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I just want to say that the picture when gaster and river are cuddling and river is explaining gaster something is the cutest and I want to ask CAN WE HAVE SOME MORE RIVSTER PLEASEEE??

How’s this? :D 

Did we mention Gaster likes to sing? But usually only to his family. He’s more private about it due to shyness. 

I’m glad you like that picture! It is my favorite one I have done so far that I can show. In the picture you mentioned Rivers going on about science stuff, naturally, and Gaster’s listening intently. He’s also enjoying the sound of their voice. He finds everything about his River to be beautiful~

~ Sol


I officially take back everything suspicious thought I ever had about Himawari.

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You make me feel valid and loved. Thank you so much.

The people that call themselves the clique, in a sense Josh and I believe in that group of people and call ourselves one of them…what I love is that I get to look out there and see people from all walks of life and realize that this “clique,” maybe the word rubs you the wrong way, like its supposed to be inclusive but i don’t think that’s what it’s become…I think our fans do an amazing job with involving the people who are just now hearing about and I’m, I’m proud of them
—  Tyler Joseph on the clique (x)


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