i’m so so so grateful for the broadway community. the work they do for broadway cares/equity fights aids. broadway barks. the flea market. broadway bakes. the endless love that is shared through all the shows. i love knowing the theatre credits of hundreds of actors. i love seeing original shows come to broadway. i love seeing revivals come to broadway. i love seeing shows that have been on broadway for years stay on broadway. i love watching vlogs. i love seeing videos from 54 below shows. i love the one week a year the today show dedicates to broadway. i love knowing that every night (save mondays) broadway is lit up like a christmas tree. i love that i’m allowed to be a part of it even though i’m hundred of miles away.

10 Songs Tag

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rules: list ten songs you’re currently vibing to and tag ten people.

1. Foreward - Tyler the Creator 

This is the best song Tyler could ever start the album with?? Like? Foreward guarantees you the album is one of the best of this century right off the bat.

2. See you Again - Tyler the Creator

How can a song be so beautiful? Tbh I’ve been listening to his new album on repeat these past couple of days because it’s just so beautiful.

3. Infatuation - Brockhampton

I don’t know I just really like the song and Brockhampton a lot (plus it relates sex to dbz which is? hard to relate something to but alright lol

4. Orange - Natalie Green

The vibes this song gives off I really like; gets me in the mood to write;) and I just really love Natalie Green

5. Sober - Lorde

This one also gets me in the mood to write and tbh all of Melodrama is golden so how could I not:’)

6. Inside - Earl Sweatshirt

I could say Early Sweatshirt is Gucci but I’m going to say he’s RAF instead; that stuff is expensive and great, so is he;) and this song is different from his other ones, its chill and I like that

7. Passionfruit - Drake

I love Drake, he will always have a part of my heart. Passionfruit also helps me write, and I just love how different it sounds because DRAKE?!?!?

8. 9 to 5 - Crush ft Gaeko

This one gets me hyped up. Thats it.

9. Gajah - Gaeko ft Rap Monster

Gotta love Gaeko, and when Rap Monster is in the game? Gajah still has me fucked up.

10. Wet Dreamz - J.Cole

I know this song is old but I really love it and it makes me laugh because I always thought it was about a kid doing the do for the first time but the music video is about two young dogs wanting to breed pretty much lmao

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You make me feel things.
Things I locked away.
Things I didn’t think possible,
To feel again.

You make me feel,
Like we’re stuck in a moment,
Hidden from time.
Stolen hours even days,
Feel like mere minute as they rush by.

You make me forget,
All my worries,
And the unwilling commitments,
The world has put in my path.

You make me remember how it feels to truly laugh.