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How do pick yourself up when you feel so hopeless and worthless in the world? I'm not sure I have any impact on the world and it makes me very sad to be alone. I really like your smile, and I'm sure you get down too sometimes, how do you get back to your smile?

Yeah i have a case of depression and social anxiety, I know all too well what you are talking about. I can’t say that I have the best advice on these things but lately I’ve been spending a lot of time by myself, therefore I try to keep myself occupied. I know it’s difficult and all you want to do is lay in bed under the covers and sleep, but try to try new things and do things you enjoy! That’s why I bought that book! I’m not really a writer, but I enjoy being creative! And I’m having fun with it! :) otherwise try and chat up a good friend, that’s bound to cheer you up! :)


MCU Ladies Week  


Day 1 - Favourite Character: Peggy Carter

Peggy is one of my favorite characters ever because she’s a woman surviving in a men’s world, but that doesn’t mean she has to change who she is or pretending to be someone else.

I love her because, above all things, she fights for herself, for her right to be who she is, shw fights for her values and her beliefs, for her right to be appreciated for her qualities and abilities.

But she also makes mistakes, she cries, she doubts of herself, she feels hopeless, and lonely and jealous, and angry. I love her because she’s real and natural.

I love Peggy Carter cause she inspires me to love myself, appreciate myself and fight for myself everyday.

  • Sam:*Has to repeatedly apologize for not looking for Dean after he thought he'd died even though that was an agreement he made with Dean which Dean acknowledged*
  • Dean:*Still has not apologized for trying to kill Sam twice in the past year*

Fuck order 66. 

Like seriously.

This is why people should watch the Clone Wars series. Because it makes you feel all the feels for both the Jedi that get massacred (because you can now name each and every single one of the faces that come up on the screen and they all had their brand of awesome) but also for the clones that do the thing. Cody in particular because YOU WERE FRIENDS WITH OBI WAN FUCKDAMMIT! 

Also, it occurs to me that as much shit as the prequels get, these 3 movies and the series contributed SO MANY essential and interesting things to the worldbuilding (yes, even the political stuff). And considering that afaik the series continues to be part of the canon (as opposed to the EU), it should fucking be included in marathons just so people get the full extent of why so many of the key/epic scenes in RotS should feel heavier than they normally do.

What I’m saying is, RotS becomes a way WAY better movie after you’ve seen the Clone Wars series. Would have been even better if Ahsoka had been included even if it would have meant an extra hour of footage. No one would mind. Plus I would have died to see a live action version of her inverted grip fighting technique because that alone is a thing of beauty.

Why So Much Hate for Our “Kind”?

This is something I frequently see, hate towards new age people as a whole, Hate towards the term kundalini, people making fun of indigos and various articles of satire around the Kundalini lifestyle which in reality isn’t a lifestyle at all. It is a WAY of life. That is something that people don’t remotely understand it’s not like this suddenly becomes a “Choice’ or something you can ignore or change. It is LIFE itself.

 I was going to create an article on this topic but I’d rather just do a quick blurb and open up a discussion. 

I think the reason for all this is based on a misunderstanding towards personal experiences. They feel such an INTENSE cognitive dissonance and personal resistance towards these topics because it is offending their conditioned reality. 

When I see things like this “ I about died laughing that she a has a ‘go to’ Kundalini instructor. What the hell is THAT supposed to mean?”

Statements like that make me sad, not because they are making fun of other people{it wasn’t me, it was in reference to an article} It makes me sad because you are literally making fun of your BASIC NATURE OF REALITY

When you make fun of the prospect of Kundalini you are essentially making fun of your divinity.
This element of Cognitive dissonance is because it goes against the norm, it completely ostracizes our genetic makeup, it goes against the world of science, into the FEAR of the unknown. 

So instead of Questioning…We ridicule, we play the arrogant fool, we judge and condemn instead of QUESTION. 

A person in a box cannot see the tesseract in while they live, the aura in which they possess, the molecules that interconnect to everything around us. 

They are blinded, in the shadows. All they can do is defend their reality instead of questioning it. Asleep in the shadows. They cannot find the light when they live in darkness 

This is where I am here to say. Don’t let the loneliness get you down, don’t be afraid to stand out, be the rainbow after the rain, be the light in the darkness. 

