My Review of Teen Wolf  6x14 - Face To Faceless

TWO Teen Wolf episodes in a row!?. We have been blessed. Let’s start with 6x14.

- Favourite Scenes

1. Liam
I in no way enjoyed watching Liam get beat up!! (I just want to make that clear). The reason why I put Liam in my favourite scenes category is because I admire him for going to school, for not giving Nolan and the school what they so desperately wanted. I commend Liam for being brave, strong and far better than any of the student body combined (excluding Mason, Coach, Corey, etc).

For Liam to have to go through something like that, for him to be bullied, punched, threatened, etc, for what?. For being turned into a werewolf, for saving their lives, for protecting the town, for risking his life?. Honestly made me so angry, it made me so mad that people just watched Liam get beaten. So, I admire Liam and I applaud Dylan for his acting in that classroom scene. Despite Liam still struggling with his anger, 6x14 showed that he has come a long way from when we first meet him.

2. Lydia vs Guidance Counsellor
“You didn’t become a guidance counsellor to hunt people, you’re suppose to help them”!!. Lydia Martin severing the truth.

Everything in me strongly dislikes this guidance counsellor turned hunter, like I won’t be sad if she becomes collateral damage and dies. I don’t agree with her actions or her justifications in hunting the supernatural. She is literally aiming her crossbow at the wrong people!. Can she not tell the difference between bad and good??. That is why I cheered when Lydia put her in her place, and the fact she couldn’t respond to that proves she knows that what Lydia said is true.

No matter what, a guidance counselor is meant to help. They’re meant to be impartial and find the best way to help someone. And what does this guidance counsellor do?. She hunts, she kills, she starts panic and war. She is the biggest hypocrite, she is the most annoying character in 6B and she really needs to go. Because there is no reason, excuse, justification that she can provide that will make what she is doing okay.

- Least Favourite Scene

1. Beacon Hills (didn’t know what to title this as ahaha)
I understand that people in Beacon Hills are scared, and frankly they have a right to be. BUT, that does not excuse any of their awful behaviour towards Scott and the pack. What pisses me off, is that they’re trying to jusifty murder. Trying to make hunting the pack and all these supernatural creatures seem like no big deal. Like, killing them is going to magically solve their problems, and you know what, it ain’t!. Like Deaton said, the nemton is like a Beacon, it draws the supernatural to the town. So personally in my opinion, one way or another the supernatural would have made it’s way into town.

What I hate, is that no-one is understanding that without Scott and the rest of them the ritual sacrifices that Jennifer started would probably still be happening, La Bete would be roaming around creating chaos, the Nogitsune would still be here, etc. Yes, it’s awful that innocent people lost their lives. But think about how many more people would have died if Scott and the pack didn’t stop those supernatural threats?. Literally, Beacon Hills would have failed to exist if it wasn’t for them stopping the Wild Hunt.

I get that whatever jumped out of the Wild Hunt is amplifying their fear, but some of their reasoning just doesn’t sit well with me.

That fight in the classroom made me want to scream at each of the people watching and at Nolan for starting it. How are they any better than the supernatural villains?. How is them committing violent acts, murder even, any better than the people they claim to be afraid of?. Scott and the pack don’t harm people because they want too, sometimes they get put in difficult positions, they protect innocents while finding a way to stop the bad. And I’m sick of people blaming them, when each of the pack has gone through something traumatic, lost people they’ve loved and yet none of that has turned them into monsters..

- My rating of the episode (it will be a rating out of 10)
I will rate this episode a 7 and a half/10

- Favourite Quotes
LIAM: They hate us for trying to save their lives


anon requested: the scene where philippe finds out about the chevalier’s arrest


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Rping with bi and gay men is gross because they're acting their sexual fantasies out on rp

Right, so I’m going to answer this one then anon is probably going to go back off. 

Firstly, I wish I was Frank Fontaine because then my would you kindly and fuck off would actually happen. 

