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Heya! Can you write something about touou kagami? Like he gets in a fight with a member of the opposition team or gets injured by them? And aomine is like fuck no!

Hello! ^^ I chose Kagami getting injured, hope you like it!


“What the fuck?,” Kagami swears, clutching the area right beneath his ribcage, a grimace decorating his rugged features. Aomine watches his boyfriend curse at their opponent and feels his blood boil, and while his instincts scream at him to step in and protect his boyfriend, he knows better than to fight Kagami’s battles. The last time he did, Kagami ended up whooping his ass.

“I am not a damsel in goddamn distress!,” he had hollered, “I don’t need saving, Daiki!”

Aomine wants to respect that and he’s trying his best but his patience is being stretched paper thin and he knows he’s going to snap any moment, it only a matter of time.

“Fuck off,” the opponent spits out, nursing his bruised elbow as he walks away, and it’s such clear proof that the other team is playing dirty. They’ve been continuously hurting all the members of Tōō and Aomine frowns, feeling extremely helpless.

Jogging over to his boyfriends spot, he slowly places a hand on his shoulder, comforting and supportive, trying to keep his protective instinct tamed. Kagami seems to sense his intent and leans into his touch, while the referee calls for a time out.

“You ok babe?,” Aomine whispers softly and Kagami nods, a quick jerk of his head.

“I’ll live. Fucking asshole, it hurts.”

Aomine can imagine and he’s this close to killing the fucker but he holds himself back. It doesn’t stop him from keeping a close eye on him though.

He soon realises he did the right thing.

The man elbows Kagami again and simultaneously kicks his shin and Kagami stumbles and falls, and Aomine feels his world shake for a minute. He doesn’t really listen to the whistle, he’s busy running over to Kagami to make sure he’s ok, but this time he can’t rein his anger in anymore. Forget pissed, Aomine is beyond livid and he knows he needs to give that boy a piece of his mind.

Kagami is alright, but the coach insists he sit out the rest of the match. Tōō is by far one of the best schools in any prefecture and the team can manage just fine with only Aomine but Aomine loves playing with Kagami, loves trying new plays with him and syncing with him and just enjoying the sport that brought them together with him, even in a professional setting.

“Kagami,” Aomine grits out, clenching and unclenching his teeth slowly, “please. Just let me. Please.”

Kagami stares at him, at his teammate and lover and classmate and rival and best friend. Aomine is so many things to him, and he loves every persona the man takes. He loves his protectiveness and his shyness and his dorkiness and if he’s being completely honest, he’s angry as well- angry at how dirty these guys are playing and he nods curtly, knowing trying to stop Aomine wouldn’t really work anymore. He had reached a point of no return.

“Give him hell,” he mumbles, his fist connecting with Aomine’s chest in a light thump, and Aomine’s answering smile is feral, sending chills down his spine.

“With pleasure,” he croons and Kagami feels sorry for anyone and everyone who’s going to be at the receiving end of his wrath.


He’s so happy it just makes me smile so hard. This makes me really happy. I’m hAPPY.

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SKYSOLO FOR THE OTP PARENT THING aye rey is their child obvi

yes yes rey is obviously the skysolo lovechild

who’s the one to wake up the kids: han. luke makes him bc he doesn’t want to get out of bed
who makes the breakfast: idk i see luke as more of a cook than han. all those years on the farm have to pay off somehow
who’s the one to cry for everything: luuuuke
who’s the more discipline parent and who’s the more lenient one: luke is the more disciplined bc he worries alot and just wants them to be safe and han puts up the “cool dad” act by being the more lenient one
who helps with the science fair: han
who does baby talk: LUKE
who wakes up for midnight feedings: han, he doesn’t like waking up a peaceful sleeping luke
who’s the one who always worries: LUKE
who picks up the kids early from school for some fun: HAN
who’s the competitive parent: HAN ARE U KIDDING
who kisses the ouches: luke are u kidding
who’s the sucker for the puppy eyes: luke
who makes the “dad jokes”: HAAAAN
who embarrassed their kid for fun: both, but han more than luke
who’s the over protective one: luke
who’s the “take a sweater!” parent: LUKE

We have to remember kids play this game too, and I just think about that for a bit…

Imagine the wonder in a kid’s mind that they get to play with people all over the world! Imagine how excited they’d be to party with someone from Japan, or have some lv 50 follow them protect them and booyah them for their very first splat of the match, or to actually carry a team of newbies (some who may even be older than them) to victory!


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Please tell me more about how sweet micolash is; it's great to see you talk about him tbh!!

i was walking around absent mindedly and kinda just 
idk i’m very spacey and i managed to fight him by accident while looking at the walls 
that sounds weird but i really like looking at things in this game 
so much detail on some things! i don’t know where to look a lot of the time so i get distracted

so anyway
 i was chasing him around 
and i love his boss fight! i haven’t beaten him yet and he’s killed me a lot but the whole thing feels so friendly
he giggles when he jumps through mirrors
and he will wait for you to catch up to him when you’re chasing him and then he’ll dart away and sometimes he’ll zoom behind you and it’s so stupid 
and then howls and for some reason i get really bad secondhand embarrassment but it’s cute
and he TRIPS and repeats his lines until you find him 
also he just shoots eyeball spaghetti at you and punches you but he’s so hype about his lil nightmare palace and there doesn’t seem to be the slightest bit of malice in his tone
so much so that i forget that he’s one of the Big Bad Guys
the whole fight feels so childlike and he’s so artless and fanatical and mad with wonder and observant and he’s a dramatic NERD about it all

and as someone who gets equally animated when i love something it just makes me really really happy to see a character act similarly in a game like bloodborne
micolash is very nice