Telling The Marauders You’re Dating Regulus Would Include..

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  • okay, first off, Regulus would be NOWHERE near you when you told them
  • you would tell Remus before the others, because he was the most understanding
  • he would watch you carefully and sigh, before saying ‘Are you sure, Y/N?”
  • and when you finally wanted to tell the others, he would support you every step of the way
  • “It’s okay, Y/N, tell them.”
  • James: “Tell us what?”
  • Sirius watching you really carefully because you won’t make eye contact with him
  • “I erm- there’s this boy..”
  • Sirius, standing up straighter, “What boy?”
  • your eyes widening
  • Remus elbowing Sirius, “Relax, Padfoot.”
  • James freaking the fuck out, “ARE YOU PREGNANT?”
  • “No! You idiot!”
  • Peter: “Who is it, Y/N?”
  • “He makes me really happy, guys. He’s different and sweet and-”
  • Sirius:” Bloody spit it out, Y/N, who is this bloke?”
  • you finally looking up at him
  • “Regulus.”
  • the room falling silent
  • Sirius getting up and walking out without a word
  • you becoming quiet as James mumbles something and leaves after him
  • Remus taking you into his arms and assuring you that Sirius would come around
  • “Remus, he hates me.”
  • him cuddling you on the couch and being the sweetest lil friend ever
  • Sirius eventually coming back and sitting in front of you
  • steely eyed, tight jaw, but it falters when he sees your red rimmed eyes
  • Him, clearing his throat, “If he fucking hurts you- I swear, Y/N.”
  • “He won’t, Sirius.”
  • him being skeptical but sighing, “He makes you happy?”
  • you nodding
  • him opening his arms when he hears you sniffle “Cmhere you.”
  • it was difficult, and hard, and lots of arguing, but it worked because both of those Black boys loved ya

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sheith // abjection

Words: 361

I caved and wrote this little scene already. Set right before this.
Inspired by this post! Thank you for letting me use your hc! ´v`

○ ○ ○

Metal is cool against Keith’s skin. Cool in the warming rays of the rising sun—warmth that strokes his cheeks, but doesn’t reach him. A ring ice cold, for the promise it holds is left in the dust to rot, an uncertain future counting down the days to doom.

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okay but this is solely based on the fact that i frequently listen to atleast 4-5 songs from each of these albums.

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Kyaaaaa Jiyong was such a giggly cutie on IC😍😍😍 

At first he was so shy and awkward about his first acting but he did so damn well even the director was in shock!!😂😂😂

And EVERYONE was such a GD fan😢 MuDo members, actors (especially Lee Jae Hoon he was such an adorable fanboy that he said he is more excited about meeting GD than acting😂💕), staff, the director… 

They literally showered him with love I feel so alive!😭😭😭💖

Something that makes me really fucking happy: Himchan thinking the karaoke game is unfair because both Youngjae and Daehyun are on the other team and Yongguk being like so?? what’s the problem?? we’re all singers?! you’re our main vocal!! ME AND ZELO AND YOU ARE GREAT SINGERS HIMCHAN SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!

anonymous asked:

hello!! i know you're probable busy and you don't really do requests, but ium i was wondeing if you could draw some riku/namine? it doesn't have to be romantic!!! i just really love how you draw and the fact you drew platonic nami/riku a long time ago just makes me really happy

thank you anon! X)
I actually had another Namiku drawing in the works but… I seem to have misplaced it somewhere? I can’t find it anymore lmao here are some happy kids 

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Ok, I just really wanted to tell you that your account makes me so happy. Every time I see that you have updated Reminiscence, I will legitimately shed tears of joy. Your are is fantastic and your storyline is captivating. You are one of my (part 1)

(Response part 1) Awww ohhh my gosh thank you SO much dear sweet anon!! <3 

Originally posted by circassienne

Get ready. The hug is coming in part 2…

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I love the relationship u have with Oikws. You guys just seem like good friends who support each other and it makes me really happy

OMG i’m so happy to hear that our broship is spreading joy and inspiration…. YES suu is the freshest bro a dude could ask for!!!!

jilliancares  asked:

dude im so excited for your drarry fic and that fact that it's all gonna be out at once one day,,,, oh man im gonna binge read the shit out of that (the stuff that you said was included made my heart hurt bc i want to read it NOW and im so impatient haha)

Ah, really! That makes me so happy! It was so much fun to write- I have such a weakness for a snarky, sexy, slightly out of control post-war Draco who wears leather jackets and skintight trousers and smokes too much and a wide-eyed, curious Harry who can’t look away from him. 