Realize what they are making fun of and hating is essentially what is entirely out of their belief zone. Hating or judging is nothing but people who are stuck in their own resistance. 

You are free.
The universe has your back
Be open to possibility
Question your cognitive dissonance

Don’t hate, Meditate <3

What do you feel from this topic, have you had personal experiences like this?

I’ve been feeling really solemn since 2016 began.
I never want to draw anymore, and whenever I start something it takes everything in me to finish it. 
I’ve lost interest in my daily life as well. Work is really hard to get through, going out to see friends takes a lot, it’s just a gross mess.
I’m in an awkward slump that I desperately need to get out of. 

I wanted to thank you lovelies for being so supportive of the little things I create during this time :) 
I make sure to keep making little posts for all you super stars that are sticking with me.
It means so much!

Thanks for being such a great community.

Okay so somebody requested a reaction of the boys when you’re on your period and how they’d comfort you, so here it is :-)

Jin- He would wish he was the one feeling the pain instead of you. He’d be keeping an eye on you and he’d always be making sure if you needed anything. If you did, he’d quickly make sure you get it. And to lighten up your mood, he’d lay down in bed with you while watching movies and holding you closely to him.

“Do you need anything, Jagiya? Just tell me if you do. I really wish it was me going through all of this.”

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Suga- I feel like he’s the type to just kind of act as if everything’s fine, when in reality he’s hoping the pain isn’t too much for you. He would lay with you in bed and just run his hands through your hair, whispering cute things in your ear.

“I can’t wait until your off your period, you’re too cute to be suffering.”

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Hoseok- He’s going to be awkward about the whole situation. When you ask him to buy you more pads/tampons, he’s going to freak out and he wouldn’t want to go to the store to buy them, although he’d end up going anyways. and Hoseok would most definitely buy you a whole bunch of sweets.

“But aren’t there like 10 types of pads? How am i supposed to know which ones you use?”

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Taehyung- He’s going to hate the fact that you’re on your period. You can’t do many of the fun things you guys usually do ;) But he is willing to make you feel better by telling you jokes and making you laugh throughout the days you’re on it.

“Just wait until you’re off of it, you’ll enjoy it soo much, Jagi.”

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Jimin- Oh my goodness, he’d be the cutest thing ever while you’re on your period. He’d always be cuddling with you and he’d be kissing you nonstop. He wants you to feel better as soon as possible, so he does anything to make that happen.

“Are you feeling better, babe? I hope you are.”

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Namjoon- He HATES the fact that you’re on it. He’d much rather be eating you out. He’s going to be complaining every single minute. But he buys you many chocolates and buys you anything that you need to make the pain be less hurting.

“This chocolate is good, but you taste much better.”

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Jungkook- He loves the idea of taking care of you, more than what he already does. He’ll plant light kisses on your head, cheeks, lips, and shoulders. Jungkook will cuddle with you, rub your tummy, and just lay in bed with you. He’s going to do everything he can to make you feel good. 

“Does it hurt a lot? Do you want me to rub your stomach again?”

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Why do people say being transgender or being gender fluid or non-binary is a fad? These things have existed forever. Now social media allows for it to be more visible Is it trendy to want to be harassed and told what you feel isn't real. Why would you want to jump on a "trend" where people will abuse you? It doesn't make sense. It just makes me depressed. Were all just trying to figure ourselves out. Why degrade people that are sure they have figured themselves out?

The “fad” concept is bullshit. Internet and social media in general allows information to be shared rapidly. I’ve had an online friend for the past 10 years and when she found out I ran this blog the other day she actually came to me on Facebook to talk about some gender stuff. It sounds like she might be agender (”might” because nothing’s solid yet). And, it’s like, she knows about trans people, she knows what we go through. She’s very supportive and has been like super great ally person and all that. But, she still didn’t know how she felt could be related to trans-oriented things, and she didn’t really have access to communities (like the agender community) so she never considered that she might not be cis.

But, my point? For years and years people go through life unaware stuff like this exists. And, even when they’re aware of trans people, they don’t necessarily know about non-binary identities, or what kinds of things trans people go through mentally so they never consider themselves one.