Secondly, do you honestly just think it’s men? I know for a fact there are woman who use RP roleplays to act out fantasies they have in their heads. I’m not saying everyone does it but a lot of RPers, regardless of their sexuality or gender do it. 

Thirdly, if this is your way of calling a really good fucking friend of mine gross, you need to unfollow me because that is not okay. I make mistakes, I’m not a perfect person, but I am loyal to my friends and won’t stand for this bullshit.

Saying roleplaying with gay and bi men is gross is out of order. My blog is safe for any gender and any sexuality and always will be. 

Isak’s backstory is literally so much more complex than “gay.” Eskild found him drunk and alone at a gay bar. Isak left home at 16 and literally lived in a stranger’s basement because of his home situation. His dad left him alone with his mother who was mentally ill at 16. 16 year olds shouldn’t be their mother’s caretaker. Having parents who seemingly don’t care about you can really mess you up. All of this was going on while Isak was struggling with internalized homophobia and projecting this fake image of who he wanted people to think he was. Being someone who you aren’t just so others will accept you is exhausting and there’s a lot more to it than just “gay.” Reducing Isak’s backstory to just his sexuality and ignoring the other details that brought him to where he was in the first episode of season three greatly undermines the story Julie wanted to tell through Isak. Isak’s struggles were complex. He struggled with his mother’s perception of him because of her religious beliefs. He struggled with what people’s perception of him would be once they discovered who the real Isak was. Isak’s story is one of yes his sexuality, but also of family, religion, and acceptance. 

Today I got yelled out and I threw that shit right back

A unit charge nurse yells at me claiming that somnolent, post-anesthesia patient is “pissed off” at me. I tell her “don’t put your problems with me on the patient, I’m right here, you can tell me yourself.” She starts giving me that fake ass “oh doctor I would never have a problem with you!” Like I don’t have eyes and ears. She yells at and bullies every nurse in her unit and harasses all the residents. I just stood there and kept repeating “use your own words and tell me what your problem is with me.” Until she snapped and said, “put your orders in faster!” To which I replied “that wasn’t so hard, right?”

The heme fellow yells at me because I’m being “insubordinate” for not doing his discharge for him (medicine was only consulted on this patient) I just hung up on him. He complains to my attending who tells him to do his own work and also hangs up on him.

ID fellow claims that I placed a consult on Sunday with him on a patient I don’t even know. He’s angry that I keep vehemently denying it and is in the corner with his attending. He keeps loudly whispering “she’s lying, I know it.” And I walk up to those two cowards and say “if you want to talk about me, have the decency to say it to my face.” They start stuttering and mumbling. Worthless. Turns out it was another female attending and the ID fellow messed up because he didn’t follow-up on the consult like he should have.

This rotation has made me so angry but I have to say that I’ve learned to fight for myself in the process. Because when no one will come to the rescue, sometimes we just rescue ourselves. I found a bravery in me that I didn’t know I had. I’m an angrier, more bitter, and exhausted person but I will never be pushed around again.

Moral of the story:
Do no harm, but take no shit.

Wicked Game ~ Peter Parker

Summary: Peter Parker’s best friend falls in love with him and holds back her feelings until she can’t take it anymore, but Peter’s heart is already taken by another.

word count: 1,420

Warnings: Angst, couple swears

Based on the song Wicked Game by Ursine Vulpine

Peter Parker was the perfect boy. He was smart, handsome, clever, and kind. Everything

I look for in a guy. I mean I shouldn’t be so surprised I fell in love with him. He’s basically a Disney prince, but ten times more charming. I’ve been friends with Peter since I was 3 years old. Our parents had worked together until they passed away. I confronted him through everything, I was even the first person he told about how he became Spiderman. I was the person who held him after his Uncle Ben died. I was there for everything. Which made me think I had a chance  I was a fool to think Peter actually had feelings for me.


“Y/n come on we have to get to class” I heard Peter exclaim.

“Yeah whatever, school sucks” I giggled chasing after him since he had gotten ahead. I walked into the school which had definitely changed over night. There were homecoming posters and decorations.

