“I will always protect you~!”

Okay…these two are my new OTP AAAAAA- Also, Lady Fai is super fun to draw! Especially her hair x3 I really want to draw more of these two in the future and I will have more OCs for Circus in Wonderland soon! 

@akiaki-san hope you like! <33


jre finally reacted to jimin’s mv and even did a first listen to her mini album!!

  • Me:*angry because of some obnoxious punk*
  • Me:*takes out phone and reads the ask on Westy's blog about Sci and Edge dancing in waterfall and being an adorable little married couple*
  • Me:All is good in the world again...

So i’ve been thinking about the fma x pokemon crossover for months now and i finally kicked myself to doodle some trainers. if you wanna know more about this AU maybe check out this list with (most of the) fma characters and their teams, some explanations and a little bit of worldbuilding~

The people that call themselves the clique, in a sense Josh and I believe in that group of people and call ourselves one of them…what I love is that I get to look out there and see people from all walks of life and realize that this “clique,” maybe the word rubs you the wrong way, like its supposed to be inclusive but i don’t think that’s what it’s become…I think our fans do an amazing job with involving the people who are just now hearing about and I’m, I’m proud of them
—  Tyler Joseph on the clique (x)


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