uncomfortable seeing me? Hyukwoo and her shared secretive looks. He also looked toward that room that was directly behind her. Was there something in that room? He knows something. I need to find out what it is. Right fucking now. I pulled Hyukwoo aside and made sure no one else was around. “Be honest with me. You know something about Y/N that I don’t. Tell me.” “You’ll find out soon. Look at the bigger picture. You’ll see everything you’ve been missing. And why she doesn’t want to be with you again.” He answered walking away. What the fuck did he mean by that? Was that an insult? Y/N! What the hell are you hiding from me? Why are you hiding it?

Here’s the next chapter. Two chapters in one day? We’re happy people are actually enjoying this series! Thank you so much for the love and support on this. This series may end very soon. But we don’t know for sure. Sorry for any mistakes. We hope you enjoyed this chapter. And thank you so much for reading. Admin Kai and Admin June

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alec's self harm is now canon and i want to cry. magnus noticing instantly what alec was doing and explaining it simply in one sentence makes me want to cry. alec going to magnus when things get crazy like he told him to makes me want to sob 😭😭😭

I still cannot believe that we’ve been shown a protagonist blatantly self-harming in an understated and realistic way??? Normally, self-harm in media is a huge, unbelievably angsty ordeal, and the only explanation given is just some sort of overblown ‘I hate myself so much I have to do this’ without really getting at the problem of it. It’s used as a big, horrible thing that’s meant to be character development without actually explaining anything. 

But with Alec, the explanation is literally given right away. Magnus sees what he’s doing, and he understands it, and he says as much. Alec’s exacerbating an already-existing injury as a way of using physical pain to distract himself from emotional pain. That’s so simple, and it makes so much sense. Even if it’s not directly relatable for someone watching, it’s still perfectly understandable. It’s so amazing to see a character (and a character who’s so strong) actually self-harming, having it acknowledged, and having the actual reason behind it explained. It’s so important. It’s not something they left ‘mysterious’ for Magnus to discover at a later time. It was upfront. I can’t believe they handled such an important topic so healthily and easily. 

And, god, Alec going to Magnus when he needs emotional support is so beautiful. It’s already a huge deal that Alec is allowed to be emotional and vulnerable and be affected by the things that happen to him, but he’s allowed to be open about it and go to his boyfriend for help. Honestly, it was a two-minute scene, but I think it’s one of the most important things we’ve seen in the entire series. So much amazing character development, such an honest and healthy relationship, I’m so grateful. 💜💜💜

yeah, okay, so wolfstar stuff makes me want to sob, and the marauders in general get my tear ducts a flowin’, but like, what always catches me off guard is how much james and sirius’ relationship affects me


  • sirius not being sure how to cope with the fact that he’s in gryffindor instead of slytherin, until this young boy with messy hair and dorky glasses claps him on the back and is like, “hey, we’re in the same dorm, mate, i’m james potter!”
  • james and sirius immediately taking a liking to each other (not unlike ron and harry, hello parallels), and staying up together the whole first night in the castle just talking about anything and everything
  • james instigating their very first prank, and sirius being like, “that’s brilliant, but you know what would make it ten times better?” and them just bouncing ideas off each other (their first prank was on the other boys in their dorm, which is how remus and peter really got to know james and sirius at first)
  • sirius and james checking each others’ pureblood privilege, like, “sirius, come one now, don’t use that sort of language, you sound like your mum,” or, “james, you know not everyone grew up in nice little family like yours, right? you gotta think of where other people are coming from”
  • both sirius and james unabashedly agreeing, without even having to say anything, that they’ll protect remus lupin with their lives
  • the two of them teasing the shit out of each other about their crushes, like, “how many times can you write lily’s initials all over your notes, you lovesick bastard?” “oh yeah, like i didn’t see you doodling the lunar cycle on your transfiguration essay parchment” 
  • at the same time, being completely supportive of one another, though, like, “lily doesn’t know what she’s missing, mate, she’ll come ‘round,” or, “you know, if you just told moony you had feelings for him he’d be all over you, right? how could he not, you’re perfect”
  • james referring to sirius as his brother even before he’s disowned from his family
  • sirius actually feeling like his brother the first time he spends christmas holidays at the potter’s
  • james being there for sirius when he leaves grimmauld place for good, even if it’s just by sitting in silence with him while sirius cries
  • james coming to sirius for advice when he’s thinking he wants to propose to lily
  • sirius’ best man speech being surprisingly heartfelt, because everyone expected it to be ridiculous and dramatic, but even sirius can’t hide how happy he is for his best friend
  • sirius absolutely losing his shit when he finds out lily is pregnant
  • sirius tearing up when james asks him to be the godfather (though he would deny it if you ever asked)
  • sirius risking everything to try to keep james, lily, and harry safe
  • sirius going to jail and not even trying to defend himself because his best friend is dead, and he blames himself for it
  • sirius seeing harry for the first time in 13 years and being taken aback by how much he looks like james, and how could this poor boy not know how amazing his dad was, how would he even begin to explain what james meant to him?
  • sirius loving harry not just because he’s an extension of james, but because he promised his best friend he would keep harry safe, and damnit, he’s the closest thing he’s ever going to have to a son
  • james being the first one sirius sees the moment he falls through the veil
  • just
  • james and sirius you guys
  • i am cry

no offense but the lines

But I still remember everything, how we’d drift buying groceries
How you’d dance for me
I’ll start letting go of little things ‘til I’m so far away from you, far away from you, yeah

in Hard Feelings/Loveless are so fucking heartbreaking they make me want to sob when i hear them every time

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Honestly thinking about how Sid was bullied as a child not only by the other kids but also by actual honest to God adults who should know better makes me want to cry ngl

me sobbing while this song plays