There is no fad. There is only trans people gaining access to information and community.

I’m a fan of long hours of talk. I can sit all day with someone talking about random things in life without checking and using my phone. Without any kind of distractions. We’ll talk about anything. I want to hear different perspective of people, about how they think or what’s their opinion about a certain topic. Having these kind of long and meaningful conversations makes me feel that I’m alive.

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Romancing Solas is great I admit that but why no one ever speaks about being best friends with him?

Right?! I think the best friends thing doesn’t spark quite the same excitement in people to want to talk about it, as much as romancing him and/or being angry about his plans in Trespasser. 

All of my inquisitors have always been good with Solas (I feel so guilty if I ever try to play a video game as mean/aggressive or renegade or whatever) and so far with the inquisitors I’ve finished Trespasser, I always have them choose the ~wants to save Solas from himself~ options. 

If DA4 forces me to kill Solas, I will be super bummed out about it. I hope they really do give us the option of somehow making things right. Like, I get that people are pissed because he wants to essentially destroy the world. That’s awful. But I feel like since Solas’ desire to do that doesn’t necessarily come from a malicious or evil place…there’s room to convince him not to do it. 

Solas is a rational and logical and compassionate person. He’s not a lost cause. I hope Good Friend Inquisitors will have the same chance to save Solas as Romanced Inquisitors. 

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People laughing at Halsey for being infertile really pisses me off because I am infertile as well and it's a sensitive topic, people joke around with things like you can have sex without a condom all the time etc. but actually you feel like less woman, like you are useless, I've never wanted to have children until my doctor told me I wasn't able to, you feel scared no one is going to stay with you because you can't create a bond that has both of you in it, it's horrible people should realise.

do people really make fun of this? what the actual hell… this crosses the line big time

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Hey, mind if I ask for an opinion/advice? I know a girl who's built a hell of a lot like you are, but who's insecure about her body, especially her tummy. Do you have any tips for helping her feel better about herself and gaining self confidence? You definitely seem really confident in yourself so I figured you might have a suggestion or two.

I compliment myself every day even when I dont feel all too hot

I take the time to admire the good things about my stomach

I wear things that make me feel good 

I do things that make me feel good

I accept compliments (as long as they arent derogatory or fetish like)

And I used to fake my confidence till I was able to feel the confidence I feel right now

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Some days I feel so autistic. I'll be rocking in my chair, researching whatever I'm currently interested in, I'll probably get a headache from being around bright lights and people talking but then I'll see a pattern I hadn't noticed before and I'll be so happy. But other days I feel like such a fake. I'll be socialising without much problems, can "deal" with sensory stuff, will hardly stim and won't be interested in researching an interest. I feel fake. Is this common for other people?

I’d definitely say so. Especially given when I was growing up all I knew about autism (before I knew I was autistic myself) was the nonverbal white boy stereotype and given that I never go nonverbal — I dissociate, but that’s not the same thing — that can make me feel weird at times. And even with putting feels in the queue it can be weird for me sometimes because quite often I’m like “…but I feel the EXACT OPPOSITE way!!”

Abandoned Intro (iKON Fanfic)

Genre: Mafia! (iKON) (18+ Content)


The engine rumbled beneath me. Swaying back and forth. My body slamming viciously across every inch of the van. Duck tape, burning away the last bits of light, and vision. Arms, legs, wrapped in rope, feeling it burning through my flesh. Making it’s lasting marks on my delicate skin. As fear consumed my voice, screaming, kicking at the door. Tears burned down my cheek. Leaving a trail down onto the floor. Swallowing back every hope of help. Realizing it was just the entrance to hell.

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I think one of my favorite things is being sleepy

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Here's the thing: you're assuming you're entitled to romantic Bellarke when that was never promised to you. But hetero entitlement says hot lead girl must get with hot main guy. It's refreshing to see something different and brave.

