I have just watched two first episodes of the 100 and I already feel attached to all of characters because I see the 100 posts on my dash all the time and I read some spoilery stuff on their wiki page and just reading some of it made my heart hurt and I am absolutely sure this show will hurt me


!this one made my heart hurt, it’s tooo cute

Imagine your friend ,Namjoon, going shopping with Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook. While he thought this would be a normal trip the guys never fail to embarrass him so he starts sending you snaps while they are together. 

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574 days:

i don’t miss you anymore i just miss the memories we used to have. sometimes little things will remind me of you and i just feel nothing. i’m not sad about anything and its a great feeling. you taught me how to live without you and i’m better off that way. thank you ha? for pushing me away. thank you for breaking my heart. thank you for those hurtful words. it made my heart stronger. it allowed me to move onto better things. you made me find myself when i lost you. thank you for showing me, me. :) in short… HINDI NA KITA MAHAL. hahahaha. have a wonderful life! ~goodbye~

I imagined you being in the simple and quiet parts of my day and you fit so perfectly and it made my heart hurt a little, in an almost-good way, and I thought about writing a poem about it but I don’t think I can put words to you yet.

Supernatural Season 11 Episode 12

I don’t know about everyone else, but I really enjoyed tonight’s episode. Like. It was really cool to see Alex and Claire and Jody. I absolutely love Jody. So much. And seeing Claire with the freaking grumpy cat that Cas got her from the ‘Hot Topical’ just made my heart hurt considering the state of Cas at this point. Not to mention, the amount of girls that are kicking ass this season is great. I love it. I know a lot of people have a lot to say about it, but I’m gonna try to focus on what the writers are doing right instead of all the things I could criticize. I have one big problem with this story line and it didn’t come up in this episode so that was nice. Also. SuburbanDad!Dean is my god damn life. And both of them sitting at the table during the most awkward dinner ever. I just. Couldn’t handle it. That was brilliant. Dean sitting there like he has no god damn idea what’s going on. And then him trying to talk to Claire about everything and then staring down Alexs boyfriend. I love him so much. He is literally my one true love in this world. I’m excited to see the next episode. There are so many good things about this season. I love it. Good job Supernatural.

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you’ve lied to me countless times

talked to other girls

played with my heart

made me cry myself to sleep 

and overall just hurt me multiple times 

but yet i still find ways to love you 

even when i tell myself your no good

and your gonna keep hurting me  

i always come back to you 

because i’m completely head over heels in love with you

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You need to do more sad one shots because that tony imagine (even though it fuCKED ME UP) was sosososo great and sad and made my heart hurt but that's okay cuz I hate happiness (what?) so maybe you could do a sad Bucky one (no one dies tho) but without a happy ending ??

Oh no guys



My followers specifically asked if I could start writing more fluff because I used to only write angsty stuff. I have always enjoyed writing angst the most, but I took a break from it so I could give everyone some “happier” fics. But now since you’ve asked for angsty, I’m doing angsty. 


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I had the most vivid dream about Zoe last night 😍 and yes I dreamt about Zoe not Ana Golja. It's almost as if I was a degrassi character because Zoe was still devastated over what happened with Grace.Just looking at her made Zoe cry and it hurt my little heart but I was there as her support system.We ran away and started driving off in the Hollingsworth mobile.Ah I hope I get another dream like this.I love Zoe so much.I know its weird because shes just a character but she felt so real & alive ✨

Oh my goddd. What a nice dream! It saddens my heart that Grace and Zoe didn’t interact in your dream but my heart is happy that you were there for our baby gay Zoe! Were you a new degrassi character? Love that you guys frikken hijacked Mile’s ride.
Oh sweet lovely anon, it’s never weird to think of characters like that. I can go on for days about the beauty of characters since I do character design but lol no I talk a lot already.
yo I won’t lie but I’ve been blessed with some gracevas dreams too LOL. I usually got them before a gracevas episode aired. Like the night before 1x02 aired I dreamt I was Grace (I’m always Grace) and I was fucking avoiding Zoe because of my CF. Zoe would go after me but I’d be like NOPE, not today sweetie. I woke up like, fuuck even in my dreams it’s true to the storyline ):

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Paisley, when we first talked about how much we loved Gaius, I knew you were the one for me. You made my heart flutter wth happiness, my cheeks hurt from smiling to much, and my body vibrating with joy. So I take this honor to ask you to marry me (pulls out a ring pop). So that we can live together forever and talk about how gay Chrom and Gaius are for each other. Do you except my proposal?

THIS MADE MY WHOLE DAY. The ring pop seals the deal. As long as I get to wear a fluffy pink wedding dress!

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Honestly how do you deal with them (sones)?? But I'm pretty sure if their fav was kicked out instead of Jessica they would believe them

mhm,My love for Jessica grew so much that day,she was my bias but i hadn’t kept up on her like i did krystal but on that day any interest i had in snsd or a particular member flew out the window, reading jessica’s statement literally made my heart hurt; i felt the betrayal through her words and its just so messed up. and then sones that were calling out her name before turned against her and it just i can’t stand it, but if it was another way around they’d be open to understand how fucked up this is, so closed minded i hate most sones for that.

WHY DID THIS MADE MY HEART HURT “Fanfic idea?: When Yoonmin realized they weren’t meant for each other.. #fanficidea #BTS #yoonmin #방탄소년단 #otp”