midterms are over so i have more time again! here are some more co-ords, this set is muted and beige toned 🍂 i really loved the first outfit, but the dress is super short so i absolutely cannot wear it without leggings 😓 i’ve gotten some requests for fall outfits, and i hope these can be some good inspo!

outfit no. 1 ✨ white high neck shirt + gingham strap dress + lantern sleeve cardigan + tassel flap bag (code for sweet fairy: ‘kylie’)
outfit no. 2 💐 navy floral blouse + beige pleated skirt + cream / black floral deer jacket + blue mirror bag
outfit no. 3 🌼 brown plaid blouse + beige pleated skirt + lantern sleeve cardigan + tassel flap bag

casual-skeleton-dreamcloud  asked:

Can you draw Tom and Tord in each other jackets? Like Tom in Tords jacket and Tord in Toms? And they are both mad at each other and embarrassed

fhsjdk sorry  i didn’t make them mad/embarrassed but heres this

anonymous asked:

Do you have any head cannons about what a Daenyara x Quinn love child would look like? Presuming she forgave him after a certain "incident" that occurred because of a certain Sith?

Here’s an attempt at their eventual offspring. ^^ Dae’s dark eyes and Quinn’s dark hair, essentially. My headcanons regarding her are still somewhat open, but for now I call her Melyora. I might also make her an Imperial Agent, but we’ll see.