I’m not assuming, it is actually the truth, and it makes pretty much all the sense in the world. And it actually makes me feel a little uncomfortable that you choose to bring in such an acussation as the one “hetero entitlement”, when it’s not the case. Let’s get something clear. I love Clarke Griffin. She’s my favourite female character in the history of television and all that I know about it. I see every little good and bad thing about her, and still, I love her. I’m not erasing any of the bad things she did and I’m capable of seeing every little corner of her, as it really is. She’s not the best, she’s nowhere near perfect, she has so many demons, so many horrible things to carry on her shoulders, forever, and still, I feel entitled to wish this character the best, because she is my favourite character. I’m entitled to that, to want the best for her, to feel the “need” to protect her. For me, the best for her means Bellamy. But I’ve never chosen to erase her sexuality. I try to post Clexa on my blog, I try to understand every little piece of her heart that loves Lexa, or that cares for Lexa, and I understand Lexa’s love her her. I don’t deny any of that, I don’t ignore it. I actually came to like the way the story is going with them. It’s interesting. Very strange, sometimes unsettling, but as far as the story on the screen goes, it’s fine with me. I said this a couple of times before, what really bothers me about Clexa, is the Clexa shippers. Not all of them, of course, but there are people out there that I really can’t bring myself to like or understand. But that’s also just me, and it has very little to do with the actual story. This is about more than just hot lead girl and hot main guy getting together. This is about the writers of the show, that have been trying to build something there for 3 seasons now, to create a connection that is special, and that you could never find anywhere else. That’s Bellarke, and it’s unique. It’s catching, okay? And I’m not saying this because I’m straight and feel “entitled” to this. I’m saying this because I feel it. And there are thousands of fans and other people out there, including TV critics, that have the same opinion as me. And just to prove to you that it was actually promised to me, to all of us, I’m just going to put this here: “It’s clear to me that these two people have come to need each other and respect each other and love each other on some pretty deep level,” Rothenberg says. “Obviously it’s not romantic, certainly for Clarke anyway, and it’s never been vocalized that it is for Bellamy either. You could read as much as you want in their body language and their eyes, but that’s something that is being put off again as a result of Clarke’s walkabout.  If it makes sense at some point, it will happen. If people really want it right now, the Bellamy/Clarke thing, I highly, highly recommend that they read the books. It’s in the books! It’s a very tense part of the books. If you want that right now, you can get it. At some point, the show will give it to you too, but for now, it’s not there.” Jason Rothenberg said this, at the end of season 2, in an interview given to E!online, also known as a magazine that has lots of great TV show critiques that absolutely love and root for Bellarke. Same goes for other TV magazines like Entertainment Weekly or Seat42F. There’s probably a lot more media out there that really loves Bellarke but that I just don’t know about. And this, believe it or not, it’s very important for the future of the show. It’s very important for Jason, for the writers, for everyone. Because media brings in lot of viewers and fans. And when you have so many people that have been there from the start, waiting, craving, as I already said, for their favourite ship to happen, you don’t just ignore it. You try to write the best version of it. You promise it. And he already did. I think we all recognize that right now it’s not the perfect time for them to happen, becuase that’s just how the story is, as Jason already said. But the fact that they will happen it’s not “hetero entitlement”, and if you can see the whole Bellarke dynamic only as that, then I’m very sorry for you. 

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Hello! so lately i have been feeling guilty about almost everything i do. Guilty for wanting to have fun, sex, not wanting to do anything. I have also being feeling scared of how people might perceive me and its like im always expecting bad from people. I try and make a habit of meditating everyday and i love it, but is there something you would recommend?

Sex, having fun or not doing anything at all are not bad or good. They just are. It’s just simply what you are doing at the time. Try to see where this came from. This calling these things bad, where dos that came from? Your parents? Society? Your friends growing up? If you can get a sense of the fact that this judgement came from outside of you, that you didn’t put it there. You can drop it. It will naturally fall away . So, I would investigate that, meditate on that and see. I’m not saying ignore what is right to do and just do what you want to do or bad things. Don’t ignore those teachers in your life. Just see that that judgement wasn’t out there by you and see if yo can drop it. Just drop the judgement of what you are doing. When you fully and completely drop this judgement of these activities and your self judgement on what you do, a space in you will arise, and from that warm full and still place, you’ll naturally do the right thing. You’ll naturally do the right thing and you won’t need to be told, “this is a right thing to do” or “this is a wrong thing to do” you truly won’t need to judge or criticize what you do. You’ll just do and it will be for the betterment of you and for all.

I hope this makes sense.