seeing jungkook now vs when they first debuted makes me so happy yet sad at the same time. he was so shy and quiet and now he’s done a complete 180 and does little weird videos pretty frequently to make us happy. he’s so grown, like remember when yoongi said that jk was shorter than him when they first met and now look, jk is the size of a tower. is this what if feels like to be a mom and see your kids grow bc that’s how i feel rn

Ladybug and Chat Noir

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Does this mean that we have to wait a whole freaking year for the next attack of feels…

Can we just talk about this moment for a second? 

I just, it makes me so sad but like at the same time happy and now im conflicted with my emotions.

I just love em’ so much.

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look at them they are sooooo together, my babies.

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okay okay okay okay 

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how can you not 

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like every time i see chat noir EVERY TIME.

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and im like 

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So in conclusion

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whether its adrienette

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ladynoir *breathing instensifies*

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marichat (my respect to the gif drawer)

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or Ladrien

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its totally happening.

goodnight fokes i’m done - S.

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me doing impressions of disney people i hate:

annual passholder trying to get into extra magic hours: but i’m an annual passholder, i drove TWENTY FIVE minutes to ride frozen!
certified disney dadTM entering the park: *scans card* joey, finger. *scans card* anna-sue, finger. *scans card* honey, finger. FINGER, NOW! AT THE SAME TIME! *points at grown-ass fucking kindergartener in stroller* she’s 2
character performer on facebook: i’m feeling really BLUE and SAD today but luckily I’m here with someone who is being so HAPPY and JOYFUL and we’re going to make lots of GOOD MEMORIES together here today
certified disney momTM leaving the park drunk: do you like my ears i found the design on etsy, i read on a blog that they were replacing the golf ball ride with a roller coaster, is that true? has anyone seen my children
friend of a character performer on facebook: hahaha here’s a photo of us with PRINCESS AURORA, it’s a pity our GOOD FRIEND was too busy… SLEEPING to join us today hahaha she sure would have loved to come visit PRINCESS AURORA with us!
someone wearing a donald trump hat probably: i have a concealed weapon permit so why can’t i bring my guns into epcot?
middle-aged white woman who has never been profiled before in her life: i’ve been “randomly” selected twice in our 14 day long trip! i’m sick of being profiled like this!
annual passholder when they get a bio fail and i ask if they’re using the same finger: actually i’m an annual passholder

taylorswift HEY TAYLOR!! i’m george and i kinda wanna tell u how much u mean to me!! ur music means the world to me, no matter if i feel happy or sad or anything in between, i listen to your music and it makes me feel happy and like i’m not alone in feeling and thinking the things i do (i know it sounds dumb but it’s true lol). i love u so much, i couldn’t put into words how much u mean to me and how excited i am to see u for the first time in manchester in ONLY 50 DAYS THAT’S SO CRAZY!! when i leave school i want to become a musician, and i want u to know that u are the person who inspired me to start learning guitar and piano, and u also are the reason that i started writing songs, and i am so thankful for that!! ANYWAY im gonna shut up now, but thank u again for making me happy every day and being such a positive energy in my life, i love u endlessly.

You make me happy
 and sad at the same time
 you allow me to feel loved
and feel awful all in the same way

You are words turned into poetry
 a poem I love to write
The kind that I’d love to read,
memorized yet still longing

You’re a poetry I’ve been keeping
 the kind that I’d always carry
 a poem composed of my feelings
consist of our mistakes
and possibilities

Like how this feeling must be
you’re a poem I love
yet never I could share
 never that I could tell

You’re my poetry 
I’ll never publish
 the one poem 
I’d never got to finish
The kind of poem
 you’ll never get to hear about

—  janinamarean