Kyle on the Halloween episode

“We were shooting the Halloween episode in a … they scouted a bunch of locations and they found this really creepy looking mansion in Los Angeles. The actors were like wow this is crazy, this is perfect, it’s so spooky and it’s got that classic haunted house vibe to it. Then you’re like, wait someone actually lives here. That was a little weird thinking this is someone’s actual home, as barren as it was. It almost resembled the house from Fight Club.

No one should actually be living in this kind of place, but people were. I am assuming they rent it out for several other projects, I’d assume. I think they keep it that way for that reason … I hope. That was a little crazy. We’d be filming it and then the owner would pop in and out and be a little timid. We were like, “Hi, thank you for letting us shoot here, why don’t you put some paint on the walls? Why don’t you clean up the kitchen.” That was a little tip toey being like okay well, you actually sleep here, I get to go home at night thankfully.” 

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being Allison Argents girlfriend would include???

  • Always having her there when you need her
  • Her being protective over you and defending you
  • Glancing at each other from across the room and grinning
  • Thinking the same things so you just turn to each other with the same idea and grin (Stiles thinks that’s really creepy)
  • Being able to look your worst and she’d still compliment you
  • Having loads of inside jokes with her and just giggling at weird things
  • Lydia grinning every time she sees you two together because you’re just too cute
  • Soft kisses and gentle touches
  • Late night conversations about your futures and where you want to be
  • Her not wanting you to help with the pack in case you get hurt
  • No matter what you fight over, you’ll always come back to one another
  • Waking up wrapped around each other
  • Her teaching you how to use a bow and arrow
  • Whispers of ‘I love you’ every time you see each other

I was tagged by both deanisaved and bowlegdean to do some sort of person selfie challenge thingy.  Both those babes are super gorgeous, I’m so far out of their league, but I decided I would accept the challenge this time.  Please do your best to ignore my awful reading glasses…

All my followers are total babes and I don’t want to pressure any of them to do this so I’m not tagging anyone.  But if you do decide you’d like to participate please do tag me, because I would love to see all your gorgeous faces. 


Screenshots from Sir You Are Being Hunted! :)

This game was so cool! :D I really liked how this game looked and it’s creepy atmosphere. It gave me such a huge Tim Burton vibe for some reason. I don’t know why but it did! xD Also Jack talked about in the video how the way the game looked reminded him of where he grew up and that’s why he likes snowy and forest areas in games. To be honest there was parts of this game that reminded me of the area of the old house I used to lived in too. I swear Jack and I literally have the same reactions or very similar reactions to the games he plays in his videos. Actually who am I kidding? Jack and I DO act very similar to each other and we have a lot in common and I’m really not just saying that for the sake of this post or gaining some kind of attention from people or Jack’s attention or any crap like that! It’s seriously so weird for me to think about because we don’t know each other! But in all honesty… I really don’t know why it surprises me that much anymore. xD

But yes anyway! I still really liked watching Jack play this game and I hope he plays more of it. :)

One of my favorite things about the Harry Potter book fandom

Is that regardless of whatever interpretation people decide to take for older Remus

I’ve never seen a single artist use the American “Deathly Hallows” book’s chapter art with him on it as reference

And that’s a blessing on its own if you ask me.

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The thing is if you look closely at the spoon of the picture Phil posted you can see a reflection of Dan. I could be wrong but it really looks like Dan. (God I'm so creepy)

from what angle oh my goodness