Yesterday, because i asked Akeiro who to draw, I drew an Orin. The colours may be a bit off, but i have limited coloured pens and pencils. I could do these on the PC, but i have no tablet and the PC literally only has Paint to draw on. So it would take a long time.

BUT, i got this app that i can draw on and i’ve been drawing Mettaton on it, because he’s fun to draw, so that will be uploaded soon.

I don’t think i’ve drawn Orin before, not in detail anyways, but here she is, Poofy hell cat. I also drew some skills since i see either those or little ghost/zombie fairies around her in fanart. Also, Orin’s theme is really nice to listen to :3


Junghope in Memories of 2015 // for @hopekookofficial


I don’t really think that’s what Sans meant, Pap, but you take that comment however you want to buddy.

…But seriously just imagine Underfell! Papyrus in his own “cool dude” outfit