“Are we still on for watching Lord of the Rings tonight Pete?” I asked as we stopped at my locker. As I was twisting the lock I felt Peters breath on my neck.

“As soon as I’m done fighting crime I’ll be over” he whispered sending shivers down my spine.

“Okay,” I said so quietly I’m pretty sure he didn’t hear me.

“Peter let’s go,” I said turning around, but he was already gone and talking to Liz which made my blood boil.

“And again I’m talking to myself because of her,” I said under my breath my voice laced with annoyance. I curled my fists in a ball. The way he looked at her made me so angry and I don’t know why. He’s just my best friend. Nothing else and that’s period. Right?  I walked away from the scene not wanting to witness anything else. At this point, I just want to go home. I could feel my heart ache all day, but why? I can’t be mad at Peter for talking to other girls I’m not the only person in his life. We’re just best friends. I’m just wondering why it hurts so much.

I went through my classes until the final bell finally rang. I let out a sigh of relief and practically ran out the door. I’m 110% sure I don’t want to deal with Peter right now. So I may or may not have run home. Okay, I did, but I mean at least I actually got exercise instead of having my head buried in a book or laptop. I got my keys out of my backpack and as I was turning the lock I heard Peter talking to Ned. It really sucks when the person you’re trying to avoid lives in the same apartment as you. I opened the door and scrambled into my apartment faster than humanly possible and darted to my bedroom. Truthfully I just wanted to be alone. Usually, I come home wanting to read a book, but all I wanted to do is watch sappy romances and cry. I could feel the tears stinging my eyes. I felt single tears slide down my face when I heard a knock on the window making me jump and fall out of my bed. I quickly wiped the tear from my eye going to the window and opening it up so Peter could get in. All of the sudden everything was better just seeing his goofy smile warmed my heart and for a split second

I forgot he was even the reason I’m so upset. My world was burning down because of this boy, yet he was the only one who could save me. I flopped down on my bed looking at the ceiling.

“Why have you been avoiding me all day”? He asked

“I am not”

“I literally saw you run from the school I’m pretty sure faster than I can run” he laughed

“Well maybe I just wanted to work out”

“Since when do you work out” he laughed

“Oh my god stop” I giggled grabbing a pillow and whacking him with it.

“Ow seriously,” he said laughing.

“Don’t you have spidey things to do?” I asked

“You seemed upset so I’ll skip it for tonight, I don’t think Queens will go to hell if I take a night off” That sentence melted my heart. He was taking off because I was upset. This boy is literally going to be the death of me. I didn’t realize how close we were. I was staring right into his beautiful brown eyes and all I wanted to do was kiss him. Wait no why would I want to kiss my best friend. I was mentally freaking out so, I quickly sprung off my bed.

“I have to the bathroom” I squeaked, practically running to the bathroom. I opened the bathroom door and immediately shoved it closed and locked the door making sure I heard the click to know it was locked. I went to the sink looking in the mirror. I had this strange feeling to kiss him. I wanted to kiss him. The amount of desire I have for this boy is driving me insane. That’s when it all made sense. I was in love with Peter Parker. He was literally my dream boy. I would have never thought I meet someone like him, But I couldn’t lose him over a simple crush. If love is just a simple crush. My cheeks were flushed red from embarrassment so I swiftly turned on the faucet and splashed water in my face. The cold water wasn’t enough. I grabbed the nearest towel and wiped my face off and then threw it back onto the sink. I sluggishly walked back to my room trying to think of an excuse of why I was freaking out. Why did I have to fall in love? Especially with him. I don’t want to be in love with my best friend. I don’t have a chance so all I can do is a dream, but how long can dream until I go completely insane. I gradually opened the door to find Peter gone. I saw a note lying on the bed. So much for him spending the night with me.

