“Jimin as a boyfriend pleaseee“

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Both can be mixed together By the way :D

First Meeting;

  •  confident AF
  • Smirking at you with his plump lucious lips, subtly showing pearly white teeth, half diamond with dimples (Like in the GIf above), confidence radiating in his eyes.
  • His hair looks intentionally messy, sexy AF hair. Hair porn.
  • His dress sense, making him look mouth watering.


  • Shy AF
  • Small smiles, followed with a light blush that spreads over his cheeks
  • famous eye smiles
  • Dresses similar but his attitude changes it to be cuter and shyer.

First Date;

  • Initiates skinship right away
  • Flirting
  • Constant complementing you
  • Showing little bits of his real self through warm smiles.
  • Pays for the date, almost bragging ;)
  • Over bearing confidence
  • Winking
  • smirking
  • running his hand down your face.
  • Finds any excuse to touch you
  • feeds you


  • Bashfulness
  • Blushing
  • Hesistant in iniating skinship
  • Stuttery complements
  • Pays for the date
  • Softly brushes your cheek his hand
  • Tucks you into his arms for a tight hug
  • Shares his jacket with you.
  • hand holding
  • tucks your hair behind your ear
  • Gazes into your eyes warmly
  • He takes off his beanie to put on ou because your ears were turning pink.

First kiss;

  • Passionate
  • Confident
  • heated
  • rests you back onto the wall
  • (or) moulds your body into his
  • tongue tying
  • waist grabbing
  • Looking at your lips while biting his own


  • Sweet
  • Soft
  • Gentle
  • pulling you close to his body
  • looking into you eyes for reassurance and consent to kiss you
  • holds your face gently
  • slowly leaning in to kiss you
  • its long and caressing
  • His thumb softly brushing your jawline

First week;

  • Any excuse to touch you
  • innuendos
  • Way more skinship than necerssary
  • Finding your comfort zones (E.g. handholding or neck kissing)
  • back hugs
  • sleep together (just sleep)
  • wearing his clothes
  • Random breakfast dates (so he can see you early on a morning or join for an hours nap)


  • Light skinship
  • Back hugs
  • flowers
  • small presents
  • hugs, so many hugs
  • peppering your face with kisses
  • couch cuddles
  • playing with your hair
  • dedicated days to spend together
  • First official movie night

First Month;

  • Weekly dates
  • showering together (innocent showering)
  • lewd suggestions
  • thigh touching
  • neck kissing
  • public affection in front of his members


  • Weekly dates
  • kills bugs for you
  • Still blushing
  • baths together
  • cooking together
  • key to your home
  • food shopping together

First Sexy time;

  • Sweet
  • gentle
  • caring
  • passionate AF
  • lets you call the shots
  • it’s all about you
  • cuddling afterwards
  • soft kisses
  • your name/ his name
  • panting
  • jimins melodic voice in your ear

First Year;

  • Comfortable around each other
  • just wearing his shirts
  • living together
  • Shy jimin becomes confident jimin
  • Sexy shower time
  • Still weekly dates
  • sleep overs with the rest of his group
  • Movie nights still
  • Makeout sessions
  • falling asleep on your lap
  • eating you
  • Flirting non stop
  • still acting like its a new relationship
  • In love
  • chasing each other around the house
  • races with the rest of the maknae line
  • food races
  • Fairs
  • strip teasing
  • spa days

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09.01.16 spread for aug 28 - sept 3 : was feeling pretty basic this week so opted for a black/gray color scheme. also tried out a new layout not sure if i’m liking it yet, lol. excuse my ugly doodles that i like to put in empty spaces and make it look messy af i also went out way too much this week so i spent too much money and didn’t finish all the tasks i wanted to :(