It’s also a slightly different Drarry than I usually write- it’s a slower build (I tend to get highly impatient and want them to fuck right away, lol) and they become friends first, so by the time they get together, there’s so much trust, understanding, and admiration built up between them that it’s incredibly emotional and makes me cry

I just love them finding peace in one another and starting to build a happier, brighter future together <3

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Hey dude so I just got back from a party and I had such a good time. We swam in the pool and stared at the stars and ate tortilla chips and watched old cartoons and threw stuff into a bonfire. It was silly and stupid but right now I'm laying down thinking I'm actually so damn happy to be alive when one year ago I was on the edge. Life gets so, so much better.

this makes me really happy thank u c:

before we get into the v small follow forever and giveaway i’d just like to take the chance to thank everyone who is currently following me for sticking around. it makes me really happy that people actually like jack and take the time out of their day to follow my blog. it really means a lot :)

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I really want to thank you because I've been reading your posts since the spoilers were out and your positivity about the entire situation makes me feel better so thank you very much!

It really makes me so happy receiving such asks and ill keep on being positive !

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send me a ship post: l/l, obvs

  • when I started shipping it if I did: whenever I first started watching the show, but at that point they were already a couple so it was established. still when i finally managed to watch it from the beginning, i wondered why it took them so long to get together.
  • my thoughts: ~perfect match~ but seriously, i could go on and on about these two and turn this into a long-winded post but to sum it up, they’re what the other one needs, the comfort, security, and love, all wrapped up in one package that has communication issues but, also, Lorelai had never really loved anyone until Luke.
  • What makes me happy about them: how they were friends first. how even as friends, there was that constant support and love and willingness to be there and help out in any way that they can. how deeply they care for one another and it’s shown through actions, all the little things they do for one another.
  • What makes me sad about them: that they have communication issues. they seemed to really communicate more as friends then they did when they were in a relationship. they lost that part. but hopefully they’ll have that in the revival. 
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me: specifically to this couple: Luke calling Lorelai “Lor”. general OOC-ness where i can’t imagine the characters ever uttering those words. Luke calling Lorelai a variety of pet names, just doesn’t seem like him. Maybe an occasional sweetheart or something similar.
  • things I look for in fanfic: well-written, story lines that aren’t over the top dramatic (like Lorelai being abused and Luke being her rescuer b/c i don’t feel that’s true to the show), where they feel like an actual adult couple/they communicate like a couple should. i like the angsty stories but I like a lot of fluff too, but realistic where it’s not constant fluff but broken up by problems they would actually face.
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: i can’t answer this b/c they belong together.
  • My happily ever after for them: still living in Stars Hollow, happily together, the dragonfly is uber successful and the diner is going on as it always have and being the core establishment to eat at in town. and truthfully I would love for them to have kids. At least one. That way they can experience parenthood together. Lorelai can experience the father actually being there throughout every little thing (from the first sonogram to continuing to raise their child), and Luke can parent a child from the very beginning and not 12 years later. Co-parenting for the win.
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: Luke – big spoon. and Lorelai – little spoon. although maybe she calls it the little spatula.
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity: the end of the day when they can both come home from work and just be together; regaling each others with tales of their day. Luke mentions the latest crazy thing that Kirk has done and the inane things that Taylor has requested that he is definitely not doing (unless it’s something that Lorelai would want). Lorelai mentions that latest goings-on at the inn with the colorful guests that the inn attracts and how Michel is sure they are stealing the robes. Just the presence of one another at night as they unwind.