Mr. Stark called it’s super important. I’m so sorry I had to leave. Have a great night Y/N, love Peter

What kind of game is this boy playing? Is he trying to make me fall in love with him? Well if that was the game he won. I grabbed the paper and ripped it in half. I wanted to scream. I was so angry. I was furious. I was so in love with him. Simple crush my ass. I’m drop dead head over heels for Peter. I left the torn up paper on the bed and moved my way over to the bed. I got under the covers, and that’s when I lost it. I was bawling. It was uncontrollable. I swiftly jumped out of my bed. I needed fresh air. I opened up my window and climbed up the fire escape to the roof. I did this when I was upset about something. Now thinking about it. The times I went up here are all because of Peter Parker. Who thought the best thing in my life could cause me so much pain. I sat there, taking deep breaths finally calming myself down. I sniffled wiping the tears from my face.

“Y/N why are you crying” I heard from behind me, scaring the hell out of me. Why does this boy insist on trying to be with me when he the reason for all my problems, but I had enough of it.

“You, I’m so in love with you, and I can’t have you, It took me a long time to realize, but I love you okay, now can you please go away or tell me you feel the same way” I practically screamed leaving him speechless.

“Y/N I-I”

“What Peter just say it,” I said quietly

“I just asked Liz to homecoming” he murmured, and that’s when I felt my heart drop. Why did I fall in love with Peter Parker?

Part 2 maybe ndjwfjkwj

Update! Part 2 has been posted! :)

Heard this couple talking about how gay couples shouldn’t foster kids and that made me so angry. When my straight mom and dad beat me with a belt until I had welts all over my back for accidentally knocking over a beer bottle, or when I couldn’t see out of my eye because my dad used me as a punching bag, or when my mum laughed as my dad stubbed out his cigarettes on my arm, I wished that I had a family who loved me. When my parents were arrested for selling drugs, I was adopted by two loving moms who made sure I was okay when I got hurt, and I didn’t ever have to worry about being beaten again. It doesn’t matter what sexuality or gender your parents are, as along as they love you then it should be okay.

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Do you have Ada Blackjack on your list? She was a native woman who was survived on Wrangel Island for 2 years. And as a follow up, do you have any other women who survived being lost or castaway? Please and thank you.

She’s in book two! And her story is GODDAMN INCREDIBLE. Made me so fucking angry how she was treated, especially after she returned. Every single dude involved in that entire story, except maybe Crawford and Galle, was a grade-A dipshit. I hope Harold Noice is burning in hell right now.

Other notable castaways:

  • Isabel Godin des Odonais was the lone survivor of a 1600s trek through the Amazon
  • Marguerite de la Rocque was abandoned on the Isle of Demons in Canada and survived by hunting bears for over 2 years. I cover her in book one (hers is one of my favorite-ever drawings).
  • Juliane Koepcke was lone survivor of a plane crash in the jungle and survived
  • Molly Craig/Kelly was kidnapped by the Australian government and walked across most of Australia to get back home. Then did it again several years later while carrying a baby.
  • You could argue Sacajawea, interpreter for the Lewis and Clark expedition, was kind of lost (in that the expedition didn’t really know the area).
parents kissing (stefan salvatore drabble)

you and stefan are the parent figures of your friend group and he ends up suggesting something that’s a little crazy at first.

(gifs aren’t mine!!)

“Damon Salvatore–NO!” You glare at Damon as he and Kai prepare to throw daggers at one another in some sort of game.

“Kai, cut it out,” Stefan walks in the living room and grabs the knife out of Kai’s hand on his way towards the bar.

“Hey!” Kai whines, stomping after Stefan as Damon points and laughs at him.

“Damon, please act your age– you’re almost 200 years old,” Stefan raises his brows at his brother who shrugs almost proudly.

“Damon. Hand over your knife, NOW,” you glare at him and he raises his brows, almost amused by your attempt to scare him.

So you walk over to him with a confident smirk on your face. Seeing the confidence, Damon kind of shrinks down. You stop right next to him and pulls his head lower so that you can whisper to him. You see Stefan and Kai’s eyes on you and so you put a little extra effort into both your performance and the threat that you’re whispering in Damon’s ear.

