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aaahhh this is cool. let’s seeee draco & blaise

*trying to open the door to the girl’s dormitories*

Blaise: Oh, do you have a bobby pin?

Draco: Yeah. *checks his hair* Oh wait, I’m not an nine-year-old girl

Blaise: Then why do you throw like one?

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In another universe, Agent South, Iota is yours and she outlines the world in scar tissue and neon light and universe comes into your head but only pieces of it, only the things you’ve never noticed, South. The way your brother looks away from you when you say something, the pressure of his teeth biting the inside of his lip, how his hands curl and his mouth pulls just a little before he says, “South…” and, this time, before he finishes you say, “I’m sorry, North.”

And you mean it.

In this universe Washington gets Eta and nothing happens at all. Absolutely nothing happens to Agent fucking Washington. He admits that when Eta runs algorithms it makes him sneeze and that is literally the only side effect he reports. He’s a marked success of the Freelancer program and you, South, you see the thing that no one else is seeing, the thing that is bleeding and dying in the middle of this fucking program you see… Maine. You see him and, see, the thing is you have never looked at Maine. Ever.

Iota doesn’t talk much, but when Maine passes you in the hall she says, Do you see?

And you do. Maine is burning; he’s a pillar of flame and shadow and he sits in the locker room and he gets headaches and he deals with his headaches and then sometimes he doesn’t deal at all and he sits there, burning, and no one says anything, no one saying a single goddamn thing and he is – looking up at you.

“Hey, Maine.”

He stares at you.

“Are you okay?”

He stares at you.

“I want to make sure you’re okay.”

He stares at you.

“Are you okay? I’m not gonna go until you nod or something. Can you nod?”

He doesn’t nod.

“Okay. Then… I’m gonna just sit here next to you on this bench. And I’m just gonna… yeah. Sit. Sitting is good.” See? says Iota, softly, quietly. Do you see? “Just gonna be right here for a bit. Until you’re feeling better. Okay?” Maine is not burning anymore. He’s just looking at you, head tilted. “Okay.”


Oh my goodness that was everything that I wanted from that after reading the first paragraph.

That was really good.

Thank you.

14 year old me’s art, which 14 year old me hated:

17 year old me’s art, which 17 year old me is proud of:

Keep it up aspiring artists no one starts at the top

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No offense but can I please say to ppl please dont use ur financial situation to guilt artists into lowering their prices like..... u dont go to walmart, get groceries and then be like 'oh btw I'm $20 short is that okay? :)" and u wouldnt go into a computer repair place and be like "hey ik u said $100 but is $30 OK? :)" Don't. Do. It. To. Artists. They are providing a service //that isnt a necessity of life// for profit. Just because u can't afford it doesnt mean their income has to suffer.

Hi! Anon,I agree with you about the fact that people shouldn’t guilt artists into lowering their prices. It’s something I’ve complained about in the past,when I was selling my art for less than minimum wage and people were telling me I was overcharging. It’s also one of the reasons why a ton of beginner artists or even artists that have been around for a while,are afraid of raising their prices and charging more than minimum wage.

But if you’re referring to the ask I got the other day..please do keep in mind that offering discounts was my own decision,so if there’s anyone to blame here that’s me,not really the people who are taking advange of the sale. The reason why I decided to offer a discount in the first place is that,like you said,art isn’t a necessity of life,and honestly not everyone has money to spend on art when they have bills and food to pay.  I’m only having the “buy one,get one 50% off” deal so that people who normally can’t afford art,can save some money (+ I’ll only be having sales once or twice a year). But honestly since people have to pay full price for a commission first in order to get a discount,my income isn’t really suffering at all.

I really appreciate that you care about us artists though so thank you so much :)

Good ending: Rey ends up with Finn

True ending: Rey is gay and isn’t paired with anyone

Golden ending: Rey is gay and ends up with Rose

Neutral ending: Rey ends up with Poe

Bad ending: Rey ends up with Kylo Ren