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Posts with just this at the bottom are almost always STOLEN, REPOSTED work of other fans.

Does the photo you’re about to reblog look a little grainy? That’s because it’s a screencap of someone else’s gif, stuck up in a repost, with a link that earns the reposter some kind of credit with Amazon.

The names on these blogs change all the time. They spam reposts in all the tags of every major fandom. I’ve reported about eight of them to staff.

Not sure if it’s a reposting blog? Check the blog itself (not the link) first. I’ll bet you see tons of reposts all the way down.

These are not links to someone’s Etsy or Redbubble. These are just stolen posts being grabbed and used without permission as click bait.

I hope you can spread the word for your fandoms, too.


free hand sketch I’ve been working on for college. i’m pretty pleased with it (i think the parting looks quite real), but these photo’s are only of the photocopy of the original, because I wasn’t sure if the red would work, and didn’t want to ruin it >.< (in case you’re wondering why it looks a little grainy)


My Asuka cosplay from Senran Kagura Burst.

I know that I shouldn’t cosplay as 15-year old, short and skinny Japanese schoolgirls, but damn I like Asuka. I liked wearing the costume, too, and I’m happy with how the wig turned out.

(I’m sorry that the photos look a little grainy; I’d forgotten to change the ISO settings completely. OTL)

me as Asuka

Photographers: Ibi, tamucist and paneroitukala

Edited by me.

latest: Solar activity, photographed 33 times by SOHO, 11th-12th February 2014.

See that deflection!

Covering about 15 hours of real time. I only used every-other image taken by SOHO over that time, to fit under Tumblr’s file size limit for gifs - also why this animation looks a little grainy.

Image credit: NASA/ESA/GSFC. Animation: AgeOfDestruction.