By the time you’re done, Damon shudders and gives you a disgusted look while handing over the knife. You kiss his cheek and give your audience a little curtsy before walking over to the bar.

“That was so hot,” Kai whispers, clearing his throat as Stefan gives him a look.

“I think you should go to your little friend Damon. If you’re lucky, he’ll tell you what I told him,” you raise your brows innocently and Kai runs over to Damon, almost tripping on his own two feet.

“You definitely threatened to rip his dick off,” Stefan looks over to you and you laugh.

“In very graphic detail. God I almost felt bad. Almost,” you smile as Stefan hands you a drink.

“They’re like children. I mean I get why,” Stefan shrugs. “Neither of him had the best childhoods, so it makes sense that they’re trying to make up for lost time but still.”

“Oh god and they’re both vampires. It’s gonna be like this forever,” you groan and Stefan laughs lightly, taking another sip of his bourbon.

“We’re gonna need a lot more bourbon to get through this life. We’re running out as it is.”

“I call supply runs if you watch the kids?” You raise your brows towards Stefan who looks too hesitant for your liking. “Come on! I’m human! What if these idiots kill me?”

“You know they won’t ever do that.”

“And how can you be so sure?” You take a sip of your drink as Stefan thinks of what to say.

“I know that they wouldn’t dare lay a hand on you because I would murder them,” Stefan shrugs as your mouth falls open.

“Oh come on you can’t do that!” He raises his brows and you hold your hands up. “Look, I’m not saying I want to be dead, but accidents happen where vampires are involved.”

“You can’t just be written off as an accident, Y/N,” Stefan shakes his head and Damon smirks at the two of you, winking in your direction.

“Why does Damon look like that?” You furrow your brows as Stefan rolls his eyes.

“It’s nothing.”

You look back at Damon and this time he and Kai are both giving you a wierd look… Is Kai blowing kisses at you?

“Are they really that turned on by me ripping off their balls one at a time?” You finish your drink and Stefan laughs, shaking his head at you.

“No, they’re waiting to see your reaction after I ask you out. Also they’re listening in on our conversa–”

“I’m sorry did you just say they’re waiting for you to ask me out?” You raise a brow at him. “Why would you do that?”

“Well we’re like the mom and dad of the group, so it’s fitting.”

“Please tell me you have a better reason than that because I want to say yes, but you’re making it hard,” you rest an elbow on the table and Stefan sighs, dropping his head.

“The truth is that I’ve wanted to ask you out for a while, but things managed to get in the way. For one, my mom came back to life. And then Caroline happened. And then–”

“Alright, I’m familiar with the trainwreck that’s been our lives these past few years. Go on.”

“Well the thing that pushed me over the edge is that date you went on with Kol. I haven’t been that angry in a very long time, Y/N,” he sighs, crossing his arms over his chest. “I saw him wrapping an arm around you and making you laugh and it made me angry.”

“So you’re asking me out because you’re angry?” You furrow your brows, determined to fuck with him as much as you could.

“No, Y/N, listen. AGH,” he groans, turning his head the other way. “I knew this was a bad idea.”

“So you’re gonna give up because this is getting hard?” You turn him around to face you again. “I don’t know how this is going to work.”

“See? I knew–”

Originally posted by painfulblisss

You cup his face and press your lips against his in a gentle kiss, a small smile on your face as his hands slowly move around your face.

“Yes, I’ll go out with you,” you whisper, a smile growing on Stefan’s face as he leans in for another kiss to which you gladly oblige.

“Seeing your parents kiss is so disturbing,” you hear Kai’s voice as Damon gags.

You and Stefan burst out laughing at the two idiots who were practically your children. This was gonna be fun.

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Hey Zee im just curious...have you watch the movie Your name?Its so good!!I love to think Taki as Genji and Mercy as Mitshuha so much XD

this is prolly not what you wanted when you asked me this but I didn’t like this part so much that it made me grumpy af with the movie :’D The movie is nice and beautiful but WOW THIS PART MADE ME SO ANGRY HAHAHHA. Its a cute concept though.